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Waiting for the Nudist Classmate

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The summer was nearing its end, but the weather was still comfortable enough for Mio. Having cut her hair recently, she had started to let her lower hair grow back in. Today was going to be the day that Tetsuro came over to her house for the first time, and she knew that she couldn’t change into a nice outfit to show him herself at her best. The idea of wearing an outfit at home at all was an idea she had finally started to become comfortable with. The guilt and shame had been expelled after she revealed herself to Tetsuro. All that was left was to reveal herself in other ways.

The Kitaharas were a normal Japanese family, except for their habit at home. They were nudists. While they wore clothes in public, when they were home, nudity was to be expected. It was their home, and they could do what they wished. They had raised their daughter in such a way, too. As Mio had grown older, her body developing the curves, a soft bosom and a plush butt, that would draw men’s attention, she became more cautious about showing it to others.

Except for him. Tetsuro, the boy she had a crush on and had gotten closer to over that summer, when they helped a classmate of theirs (who was actually an alien) make a student film. Mio had accidentally shown Tetsuro her most intimate parts. When she was out in public, she was, more often than not, not wearing panties. It was an extension of being a nudist at home, and while Mio was loathe to admit it, the slightly taboo thrill of it made her excited.

Her desk at school had been close to her bare pussy, separated only by her skirt. If her classmates knew that, it would be swarmed like bees discovering a flower field. While Mio had been growing up with nudity for so long that it was almost routine, it was still sexual. Knowing that Tetsuro had looked at her body and seen her in that way had made the youthful mixture of hormones and lust and love inside her bubble over. So, taking the initiative, Mio invited Tetsuro over to her house to study and plan the next film the club was going to make.

Mio woke up that morning feeling happy. She looked at herself in the mirror, fluffing and styling her pubic hair so that it looked right. She was so tense her nipples were hard enough to cut diamonds, but Tetsuro might mistake it for her being aroused. A little of both. Her nipples were hard and would stay that way, but she wasn’t completely wet just yet. Mio heard the doorbell ring.

After checking the window to make sure that Remon wasn’t around secretly filming her, she walked to the front door and answered. As the door swung open, Tetsuro was greeted by the sight of Mio’s naked body. She felt a slight tingle as the sun’s rays hit her thighs and her breasts. She wondered if Tetsuro would notice her nipples. He did, but he was looking at the entirety of her breast, which were nicely shaped, with a pleasant springiness that he was yearning to touch. Mio kept her legs closed, not wanting to let him see her pussy, even though he’d already gotten an eyeful of it a while back.

“Welcome,” said Mio. “You already know I’m a nudist... I want to not be embarrassed by it. Do you want to help me with that?”

Tetsuro wasn’t sure what to say. “Yes,” he said.

“When you come in, take off your shoes. And everything else,” said Mio. “Mom and Dad say that if guests get naked, they can be more comfortable.”

Mio didn’t look away while Tetsuro was removing his clothes. She had seen her dad’s dick many times before, but seeing a classmate’s was something entirely different. Her crush on Tetsuro was not one of pure love. She was of that age, and there was a potent amount of lust mixed in as well. She wanted to know what his cock looked like, and that she’d get to see it on their first date made her heart pound so hard she wondered if Tetsuro would be able to see it.

“Can I keep the glasses on?” asked Tetsuro.

“Well... yeah,” said Mio. Her eyes followed down his body. He was fairly fit, with a definition to his abs that she hadn’t been expecting. While she had seen Tetsuro’s nipples at the beach, seeing them alongside his package suddenly made them look a lot sexier. “I wished I could have shown you my body like this at the beach, but I don’t want anybody else to see me naked. Only you.”

“Yamano would’ve filmed it,” said Tetsuro.

“Exactly,” Mio said. “I don’t want my naked body to be something on film. Just keep it in your memories. I’ll do the same for you. I thought that boys were supposed to get hard when they’re around naked girls.”

