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Mass Effect: A Hero Rises

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We were on Omega and my team had survived. But to say we were all monumentally pissed off would be a colossal understatement. Aria and some of her forces had managed to survive, and she had made herself scarce for the time being. She knew I was pissed off and already threatened to shoot her more than once. I said the only reason I hadn’t is that none of my team members had been killed. I would have made examples of her own soldiers if that had been the case.

I should have known better. The journey to Omega hadn’t been a problem, my team and I chilling out on the ship, generally keeping to ourselves as I cared nothing for Aria’s soldiers. They were fodder, targets to be killed while I worked with my squad to achieve whatever was required. I had expected some sort of tactical invasion from Aria, perhaps keeping the main defensive forces occupied while a smaller team infiltrated Omega and worked in the shadows, eliminating the threat.

No, Aria thought a frontal assault was the best idea. I warned her she was being an idiot, but I don’t think she would have listened even if I’d provided the sort of advice that would decimate every Reaper around the galaxy. She had a figurative hard on for killing the Cerberus commander, General Petrovsky. He knew I was with Aria and tried to warn me off. That earned him a one finger salute and a retort that the operation would end with him in chains… or worse…

My team managed to get to an escape pod as the entire fleet was likely decimated. Slamming into Omega itself, we had no idea where the fuck we were, all of us muttering about Aria’s fucking stupid blue arse and suggestions about where certain things could be shoved when we found her. Cerberus troops appeared rather quickly, which did not bode well for them, as the six of us were very pissed off and their symbol simply increased the rage flowing among us.

We found Aria within a few minutes with only a couple of batarians, though she was already in contract with a surprising number of her own soldiers. At least she knew where she was, but she deferred to me for now. “This is why you’re here, Shepard. To deal with these fuckers.” She opened up a holographic map. “We’re here. We need to get to there. That’s my bunker. There should still be soldiers there. Here is where we’ll need to disable the guns still firing at my fleet.”

“No simple way of getting there.”

“I suggest we go the way we kill as many Cerberus soldiers as possible,” Miranda said.

“Shit, cheerleader, statements like that get me hot and wet,” Jack added with a chuckle.

“Tactics, Shepard?” Ashley asked.

“Standard procedure. Do what you do best. But no prisoners. Not yet anyway. If they wear the symbol, they die.”

Within ten minutes, Ashley, Garrus and I were muttering that we must have been facing an entire army as the numbers Cerberus already seemed capable of sending beggared belief. Didn’t worry us though. Miranda fought with a smile on her face. A fucking smile! Jack whooped and hollered with delight anytime she sent a soldier wearing that symbol flying.

And, to be honest, Aria was fucking powerful in her own right. And considering the anger that flowed through her veins, when she linked up her attacks with Jack, and Miranda had always been a capable biotic, they tore the Cerberus ranks to shreds.

“Shit, Shepard, they going to leave anything for us,” Ashley joked.

“I can think of a way to keep you busy otherwise, Ash,” Tali purred.

“Want Shepard involved?” Ashley wondered.

“Of course. He fucks you, you please me.”

“So I get to be in the middle? I thought you’d want that.”

Garrus and I shared a glance. He laughed as I shrugged, not helplessly, as I enjoyed the conversation that continued. “Have to admit, Chloe is open-minded. Turian females are a little uptight,” Garrus said.

Aria snorted, causing most of us to look her way. “Old enough to have known a lot of turians,” she said cryptically.

To be honest, I was taking this seriously, as I should, as did my companions, but there was far more banter than usual, simply because although we took it seriously, it just didn’t feel as serious as other missions. It wasn’t like trying to cure the genophage nor getting the quarians back on Rannoch. Felt nothing like the Cerberus attack on the Citadel. I wasn’t as pissed off as Aria was about them being on Omega, but I knew kicking Cerberus off Omega would affect whatever plans they had for it.

We found more escape pods, signs some had fought and moved on, but we found quite a few where the occupants had died in their seats, been shot in their seats, or were shot dead while trying to make their way to safety. Bodies found further away suggested Cerberus had no problem executing anyone they found who had arrived by escape pod. I was surprised Aria actually cared about that when she said that just pissed her off even more. I figured they were nothing more than mercenaries, joining in for a good pay day.

