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How Natasha Romanov learned about love

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When the next evening finally came Natasha was so nervous she wanted to call Maria and cancel. But instead she got dressed into a loose red and black dress combined with heels and a black leather jacket, and made her way to Maria’s office. At seven o’clock sharp she knocked at the door and heard Maria call her in.

“Hey” Natasha greeted her with a smile and looked at her. Maria wore a form fitting blue dress that went to her knees, paired with black high heels and a black jacket. Natasha sucked in a breath “Wow, you look stunning”

Maria blushed and gave her a shy smile “You don’t look bad yourself”

“Thank you” Natasha answered equally shy and then added more confident “Ready to go?”

Maria nodded and they left the office towards the elevators. Along the way they got several curious looks but they choose to ignore them. Once they reached the main floor Natasha called a Taxi and they went to the restaurant.

“Where are we actually going?” Maria asked curiously

“A Russian restaurant…” Natasha answered hesitantly while looking at Maria’s reaction to it but she didn’t seem to have one so she continued “It’s my favourite restaurant in the city, so I thought we could go there, but if you’d rather go somewhere else that’s ok with me”

Maria smiled “No, I’d like to try Russian food; never had that before.”

Natasha nodded a little before she recalled the name of the restaurant “I’m sorry about the name of the restaurant, but I promise it serves good food” she said sheepishly

“What’s wrong with the name?” Maria wondered

“You’ll see” Natasha said

The rest of the ride they spent in silence

“It’s called Romanoff?” Maria asked amused as they stood infront of the restaurant

Natasha shrugged “I said I’m sorry about that”

Maria shook her head but laughed. They went inside and after they ordered their meals Natasha suddenly blurred out

“I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing”

Maria frowned “What do you mean?”

“I mean I’ve never been on an actual date that wasn’t a job” Natasha replied slowly

“Really? Is that why you are so nervous?”

Natasha nodded, her eyes glued to her hands “I asked a…friend, what I should do. She asked me what my favourite restaurant is, that’s why I brought you here. Though she had second thoughts about that when I told her the name of the restaurant”

Maria chuckled “I get it, I probably wouldn’t take someone to a restaurant with my name on it either, but I like it here.”


Maria nodded and was just about to answer when the waiter brought their dinner. When he left again Natasha had a thought “Can I ask you something?” she asked Maria. She nodded “Sure”

“Why did you ask me if Melinda set me up to this?”

Maria blushed “I, well, I was talking to May the day after our encounter in the Avengers kitchen. I may have told her that I have a crush on you and I didn’t know what to do about it…”

“So you thought she told me and I was making fun of you?”

Maria nodded “That might have been the thought.”

Natasha gently took Maria’s hand and smiled “I would never do that to you, to Clint…maybe, but not to you. And just so you know. When I first talked to my friend about you she had to explain to me that I have a crush on you. I couldn’t even figure that out on my own”

Maria smiled at her and squeezed her hand a little. After a moment of silence she said “Can I ask who this friend of yours is?”

Natasha paused a moment but then nodded “I think you’ve met her actually. She goes by Rachel Berry these days, but her previous name was Anastasia Romanova”

Maria almost choked on her drink “Your mother?”

Natasha nodded “Yes, I feel like I can talk to her about things I can’t talk to Clint about”

“I guess it makes sense. While Clint is a good friend he doesn’t share those experiences you had. She does so she understands you better in some ways. And she’s your mother, so there is a natural trust given.”

Natasha smiled; she was glad that Maria wasn’t mad at her for talking to Rachel about her.

“So when did you decide to enlist?” she asked after a few minutes of silence.

The evening went great. While both woman had their insecurities about the date – for Natasha it being the first one and for Maria the first one in a long time – they really enjoyed each other’s company. So when they left the restaurant they both didn’t want the night to end. Not sure what to do in that moment Natasha turned to Maria.

“As I said, I have never been on a date before, so what happens now?” she asked half curious, half joking

Maria smiled and hesitated a moment before she took a step towards Natasha. She slowly cupped her face, giving Natasha enough time to back out before she softly covered her lips with her own. Natasha immediately responded the kiss and smiled widely when they broke it.

“I had a wonderful evening Nat and I don’t really want it to end, but I’ve never been good with relationships, so I’d like to take this slow. Is that ok with you?” Maria asked silently

Natasha nodded “More than ok. I don’t even know who I am, so I’d like to figure that and this thing between us out with as much time as it takes. I don’t want to screw this up”

Maria smiled “Me neither, so we call it a night?”

“Yes.” Natasha pulled Maria down for another kiss before she walked down the road. After a few steps she turned around one more time and smiled widely at Maria before she vanished in the crowed.

Maria chuckled to herself and made her way home.

This was for sure the best date she had had in a long, long time.