Tetsuro knew that Mio’s eyes had been paying extra-close attention to his cock and balls. While the roundness of his balls was visible, he had been limp the entire time. He thought that erections around nudists were a faux pas, and he was too nervous about being naked around the girl he was starting a relationship with to even consider getting an erection. Mio wanted to see him get hard, but that wasn’t something she wanted to say either.

“My house is nothing special,” Mio said. “It’s like any home you’ll find.”

She walked him through the kitchen and the living room, along with showing him where the bath was located in case he stayed too late, and her backyard. It was surrounded by a fence, so the Kitahara family could safely be naked outdoors, as long as it was in the backyard. Even more than her room, Mio had been wanting to lose her virginity to a boy in her backyard. Something about fucking under the stars seemed so romatnic, but it had remained a masturbatory fantasy for the longest time.

They made it up to Mio’s room. The two of them were going to look through ideas Kaito had proposed for their next film project. That was only a pretense. The two of them had something else on their mind, and each was waiting for the other to be the first to say it. When Mio invited Tetsuro into her room, she asked him to sit on the bed. Tetsuro’s mind immediately went to a lewd place.

This was Mio’s bed. Where she slept naked every night. The smell of the sweat between her cleavage and ass cheeks. Not to mention secretions from other places. He didn’t know how long it had been since Mio had last washed her sheets, so her scent may have been deeply soaked into the fabric. The same fabric that his ball sack was brushing up against now. He wanted to get a sniff of it. It was the closest he could get until he got close to Mio herself.

Mio got a pen out of her bedside table. She set it down, looking for the notebook she had kept of shooting locations. The pen rolled off the table, and onto the carpet. Mio reached down to pick it up, raising her butt in the air. As she did so, Tetsuro got a full view of her lower body that finally made him hard.

He could see everything. The plump lips of Mio’s pussy, flocked by brown pubic hair that made her look more mature than her age. Her twitching, light brown butthole, resting between her cheeks. He had a full idea of just how curvy her bubble butt was, a perfectly sized butt that had been unrestrained by underwear for many years. Mio’s body enticed him in a way that no woman had before. Then it happened.

His cock began to engorge with blood, rising from its limp state into a hard, throbbing rod that had the glans pointed directly at Mio’s pussy. The sunlight reflecting off Mio’s hips showed a glistening around her pussy. She was starting to get turned on as well, but was waiting for a clear sign. There could be no clearer sign than the hard cock, pumping and ready for sex with the girl in front of him.

“Got the pen,” Mio said. She turned around. “You’re hard. It’s so thick. I’ve never touched one before, but it looks so warm...”

“You don’t hate me for this?” asked Tetsuro, trying to cover his dick.

“Don’t hide it. I want to look at it and admire it a little longer,” said Mio. “A real dick. I can’t believe something this big and throbbing is going to go in my mouth... and my breasts... and my legs. I feel like I might not be able to handle it.”

“Mio, did you just say?” asked Tetsuro.

“I thought that nudity wasn’t sexual, but in this case, it very much is,” Mio said. “Do you want me to touch your penis? Can I touch it? Does ‘dick’ sound more erotic?”

“It’ll go down on its own,” said Tetsuro. “We need to focus on these pitches.”

“The only thing being pitched here is that tent, and as your host, it’s my responsibility to deal with it,” Mio said. “I can’t stop this throbbing between my legs.”

One of Mio’s hands moved between her legs, traveling past her belly button, down to her wet pussy. She stood in front of Tetsuro, and spread it open with her fingers, showing him her dripping wet insides. Mio smiled, and communicated everything Tetsuro needed to know. Mio was going to keep masturbating herself to keep herself wet and ready while giving him a blowjob.

Mio got on her knees, her hand moving near her pussy, the squishing noises getting louder, and looked at his dick. Up close, she could smell the masculine scent, watching as beads of sweat coated his balls. She saw it twitching and throbbing, looking even thicker after she opened her mouth and breathed on it. Inside her, her body was crying out for a taste of dick. She only half knew what she was doing, but wasn’t afraid to experiment.

“You sure about this?” asked Tetsuro.