As we fought our way forward, during the quiet moments, I did ask Aria about the history of Omega. She gave me a funny look, sensed I was just curious, and told me what she knew. “We found signs the Protheans might have mined this a long time ago. Remnants of machinery suggested it was a few thousand years old, far older than anything the asari built. Omega now? Well, a couple of scientists over the years thinks it was actually two to three times bigger, but it collided with another asteroid, which allowed all the element zero to be mined. There was a time law and order was prevalent here, but it didn’t last long, not when the illegal elements started to take over. When I turned up, I slowly but surely built up a power base, forged alliances with groups that kept certain commodities flowing, and I’ve lived a comfortable life ever since.”

“Would you compare it to the Citadel? Just dark, dingy and with no law whatsoever?”

“Hmmm. At least it isn’t as sterile as the fucking Citadel. Come on, you’ve been here, Shepard. Got to say there’s a lot more life here.”

“Always enjoyed Afterlife.”

She laughed. “You just liked watching the pretty dancers then fucking them afterwards.”

“Oh, do tell, Shepard,” Ashley said.

I shrugged. “Pretty much what she said, Ash. You’ve met Tara.”

“What? She was a dancer here?”

“She was. Now she’s a dancer on the Citadel, just without the side business.”

“She always was very sweet,” Aria murmured, “One of those young asari I actually cared for. And considering she liked you so fucking much, Shepard, I figured helping keep her safe would make you even more amenable to helping me in return.”

“You thought correctly. That very fact of keeping her safe certainly earns my thanks, Aria.”

“Would you fuck him in thanks for helping get you Omega?” Jack asked her as bluntly as one would expect.

She gave me a glance and smirked. “He’d better get on his knees and beg for a taste of this pussy.”

“I’m just glad you don’t have a dick,” I retorted.

Aria actually laughed at that one. “Ah, the weirdo’s of the extranet. They are obsessed with thinking some of us have dicks. Not just dicks, but massive dicks, bigger than any human, batarian… maybe not a krogan.”

“I’ve seen a krogan one,” Tali said cheerfully.

“I’ve had one in me,” Ashley added, looking rather smug.

Aria looked at her, wide-eyed. “Fair play. Being fucked by a krogan takes… well, hope you got nice and wet before he rammed it in.”

“Shepard was in my arse at the same time so, trust me, I was capable of taking it.”

Aria chuckled again. “Should have figured he’d be involved. So, anyway, just to put it bluntly, every asari is one sex and gender. We only have a pussy and the concept of being ‘female’ only became something we understood when meeting species with males and females. There is no subset of asari that comes with an additional dick. I’m sure many out there are disappointed to hear that. Guess they’ll just have to, I don’t know, keep doing their art or write stories that involve us fucking with dicks.”

“And, with that, I’m sure there are plenty of disappointed men and women out there hearing that,” I retorted.

“Bet you’d still fuck me if I had a dick, Shepard,” Aria said, “Or maybe you’d like me to fuck you? And you know for damn sure I wouldn’t be gentle.”

“Shit, I’d pay to see that,” Jack said. I think we all stopped and looked at her. “What?”

“You would?” Miranda asked.

“Look, most of us here think Shepard is hot and a great fuck. But are you not at least a little curious?”

“I’m not interested in men, Jackie.”

“Not even curious?”

“No. I’m comfortable enough in my sexuality to suggest a man can be handsome, and I have no problem with seeing another man naked. You get used to that in the armed forces. But I’ve only ever been attracted to women.”

“Fair enough. I’m sure I’m not the only one a little curious.”

“Well, look at the conversation I started,” Aria said, chuckling to herself, “And look at that, we’re nearly at the control room we need.”

“Fucking hell, I barely realised we were still moving ahead,” Ashley giggled.

“It really is second nature at times,” Miranda added, “Aiming and firing before you even realise you’ve done it.”

Cerberus didn’t give up the control room without a fight, earning each inch with plenty of blood being spilled. Thankfully, none of it was ours, and as Aria got to work deactivating the guns, the rest of my squad checked over the bodies for supplies and information. “Got it!” I heard Aria shout.

