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Fading Heat

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It had been easy to not think about the fact Midoriya was an Alpha. Even though Toshinori had spent enough time around him to see there was no trace of metallic silver scales to mark him as a Beta, or gold to mark him as Omega. His horns were small and solid black, mostly hidden under his curly green hair, and the scales on his wings and tail were a deep emerald green with blue iridescence giving them a teal cast, shading to more black on the tips.

Maybe it was because when they first met he hadn’t needed to worry about it. Midoriya was young enough not to be affected by his pheromones back then, and it was strange to think of how much time had passed since then. When Midoriya had asked to meet up to ask his advice on something, Toshinori readily agreed even if the timing was less than ideal. It was hard to predict when his heats would come, after his injury the healers had told him he might not even be capable of cycling any longer. Instead he still did, but they were unpredictable and there could be a great deal of time between each one. It had been long enough that he nearly always suspected that the previous heat had been his last until he woke up to the familiar feeling of laziness and the sweet ache under his tail.

Normally he’d have called off something so minor, but it was only the first day and he’d pushed through much worse in his time. There was also the nagging fear in the back of his mind that one of these days Midoriya wouldn’t want his advice any longer. He’d already achieved greater mastery over the magic Toshinori had passed on than Toshinori ever had, even if he wasn’t sure Midoriya would admit it yet, and he was well on his way to being known as a greater mage than he had been. He was maybe being a little sentimental, not wanting to give the final push to have Midoriya standing entirely on his own, but it wasn’t as though he was holding him back any. Most of the time he was able to offer him decent advice, or steer him towards working out the problem on his own, and he dreaded the day he wouldn’t be of any use to him anymore.

For the time being though he would cherish the times they spent together, even if he was more than a little distracted.



Midoriya didn’t make him wait in the reception area, he was sent right in and to his office and Toshinori was grateful for that.

“It’s good to see you.” Midoriya was jumping up, almost too quickly, wings relaxing out a little in the excited way he did sometimes and Toshinori smiled at the sight.

“It’s good to see you too,” Toshinori said, glancing around. “It looks like you’ve settled in a little more.” The time he’d visited before the office was stark, only a few small generic decorations that likely someone else had gotten or had come with the room. Now though he could see little touches that, while still professional, looked far more personal.

“Sometimes I can go an entire hour without feeling like someone’s going to come in and tell me I’m in the wrong place and to hand things over to someone who actually belongs here,” Midoriya said, sounding amused as he motioned for Toshinori to sit.

Toshinori took the offered seat, unable to stop the way his tail curled restlessly behind him, coiling around the chair leg and then releasing it as it kept moving. With luck even if Midoriya noticed he’d be too polite to mention it. It was frustrating that he always felt both restless and lazy as he started into his heat, instincts telling him to go out and find a mate to take care of him.

“That gets better in time,” Toshinori chuckled, telling himself to focus. “You mentioned you wanted some advice?”

“I did. I have some upcoming appearance requests and I wanted to ask your opinion on them,” Midoriya asked, and Toshinori smiled, relaxing a little. Asking around about the public appearance side of being a professional mage was normal, even seasoned pros did it, and he could tell him his experiences and feelings on the events without guilt that he was holding him back.

Toshinori was enjoying himself, despite the distraction. If the timing hadn’t been so bad he’d have suggested they grab something to eat on Midoriya’s lunch break. Gradually though he became aware that Midoriyalso seemed distracted, pausing in the middle of whatever he was saying or needing Toshinori to repeat himself. For just a moment he felt a stab of guilt, wondering if Midoriya was just humoring him at this point, then he noticed the faint flush under the freckles scattered across his cheeks and oh.

Toshinori could have kicked himself, another Omega wouldn’t have been affected and a Beta would have needed to get much closer for longer, but in an enclosed space like this he was more than close enough to drive an Alpha crazy. Now that he was paying closer attention he could see the way Midoriya’s pupils were dilated and that his breathing had sped up.

“Midoriya-shonen...” Except not so young anymore, not too young to be bothered because an idiotic old lizard went out without thinking. Toshinori cleared his throat, standing up. “Maybe we should continue this later?”