“I saw Ichika and Kaito having sex in secret,” said Mio. “I got so wet watching them that I masturbated myself to calm down. If I remember what Ichika did...”

Mio placed her tongue just above Tetsuro’s balls, and started licking upwards. Her wet, warm tongue left a trail of saliva across his length, making it tremble to her touch. The beads of sweat and precum Mio had licked tasted delicious. Without hesitation, she kissed his glans, and wrapped her lips around his head. It was thicker than she thought, with a shape that was pleasant to suck on inside her mouth.

Tetsuro could only watch in amazement, letting out moans as Mio’s head swallowed all of his cock before moving upward, only to slurp it down once again. Her technique was basic, but she never let it hit her teeth, and when she found the parts that made him twitch the most, she went directly for them. Using her free hand to keep his cock steady, Mio gently stroked him as she sucked.

“It doesn’t taste bad at all! I love this!” Mio thought inside her head. “Getting to suck his dick makes me really excited. Tetsuro, give me your semen!”

The look in Mio’s eyes told Tetsuro he could cum whenever he wanted. He threw his hips back, pushing his dick deep in, close to Mio’s throat. His balls tensed, and he blew his load inside her mouth. From her palate to her tongue, Mio’s mouth was filled with a sticky, hot wad of cum. The flavor overwhelmed her, yet she didn’t find it terrible. She was too overcome with love and libido to really care what it tasted like.

Tetsuro pulled his dick out of Mio’s mouth, drops of cum still falling from his tip. Mio opened her mouth, presenting her cum-coated tongue to Tetsuro. It looked white, with a sticky, gelatinous layer of his semen. Mio didn’t want to wait much longer. If it chilled or became liquidy, it wouldn’t be as delicious to drink. She wanted to taste it when it had been freshly milked from his balls.

“You came a lot,” said Mio. “It was more than I expected.”

“Are you going to swallow all of that?” asked Tetsuro.

Mio gulped loudly, letting his cum slide down her throat into her stomach. She licked her lips, getting off the last drops that had fallen from her tongue. Tetsuro’s cock was still covered in it. Mio wanted to lick it up, but she wanted to use it as lube to go inside her even more. The easier it was for that dick to penetrate her, the more her first time would feel like she had been in a relationship with Tetsuro for years.

“Thanks for the snack,” said Mio. “It feels really warm in my belly. I want to eat some of this with my other mouth, too.”

“Already?” asked Tetsuro. “Let me recover.”

“We’ve been so busy with tests lately that you haven’t had time to masturbate,” said Mio. “I’m glad I got to swallow your first load, but I’m sure the others will be just as thick.”

Mio turned around, backing up her ass onto Tetsuro’s lap. Tetsuro reached out and grabbed onto Mio’s butt cheeks, squeezing them in his hand. They were warm and plump, flexible to the touch. “You’ve got a really sexy ass,” said Tetsuro.

“You can fondle my breasts in a moment. Lay off my ass,” Mio said. She slid her ass over Tetsuro’s cock. As his flaccid dick became enveloped by the warmth of Mio’s sizable ass cheeks, it stiffened back to the same hardness from only a moment ago, the cum-soaked tip brushing against Mio’s pussy. Tetsuro’s glans rubbed against her outer lips, eager to go inside.

“I don’t have a condom,” said Tetsuro.

“As soon as mom found out I had a boyfriend, she got me a pill for this,” said Mio. “I want to have your raw dick inside me. After all... I am a nudist.”

Tetsuro’s cockhead spread apart Mio’s lips, going inside her with ease. Mio felt her pussy being spread open, the girth and warmth of Tetsuro’s cock throbbing inside her. It felt even better than she had imagined. Mio lowered herself until she was sitting on Tetsuro’s lap, his cock completely enveloped inside her. They could feel each other’s body heat. At this moment, they were connected. Mio turned around, blushing bright red, and looked at Tetsuro with a lusty expression.

“How does my pussy feel?” she asked.

“It feels amazing,” said Tetsuro.