Joining alongside her, we could see through large window that the remaining ships of her fleet were able to approach Omega and begin docking. I was aware of the plans in place for those ships, but no doubt they were going to meet heavy resistance. They would be a good decoy, taking pressure off us. I had no doubt we were being watched, Tali overloading any camera we saw watching us, but Aria and I didn’t care. Petrovsky knew we were coming for him. Let him watch our progress. I’m sure he was confident that he’d hold us back, but each small victory would cause the sweat on his forehead to increase.

We took a quick five minutes to have a drink, check over our weapons and armour, before moving on. We were making better progress than I’d hoped, and while we hadn’t landed where we planned, it was making the best of a bad situation, and killing plenty of Cerberus troops along the way. Aria continued to lead the way, and we ended up on what could be called the surface, the very empty and eerily silent streets of Omega.

“What the fuck are these?” Aria asked. It was obvious what they were. Barriers to corral the population, no doubt keeping them away from critically important areas to Cerberus. And it didn’t take long to see signs that Cerberus had proven to be oppressive rulers, with signs more executions had taken place. The piles of bodies against nearby walls, the bloodstains and bullet holes in the walls, told their own stories.

“They’re going to pay,” Miranda muttered, surprised she wandered over to one of the piles, crouching down. “They were not meant to be like this,” she added quietly, turning back to me, “We brought you back, Shepard. We were meant to be working for the betterment of humanity. Do you see that here?”

“It was never about anything except Tim’s ego, Miri,” I said softly.

Jack wandered over, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Never saw you do anything like this,” she said, “You’re right about one thing. You brought him back and, for that, the galaxy should thank you.”

“Thanks, Jacqueline,” she said, barely above a whisper.

“Left them for him, right?” Aria asked.

“He was right about everything. It was all a lie. Everything I had believed in, everything I had been told, everything I thought we were working for, it was for nothing except to increase his power, his grip and influence. But the idea that he wants to somehow control the Reapers… His research!” She turned and stared at me. “Shepard, he’s doing all that research. You don’t think…”

“It wouldn’t surprise me at all, Miri. Worth investigating later though, right?”

She stood up and nodded, taking a couple of deep breaths. Then she turned and caressed Jack’s face. I didn’t see Jack’s face, but when Miranda leaned down and kissed her softly, even Ashley’s jaw dropped in surprise. “You should hate me,” Miranda whispered.

“I don’t hate good people. Shepard is a good person. And I know you are too, Miri.”

“Want to kill some bad guys together?”

“Now you’re talking my language.”

Jack turned as Miranda looked at me. I knew I was grinning. Miranda blushed. Jack turned bright red. Almost like they’d forgotten the rest of us were there. “So… Are you all fucking each other or something?” Aria wondered.

“Pretty much,” Ashley replied, “If not Shepard or Tali, I’ve fucked these two, and most of his other lovers.”

Aria laughed, shaking her head. “Fucking hell, and I thought Afterlife was debauched.”

“There are levels of debauchery. Sometimes, we’re all rather wholesome together,” I replied.

“And other times, we’re all getting our arses properly fucked,” Miranda added, chuckling away.

“Now those are some great nights!” Jack exclaimed.

That helped elevate the mood, though it dipped again rather quickly as we discovered more Cerberus atrocities. The next batch of troops we ran into copped the full brunt of our joint rage. Swear Jack and Miranda were close to tearing a few of them apart with just their biotics. Aria was a blue blur, her own anger seeming to increase her biotic power to unseen heights. Honestly, it left the rest of us with little to do at times. Put the fear into Cerberus, at least. Actually saw them retreat more than once after we’d wiped out considerable numbers.

Aria continued to use her knowledge, investigating as we moved forward. Most of the station was completely locked down, the population kept off the streets. But there was a resistance movement, and Aria figured out who it was. “The Talons,” she said as we passed by an obvious gang tag on the wall.

“Never went after them. They were insignificant at the time,” Garrus said.

“And you’re right. Tried to muscle into some operations run by other groups on behalf of myself. They learned that one rule. Barely heard a peep from them since. But because of your little crusade, Archangel, and since my departure, I can only assume the Talons now think they’re kings of the castle. They’ll soon learn their power and influence is temporary.”

“But we could use help for the time being. They’ll have information,” I suggested, “Particularly regarding all the Cerberus operations currently underway here.”

She gave me a look and obviously could see the sense in the idea, no matter how much she hated it. “Fine. I’ll consider it. But I want to meet with my own people first.”

