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Mistakes Of Our Past

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“An attack in the Kanagawa prefecture - Fuji! We need backup there, now!”


“Dammit.” cursed the class teacher under his breath, as he brought up his left hand and fiddled with the touch-screen communicator. “Class is cancelled; we need to move - now!”


Class 2-A immediately stood up, alert and followed Aizawa Shouta’s quick pace out of the classroom.


Raids for control over territory were getting more and more frequent. With All-For-One’s forces getting more and more powerful every day, the freshly promoted class 2-A of Yuuei seemed to have less and less breaks between fights.


It was not just in Yuuei where students enrolled into hero course had to give professional heroes backup; every single school offering a hero course in the country had their students available to providing backup to pros defending ground as soon as they passed the provisional license examinations.


“Bakugou, contact Midoriya.” ordered Shouta, as the blond teen ran behind the pro. “We need all the information we can get on the villains.”


Nodding, he use the speed dial function on his phone as he boarded the minibus that would take them to Kanagawa.


Hopefully the hero forces situated in Kanagawa can hold off the League of Villains for long enough for them to arrive and provide additional firepower.




“Hello...?” a sleepy voice answered. “...Kacchan?”


Katsuki internally sighed as he realised the other just woke up in the dorm.


“Deku, another fucking attack - in Fuji. Drone footage from the scene should be sent to you soon.”


“Ah!” Katsuki winced as he heard the other on the phone falling over. He could literally imagine the look on Izuku’s freckled face (sleepy, in a daze, and generally wanting to fall back asleep). “I’m fine! I got it, I’ll send you the details as soon as I can figure them out!”


“Take care of yourself, idiot... I’ll call you after.”


Meanwhile, in the familiar land of canon , attacks from the League of Villains on Midoriya Izuku’s class - the fresh Yuuei Class 2-A - were frequent and dangerous; all part of the day of being a beloved main character.


While they were trying to get through the second week of school without any incidents, a familiar, midnight-purple warpgate opened up right in the forest grounds they were in while on a camping trip to Kanagawa - specifically; in the Mount Fuji area.


Some of the class even groaned at the interruption - namely: Mineta Minoru and Kaminari Denki.


With green electricity-like flares flying around his body as he channelled full cowl towards what felt like 23% - trying to push his limits further - Deku used his legs to push himself forward in one swift movement as he accelerated quickly towards the villain he was charging towards - who seemed to have a quirk to amplify the size of his entire body; with how huge his entire body was.




And suddenly, Bakugou Katsuki was also charging for the very same villain; producing an earth-shattering explosion.


Izuku had managed to get a few kicks in, before hearing a familiar gritty, anger-filled voice that screamed at him to “Get your own villain to fuck with, shitty Deku!”, as more explosions ensued as the large villain was quickly taken (read: mowed) down by the combined forces of the Wonder Duo - as All Might dubbed them - collapsing into the ground heavily with a loud thump.


Feeling a sweatdrop, Izuku gave a sheepish grin to the boy while he landed - who shot him a glare (and a slight pout that is only noticeable to the one that knew him since they were practically babies) in response - before he engaged other enemies.


A group of villains walked by as per the command from Shinsou Hitoshi - who was recently transferred to their class - to - quite literally - “fuck off”.


Izuku laughed at the sight as he ran past, as the other boy simply shrugged in response while lazily looking at him in the eye, as if saying: ‘hey, might as well use the quirk since I have it.’.


“Don’t get distracted, Deku!” reprimanded Eraserhead gruffly while he had managed to bound a villain in his capture scarf. He referred to Izuku by his hero name when working as a professional.


With the entirety of Class 2-A instinctively kicking into action with the aid of their experience during previous attacks, internships, and also the help from Eraserhead; the number of villains left standing steadily went down.


This group of villains were easier to deal with than the previous ones they encountered last year.


The entire fight lasted no more than 7 minutes.


“And that’s the last of ‘em!” shouted Eijirou as he delivered his final blow: a fully hardened, right handed punch - straight into the face of the final villain standing; effectively knocking them out with a crunch.


The portal they came in was still open.


The hero course students eyed the warpgate warily.


“Nobody gets close to that portal, understood?” warned their teacher as he grabbed his phone. “I’ll be calling in reinforcements to handle this. All of you will head back to the cabins.”


The class nodded while some hummed in agreement. They knew better than to go against their teacher’s wishes; being caught in similar experiences before.


“Everyone, gather here and we’ll head back to the bus!” Iida was quick to pick up after Shouta’s instructions; eager to get his classmates out of danger as soon as he can.


