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Endurance 1: California

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JD: I am here in California waiting for 20 contestants who will embark on an adventure of a life time. These 20 will spend a few weeks in California fighting it out to become Endurance Champions. In the end only two of these contestants will end up winning it all!

Danson: Hi, my name is Danson. I'm 15 years old.

Carol: My name is Carol and I'm 14. I think I can win this show because I am very competitive. I easily make friends so i should have no problem!

Pete: I'm Pete, and I'm 14 years old.

Jenna: Jenna, and I am 15

Brandon: My name is Brandon and I am 15.

JD: These 20 are going to have to not only endure the other contestants, but they will also have to endure the tough challanges and twists on the way

*Shows The Boat*'

Amy: I'm Amy and I am 12 years old. I may be young but i can win!

Leo: My name is Leo and I am 14

Parker: I'm Parker, and I am 14 and here to win!

Carlos: My name is Carlos and I am 15

Jane: I'm Jane and 13

JD: They will also have to endurance eliminations until the end before they can call themselves "Endurance Champions"

*Shows The Back of The Boat*

Chris: My name is Chris and I am 15

Carmen: I'm Carmen and I am 14

Liol: My name is Liol and I'm 15

Kristy: I'm Kristy and I am 15

Harley: My name is Harley and I'm 15. I think if I set my mind to winning then I will win and overcome any obstacle!

JD: Drama will unfold as these 20 will slowly become 2

Marissa: My name is Marissa and I'm 13

Kyle: My name's Kyle and I'm 14. To be honest I don't think the other contestants even have a chance of winning when I'm here! I am very strong and I am determined to make it all the way!

Lindi: My name's Lindi and I am 12 years old

Jason: My name is Jason and I'm 15

Leona: My name's Leona and I'm 12

JD: This is Endurance: California!

Theme Song

20 Contestants

*Shows the 20 contestants standing on the beach*

Tough Challanges

*Shows a girl crying*


*Shows two boys fighting*

1 Great Series

*Shows the logo*

This is Endurance: California!

*Shows The 20 Contestants Meeting JD*

JD: Well everyone... Welcome to California! And more importantly... Welcome to Endurance! You see that way over there...?

*Everybody looks*

JD: Well that is the temple of fate. When we make teams there will be two types of missions. Temple missions will be played for the power to send 2 teams up there... 2 teams will go up, but only one will return.

*Everyone begins looking nervous*

JD: But today you don't have to worry about the temple...

*Everyone gives a sigh of relief*

JD: But you will have to worry about elimination

Brandon: Oh my god!

Amy: No!

JD: We only promised you'd get here... Not that you would stay... For now go over to check out you huts... But only 14 of you will be staying!

*Contestants run off to the huts... Camera pans into the boys huts*

Brandon: I hate our beds...

Danson: Same here...

Liol: Well at least we are here for a prize...

Carlos: Which we don't know what it is...

Kyle: I don't see why you're all complaining! This is great! I'd love to stay here! I don't care about you guys... You have no chance against me anyways...

Leo *Confessional*: Kyle... Is way to over confident and annoying... He has got to go...

*Camera pans to the girls huts*

Carol: Elimination today...

Leona: Ya...

Amy: I'm really nervous...

Carmen: Same here...

*Camera pans to the beach where Carmen, Parker, and Carol are talking*

Parker: I think the three of us should form an alliance until the end... What do you think?

Carol: It's a bit early to make alliances...

Carmen: No it's not... The game starts TODAY! If we all make it past we will become the strongest out here!

Carol: We don't even know how the games going to go! I'm out!

Carmen: Well I'm in...

*Parker and Carmen hug*

*Shows Contestants Meeting With JD at the beach*

JD: Hey everybody!

Everone: Hey!

JD: So how do you like your huts?

Brandon: The huts are fine but the beds... Can use some work...

JD: Well your going to have to live on those so get used to 6 of you will be leaving us forever... Your mission is called hanging on. You see that long rope there

*Everybody looks*

Everyone: Yes

JD: When I say go you will grab onto part of that rope and just hang there for as long as you can. If you fall you are out! The first three guys and the first three girls to fall are out of this game forever!

*Everyone looks shocked and nervouse*

JD: Girls... You will be going first! Get into position

*Girls get up to the rope*

JD: On your marks! Get set! HANG!

*Girls grab onto ropes*

JD: So who do you think is going to fall?

Liol: To be honest... I think Parker doesn't stand a chance

*Camera pans to the girls*

Leona: Awww! This hurts!

Carmen: No way! This is so easy!

JD: Hold on girls!

Jenna: My hands hurt!

Leona: Can someone just fall already!

Jane: Not going to happen!

JD: You girls have been hanging for 2 minutes now! You're doing great!

*Amy lets go with one hand and hangs from one*

Amy: AHHH!

JD: Oh! Amy almost slipped off the rope!

*Boys are shown encouraging Amy*

Brandon: Come on Amy, you can do it!

Parker: I'm slipping!

Carlos: Hold in there Parker!

Parker: I can't do this!

*Shows Parker Falling*

JD: Oh! That's it! Parker is down! 2 more girls fall and the game is over!

Kristy: I can't hold on! My hand are hurting so bad!

*Kristy falls*

JD: Kristy is out! 1 more girl needs to fall in order to get this game over with! Amy's still holding in there with one hand.

Jane: I'm going next! UGHHH!

Liol: Come on Jane!

*Shows somebody falling*

JD: Oh! Amy just fell in! Girls, you are done! Boys get up into position!

Amy *Confessional*: I feel really bad that I am leaving... I know if I really tried I could've stayed on for much longer...

Kristy *Confessional*: I am really mad that I fell... I fell second but still... I really wish i could stay... I feel like I let myself down so much!

Parker *Confessional*: How does falling first feel? Not very good... I really wanted to win this thing but my arms didn't agree I guess...

JD: Guys! Ready! Set! Hang!

*Guys grab onto rope*

*Jason already struggles*


JD: Wow! That was only 20 seconds and Jason is already out!

Leo: I can barely hold on!

Jane: Hold on Leo! You're doing great!

Kyle: This is so easy! I can hold on with one hand

*Kyle lets go of one hand and accidentally slips*

JD: Oh! Kyle was so conident and he slipped! One more to slip!

Kyle: Danget!

Leo:Ughhh! I'm sorry guys!

*Leo drops*

JD: Oh that's it! We now have out final 16!

Leo *Confessional*: It makes me really made that I dropped... I saw Chris about to slip off but then I slipped...

Kyle *Confessional*: I think going into this challange I was really confident... Then I just slipped...

Jason *Confessional*: I held on for 15 seconds and then my hands slipped and now I'm going home...

JD: Infront of me are now the official 16 contestants of endurance... Tomorrow is going to be a tough mission... Get ready for that...! You are free to go until tomorrow... Tomorrow we pick partners!

The End of Episode 1