“Fair enough. I’m here for the fighting. I’ll leave the politics to you but I’ll still give my opinion.”

“I’d expect nothing less, Shepard.” I watched her walk away a few steps before she glanced back. “And stop watching my arse.”

“I don’t really blame him,” Ashley stated. Even I had to look at her as she shrugged. “What? She’s got a great arse. You obviously work out, Aria.”

“I like to keep fit.”

Running into an army of mechs wasn’t something any of us anticipated, but it gave Tali her moment to shine, running rampant with all manner of attacks that, again, left some of us with nothing to do. It was almost a reminder of our time against Saren, Tali giggling with glee at the havoc she was causing with nothing but her omni-tool as a weapon.

As we fought and continued moving ahead, we found generators and pylons that could be destroyed, eliminating many of the barricades. Hearing the gunfire, civilians started to appear from hiding places and we directed them back the way we’d come. Aria knew Omega like the back of her hand, and while I wouldn’t say she had a good heart, she wasn’t evil either. She didn’t want all of them to die pointlessly, so made sure they had proper directions to safe zones.

Coming to a barrier that even Tali couldn’t override, Aria had a plan, retreating a few hundred metres and opening up a manhole cover. I was surprised not to be overpowered by a stench that would have left us all nauseous. “We’ll take a shortcut through her,” Aria explained, “I know exactly where we are. We should come out further head, hopefully catching Cerberus by surprise.”

“What about Afterlife?” I asked, “Any ideas about an assault yet?”

“It’ll be where Petrovsky is basing himself, I know that much. I recognised my lounge area when I talked to him.”

The tunnels underneath were far brighter than I expected. But there were plenty of dark corners, and every soldier has that sixth sense they’re being watched. Aria felt it too. So did all my colleagues. We all stopped and pointed our weapons to see a turian standing, or actually leaning back against a crate, looking rather amused.

“You’re getting sloppy, Aria. Good thing I don’t shoot people in the back.”

“What are you doing here, Nyreen? Last I heard, you’d fled Omega.”

“I came back.”

“Going to introduce us?”

“Shepard, this is Nyreen Kandros. She’s your run of the mill turian mercenary. Reminds me of you in certain ways. Goody two-shoes.” She turned back to Nyreen. “Why are you here, Nyreen? You made it perfectly clear you hated Omega.”

Nyreen ignored Aria, more interested in us. “Shepard? Never thought you’d help someone like Aria.”

“Cerberus is here. We have a mutual interest in their destruction.”

“Understandable. The fact they’ve proven far worse caretakers of this place than Aria speaks volumes.”

“Know your name. Kandros, that is. Think I served with your father at one point,” Garrus stated.

“You are?”

“Garrus Vakarian.”

“Archangel? You’re with her too?”

“I’m with Shepard. My knowledge of Omega has come in handy. What brings a Kandros here?”

“I’m a biotic.”

“Oh…” The rest of us looked rather perplexed. Garrus looked a little awkward. “Let’s just say turians are suspicious of those with biotics. It’s never been an ability utilised by our military, at least officially.”

“What he means is that many of us were turned those of us with enough talent into assassins, sent out to do the dirty work the Hierarchy wouldn’t let stain the glorious turian army.”

“Yeah, I can understand the bitterness,” Garrus muttered.

I introduced Tali, Ashley, Jack and Miranda, Nyreen rather amused a quarian was with us as well, before I had to ask, “How long have you been watching us?”

“Longer than you think, but not long enough to make you wonder if you’ve lost your touch. But I knew Aria would return one day and use awful tactics in an attempt to take back the station. Just couldn’t let it go, could you?”

“While I’d love to sit around and reminisce, Nyreen, we are here for a reason. If you’re willing to stick your neck out and help, I guess we could do a whole lot worse.”

“That’s why I’ve been watching. Helping those civilians earlier was enough to convince me to at least attempt an approach. You grow a heart while you were gone, Aria?”

“No, I just don’t like to see innocent people slaughtered by a bunch of arseholes. But I also run a business empire, and dead civilians equals dead customers.”

Nyreen looked at me. “I would assume you’re in charge of the military aspect?” I nodded. “Well, I’d put my trust in you regarding that over her. You wouldn’t have been stupid to send a fleet in a head on assault to begin with.”