They began to walk back to the direction where they could find their transport - a minibus - while Eraserhead briefed their chairperson on what to do when they arrive back in Yuuei.


In the back of the line, a short distance away from the main group, was where Izuku and Katsuki were, and the green-haired boy looked at the boy he known since young.


The blond boy seemed to suddenly have trouble moving forward and locked eyes with the other who was previously staring at him.


“... Kacchan...!?” Izuku called out worriedly, noticing the way the other was trying to ground himself with whatever grip he had on his shoes, and the emotions his eyes held.


Those eyes .


He ran towards Katsuki on instinct.


Then, he felt it too:


The pull. The strong, overwhelming pull acting on his body - like another force of gravity amplified five times - towards the warpgate.


“... fuck off, Deku...!” Katsuki struggled to speak as he fought for control, while seemingly trying to push the other boy away when he approached.


Their shoes slipped as whatever little grip they had left was overpowered.




Hearing the Midoriya boy’s scream, Shouta’s brief for Iida was cut short, as his attention was now caught by two of his students clutching on to the thick branches of a forest tree as the portal violently tried to suck them in.




Activating his quirk on instinct, his eyes began to glow red menacingly as he stared directly into the portal.


The rest of class 2-A also began to feel the pull, as it became stronger and stronger. Shouto -  reacting quickly - conjured a wall of ice to prevent the rest of his classmates from getting sucked in without blocking the line of sight their teacher had on the portal.


Izuku’s grip slipped. He was quickly pulled in by the vacuum as his head smashed into Katsuki’s and causing the other to also lose his hold, and they were both flung into the portal like ragdolls.




The portal shrunk, and shrunk, and shrunk.


He watched as his two students flew right into the warpgate, the portal finally closing and disappearing as the dark clouds swallowed them up.


It had been hours.


Kirishima Eijirou have sat by the two hospital beds as soon as they were found and brought in. The two were found lying unconscious on the battlefield - which was the city in Kanagawa.


The other members of Class 2-A have already returned to the campus back in Yuuei, as Eijirou and Shouto both offered to stay behind to keep an eye on the two in case they woke up.


Aizawa-sensei had allowed them to.


A few hours ago, hero forces were putting in all their efforts into suppressing the villains from taking over more grounds, with powerful quirks being used, and property being damaged in the crossfires.


Right when a sudden, bright white flash - infinitely brighter than the sun - blinded everyone in the vicinity, and left everyone disorientated.


The heroes - pros and students - have immediately jumped on the chance to use that moment of shock to their advantage and turned the battle hugely in their favor, fiercely dominating the battle and forcing the villains to retreat with whichever wounded soldier they could rescue.


The forces, along with their backup, had managed to fight back hard enough to maintain control of the prefecture, and the two familiar friends of his were quickly brought to the nearest hospital as soon as they could.


Class 2-A were quite confused when they saw the green-haired boy - Midoriya Izuku - laid down right next to Bakugou Katsuki, both of them unconscious.


Midoriya Izuku had no reason to be there; he was a support student - specifically, majoring in Quirk Intelligence, analysing quirks and their applications; and he was the best student in his major with no close second.


What was a support student doing out in the field - decked out in a hero costume; of all things?


The thing was, nobody even noticed Izuku arriving or being near Kanagawa at all, right until that point in time - Katsuki even complained to him that “the shitty nerd just woke up, I swear I’m gonna put him to bed early tonight!”


… so, how?


So he sat there; thinking, and thinking, and thinking .


The red haired teen had been thinking ever since the two have been admitted safely into the nearest hospital - which luckily, have not been damaged.


Katsuki and Midoriya had both suffered superficial injuries - which were to be expected. However, according to the doctors; the two were knocked out from the exact same reason, at practically the exact same time :




And minor head trauma.


However, not just that; he had noticed the huge scars that ran down Izuku’s arms that he didn’t remember being there before, when they met just two days ago - also, the green-haired boy looked more muscular than he remembered.


This did not make sense at all.


Todoroki Shouto seemed to share the same notions with him as they both glanced at each other, noticing that they both - perhaps - displayed the similar expressions of worry and confusion on their faces.

What really happened out there today…?


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The moment he opened his eyes, he noticed he was inside a room with white ceilings. The room was a little dimly lit with a single fluorescent light on the ceiling, and he was near a large window with a radiator placed under it.


The sun was setting.


The next thing he noticed was that he was in a bed; with how his body sunk into the soft surface underneath comfortably.


