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The Proposal

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The Proposal


"You can not be fucking serious?" The almost hysterical voice echoed through the near deserted hallway coming to a complete stop in her journey as she read the letter. She had received it during breakfast but having had a number to get through had continued to open them as she made her way back to her office. A few students who were still making there way towards the great hall knew better than to hang around when the headmistress was angry, let alone remain in her vicinity having heard her curse and shrillness of her voice. There was a loud scurry as they broke into a run to get anywhere that wasn't that corridor.

Minerva McGonagall was not one to swear, she was not one to be riled up and she was not one prone to random outbursts in corridors. Yet here she was, stood stock still finger tightly clenched around the light blue piece of parchment that had brought her to this uncharacteristic point. Eyes clouded in anger, tears beginning to make them glisten in the dim light of an early December morning flooding through the nearby window.

Harry handed a small blue piece of parchment to his closest friend, "I was shocked to see this arrive in the post this morning. I didn't think you had agreed to it."

Hermione turned it over in her hand and read the invitation, "I bloody well didn't agree to anything and I am going to kill him. The good for nothing, self indulged, egotistical..." She trailed off dragging her fingers through her hair. " Oh god, how many people have seen these? How many people has he sent them to? Fuck, fuck, FUCK." She turned to Harry pleading with him to answer.

He placed his hand on her shoulder, "I'm sure it is just Molly getting ahead of herself. You know what she is like, she has been determined on you two getting together since you were 13 years old. You can't blame her for getting a bit excited?" He glanced towards the door, "Unless you..." he turned to scrutinise her anguished face. "You weren't planning on accepting were you? You were going to turn him down."

Hermione stood stock still, eyes not focusing on her companion, cogs turning trying to understand how this had happened and hoping beyond hope the invitation Harry was currently holding hadn't been sent to... "Harry, don't get me wrong, I hadn't made my mind up, I hadn't decided, but given this," she gabbed the offending item from his hand and waved it in his face. "How am I supposed to turn him down now?" A defeated look passed over her, "I haven't been given a choice any more have I? I need to say yes. She gone and bloody planned the party, with undoubtedly a list of invitees as fitting of two members of the golden trio deserve. I can't deny her that, I can't turn him down, I have to do this, even if it is something I fear is not what is meant to be." Tears slid down her cheeks, she turned away from her best friend and walked away.