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On Three

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"D- Demelza wait."
"Come on Nessa, the longer we stall the more it will hurt." Demelza huffed as she watched Nessa fidget annoyingly.
"I'll be quick, on three." the red head said, preparing to go again. Nessa steeled herself as she locked eyes with her companion.
"ok kid. On three! I'll count."
"alright!" Demelza gave a reassuring smile, she too held a focus made of iron in her eyes.
Both of them were ready. Nessa began to count down. "ok... One... two-OUCH!!"
Nessa jerked back, holding her cheek. She saw Demelza's proud smirk whilst dangling a cyan stickning plaster in her hand.
"that hurt, you booger!" Demelza burst out laughing. The look of utter chock and betrayal on Nessa's face was just too funny.
" i'm sorry" she wheezed. " but you would never had let me pull it off otherwise!"
Nessa crossed her arms and grumbled, but she couldnt hide her smirk as she got a briliant idea.
She rose from her seat and tackled Demelza and started tickling her stomach. "revenge!" she yelled in glee when Demelza's startle yelp turned into laughter. She pushed and kicked, but nothing could escape the hands of revenge! "yeld!" Nessa yelled. "never!" came Demelza's shaky response.
Nessa then decided it was time to up the ante, and started a barrage of tickles on the red heads sides. Demelza howled with laughter as she thrashed under Nessa's hold, desperatly trying to break free. "ok! I yeld, I yeld stop!" she finally yelled. Nessa stopped her attack and climbed off her friend with a proud smile.
After calming down from the merciless tickling attack, Demelza sat up and joined her friend. They both looked at each other and giggled.
" does your cheek still hurt?" Demelza asked.
" a bit. Nothing i cant handle. I've had way worst scratches and bruises." Nessa boasted. Remembering back to the day they first met. And how she barely got away with her life against her friends assault. Her thoughts where Broken however when she suddenly felt a small peck on her hurting cheek. Stopping her in her tracks, stunning her silent. She turned to Demelza who wore a big smile on her face. A blush crept on Nessa's face when she asked. "what was that?"
" its a 'get better' kiss! My mum used to give me lots of those when ever i fell and got hurt." Demelza explained. "Does it feel better?" she asked. Nessa took a long moment to think. It wasnt weird, was it? No, of course not, friends Sometime's kisses other friends. She'd seen this multible times back on the mainland. Yeah, it wasnt weird. "it feels better." was her response.
"Great! Wanna play on the gamecomputer?"
Demelza asked, completely unaware to her friends confusion. "uh, Yeah sure!"
And so they played. Nessa absolutely focusing on the game, and not on the growing butterflies in her stomach. Which wasnt weird. Not at all.