He was not in any immediate danger - he deduced - which helped him to ease up slightly.


He had a slight headache.


Sitting up and and further taking in his surroundings; the next thing he noticed was the presence of other people in the room.


“... Katsuki…!” he heard a familiar voice.


It was Eijirou.


The red-haired teen - dressed in a red shirt and black jeans - immediately stood up from his seat to make his way towards Katsuki’s bedside. The other figure - with their distinct red-and-white hair, sat near Deku’s bed looked up towards him from the poorly lit corner of the room.


It was Icy-Hot.


Giving a weak chuckle, he felt the tension that built up in his body all dissipate as he determined that he was completely safe from any threats; that he wasn’t being held captive by some villain.


“... what the fuck happened?” Katsuki croaked and grimaced; not liking the sound of his voice which currently felt and sounded drier than a desert. Eijirou had passed him a glass of water by the bed stand, and he drank up. “How did you find us?”


“We found you passed out after we fought off the villains.” replied Shouto in a calm tone, who was at the other side of the room. “You and Midoriya were lying down in the middle of nowhere.”


Huh. So they’ve escaped; somehow.


“More importantly,” interrupted Red Riot. “how’re you feeling, man?”


“M’fine.” came the reply.


He heard a shuffle of bed sheets.



“... Kacchan.”


Izuku was awake.



“... I’ll get the nurse.” stated Shouto as he left the room after staring quite intently at Izuku.



“... so, Midoriya,” began Eijirou, “what were you doing out there?”


“... I saw Kacchan in danger…” replied the green-haired boy. “I couldn’t just…”


“Fuck you, Deku.” spat Katsuki, interrupting the quiet explanation. “I could’ve handled it myself.”


The room fell silent.


Bakugou Katsuki let out an annoyed groan.


“... fucking… When are we getting discharged, shitty-hair?” asked the blond teen as he felt more energised after waking up. “I’m not gonna sit my ass here all day if nothing’s wrong.”


“Well, the nurse did say that they can discharge you after you wake up and get assessed for fitness.” replied Eijirou, flashing his usual friendly smile. “And then, we can head back to Yuuei.”


And so they did.


On the journey back to school after getting them out of gowns, and acquired some decent civilian clothes to wear, Katsuki noticed things which brought back the tension in his muscles, as Deku and himself walked behind the other two:


Like how the trains only circulated within the Kantou region.


Or how more often than not; they would see an area or two under construction outside the train windows as they went past.


Questions floated around in his head that he wanted to ask, like;


When did Japan suffer so much damages?


Did the authorities shut down the train routes outside Kantou?


And why do people seem so hopeless and dejected?


Half-and-half and Eijirou didn’t seem too bothered by the sudden change in reality, but Deku - although he was hiding it - was.


Something was wrong .



Night had caught up, and the campus of Yuuei was illuminated by the soft glow of street lamps planted around the stone path walkways.


“Deku,” he clasped his hand over the other boy’s shoulder just as they walked past the front gate of Yuuei. “We need to talk.”


“... sure…?” replied Izuku as he saw his classmates stop and look back at them. “We’ll be fine, guys.”


The chirping of crickets could be heard as they stood still within school grounds.


“We’ll see you tomorrow, then.” said Eijirou as he began to make his way back to the dorms along with Shouto. “Take care; Midoriya, Katsuki.”


As soon as they were out of sight, Katsuki began firing off questions.


“Tell me the last thing you remember before waking up in the hospital, nerd.” growled the blond teen after he brought the other boy to a more secluded area.


“We…” Izuku recalled as he rubbed his chin. “We were sucked into that portal, Kacchan, after fighting off a villain attack during class.”


The blond visibly relaxed as he concluded that the boy in front of him was indeed, the Deku he knows.


“You notice what’s different with this place?” Katsuki inquired as he looked around, gesturing to his surroundings. “The trains, the construction, everything…?”


Then, he stared straight into the emerald eyes of Midoriya Izuku.


“This might be fucking crazy, but…” Katsuki drawled as his eyebrows furrowed further. “... I think wherever this is; it’s not our world.”


Crickets continued to chirp.




“... I have a theory, Kacchan.” stated the green-haired boy earnestly as he looked straight into the ruby eyes of his childhood friend-


Were they friends?


He wasn’t sure. Whatever was the relationship between them was still strained, even though it wasn’t as bad as before.


Taking Katsuki’s silence as the cue to continue, he resumed talking.