I could have agreed with that and had a good conversation, but I wanted to get moving. We’d been on the go for a while, and the adrenaline was starting to wear off. Aria sensed it was the right time to leave, and she led us down a series of tunnels until reaching another ladder that would lead us back to the surface.

While we were well past the obstructions, the path to Aria’s bunker was full of Cerberus troops, mechs and at least a trio of Atlas’. “Why aren’t the cannons firing?” she asked herself.

“Aria, what do we need to do?” The tone worked as she turned to me, explaining what we needed to do. It sounded simple, though it never was, but I had the expertise available to ensure we’d get it done. “Okay, Tali, getting those cannons is on you. Ashley and Garrus, keep us covered. Miranda, Jack, Aria, distract and destroy. Nyreen?”

“Biotics, Shepard. I’ll help them.”

“And what are you doing, Shepard?” Aria asked.

I took the shotgun from my back and smiled. “Time to get friendly with our local Cerberus operatives.”

The ensuing battle lasted barely ten minutes at most. Came close to dying, or at least losing a limb more than once, but any time I made the slightest mistake, my arse was covered by one of my colleagues. Again, an example to Aria of why I always worked as part of a team, as it was always beneficial to have people watching your back.

I didn’t really keep up with what everyone else was doing, though I did her the thump of biotic detonations and the occasional crack of a rifle or two. Taking on one Atlas after another wasn’t my idea of a good time, until Tali finally managed to get hacking, yelling at me over the radio to move as they opened fire. I flash-charged back to safety just in time, the Atlas I’d been near blowing up as the pair of cannons blasted it to smithereens. The pair of remaining Atlas’ opened fire on the cannons, pleased to see they were both shielded and with thick armour, Tali using her skills effectively by causing their weapons to fail and leaving them as easy picking for the cannons.

As soon as the last Atlas was blown up, I yelled at everyone to move, making sure they were all towards the bunker door before I entered alongside Aria. She took a deep breath once we’d made it into safety. “And that’s exactly why I wanted your help, Shepard. But we’ve only just begun.”

I checked the time. “We’ve been on the go for hours now. We all need a rest.”

Thankfully, she nodded. “Agreed. I’ve got shit to do anyway. Bray? Bray!”

The batarian I remembered wandered over from nearby. “Escort Shepard and his companions to some private quarters. Nyreen, come with me. We obviously need to talk.”

It was obvious the bunker had been designed for a lengthy siege as the barracks room we were put in was surprisingly comfortable. Food and drink was also provided, most of us dying for a drink after a long day in the field. There was an adjoining bathroom so most of us could enjoy a shower. Tali couldn’t exactly join though watched us from nearby as I was joined by Ashley, Miranda and Jack.

“Going to fuck now?” Tali asked, amused to see we were actually just showering.

“I’d eat your pussy, Tali,” Ashley replied, “But… I think it’s far too dirty here for that.”

“We can definitely cuddle on one of the beds though.”

Miranda and Jack didn’t say anything. They were giving each other the eye. I think that brief conversation shared early was going to lead to a longer one sometime soon. Or they were just going enjoy some very intense sex. Either way, I think they only had eyes for each other.

There was a couch that I could at least relax back, sitting in just a towel around my waist, Ashley sitting next to me with Tali next to her. Miranda and Jack had stayed in the bathroom. Took all of five minutes for light moans to filter through. “Guess I’m not having a shower then?” Garrus joked from his bed nearby.

“You can go watch. I don’t think they’d mind,” I only half-joked.

“I’ll wait until they’re done.” He paused a moment. “Spirits, they’ll be in there for hours probably.”

Aria wandered in around half an hour later. She smirked seeing me still in just a towel, Ashley still in hers next to me. She strolled over and looked me up and down, reaching down to grab the towel and opened it up to reveal my cock. I smirked myself as her eyes certainly opened a little wider.

“Just had to know,” she muttered, “Tara always looked so happy afterwards…” She met my eyes. “I said I cared for her right?” I nodded. “After that first visit, she said that was it. Only wanted to dance, but hoped you’d come back, and it was simply because you weren’t a complete sack of shit to her. You made her feel like an asari, not just a piece of meat to be used. She asked, and I said that was fine. She had to dance a little more because of it, but she was always safe in my club. Still did private dances, but she never gave the signal to turn off the camera. No sexual touching at all. Had to send in guards in a couple of times who wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

“Why?” I had to ask simply.

