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Adventures in Pepperland

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“Paul! Come waltz with me!” John shouted.


“W-what? Why?” Paul asked, a little flustered by his friend’s offer.


“When Sgt.Pepper plays a tune, a dance we must do~” John playful suggested.


Paul sighed, They weren’t even playing right now! Why did John want to dance so badly?


“Please Paulie, for me” John begged.


“Oh alright” Paul finally gave in and took John’s hand in his.


Softly they danced, a step to the right, a step to the left, a twist, turl, gingerly and beautifully. All while both of the people involved we’re very very flustered.


Then John stopped dead in his tracks, he leaned closer to Paul and kissed him!


Paul felt his whole face heat up, John actually kissed him!


“J-John, I-” Paul began, it took a few moments to think of the right words.


“I-It was for a bet” John avoided eye contact with Paul, not wanting to face his impulsive actions.


“I think I liked that’’ Paul awkwardly explained.


“Then let’s do it again, Macca” John flirtily offered.