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Pull Me Deep

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“Pull Me Deep”

“Lily, would you like to go swimming today?”

The weather has been hot and sticky of late. While Heath seems to thrive in the heatwave, Lily struggles to stay cool, remaining indoors during the afternoons and staying hydrated. Having lived with Heath for three months now, she’s often drawn water from the lake behind the house.

Lily finishes washing the last plate in the sink and dries her hands on a towel, turning towards Heath. The thought of sinking into cool water is attractive. “I’d love to.” A thought occurs to Lily, though. “But I, uh, don’t have a swimming suit.”

She can hear the smile in Heath’s voice as she replies, “We don’t need them, not out here anyway.”

Assuming Heath will warn her, however unlikely it may be, if another human wanders near the lake, Lily nods, a thread of anticipation growing in her. She’s never gone skinny-dipping before.

“No, we don’t.”

Lily’s nervous as she stands at the water’s edge, Heath next to her, a comforting presence. Wildlife sounds are all around them, birdsong the most prevalent. With the high temperature, Lily isn't surprised they, too, would wash themselves to cool off.

She grabs her tank top and pulls it over her head, dropping it to the ground. Her shorts join them a moment later. Since she's been naked in front of Heath before on numerous occasions while bathing together, Lily doesn’t hesitate to shuck her underwear and bra, reaching out for Heath’s arm.

Her hand brushes what feels like the side of a breast, and Lily flushes. She hears Heath chuckle as she moves closer, taking Lily’s hand. Normally, she would insist she doesn’t need help, but with the potentially slippery terrain, better safe than sorry.

“Ready?” Lily nods, and Heath steps forward, guiding them over dry grass until Lily feels wetness on her toes. She’s initially startled at the water’s cold temperature, Heath giving her a minute to adjust, then they move forward. A pleasant sigh escapes Lily when the water comes up to her shoulders, the sheen of sweat that lingers on her skin washing away instantly.

She pulls away from Heath, kicking her feet, water splashing her neck and face. Ripples form at Lily’s side, Heath staying close to her. “This feels amazing. Great suggestion.”

“I thought you’d like it,” Heath says, sounding like she’s just in front of Lily. She makes no sound as she moves, proving her statement about being a great swimmer correct. Having a tail likely helps, though. “You wanna do something fun?”

“Of course.”

“Then grab my tail.” Lily reaches out in front of her, the spindly limb easy to find as Heath holds it above the water for her. She takes a firm grip on the thick upper part, then yelps in surprise when Heath motors forward, going fast. Water sprays Lily’s face.

They move swiftly around the lake, Lily laughing in unadulterated glee at the wild ride. Eventually, Heath slows down, leaving Lily out of breath with a broad smile on her face, her adrenaline high.

“You’re amazing, Heath.”

Lily can practically see her fidget in embarrassment. “O-Only to you.”

Heading to the location of Heath’s voice, Lily turns onto her stomach. She swims towards her. “Is it wrong if I say I’m glad for that?”


Lily tilts her head, thinking it silly Heath doesn't already know. “Because I enjoy having you all to myself.”

Heath sucks in a breath, realizing the full implication of Lily's words. She seems pleased as she mutters, “Oh.”

Her fingertips touch warm skin, and Lily gently lays both hands on Heath’s back, the fins along her spine retracting swiftly. Lily frowns, leaning forward.  

“Don't do that.”

Heath’s wet hair touches the side of Lily's face as she turns her head to glance backward.


Lily smiles. “I want all of you, so please don't hold yourself back.” The skin beneath her hands grows hot, Heath blushing. Slowly, Lily feels fins pop soundlessly out of Heath's spine.

She moves her hands until they meet the rough structures, running fingertips over them. Heath shivers as Lily explores, the thin membrane that connects the fins unusually smooth. Their points are nearly razor-sharp, and Lily loves the juxtaposition between the human skin that surrounds it.

Wondering what Heath's parents looked like, whether she's a mix between a mammal and fish monster, Lily delicately pushes along one fin, and it folds inward a bit, Heath letting out a little gasp. Lily freezes, afraid she’s made a mistake. “Did I hurt you?”

Heath’s head shakes back and forth. “No,” she says, then in a lower tone of voice, “It felt good.”

It's Lily's turn to blush, and she starts to retreat, a rush of air and water hitting the front of her body as Heath's scaly hand grips one of Lily's wrists.

“You don't have to stop.” Lily’s heart lurches in her chest at the idea, eager to explore more of Heath’s unique body.  

“Truly?” Thus far, their relationship has been relatively chaste. Lily has always wanted to go further but hasn't wanted to scare Heath off with her desires. For rather obvious reasons, Lily knows Heath has been largely untouched in her life.

Heath laughs, the happy tone heartening to hear. “I would never turn you away.” Lily turns her wrist in Heath's hand, breaking the hold, and runs fingertips under Heath’s forearm. The skin is silky yet just a touch cool. She's testing the waters, seeing how much she can get away with.

Lily wishes she could see Heath's face, the arm that shakes in her grip telling her that her attention is very much appreciated. She moves onward, sinking her hands into Heath's hair.

It's past her shoulders now, framing a face that Lily knows very well. Particularly her lips. She kisses Heath’s forehead, touching upon her single horn. It’s hard, the tip curved inward. Lily hears Heath’s breath shake and shifts downward, her mouth pressing lightly against Heath’s eyelashes and cheeks before outright kissing her, butterflies forming in Lily’s stomach.

No matter how often they do this, Lily adores how gentle Heath is with her. It’s times like these where Lily wishes everyone could see beyond Heath’s exterior, how very loving she can be. At the same time, she doesn’t want that because it’s only around Lily that Heath lets down her guard, revealing her inner softness.