“Because I’m the Queen of Omega, and I do actually care about some people, at least. Tara is a good kid and I’ve seen too many like her chewed up and spit out. Seen far too many end up worse than dead. Know what I mean?” She smirked. “Helps that she’s fucking gorgeous. Never touched her myself though, Shepard, just in case you wondered. Don’t touch the merchandise. If I get a taste for it, well, it never ends well.”

“Thanks for looking out for her.”

She glanced at Ashley and Tali before returning her eyes to me. “Want to join me for a drink?” she asked, “We should discuss our next moves.”

“Sure. I should…”

“Just come in your towel. My room is only a few steps away.”

Ashley gave me a look, ready to burst into laughter, as I followed Aria out into the hall. Her room was only a short walk, and it was obvious the bunker had been built and readied over a long period. Probably not as nice as her own quarters in Afterlife, but it was obvious she wanted to have some comfort even when under siege.

She walked towards a counter upon which lay plenty of bottles. “Towel off,” she said without looking at me.

Didn’t know if this was some sort of test or not, but if she thought I was going to worry about nudity, perhaps be rather prudish, she might be disappointed when I happily dropped the towel and strolled over to the couch. I watched her prepare a couple of drinks, turning towards me and was surprised when she unzipped her jacket to reveal a stunning body, kicking off her boots and then rolling down her leather trousers. I laughed at the fact she wore nothing underneath, walking over to the couch with drink in hand, passing me one before she stood in front of me.

“So I’m fucking fit, right?”

“I wouldn’t kick you out of bed, Aria.”

She glanced down and smirked. “Something else approves.”

“If a naked asari like yourself didn’t excite me, there’s something wrong.” I looked up, meeting her eyes. The smirk didn’t fade as she plonked herself down on the couch next to me, turning her body so I did the same thing. I looked her up and down more than once. Her breasts were fantastic and she was perhaps the fittest asari I’d seen in the flesh. “Any reason why we’re here naked?”

“I’m still trying to decide whether we fuck or not.” She met my eyes. “I’m leaning more towards fucking right now.”

“Good to know,” I said before sipping my drink. Whiskey. Bloody good whiskey.

“Been a long time to have someone talk to me in such a manner. I guess surrounding myself with sycophants had its drawbacks. But I knew from that first meeting you wouldn’t tolerate too much of my shit.”

“You scratched my back, I scratched yours. It was a working relationship, Aria.”

“Were you attracted at all?”

I took another sip. “Of course. I’d be blind not to be attracted by certain aspects. You’re clearly attractive. Definitely intelligent. And I like the no bullshit part of your character. Know what you want, and you’ll go out and get it. And despite what you say, I think you do care about most people here, as long as they don’t get in your way.”

“I don’t think you’re the goody two-shoes I said. I think you’d kill every Cerberus…”

“Of course I would. And once we get to Petrovsky...”

“He’s mine.”

“Long as you kill him slowly, though only after I beat the crap out of him for information.” She gave me a wide-eyed stare. “The rules of war don’t apply to terrorists. He can call himself a ‘General’ if he wants, he’s part of a terrorist organisation. So I’ll get what I need from him first, then he’s all yours. Do whatever you want with him. Chain him up and keep him as a pet if you want.”

“Fucking hell, you’re not joking, are you?”

I met her eyes. “What do you think I intend on doing with the Illusive Man when I get my hands on him? It won’t be quick and simple. I’m going to make him bleed and suffer, make him beg for his life. I’ll make sure he dies as slowly as I can make it.”

“Damn, Shepard. Guess that rule about fucking with you should be heeded.”

“Most of my enemies are dead. The list isn’t that long anymore.”

She stood up, taking my glass and walking over to the counter, where she tapped something and music started to play. A decent beat that she started to sway along to. Her arse was mesmerising, firm looking, with a fantastic pair of legs. Felt myself getting turned on just watching her. Standing up, I walked towards her, eventually pressing against her, running my hands down her arms, her body moving back against mine, as my lips found her neck.

“Don’t waste time, do you?” she murmured.

“Been watching that arse of yours all day. Would have fucked you long ago if you’d shown an interest.”