“Don’t go,” Midoriya said, too quickly and with a note of desperation to it. He was trembling a little, and Toshinori hesitated. If he left now Midoriya would be useless for hours until the rut worked its way out of his system. He shouldn’t leave him like that, but… it was hard to think of reasons he should go, even if he was sure he probably should. What if Midoriya was needed?

“Sit on the desk,” Toshinori said, roughly and with a hint of a purr to it as Midoriya flared his wings out eagerly, shoving papers out of the way as he sat on the desk facing him. Toshinori purred deep in his chest, reaching to start unbuttoning his pants and tugging them down.

He didn’t have to do too much, he could care for Midoriya like his instincts were begging him to and fix what he started and almost as soon as he had his pants down he was leaning forward to press his face between his thighs, nuzzling at his mound and licking over his slit. He could feel Midoriya gasp almost as much as he could hear it over his own low moan at how good he tasted. Midoriya’s hands wrapped around his golden horns, holding him close. He didn’t need the urging, but he loved feeling how eager he was.

Midoriya was already soaked as he pressed his tongue in, curling it against his hard clit. Izuku bucked his hips, squirming under the attention and Toshinori wrapped his hands over his hips, trying to hold him still. He knew he was making needy little sounds as he kept licking lower, pressing his tongue in deep and muffling the noises as he curled his tongue inside him. Midoriya nearly roared at that, holding tight onto his horns as he came hard in a rush of fluid that spilled out and down Toshinori’s chin.

Toshinori could have stayed there all day, but he pulled back reluctantly, panting softly and looking up at Midoriya. The other dragon looked dazed, but he recovered much faster than Toshinori would have thought possible.

“Come here,” Midoriya let go of his horns to stroke over his cheeks and then urge him closer. Somewhere in the back of his mind Toshinori was aware he had intended to leave, but he could still taste him and he was aching so badly he could hardly stand it. It was taking all his self-control not to take care of himself right in front of him, and he didn’t have it in him to resist when Midoriya tugged him closer and then started unfastening his pants.

“I should…” Toshinori started, and then lost his train of thought as Midoriya pulled him up into his lap, rocking up against him with a gasp that Toshinori echoed. When had he gotten so much stronger? He clung to him, wings arching back a little to keep himself balanced and tail curling around one of Midoriya’s legs and holding tight.

“Just like that,” Midoriya muttered, holding his hips as he moved, rubbing against him. Toshinori moaned, holding onto him helplessly as he rubbed his soaked slit firmly against Midoriya’s. It felt so good to have an alpha’s attention and he nuzzled close, nipping at one of the small black horns. Midoriya was perfect like this, solid and strong and Toshinori couldn’t even think of holding back.

Midoriya gasped, holding his hips hard enough to leave bruises as he rocked up, coming in a second rush. Toshinori wasn’t sure if there was more this time, or if it only felt like it as he was flooded and filled with the hot fluid. He came hard, back arched as his body trembled, it felt like everything inside him tensed perfectly to try and keep anything from leaking out and making any more of a mess between them.

Slowly though he relaxed, ducking his head to nuzzle tiredly at curly green hair as Midoriya wrapped his wings around them both, holding him close.




“I need to go,” Toshinori said, reluctantly as he slowly eased away from Midoriya. As soon as he lost the contact he missed it.

“I know.” Midoriya took a deep breath, tensing like he was keeping himself from reaching back out to him. “If you don’t we’ll end up doing this all day.”

Toshinori could think of much worse ways to spend an entire day, but he nodded, tugging on clothing and trying to make himself look at least halfway presentable for the trip home. He hesitated in the doorway, trying to think of what he could possibly say after all of that.

“I’ll see you later?” It was as much a question as a statement, but Midoriya’s eager nod relaxed something inside him that he hadn’t realized had tensed up, and he let himself out of the office, starting out quickly.

He knew if he was smart he should probably stop off and get a spell to prevent pregnancy, they were easy enough to come by. Midoriya probably would have even done it for him, if he’d asked, but…

The thought that it might truly be his last heat this time made him reluctant. He might never get a chance to do this again, and that thought was a little sadder than he expected it to be. With that in mind he didn’t bother to stop, heading home alone to deal with the rest of his heat.