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Needy (Fujishiro Meguru X Reader)

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Needy (Fujishiro Meguru X Reader)

Written by: Missing-Nins






Your sweet half asleep voice echoed through the room, effectively causing Meguru to stop in his track. With his hand already on the door knob and the door slightly opened, he turned around to confirm whether you were still asleep. Seeing that you were still asleep, he was about the turn the knob when---


“I want… to hug you...”


He felt as if his patient is being tested. He had been trying to keep it cool, to stay composed, and to act like an adult he’s supposed to be . But all seems to be for naught under the situation he was currently in. Taking in a deep breath and letting out another long sigh, Meguru pushed the door to a close as quietly as he could and locked the door before letting go of the knob.


“...and I told you to be more on guard didn’t I?”


Meguru returned to your bedside and reached out to stroke your hair. He could feel you leaning into his touch and a smile broke across your face.




He whispered, but to no response. So he moved in closer to your ear.


“_____. If you’re tired, you should just rest---”


A hand grabbed onto his arm as your eyelids slowly opened.


“Please stay…”




Sliding your hand down Meguru’s arm, you grabbed onto his hand and lifted it to your face, giving it a soft sweet kiss.


“...Keep that up and you might not be getting anymore sleep tonight.”


He had tried to keep his cool, but his needy voice gave it all away.


“...Or do you need me to teach you what will happen if you appear this defenseless in front of other man.”


Now somewhat awake, you slowly say up and titled your head to the side as you asked Meguru.


“What do you mean defensele---”


But you were cut off mid-sentence when Meguru’s lips suddenly met yours. It was a gentle kiss but all the while aggressive as it gradually became deeper and deeper. Meguru slipped his tongue in between your lips and you could feel heat building up inside you. Your arms hooked behind his neck as you pulled him closer. At the same time, Meguru pushed you back down on the mattress and climbed on top of you. Breaking the kiss, Meguru leant down and growled in your ear.


“Now look who’s being naughty?”


“Meguru-san…. I----”


Your face flushed, and your breath hitched, as you felt Meguru running his hand along your inner thigh, drawing circles on your skin with his thumb so close to your core. When suddenly the back of his hand suddenly slide passed your most sensitive part.