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Defenseless (Fujishiro Meguru X Reader)

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Defenseless (Fujishiro Meguru X Reader)

Written by: Missing-Nins




“So defenseless”


Meguru let out a long sigh as he gazed at you fast asleep in his car’s passenger seat. Sure it was a long day and all, but seeing you as you are now, Meguru couldn’t help but pondered to himself aloud.


“Are you not aware that you’re a woman…. or do you not see me as a man?”


He have to admit though, he sure find it hard to take his eyes off of you.


“...Whichever is the case, you really are too defenseless right now. Put your guard up a bit will you?”


The only response however, was your relaxed breath as your consciousness had long faded into slumberland. Your peaceful face wasn’t helping Meguru in the slightest. As Meguru sat there debating whether to wake you up, with another sigh, he finally made up his mind and got off the the car. Walking around to the opposite side, he opened the door and removed your seatbelt before he slowly and gently circled his arms behind your back and under your legs to lift you up.


Koki better still be in his room---.


With you now in his arm, Meguru used his back to close the car’s door before making his way into Sakuragi and up toward your room. To his partial expectation, the door to your room wasn’t locked leaving him no trouble in opening it and setting you down on your bed inside.


“You’re seriously unguarded you know? To think you won’t even lock your bedroom’s door when living in a house with nine other guys.”


Letting out another long sigh Meguru furrowed his brow as he lightly traced his finger along your cheek.


“What would you do if you came home to find another guy waiting in your room?”


As if intoxicated by the sight in front of him, Meguru’s finger slowly moved down and lingered on your lips.


“....Do you really think you’ll be able to escape from their clutch?”


Lost in his thoughts, Meguru slowly swipe your bangs away from your face and leaned in to give you a gentle kiss on your forehead.


“.....Goodnight. _____.”


Meguru spoke as he stood up and made his way toward the door.