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A (Not So) Unwelcome Interruption

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After what felt like an eternity’s worth of a stunned silent staring the door closed. Jeff could hear footsteps quickly fading away down the hallway.

Shit, shit, shitshitshitshit!

Jeff’s panic truly started to build now that his brain had unfrozen. Chip had a key to his room. Jeff knew that; he gave him the key. Why wouldn't Chip have expected something to be wrong?

What now? Jeff really wasn't sure. Hell, he certainly couldn't just finish.

Should he pretend that Chip had never walked in? As tempting an option denial was, Jeff couldn't bring himself to just completely drop what just happened. There was no way he could look at Chip - perform with Chip - while not only squashing his feelings, but also fighting denial.


Jeff quickly cleaned himself up and threw on his clothing from earlier, not wanting to search for something else to wear, before heading for Chip’s room, hoping he’d be there. He had to acknowledge what had happened and apologise - it was his fault, he should have had the common sense to put a “do not disturb” sign on the door.

Chip’s room was only a short distance down the hallway. Jeff considered using the key he had to Chip’s room, but decided it was probably better to knock.

Jeff heard some shuffling from inside the room before the door opened.

“You have a key,” Chip stated, motioning Jeff inside, “although, maybe knocking is a good idea.”

Jeff stood awkwardly in the centre of Chip’s room as he watched Chip close the door, then go sit on the edge of his bed.

“I'm sorry,” Jeff started, “I knew you had a key, it was weird that I went back to my room so early, I was too stupid to use the “do not disturb” sign...”

“You’re sorry?” Chip laughed, and then patted the bed next to him, inviting Jeff to sit next to him.

Jeff sat as Chip continued, “I should have knocked! It’s my fault, not yours.”

“Well still, I should at least apologise for the view you got,” Jeff replied, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

“I've walked in on worse,” Chip said nonchalantly.


“I've walked in on worse.”

“No, I heard you the first time. Just, I mean... What?”

“Have you seriously avoided it for this long?” Chip asked in disbelief.

“Avoided what?”

“Gosh, there’s been a secret gay sex “club”, if you will, since Whole Line UK! I’ve walked in on Greg and Ryan a few times during Whose Live tours. And back in the Whose Line days you could always count on walking in on Ryan and Colin, or when Greg was there any combination of the three of them. In the UK there was also Greg and Tony, Greg and Clive... Pretty much Greg and everyone.”

Jeff, for the second time that night, found himself in a situation where his brain completely froze.

Chip broke the momentary silence as he turned to Jeff, “You okay?”

Jeff shook his head, “Yeah. It’s just a lot to process.”

“That’s how I felt at first,” Chip reassured Jeff, “You get used to it eventually.”

“And how did I avoid this information for so long?”

“By being the only person with the common sense to knock apparently,” Chip joked, “But seriously, I think that even most of the people involved found out completely accidentally.”

“I guess that works in reverse as well.”

“What? You planning on joining in?” Chip asked jokingly.

“No,” Jeff replied, much too defensively, “I just mean-”

“- Hey, I'm in no position to judge.”

Jeff’s heart leapt, “Wait. You've...?”

“Once,” Chip admitted, “with Colin.”


“Awfully curious for someone not interested,” Chip remarked.

Jeff sighed, “Okay. Consider me somewhat interested.”

“Then tell me who you’re somewhat interested in so that I can sort of mention it to him for you.”

Jeff stayed silent and looked down at the floor.

“Seriously?” Chip sighed and got to his feet - faking exasperation, “I've finally found the one thing you’re too embarrassed to talk about.”

Jeff doesn't respond; he kept his eyes fixed on the same spot on the floor, trying to will the oncoming blush away.

“Greg?” Chip guessed as he started pacing, “Ryan? Colin? Brad?”

Jeff shook his head.

Chip sat back down on the bed and rested a hand on Jeff’s shoulder, “Hey, Jeff?”

“Yeah,” Jeff finally responded.

“Could you stop looking at the floor for two seconds?”

Jeff moved his gaze away from the carpet and up to Chip’s face, which was offering him a reassuring smile. A smile spread to Jeff’s lips in return.

“It’s me isn't it?”

The statement caught Jeff completely off guard, and his gaze returned promptly to the floor, “W-well... um, I mean... y-yeah I guess,” Jeff stammered, “I've always felt this connection between us when we perform and I guess it just grew into something more and-“

Jeff trailed off as he felt a hand grasp his chin to tilt his head back up, then lips pressing to his own. Jeff’s eyes fluttered closed as he moved to return the kiss - relishing the feeling of actual, real Chip’s lips against his.

Chip’s hand moved from Jeff’s jaw down to join his other hand to wrap his arm around Jeff. Jeff’s hands moved to cup Chip’s jaw as he deepened the kiss, now regaining his usual confidence.

Chip smiled against Jeff’s lips, and then pulled away, “Are you more than somewhat interested now?”

Completely,” Jeff replied, moving back in to reconnect their lips.

Jeff no longer needed his imagination. Chip was unbuttoning his shirt, was pushing the shirt off of his shoulders, was running his hands down his bare torso.

Jeff followed Chip’s lead, unbuttoning Chip’s shirt, and then moved his hands down to remove Chip’s belt and unbutton his pants.

Chip moved at a much slower pace. Taking his time, he broke off the kiss to use his hands and his mouth to explore Jeff’s exposed skin. Soon, Chip was completely undressed, while Jeff was still only shirtless.

Jeff whined impatiently as Chip circled a nipple with his tongue. Chip smiled and took pity on Jeff, finally moving to rid Jeff of the rest of his clothing. He unbuttoned Jeff’s pants and slid them and his underwear off of his hips while sliding off the bed to kneel in front of Jeff.

Once Jeff’s cock was free from his clothing, Chip’s mouth closed around the head. Jeff leaned back to lie on the bed as he let out a low moan. Chip continued to suck at the head, occasionally dipping to take in more so that his tongue could run over the frenulum.

Jeff tried to control his hips, trying not to buck too far into Chip’s mouth until stopped to reposition them in the middle of the bed; Jeff laying on his back and Chip hovering over him. Chip leaned down to place a quick kiss on Jeff’s lips before moving one hand down to close around both of their erections.

Chip started moving his hand, while thrusting gently into it. Jeff followed suit, bucking his hips up in time with Chip’s thrusts.

Both men’s thrusts sped up as they started to close in on their climaxes. Jeff grabbed Chip’s head and pulled him down into a kiss as their orgasms hit. They both continued thrusting slowly, riding out the aftershocks until Chip collapsed on top of Jeff.

Jeff huffed as Chip’s weight suddenly dropped onto him, and then chuckled, “I think I could get used to that.”

Chip nodded against his chest, “Me too. Welcome to the “club”, Jeff.”