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The first thing he woke up to was the prickling smell of mint and a sensational amount of headache. 


A groan - Naib knew that his heat cycle was going to come soon, which also meant that his body wouldn’t be able to cooperate with him. His arms were aching with pain and laziness, and his mouth felt parched, sore, thirsty


Teal eyes glanced at the bedside drawer, the glass jar on top void of heat pills. Another groan was let out. Of course, he forgot to refill his pills due to the busy schedule lately, but that was okay - Naib could simply take the spare pills he hid in the drawers of his office desk.


And speaking of work...


Naib looked back at the alarm clock, which read 7:20, leaving him 5 minutes to pack everything and go. With a shout of frustration, the auburn-haired man sluggishly sprang up from the bed and into the bathroom. A rinse of teeth, a wash of face, a hasty attempt to brush that frizzly long hair. The man quickly wore some black turtleneck and jeans that he found stuffed far into the closet, and off he went to the company building.


He was just an intern, after all. If Naib didn’t come fifteen minutes earlier than the opening time, he was sure to get an earful from the higher ups -  especially from Mr. Campbell, his boss. 


That Alpha man was a pain in the ass. He was only a few years older than Naib, but he always badgered Naib with countless numbers of fuss and tattling. The most annoying thing about that obnoxious ravenette was that plain, plastic smile on his face. It was hot, sure - Naib wasn’t going to refute that - but it was also as fake as a mannequin’s grin. His onyx eyes were always void of kindness, and that deep growling voice only irked Naib further with a strange heat growing around his groin. 


Naib remembered an old saying that all hot guys were either a gentleman or a bastard, and Mr. Campbell was certainly the latter. 


Anyhow, Naib came into the office with heavy panting, and promptly tumbled down to his chair. He took a moment to catch his breath, then opened the locked drawers beside the desk.


His eyes widened.


There was no pill case in sight. That green, cylindrical bottle was nowhere to be seen, even though Naib swore that it was there just a day ago. Eyes frantically searched around as he dug through the drawer, but nope. Nada. The case was gone.




His brain seemed to freeze. That day was coming soon - probably today, even -  and if Naib didn't eat his medicine right now-


"Are you okay, Mr. Subedar?"


A flinch. Naib turned around, and lo and behold: it was Mr. Norton Campbell himself.


Mr. Campbell probably would’ve been a model if it wasn’t for that scar on his face. Even with the red burn around his right eye, however, his face was almost sculptured: his nose sharp, his chin perfect, and the gleam of shine on his bronze skin finished the package. 


And that nose piercing . Was that even allowed in the dress-code regulations? And why was it so fucking hot on that bastard? He even had his shirt collar open, as if he was bragging about his high position to do so. (They weren't that far in terms of age, either, dammit.)


Naib cursed inside, but managed to make a pained smile on his face. "G-Good morning, sir. I was just looking for the documents I made for your presentation today. Don't worry, I found them - I'll leave them on your desk now."


"Alright," an amused voice replied. "I thought you were supposed to give them to me yesterday, but I suppose you could give it to me right now."


"Oh. Ah, erm-"


"Just kidding: I never said that. Send it to me by lunch. Why, with that expression, I thought you lost your life insurance or something."


", sir."


Perked eyebrows seemed to taunt the intern with voiceless questions, but Norton shrugged and went to his office room. The tight, black suit he wore highlighted those fit muscles under the clothes, and Naib didn't know whether the growing heat on his cheeks were from embarrassment or frustration. 


The intern sighed internally, then glared at the closed door and gestured a middle finger behind his back.


The day went past slowly after then. The hours seemed longer than usual, the ticks of the clock going almost stagnant at times. The headache was growing ever so steadily, and by noon, Naib found it hard to even breathe properly. He tried to relax, but all it did was to make another string of pain inside his head, a growing stream of sweat around his thighs, and a tight soreness around his throat.


Naib realized that this was going to go to dangerous territory if he didn't leave soon.


He stood up. Suddenly, nausea overtook him, and the man stood still for a moment with his arms pushing against the desk. Then, with a little wobble here and there, Naib went up to Mr. Campbell's room with the documents messily tucked in his arms.


A knock. 


"Come in."


The intern opened the door in haste. 


"Sir, the requested documents."


"Put them there," the other man gestured lazily at the desk while typing something on his keyboard. "I'll check them over after I'm finished with this. Mr. Subedar, you'll sit at the end row in the meeting today-"


"Er, about that," Naib hesitantly interrupted. "I'm afraid I need to take an early leave today."


"Hm?" The eyes finally looked up from the desktop.


"Er…" Shit: how can you say you're going to start your heat soon in front of your Boss, who's also an Alpha? Naib couldn't say it with a straight face, never , and so he tried to come up with another excuse. "I'm, erm, forgot something. Very important. Probably need to go or something, very soon. Yeah."


