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All You Need is Me (Fujishiro Meguru X Reader)

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All You Need is Me (Fujishiro Meguru X Reader)

Written by: Missing-Nins




Please... just let me forget him---


It was merely a chance encounter. An encounter with the unlikeliest chance of occuring. It wasn't supposed to happen. But it did.


You were simply walking down the street with Meguru by your side as per usual when it happened. Just across the street, right in front of you, stood the person you hope you never saw again. He, your ex , was heading your way.


Why... Why here of all places? Why now ?


You weren't sure if he didn't notice you, or if he had purposefully ignored you, but as you passed by each other on the crosswalk, your couldn't help but tighten your grip on Meguru's hand. As if to remind yourself of the present, of the reality of Meguru being with you, that the past is all but a past.


Meguru reassuringly squeezed your hand back. It was a wordless exchange, but words weren't needed for him to notice how anxious you were feeling. He could feel it from the shakiness of your hold.


It didn't take him much more than a glance back to recognize the reason for your tension. He saw the man before, from a photo he once came across, a photo you had forgotten to discard but quickly did so as soon as he found it. He didn't have to ask you who he was, your reaction told him more than enough, and he could clearly see how desperately you wanted to erase the past which can never be changed, wanting to forget about it so much that you even forgotten that you have yet to throw that photo away.


As the two of you made it across the road, Meguru pulled you into a side alley.




Turning around to face you, he titled you chin up with his hand which isn't connected to yours. Without any warning, his soft lips pressed down on yours. It was a sweet and gentle kiss, with enough force to remind you that you're his . That he is here with you, and yours . His tongue gently trailed across your lips, but he pulled away just as you were about to part your lips for him...


"...Not here."


A short two words were uttered before he led you back out into the busy street.


You can't just make me needy and stop---


A quick glance at your flushed face was all that was needed to affirm him your earlier worries were no longer present. Meguru chuckled.


"We'll continue this later..."


He gave you a quick kiss on the top of your head.


"...All you need is me."