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A (Not So) Unwelcome Interruption

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Jeff had a crush on Chip since Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show.

It sounded childish to refer to it as a crush, but essentially, that’s what it was, and that’s how Jeff felt.

The first time they acted together Jeff had noticed a natural chemistry between them that helped to create the natural flow that everyone saw in their improvisations.  For Jeff, that chemistry resulted in an adolescent butterflies-in-stomach-heart-beat-stopping crush.

And truly, it was easy to see where Jeff’s feelings came from.  Chip was kind, friendly, and warm - not to mention extremely good looking.

Working together on Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza only served to amplify those feelings.

That night especially, Jeff and Chip were on fire.  The success of their scenes together kicked the fluttering feeling into overdrive, and Jeff boldly acted upon it.  He used any excuse possible to make some sort of contact: laying a friendly hand on Chip’s shoulder, doubling over in laughter while clutching Chip’s arm for support, or even just holding his gaze while they laughed.

It all had left Jeff in a state dangerously close to arousal.

So when Ryan had extended an invitation to the cast for a round of drinks, Jeff, uncharacteristically, declined.

“You’re sure?” Ryan asked, narrowing his eyes slightly in disbelief.

“Yeah, I'm kinda drained,” Jeff replied, “I think I'm going to head back to my room for the night.”

He spared a quick glance to a confused Chip before walking away.

Jeff closed the door to his hotel room, rested his head against it, and sighed.  Working with chip was exhilarating, and their comedy was spectacular, but why did it have to be so difficult on him?

Or should he say hard on him?

Jeff smirked as his hand moved down to the bulge in his pants, which luckily had only appeared once he’d left the other cast members.

Jeff rubbed his hand against his cock through his pants and moaned quietly at the much needed stimulation.  In his mind it was Chip rubbing him; slowly, gently.

Another groan escaped Jeff before he removed his hand to start taking off his clothes.  He imagined Chip pushing the jacket off of his shoulders, removing his tie, and unbuttoning his shirt teasingly slowly before running his hands over Jeff’s now exposed skin.

Jeff’s hands moved over his own torso, mimicking the imaginary Chip, before moving lower to remove his belt.  His shoes, socks, pants, and underwear were quickly discarded as well as he made his way to the bed.

Lying down on the bed, Jeff let his imagination take over again.

Jeff imagined Chip starting again with his chest; running his hands down his sides, pressing light kisses into his collar bone, grazing thumbs over his nipples.

Louder noises started to escape Jeff as his hands acted as Chip’s.  Worry briefly flashed in his mind and his hands stalled at a particularly loud groan.  Of course, the walls were probably soundproof, he reasoned, he didn't need to hold back.

Imaginary Chip’s hands started moving lower: over his ribcage, down his stomach, across his thighs.  A gasp escaped Jeff as one of the hands, his hand, no, Chip’s hand, grasped his now painfully hard cock.  It travelled down along its length, then back up - a thumb brushing across the tip.

No longer retraining himself, Jeff let himself moan loudly as the hand started pumping faster.  The other hand ran back along the exposed expanse of his chest, then back down to cup his balls - squeezing gently.

Jeff let himself be brought to the edge before the hand moved down to the base of his cock and squeezed.  He was immediately brought back from the edge.

While Jeff had never been much of a fan of denying himself an orgasm he wanted to make this session last.  The electricity from back on stage still coursed through him, intensifying everything he did.  Something like this was certainly meant to be savoured.

Rolling over to the side of the bed, Jeff opened the drawer of the night stand to take out the bottle of lubricant he had stored there as he had unpacked upon arrival.  He flipped open the lid and coated the fingers of his left hand with the thick liquid.

Jeff returned to his earlier position of lying on his back and moved a hand, Chip’s hand, down to his anus.  The index finger circled around the tight ring of muscles before slowly sinking inside.  He gasped and grasped his cock with Chip’s right hand.

The finger continued to penetrate Jeff deeper and deeper until it was in up to the knuckle.  Slowly it began moving, back out, then in - the hand on his cock matching its speed.

Then a second finger was added, drawing a hiss out of Jeff as his hole stretched further.  Both fingers then began working, searching.  They found their target and pressed gently down onto the bundle of nerves.  Jeff cried out, bucking up into the other hand, which remained still, inviting him to continue moving.

The fingers kept up a steady rhythm, in, out, in, press as Jeff continued to buck into the hand around his cock.

Finally Jeff let the first, “Oh god, Chip,” escape his lips as his orgasm began building.  The hand inside him picked up the pace, as the hand around him started pumping again.

“Fuck!  God, Chip, harder!” Jeff was close now, his mind racing to keep up the imagination’s pace.

Just as Jeff was about to cum, he heard the sound of a door opening.  He froze.

“Hey Jeff,” it was Chip’s voice, “I wanted to make sure you were okay, since you didn't come with us to get drinks.”

The door opened fully to reveal Jeff lying naked on the hotel bed with one hand around his cock, and two fingers shoved up his ass.

Chip’s mouth dropped open in shock; Jeff stayed frozen, completely at a loss for a way out of this situation.