Norton made a confused expression and was about to open his mouth, but Naib quickly turned around and walked (ran, to be honest) outside the room. There was a shout echoing behind him, but Naib ignored it and went straight towards the elevators. He pressed the down button, and waited nervously for the elevators to come. The sound of footsteps came closer and closer, and Naib felt sweat trickling behind his back.


The ding signaled the man to rush in. Naib smashed the 1st floor button and then the close button numerous times, and jittering eyes watched the door close, the gap getting smaller and smaller-


Smack .


A hand went through the gap, and pushed the door open by sheer force. 


Naib breathed in sharply as Mr. Campbell came inside the elevator with a leisurely pace and that ( fucking ) amused countenance of his.


“Why so fast?” he said. “You haven’t given me a legitimate excuse to dismiss you as early leave.”


Yet again, Naib cursed inside. His mind went blank and sweat started to form behind his back. He could taste the tang of blood and saliva in his throat as it inhaled the stiff air rapidly in succession. The doors were already closed, and the elevator was going down and down, but never seemed to reach its destination at all. The Boss was still waiting for a response, hands gesturing to continue, and the intern gulped.


Naib opened his mouth, and then-








Both men looked up, because the elevator suddenly trembled, then came to a screeching halt. The numbers that was going down disappeared from the screen, and light flickered, then turned off. The imprisoned duo blinked promptly in order to get accustomed to the dim darkness, but then a loud noise suddenly blared from the ceiling: 


“We are sorry for the inconvenience, but the elevators seemed to have stopped working due to external interference. Please use the stairs whilst we work on the issue.”


“...Hm. You okay, there?” Norton seemed to ask, but Naib couldn’t respond back.


The smell was choking him.


It was too close. Every time he breathed, Naib inhaled the dry, smoldering air that stirred the inside of his body with an indescribable heat. One breath intake was a gasp of salvation and a grip of terror, the paradox between pleasure and pain.


Naib was squirming in the tight space that they were both trapped in. He tried to get away but to no avail: his back slammed onto the wall, his hands held on to the metal rails for dear life, his face was too close to Norton's bare chest, and-


Oh, God , the aroma of sandalwood pierced through Naib's airway like a spear striking down his shield. It was a fragrance of opium that terrorized his mind, his thoughts and morals thrown away as the soul got addicted to its irresistible allure. Naib couldn't help but let out a moan, and a string of saliva escaped through his gaping mouth.


The smell came closer. Footsteps echoed until it stopped right in front of him. Naib squinted his eyes open, but all he could see was the heated expression in those widened black irises. Norton pulled Naib's chin up and sniffed at that minty tang of fragrance, and Naib struggled but to no avail.


The coarse hands gently squeezed Naib's throat. Pain fluctuated with pleasure as the man choked to the pressure. Naib's own trembling hands gently held on to the other hands, but they did not move until Naib made another moan, a cry that called for help and also meant submission to the Alpha at the same time.


Norton's hands then went lower, slowly and steadily rubbing the valleys of the thin collarbone until they groped the plump, wettened chest of the Omega. A moan echoed in the closed space as the hands reached out to squeeze the fattened breasts together, kneading and massaging to serve endless euphoria to the lithe man.


"Do you like that?" Norton smirked in his deep voice. Another moan, then a gasp, and Naib struggled aimlessly as he breathed in the smell, that tantalizing smell coming from that collarbone which grew the wetness dripping in between his legs. His black turtleneck was already wet with sweat and milk dripping down from his nipples, and the thick smell of sex rapidly amalgamated with the perfume of sandalwood and mint.


"M- Mr. Campbell-" a strained voice cried out. "I- can't- We shouldn't- ahh ! Be doing this-"


“Well, it’s not my fault that someone was having their heat and didn’t tell their owner with a proper excuse.”


“I- Hah -!”


“You’ll have to take responsibility.” Naib could hear the grin in that growl. “Either as my work inferior, or just an Omegan slut.”


The Omega moaned even louder than before as the hands went lower and caressed his thin waist. Hands went inside the shirt, tucking it up till the bright pink nipples were exposed to air. It was moist, dripping with milk like the profuse nectar of a fresh flower, the fragrance of sweet honey propagating and entrancing the bee: Norton couldn’t help but to go and lick those puffed up nipples. The moans went even louder as Naib rubbed his wet but clothed groin onto the Alpha’s black, silk pants. 


“I wonder who’s ready to get bred.”

“Ahhgh- hah -”


“Wonder if these breasts will satisfy our offspring, feed our pup,”


Hnnggh - ah-!


“Will you be turned on like this every time they feed, I wonder? The lewd mother sluttishly turned on as our child feeds onto you?”