“Don’t like mixing business with pleasure most of the time.” She managed to turn around so she could face me and the next kiss was intense, bodies moulding against each other. The idea of having another drink disappeared quickly as we quickly made our way over towards her bed. What surprised me was her eagerness for one thing, and one thing only. Soon as she was underneath me on her back, she leaned down to grab the base of my cock and made sure it slid inside her.

“Fuck, that’s the good stuff,” she moaned, “Bury it, Shepard.” Once I’d done that, she grabbed the back of my head, glaring into my eyes. “Fuck me. None of that tender bullshit I know you do with the others. I want you to fuck me.”

I got her legs into the sort of position that I could drive every inch into her every single thrust. She knew exactly what I was doing as her face lit up in the sort of smile that suggested she was going to get exactly what she wanted. Didn’t start out slowly and build up the tempo. It started hard and fast, and kept at that same tempo, if not even harder if she asked for it.

The sex was simply phenomenal. My god, she had stamina. I was surprised when she wanted it on her hands and knees, but when she was begging me to ‘slam her pussy’, who was I to say no? We must have ended up fucking all night. She absolutely drained me by the end, though she was certainly feeling it after a few hours of being fucked as hard as possible the entire time. But she did finish the night bouncing on my cock, and watching Aria T’Loak was something I simply never considered happening.

She loved it though, even expressing regret we hadn’t done it before. When she enjoyed another orgasm, no idea how many she had as I growled into her ear, really getting into some sort of character, stating her pussy was simply mine to enjoy, that was enough for her as well. I checked the time and chuckled, showing it to her as she rolled off to lie next to me.

“Fucking hell, Shepard, I thought I had stamina…”

“I have a lot of women and asari to satisfy nowadays. Stamina is an absolute must.”

“How do you do it?” she asked, amused at how curious she sounded, “How does it work?”

“Honestly, I really don’t know. It shouldn’t but it does. What helps is all the girls like each other, and most of them enjoy sex with each other. Takes the pressure off me, I guess. I know some have their own little relationships going on. Ashley and Tali, for example. Love each other to bits.”

“I remember what quarians look like.”

“Fucked a few myself.”

“No shit?” she chuckled.

“Yeah, heard the news from Rannoch?”

“Saw that interview you did. If it was me, I’d have wiped the geth out. No hesitation.”

Shrugging, as the decision was made, I said, “Anyway, ended up having some fun with a couple of quarians while we were there. And I’ve been with Tali too.”

“Don’t blame you. Quarians are attractive, though their suits make trying to fuck difficult.”

“Putting it mildly. But we made it work.” I glanced at her. “What about you?”

“Don’t do relationships, Shepard. I’m an asari, still not at Matriarch age, so I love to fuck, but as I said, I keep the two lives separate. I’ll admit I generally stick to women though. But there’s always been something about you. Guess you hear that a lot?”


She scoffed. “How many are you fucking?”

“More than I can count at times.”

“Including Tevos.”

I smirked at her. “Jealous?”

“I’m just surprised. She’s always been an uptight bitch.” She paused then smirked at me. “Great fuck though, isn’t she?”

Chuckling, I had to shake my head. “Should have known. How long ago?”

“Well, this was a long time before she was even considered for the councillorship and I wasn’t the Pirate Queen. I’m sure you’re aware most of her lovers have been asari.”

“She told me as much.”

“Like her?”

“I was attracted the first time I saw her. Didn’t honestly think she’d ever even spit in my direction, but our professional relationship was generally okay, particularly since I escaped Earth. When she showed an interest in me personally, it did catch me by surprise, though I’d never been shy in showing how much I appreciated her in return.”

“So you’ve gone from councillor to me. Some would call that a fall from grace.”

I turned onto my side, dragging her into my body, kissing her deeply. When we broke apart, I smiled at her. “There’s more than a hint of danger with you, Aria. And, maybe to your surprise, I like that. Some women are prim and proper, and I like that about them. It suits them. You’re something else entirely, and that certainly raises my attraction.”

We needed a shower a little later. We didn’t fuck in there but there was certainly a hell of a lot more making out, and I did enjoy pressing her back against the wall, my fingers busy in certain spots that made her moan. And I knew she was a little frustrated at being as turned on as she was. Still, I was so used to seeing her scowl that when a brief smile flickered across her face, she scowled again even more, which simply made me chuckle.

