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He was just wrecking businesses and causing a crisis here, a crisis there, like a devil should, and didn’t expect two of his best employees to surprise him this much.

Was he getting old? Satan shouldn’t just get old, what a stupid thought, but the fact remained that he no longer followed the logic of all this happening. Whatever had changed in the world, it was without precedent… or how he’d say if it was really the first time. Apparently human women were a force not even Hell could fight.

But it wasn’t a precedent anymore. He could call Asmodeus and his marriage a precedent, yes, and punish him for that (and so he did!), but hardly what happened next. When his best employee followed Asmodeus' example and got married to a human woman, proposing to her in a presence of an angel, and not only some angel, but that bastard Raphael, Satan was at loss for words. What the Hell , Belial.

He didn't even rouse himself to really punish the rebellious employee anymore, not after barely saving him from the injuries. What stupidity, to almost let Raphael kill him, and for what?

So Satan just gave up and went along with the times. What else was there left to do? He even caught himself thinking that at least this one isn't a Catholic like Asmodeus' wife.

How low his standards had fallen.

But maybe he could learn something from humans too. Causing financial breakdowns everywhere, or messing up businesses, he picked up how the human economy was working and how these businesses were managed. He could definitely put this knowledge to use and modernise Hell. Heck, he could use some new information too, since his knowledge on humans, was dangerously out of date.

Company training.

Yes, this was definitely, exactly what he needed, with demon after demon falling prey to women;  apparently there was a need for proper informative training.

Any ethics codes among demons were doomed, but for example, security guidelines. Security guidelines for handling humans. That could definitely be useful.