“Please-” Naib cried out, fat tears dripping down on his rosy, round cheeks. “I don’t want to get bred, sir, it’s too early for me- ah-!


“Then, why are you so eager for my dick?” Norton asked as he looked up from his licking. His right hand clenched Naib’s clothed penis, and the omega wailed in ecstasy again. “Look at this. You’re already so wet for me here. Why is your mind so hesitant on a decision that your body already made?”


The devil whispered too mesmerizingly to the innocent lamb. The small, fragile man whimpered as the touch on his dick went faster, harder , and he screamed until all he could hear was the high-pitched whines ricocheting in the small space. 


The metal zippers made a sound as they zipped down, but before Naib can process what was happening, the hand went under the damp undergarment and clenched the dripping dick. The shrill rill of wails continued on as the hand went up and down, kneading the shaft and the hardened balls underneath, the tip of the penic pulsating with endless streams of precum. 


Norton then proceeded to pull the rest of the pants down, uncovering the smooth, white thighs that were drenched with beads of sweat and fluid. It was a nice balance of fit muscles and Omegan fat, compact but with hints of curvature that clued in the man's second gender. 


Hands went up to caress the ass, which was thick and pleasurably firm to touch. The fingers went over and around, mapping all the curves and arches, then they went under to the valley in between. As one of the index fingers rubbed and inserted into the damp, leaking hole, the moans escalated. The panting Omega tried to cover his mouth in order to contain the embarassing sounds he couldn't help but make, but he gasped out when the Alpha pressed into a certain spot.


" Ah! Ahggh- "


"Do you even need preparation?" Norton snorted. "Your hole is already so wet for me."


" Ahgn-! "


"Look at that," Norton said as he inserted another finger in, and Naib hollared in bliss as the Alpha started scissoring with them inside. "You can't even feel pain, you virgin slut. Are you sure this is your first time? Or were you born like this, your little hole to be fucked over and over? Were you?"


"Mr. Campbell…" Naib trembled as he held his milky thighs together with his hands, almost as if he was presenting his exposed, protruded member to the other man. " whatever you want, just...make this stop…!"


Something seemed to snap in those black eyes. 


"Put your thighs together," Norton commanded as he took out his finger and started undoing his own zipper. Naib blinked in confusion until he saw the thick, enlarged penis of the Alpha, the smell of burnt sandalwood propagating stronger than ever. "Clench me."


"Hnggh- ah-!" The Omega cried out, even though he did as he was told to and clenched his thighs on that large penis. His hole let out another stream of fluid as excitement rolled into his veins and nerves.


"Hold it tight. There you go, that's it…"


"It's- ahhgn ! Too hot-"


"Relish it. Let me rub it on that tight, dripping hole of yours. Don't you want this dick inside you? Pierce you through, knot you, fill you up with my seed until that greedy hole of yours will be full to the brim?"


"Mr. Campbell-" Naib begged, tears still leaking like the fluids gushing out of his hole and his dick. "Please, I- I can't bear it anymore-"


“I have my dick caressing your wet hole, and you still call me Mr. Campbell?”


Ahn- hahn-


“Call me Norton,” the heavy voice whispered into the soft ears. “I’ll give you what you want if you do that for me.”


Gasp. Inhale. The thick smell of heavy sex made the insides of his lungs burn with fire. Naib didn’t know, couldn’t think, all of his instincts focused only on the commanding voice at front. His hole gushed out another stream of fluid as the fingers went back up and kept tweaking on those nipples, the erected Alpha dick stroking in and out of his thighs, pressing onto his own small dick as well, and Naib screamed out:


N- Norton-ahh! Please..!


A growl. 


Norton proceeded to lift the thighs up and hang those lean legs onto his waist. He pulled the leg apart, spreading the crevice between as the fluid spread apart with viscosity like pulling apart melting cheese. The pink, puckered hole seemed to pulsate, welcoming Norton with that crisp tang of mint profoundly permeating from that hole.


With a deep grunt, Norton pressed in his dick. The sound of squelching seemed to stand out in between all of the moans and pantings. Another stream of tears seemed to fall on Naib's red cheeks, but his pupils were so wide that it covered almost the entirety of those turquoise irises. 


Norton licked up the falling tear on the cheek, and kissed the half-open eyelid. "C'mon, you can do it."




"Just take me all in, my little Omega."


A heave, again, in and out as Naib tried to adjust to the large obstruction inside. The sobbing didn't stop, though Naib himself didn't know whether it was due to agony or bliss. There was still so much to take in - half of the shaft, and then the swollen knot on the bottom - but he already felt so full, so complete.


Norton seemed to be ardent in putting it all in, however, and he kept massaging Naib's reddened asscheeks apart as if to wordlessly ask to open up a bit more. The intern whimpered, captive under his Boss' ministration, predisposed to the forced rapture under his touch.