“You can smile, Aria. You’re enjoying yourself. Just you and me in here, and I’m not going to go tell everyone you smile while we fuck.”

“Make me cum again with your fingers and I’ll smile for longer then.”

I made her orgasm and the smile remained for far longer than any other. Made me want to kiss her again, and when she pressed into me and felt my erection, she giggled, actually giggled, and looked down. “That thing going to go away or not?”

“It likes you, Aria. But you are aware I can get hard and not want sex again?” She gave me a look so I turned off the shower and we headed to bed. I was expecting to be told to piss off back to my own rom, but she pulled back the blankets and motioned with her eyes, but the real surprise was when she spooned back against me once the lights were off. “Still poking me,” she murmured.

“It’ll go away…” I paused a moment and moved my lips to her ear. “Never thought Aria T’Loak, infamous Pirate Queen of Omega, would of all things spoon against Commodore Shepard.”

“It’s been a fun night. And sex is a great stress reliever.” She turned though I couldn’t exactly see her eyes. “And you’re not a bad fuck, Shepard.”

“I think that was a compliment.”

“Hey, you made me cum a few times. Been with plenty that haven’t managed that. Just don’t go getting all attached. But if you want to fuck again while you’re here, I certainly won’t say no after tonight.”

So I figured why waste an erection, rolling Aria onto her back and sliding inside her wasn’t difficult. I won’t say we made love, but it was nothing like the fucking we’d done earlier. Spent far more time making out than earlier. Feeling her legs wrap around me, her whispered begging for me to cum in her again was something else entirely. “Tomorrow night, I’m eating your pussy half the night,” I whispered.

“Just needed your dick tonight. Notice how I said your dick, Shepard.”

“So Garrus didn’t stand a chance?”

She laughed. “No. I was going to fuck you sometime during this mission. I was in a good mood, figured why waste it.

Spooned back against me a little later, joking she now had cum dribbling out of her again but so be it, we laid together in silence but wide awake for a little longer. “Shepard…”


“How fucked are we? I mean the Reapers…”

“Honest truth?”

“I’m figuring you won’t bullshit me.”

“There’s a reason why the cycles have gone on for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years. I want to say we are absolutely going to win, but I can’t promise anyone that. And I know you won’t buy bullshit. Between you and me, it’s going to take a fucking miracle.”

“But you won’t give up?”

“If you know me at all, Aria, that’s something I don’t do. If I have to die making sure we win, then that’s fine with me too.”

“Your girls won’t like that.”

“No, they won’t. But they are also realistic, though live in hope that I will live.”

Eventually drifting off, I woke up after only a few hours as normal, Aria still fast asleep. Managing to extricate myself from her body, she woke up as I was making my way out of the bedroom, making a joke about me making a silent getaway. I checked the time and said we’d meet in a few hours to plan for that day. She agreed.

Heading back into my own room, Ashley was half-awake when I walked through the door. “Fuck her?” she asked bluntly.


She gestured at one of the other beds, Miranda and Jack fast asleep. “Garrus finally got his shower though only after they wore each other out.”

“And Tali?” I asked, gesturing to the comatose quarian next to her.

“We couldn’t have sex so we got drunk instead. Well, Tali got drunk, I watched her and laughed as her flirting was very cute but godawful.”

I felt Ashley’s eyes watching me as I dressed before taking a seat at the table. Ashley got up, wearing a long t-shirt, lifting the front to see she was nude underneath, as she sat down on a chair next to me. I had a portable terminal that I could use, Tali ensuring there were firewalls that meant I could get online and not worry about Cerberus trying to hack me.

“Get a bit more sleep if you need,” I said, “It’s going to be another long day.”

“I’m okay, Shepard. I’ll keep you company.”

I turned and leaned towards her, a soft kiss on the lips. “Don’t worry, you won’t taste Aria’s pussy on my lips.”

“Just on your cock?”

“She know what she wants. I like that about her.”

She kissed my cheek, said she’s just cuddle with Tali for a little longer, leaving me to get on with work. Liara had sent me plenty of message, but the last one said she was logging off as she had plans with the rest of the girls. Certainly made me grin, and there was a picture from Kelly a couple of hours later, all the girls enjoying themselves at a bar.

That caused me to remember the conversation I’d just had with Aria. “That’s why I can’t lose,” I muttered before closing the terminal.