“Even more than my panda, I want you to hug me,” said Mio. “Fuck me, Tetsuro. We’ve finally become one!”

Tetsuro reached around and grabbed onto Mio’s breasts. They were surprisingly big, giving him a lot to grope. Her hard nipples reacted to his touch, making Mio moan louder and her pussy tighten up even further. He moved her breasts around, delighting in having them squish and squeeze to his touch, the soft, sweaty flesh acting like clay in his hands. At the same time, Mio began to move her hips.

Coated with saliva and cum, Tetsuro’s cock was getting another layer added in Mio’s pussy juices. Her wet, sticky juices that helped his dick slide through her pussy smoothly, but also tightly gripped it, not wanting to let it go. He could feel Mio’s folds rubbing against the sides of his shaft, massaging it with a unique texture the further he went into her pussy. He found it hard to believe this was Mio’s first time.

“My entire body is tingling,” Mio said. “It’s all starting from your cock. I love this!”

“Your pussy’s amazingly wet,” said Tetsuro.

“Unless it’s too cold, you know that I never wear panties,” said Mio. “The thrill of getting caught turned me on, but having sex turns me on even more. My pussy’s had a lot of room to breathe. It’s developed well.”

“It’s like it has a mind of its own,” said Tetsuro. He pinched Mio’s nipples between his fingers, and her pussy’s grip tightened around him once again. Mio’s moans were getting more erotic, as if she wanted to show off the lewd side of her that she had been holding back.

“You can cum in me anytime you want,” said Mio. “Any time you want to have sex while you’re at my house, it’s okay.”

“What if your parents get home?” asked Tetsuro.

“I said, any time,” said Mio. “I mean, not in the same room, that’s too embarrassing. But mom and dad have been very open about the human body with me. I’m sure that goes for my boyfriend, too.”

Mio turned around and kissed Tetsuro. She closed her eyes, their tongues overlapping as she focused only on the pleasure spreading through her body. Her hips bounced up and down on his lap, her plush butt shaking on his thighs. The warmth that originated in her pussy had spread throughout her body, and the warm, bubbling feeling in her stomach from the thick load of spunk she had swallowed was still there. Every part of Mio’s body was crying out for sex, wanting to have this moment continue forever.

“Your body is just too good, Mio,” said Tetsuro. “I’m going to...”

“Do it!” Mio said. “Pump it all in my pussy!”

Mio’s hungry slit took all of Tetsuro’s length inside it, pushing him in as deep as he could go. Tetsuro squeezed down on Mio’s breasts, making her moan and sweat from the overbearing pleasure. Spurts of sticky cum, shooting out from his cockhead in rope after rope, painted Mio’s walls white. She trembled as the hot stickiness coated her insides, filling her with an overwhelming pleasure.

Tetsuro stayed in Mio for as long as he could, until he fell limp. Mio rolled off his dick and lay beside him on her bed, preparing for some pillow talk. Their bodies were covered in sweat, still pulsing from the sex they’d just gone through. Mio reached for a tissue from her bedside, offering it to Tetsuro.

“You filled me up. I don’t want it staining my bed sheets, so... can you wipe my pussy for me? Get your fingers in there and make it really clean,” said Mio.

“You might cum again,” said Tetsuro.

“That’s what I’m hoping for,” Mio said.

After spending several hours doing the work Tetsuro had come there for, the sun was starting to set. Mio’s parents were getting ready for dinner. They had given Tetsuro a warm welcome, knowing how much he meant to Mio as a friend, and now a boyfriend. Mio was embarrassed by it, but she was glad her parents were accepting of their relationship. After dinner, the two of them went out into the backyard. The sun had almost set on the horizon. It was a summer night, and the weather was crisp and cool, not too humid.

“The weather’s perfect for outdoor sex,” said Mio.

“We’re doing it again?” asked Tetsuro.

“It’s been a few hours. I’m still horny. Being able to see your dick all day really helped me get in touch with my lewd side,” Mio said. She bent over on the porch, getting on all fours. Her pussy, clean but with occasional dribbles of semen still leaking out, was presented before Tetsuro, along with her twitching asshole.