More of the natural lubricant dripped  down from the puckering hole as the thick dick went further in. The sound of squelching intensified, and sometimes Norton didn't proceed to go further: he would pause, then pull in and out from that spot, making the Omega writhe to that lingering pleasure, the promise to Nirvana and beyond.


Another whiff - the whiff of sandalwood mixing into mint - and then Norton whispered into Naib's ears. "Let me mark you."




"Let me bite you. Let me be yours. Let me take care of you forever."


"Hhhn...Nor..ton.. ah ..!"


"Be mine. Only mine."


A whimper, then an exhale. The Omega, face full of tears and flush, came close to the Alpha's throat. With one hand on Norton's broad, solid chest, and the other on the back of his throat, Naib proceeded to bite Norton's neck. 


"Mine...first... hah ..!"


Norton blinked for a moment, then grinned. "That's my Omega. I knew you were the right one for me to choose from the start."


He pulled Naib's shoulder, followed by another ferocious bite, this time into Naib's neck instead. The Omega screamed, as if his insides were torn apart to pieces, his dick finally spurting cum onto his Alpha's clothes. In that moment, the last part of Norton's penis went into the hole as well, and the knot kept the Omega held in place as he whined and mewled to the excessive sensation.


Blood dripped down his neck when Norton pulled out his canine teeth. He licked it, suctioning in the copper and saccharine taste of the glutinous liquid, then kissed Naib. Exchange of saliva and blood went around as the tongues sucked each other in need and desperation. At times, Naib would pull out from the kiss to gasp out when Norton pushed into that spot, that very spot that made his mind white and out of order, but Norton would pull his face in again to taste his Omega further.


The slapping against skin continued to echo. Adrenaline overstimulated Naib's mentality, but the fucking didn't stop and Norton's dick seemed to not know the meaning of 'too much'. Naib cried and cried, but the dick wouldn't stop growing bigger inside him, and he couldn't even pull out from the stimulation due to the knot. And, as if it knew that he was helpless from the situation, Naib's dick seemed to perk back up again, tensed up and ready for more stimulus.


"Norton... ahhgh- !"


"Yes, love?"


"You fucker...I... hahhgn-! "


"I am fucking you, yes?"


" Ahhhnn- " the Omega moaned out. "Please...just... fill me up already… !"


A snarl, and Norton pounded even harder into that puckered hole. He pushed in and in, focusing onto the prostate spot, and with a grunt, Norton filled it with his own seed. The knot seemed to not want to deflate, however, and only gave Norton the incentive to slam even more into the hole till the cum creamed up and start to become whipped inside the anus.


Then, when the knot finally calmed down, Norton panted and pulled out his dick. He looked down, but the Omega was already unconscious. His neck was marked with so many bites that the neck was turning purple and bleeding at some spots. The black turtleneck was completely ruined, splattered all over with white fluid and sweat, the plump chest creased with the nipples still pulsating with thin spurts of milk. One could clearly see the bloated stomach below, all due to the overflow and thickening of the cum inside, with some leftover liquid dripping down from the widened, used hole.


Norton picked up the passed out intern, covering him with his coal-colored suit jacket and tucking him gently into his chest. He pressed a button, then the elevator magically seemed to rumble back alive again. The doors went 'ding' and opened up to the first floor lobby, the fresh brezze of the outside finally ventilating the clogged up air of mint, sandalwood, and sex.


"...Are we...done...?" The half-sleeping Omega seemed to mutter in a coarse, parched voice.


The other man smiled, and lifted the man up into a bridal-carry style. Norton replied in a sultry voice as he tucked the astray maroon hairs stuck on Naib's sweating forehead. 


"Don't worry: we haven't even started yet."



Norton looked back at the sleeping man on the hotel bed.


Naib's lithe, porcelain body was littered even more than before with various shapes of teeth marks and bruises. They encased him like the red velvet ribbon of a birthday present, or the imprints of a fruit that was plucked from harvest. The white, satin sheets only made him look all the more angelic: tainted, but still innocent as ever.


The awoken man couldn't help but make a small smile at the sight. He caressed the silky, maroon hair, slowly and carefully through each and every strand. In ethereal rapture, the Alpha planted a small kiss on his Omega's forehead, and Naib almost seemed to purr, subconsciously snuggling into the touch without a single clue of reality.


After a moment of peace, Norton went up to the desk to turn off the lamp. He paused, though, then changed his mind as he opened up the first drawer underneath. In it were two items: a paper, with instructions on how to hack into an elevator system, and a green case full of pills.


Black eyes smirked. He held the case up to the silver stream of moonlight, and kissed it like a token of victory.


It went all according to plan.