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Secrets: Through the Years

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I head out to my bike glaring at the single helmet hanging from the handlebars, pulling it over my head I can’t decide whether to be mad at the lack of Jade on the back of the bike to or excited that she was planning her portion of our two-day-long date as we had officially been dating for a year. Deciding to stop being ridiculously co-dependent I head home to get a quick workout before needing to get ready for Jade picking me up at six.

“Alright, she fine probably just focusing on her hair,” I tell myself as I continue to pace in front of my couch watching the time switch over to read 7:00 o’clock. “Jade, please just call me or even text I’m worried,” I say calling her for the millionth time knowing that even though she is not the most punctual an hour late it not something she does without at least a text.

“Oh thank gosh,” I say as the phone rings and I answer without even looking to see who it is. “Are you okay? Where are you?”

“Victoria” I hear someone say and I finally understand it when people talk about their hearts stopping as I recognize the voice on the other end. “There has been an accident, Jade is…”

“Where is she?” I ask, only waiting long enough to hear the answer before hanging up and rushing out the door.

It’s not until I get to the hospital that I realize I have dropped my phone somewhere along the way. Jade's Mum is waiting for me at the door, “Where is she? Please tell me she is going to be okay. What happened?” I rattle off the questions but she just looks at me unimpressed.

“If you had waited a second or answered your phone when I called you would know that she is fine,” She tells me and I can feel a weight being lifted from my chest as a finally breathe for the first time since I realized that Jade was more than fifteen minutes late without an explanation. “Come on, then she has demanded that I bring you to her” I follow her through the halls to her room paused at the door when I see my girlfriend lying in a hospital bed a burn covering a part of her forehead and a bruise making its way up her neck.

“Tori I am so sorry I ruined our date” she says when she sees me, I just continue to stare at her a second before bolting my way across the remaining distance between us and wrapping her in a loose hug wary of where else there could be bruises turning to glare at Doctor West.

“I thought you said she was fine” I screech, causing her to roll her eyes.

“She was in an accident Victoria, I meant fine compared to what could have happened,” she says and I can catch the relief in her eyes and try to calm myself down, as I put myself in her shoes I was terrified enough but she had the experience of knowing just how bad things could have been, I give her a nod before returning my attention to Jade who opens her mouth to say what I assume was another apology.
“Don’t be stupid I don’t care about the date. As long as you're alright” I tell her, placing a kiss on her forehead.

“I’m okay, some idiot ran right into the back of me the bruises are just from the seatbelt and the airbag exploded in my face, the doctors are just waiting for some test to come back. Then I can leave and we can still make the second half of out date” she tells me and I pull back to look at her like she is completely crazy.

“Absolutely not” I yell her which is echoed from across the room from her mother, we make eye contact shocked to be agreeing on something.

“You are going straight home, where you will be resting” I tell her in a voice that I hope tells her that I am serious and will not be able to be manipulated with whatever promises she comes up with like I normally am.

“But…” she starts I shake my head stopping her.

“If it was me in this bed what would you be telling me” I ask.

“That’s not fair you are in the hospital all the time because you have no self-preservation” Thankfully the argument is put on hold as a doctor
comes in.

For once, I actual win an argument as Jade was not able to hold off both her mother and I. She spends the rest of the night in her bed, the scissoring not even enough to quiet her complaints.

A week later I am ready to scream, for all the complaints about how much of a bad patient I am Jade is a million times worse. Listening to none of her doctors suggests and constantly telling everyone that she was fine, and okay maybe she was right as the bruises had already faded significantly and all doctors except for her mother had given the all clear. I walk up to the West house with the take-out Jade has demanded to find the couch where I had left her empty.

“She has ran away, Andre picked her up ten minutes ago. Apparently sending you for food was all part of the master escape plan” I hear from behind me causing me to whirl around in fear as I hear her mother.

“Of coure should have known she was up to something when she finally agreed to relax on the couch without complaint” I tell her, moving to place the take-out on the kitchen table. “I will leave you alone then, I’m sure Jade will be safe enough with Andre” I say mainly to calm myself.

“I can’t eat all this myself, Join me for dinner?” She asks the look on her face, making it clear that a no will not be accepted. I gulp pulling out the seat across from her as I she starts dividing up the food.

“So, Victoria you care about my daughter?”

“Of course, I love her,” I tell her “and I know we are in high school as my mother constantly points out, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love her or that I wasn’t terrified last week when you called me or before that when she was late” she just nods.

“Your mother doesn’t like Jade?” I let out a chuckle.

“My mother hates that I stopped being homeschooled and actually made some friends. The fact that I’m also in a relationship that take me away from my training doesn’t go down well with her”

“Does she have a reason to be worried?”

“I don’t see why she cares it’s not like she is ever home always off on vacation with her well earned money she made as my manager before she gave the job away to Trina as soon as she was old enough,” I tell her ignoring the feelings of being used by my mother as well as the abandonment.

“But does Jade distract you from your training?” Dr. West continues.

“Yes, but so do all my friends. I love my job, but it's not something I want or can be doing forever and so what’s the point of focusing on a job so much that I forget to have a life outside of it” I tell her, and she just stares at me for several moments.

“Well said Tori” she says and goes back to eating as I sit with my mouth open in shock having not expected her to ever call me anything other then Victoria.
“Oh and Tori remember that you are always welcome here, unless you hurt my daughter, then they will never find your body”


Groaning as Andre pulls up in front of my house I see Vega’s bike was still parked outside I had hoped that her fear of my mother would have scared her off so that she wasn’t hovering over me even though the doctors have said I was perfectly fine. Then I realize that I had left my mother and girlfriend alone completely unsupervised, rushing out of the car I run towards the house not saying bye to Andre, as I rush in hoping that they have not killed each other. I find something so much more terrifying though as I walk in to find them sitting together on the couch, laughing, laughing with each other. Then I realized in horror what is on the tv a home video of when I was around four of one of the first times I had acted in a play if you could even call my terrible impression acting. I run around the couch turning off the tv.

“What the hell have I walked into?” I scream at them causing them to burst out laughing.

“Your Mum, was just telling me some stories, and thought that the videos would make the story even better with the visual element” Vega answers with a grin getting up to give me a quick kiss whispering about how cute I was as she sits me down on the couch and rushes off the get the dessert they had left for me. I sit there in shock as to what I had just witnessed.

“Tori particularly likes the video of you singing Barney songs” Mum mentions I open my mouth to yell at her for showing Vega any videos of me when what she says registers.

“Since when do you call her Tori?”

“Since I realized that she takes good care of you much better than that other idiot you dated, and that she makes you happy”

“She makes me very happy,” I tell her embarrassed as I can feel myself start to blush.

“I know and that’s all I’ve ever wanted for you, to someone that makes you happy, takes care of you and encourages you and all the amazing creativity that comes with you”