“Wouldn’t it be better to look at me?” asked Tetsuro.

“We’re outdoors. Fucking like animals just feels right,” said Mio. “If you’re hard, put it in. We can get in a quick one before you have to head home.”

Being presented with Mio’s pussy like this, her dripping vulva eager for sex, had brought back Tetsuro’s erection. Having had a full dinner, his energy had been restored. He could easily go for a third time today. Tetsuro held his dick in his hands and grabbed onto one of Mio’s butt cheeks with the other. It slid in with no problem at all. Mio was living out her sexual fantasy, and welcomed his dick inside her.

The breeze blew past them, chilling their nipples. Mio’s body shivered. She didn’t know if it was from the summer night air or the dick inside her. Mio looked back at Tetsuro, an expression like an animal in heat, and asked him to start pounding her. Tetsuro gripped onto Mio’s cheeks, and began to hump her. Just below her body, he could see her breasts shaking with every thrust of his hips.

“The way your boobs bounce is so hot,” said Tetsuro.

“I don’t even know my bra size,” Mio said. “I only found out during school measuring day. Gravity’s been helping them grow the whole time.”

“And they’re so perky?” asked Tetsuro.

“Yeah. Because they grew up with my feelings of love for you,” Mio said.

The mildly humid summer night became hotter, as Tetsuro and Mio worked up a sweat. Mio looked upwards, towards the stars and the moon. She didn’t need to look back to know that Tetsuro’s cock was lovingly scrubbing her insides, brushing against her semen-stained folds in her pussy and bringing her closer to climax. Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead and her cleavage. She had never felt more alive.

“Mio, I wasn’t sure of it until today, but I know it’s true. I love you!” Tetsuro said.

“I’ve always loved you,” said Mio. “It’s mutual. Now cum in me again!”

Tetsuro bent over, making the beast with two backs. He hugged Mio closely, once again groping her breasts while he neared his orgasm. Mio was overcome with lust, thinking of nothing but the moment she would cum. Her pussy was already sensitive from earlier that day, and it didn’t take long for either of them to reach climax. Tetsuro pumped Mio full of semen, his jizz overflowing and mixing with the cum already in there from earlier that day.

“That was an amazing first date,” Mio said. “Let’s go outside the house for the next one.”

A short time after, Mio and Tetsuro went on their first date at the movies, as promised. Mio went into the theater without a bra or panties. That’s how she always went to the movies, but with Tetsuro, it took on a new dimension. In the dark, with a movie known for its sensual love scenes playing in the background, she would let Tetsuro fondle her and finger her, holding her voice in from the ushers and other moviegoers. It would make her so horny that she’d want to find a secluded place after the film to fuck primally, letting her beloved boyfriend’s dick pound her once again.

As the movie started, Mio, from the seat next to Tetsuro, lifted up her skirt. By the light of the silver screen, Tetsuro could see her pubic hair and the first signs of wetness on her pussy. He reached across the chair, sliding his fingers between Mio’s legs. The tip of his index finger went in, while his thumb brushed against her clit. Mio’s soft pubic hair met with his skin, providing a pleasant contrast to her smooth, sweaty skin.

As the love scene in the movie continued, Tetsuro fingered Mio. She wanted to shout loud, but if she didn’t do it with other people in the theater, it wouldn’t be nearly as erotic. Mio’s sensitive clit, having taken enough stimulation, reached its peak. Tetsuro pulled his hand away from Mio’s pussy. His fingers were now coated in a sticky, translucent white secretion, while Mio was panting and hastily trying to hide her pussy with her skirt.

“Let’s get even bolder at the next movie,” Mio said.

“Why don’t we make our own? We can borrow Kaito’s camera,” said Tetsuro.

“That sounds great,” said Mio. “Our own private film.”

Pussy juice continued to run down Mio’s legs for the rest of the movie, drying by the time she exited the theater. She looked at Tetsuro, and noticed he was starting to get an erection. The credits may have rolled, but the real fun part of their date was just about to begin.