Even with her rough past and fire-breathing capabilities, Heath is no monster. Not to Lily.

She is beautiful, inside and out.  

Heath pulls her closer, and Lily melts in her embrace, moaning as their bodies meet, heat beginning to grow in her core. Despite sharing a bed with Heath every night and bathing together, the situation feels new and different. Almost overwhelming.

Lily deepens the kiss, Heath’s breath sharpening, her arms tight on Lily's back. She almost can't believe that all the passion Heath displays is for her. Because of her blindness, nearly everyone walks on eggshells around Lily, thinking that they have to give her special treatment. As if to make up for her perceived weakness.

Heath does nothing like that. She has always accepted Lily as she is. It's an incredibly appealing and refreshing attitude, the main reason Lily was so quick to move in with her.

She's panting as she pulls away from Heath, arching her neck when Heath nuzzles it, coming to bite slightly above her collarbone. The careful control she exhibits in doing so, not breaking the skin, is enough to send a thrilling jolt throughout Lily’s body.

When Heath releases the bit of skin and blows on the overstimulated patch, Lily shudders. There is the lightest of touches against her hip, which makes Lily jump since both of Heath’s hands are occupied. She realizes it’s the underside of Heath’s tail, slowly sliding down until it hovers over her most private of areas.

“Is it all right? I swear I’ll be gentle.” Lily quickly nods, biting her lower lip as Heath makes good on her promise, the scales on her tail ridged yet smooth. Tightening her grip on Heath’s shoulders, Lily squirms, her nerves alight with pleasure after each stroke. She can’t help making noise.

Heath presses closer, and wanting to make her feel good as well, Lily slips one of her hands down Heath’s shoulder. She moves it to her girlfriend's chest, her fingers closing tenderly over each breast, touching them experimentally, the skin supple and warm.

Trembling, Heath’s head bows, a muffled moan falling from her. Growing bolder, Lily shifts her grip to Heath's stomach, dipping fingers lower still.

“Lily.” The strained tone is clear, breathed out in what’s a moment of shock and appreciation. She's never done it on anyone but herself, so Lily starts out slow, circling what she knows will draw the strongest reaction from Heath.

Except for her tail, Heath’s lower half is all human below, which makes it easier for Lily to heave on as much affection as she can muster towards her. She flicks her fingers as she finds her main target, and Heath’s breath hitches in response.

“Can we…” Lily stumbles over the words, not sure if she’s making sense. “Together?”

“Yes,” Heath replies breathily, curling one hand behind Lily's neck and kissing her. Her tail goes into action again, and Lily moans against her mouth, the fire contained in the pit of her stomach flaring upwards. She tastes sweat from Heath’s upper lip, the salt sharp on her tongue.   

She remembers to move her own hand and does so, Heath minutely pumping her hips against Lily. As if by silent agreement, they develop a slow rhythm, rocking against each other. Lily’s not sure if the loud groans are coming from her or Heath. All she knows is every touch is driving her closer to madness. The thought Heath isn’t even using her hands is especially erotic. How much more she could do with them is almost overwhelming.

The tip of Heath’s tail suddenly curves inward, pressing deep into places Lily has never been touched before. It brushes a particular spot, and a bolt of pleasure runs down her spine, sparking a firestorm that utterly consumes her as she shudders against Heath, finally breaking.

Her wild movements are enough to trigger Heath’s own release, her breath rising high, claws digging faintly into Lily’s shoulder. It stings, the tang of copper teasing her nose, but Lily can’t find it within her to care, lounging in the circle of Heath’s arms, enjoying the lethargic afterglow.

Quietly retrieving her tail, Heath licks the perspiration that has gathered on Lily’s forehead. She lets out a low giggle. “This sort of defeats the purpose of cooling down.”

“You’re the one that started it,” Heath chided, making Lily smile. She releases her grip on Heath’s upper body, sinking back down beneath the water. Lily can’t help wincing as the light scratches on her shoulder meet the water, rapidly going numb. “Are you okay?”

The worry on Heath’s part is touching but needless. “It’s fine. Besides, I like having mementos of the experience.” Lily glances in Heath’s direction, throwing a touch of doubt in her voice. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before? You were awfully skilled.”

Heath sputters, Lily imagining her features creasing in distress, wringing her hands. “Y-You’re the only one I’ve touched like that.”

Lily takes pity on her, swimming closer and hugging Heath’s arm, resting her head against it. “I know, I was just teasing you.” She lets out a sigh. “As enjoyable as this has been, I think I’m starting to get all pruney. Should we call it a day and go back inside?”

“Sounds good.”

“I’ll let you get us close to shore then.” It’s the second time Lily has let Heath guide her, something she normally eschews. Her girlfriend is an important exception, though.

Heath swallows loudly, seeming to realize the significance. She puts on speed, and they reach the edge of the lake in seconds, Lily stepping onto land gingerly. For now, she can’t feel the oppressive heat but knows in no time at all she’ll be sweating again.

Lily bends over, using her hands to feel the grass for the clothes she’s left there. One hand bumps Heath’s own over what feels like her tank top, and she chuckles. “I’ve got it, thanks.” Dressing quickly, hearing Heath pull on her own clothing, Lily waits until she’s finished and begins the short walk back to the house.

Silently, Lily reaches out and takes Heath’s hand, squeezing it gently. “Thank you for today. I very much enjoyed myself.” That she’s not just referring to the swimming is obvious.

“I did too,” Heath replies, squeezing Lily’s hand in return.

“Maybe we could do it again tomorrow?” Heath’s fingers shake in what Lily assumes is excitement. Her own heart skips at the possibility.

“I’d like that.”

For once, Lily looks forward to another hot day.