“I’ve always suspected that Kurogiri’s quirk didn’t just work as a teleport...” began Izuku, and he felt a strange sense of relief when he saw that Katsuki’s attention was on him. “He had to be able to manipulate space, or dimensions - somehow - to be able to tear a hole in space-time and create warp gates-”


Katsuki noticed that the conditions were met for the other boy to mumble endlessly.


“We have to find him.” interrupted Katsuki, loud enough to snap Izuku out of his train of thoughts. “Kurogiri - we have to find that bastard.”


Izuku nodded.


And he just - out of the blue - properly noticed how close the blond teen was to him. He couldn’t really remember when was the last time they stood this close to each other without threats, without fights, just talking to each other.


He felt a sudden nervousness.


‘It’s just Kacchan !’ reasoned his mind. ‘You practically knew him before you were even capable of forming memories!’


And that made it scarier.


Because he had seen the many faces of Bakugou Katsuki - he had seen it all up to now.


The one who was his playmate. The one who was his friend. The one who was his protector. The one who was his bully. The one who was his hero. The one who-


“Hey, shitty Deku.” Katsuki gave him a light smack to the side of his head. “Stop thinking so much and listen up.”




Rolling his eyes in annoyance as the other seemed to panic about nothing; he shared his plans.


“We’ll need to figure out all the shit in this world before we can make a plan.” said Katsuki as he began walking them to the dorms. “First of all, find out what the fuck is different in this world.”


Glancing to the side where Deku walked next to him; he noticed that the nerd was scribbling notes down with a pencil into a notepad which seemingly appeared out of nowhere.


… where did he get that?


They made their way through the main wooden doors of the 2-A dormitory block, revealing a dimly lit lobby area - making it known that the others have probably went to sleep.


“Then, we need to blend in. Live as though we belong here, so we can-” something sparked in the blond’s head.


He came to a sudden realisation and he stopped dead in his tracks.


“Kacchan?” Izuku stopped after he realised the other boy was no longer walking next to him. “What’s wrong?”


“... if we’re here…” stated Katsuki - slowly - as he focused his vision on the other boy who he was stuck with. “Then… where is this dimension’s us…?”



Midoriya Izuku’s eyes widened when he realised the implications.


Crickets continued to chirp outside, and they could hear the air-conditioner whirring.



The green-haired teen stared at the ground; pondering, before asking one simple question:


“... what do you think we’re like…? In this world…?”


… because it was scary to think about knowing the other since young.


Because he still hasn’t figured out this new face of Bakugou Katsuki.


He still had no idea what this Kacchan was to him; after the fight in Ground Beta, after everything that happened during the first year in Yuuei.




Their eyes met.


And for a moment - just for a moment - it was like they could read each other’s entire life’s worth of thoughts just through their eyes.


Just for a moment, they communicated properly.


Just for a moment .


“Bakugou, Midoriya.” called out a familiar, gruffy voice; breaking their trance and bringing them back to reality.


“A-Aizawa-sensei!” greeted Izuku, his face blushing from being caught in what felt like a sensitive, private moment between him and Katsuki.


Grunting his acknowledgement to the teen, he spoke again in a mildly annoyed tone while staring at the two students.


“Midoriya, if there’s no good reason for you to stay with Bakugou, I’m going to have to ask you to make your way back to the 2-F block.” chided their teacher lazily as he kept glancing between the two.


… 2-F… ?


… Deku was in the support course…?


Eraserhead looked at blond teen which seemed to be distracted by the face of Midoriya Izuku.


He sighed.


“Bakugou, you know better than to try and sneak your boyfriend into the dorm. I’d expected you to at least not get caught...” he said, nonchalantly, before looking at the other boy. “And Midoriya, although I appreciate your contributions, I still have rules to enforce; so try not to keep sleeping with Bakugou.”










“If I made myself clear, then please proceed with the appropriate actions.” drawled the pro-hero as he left for his own room.





Back in canon-land, Aizawa Shouta noticed strange things.


Like how subtly the two of his students (read: problem children) - Bakugou Katsuki, and Midoriya Izuku, were both acting different.


He knew his students - and especially these two.


He noticed the way Bakugou was protective over the other boy, literally flying out of bed and by Midoriya’s bedside the moment he woke up in Recovery Girl’s clinic and noticed the other was there.


He didn’t miss the action of Bakugou gently stroking the back of his hand over the other’s freckled cheeks so tenderly it didn’t seem real.


Aizawa Shouta was not a man who was privy to his student’s romantic lives, but this development had completely missed him.


He wondered when Bakugou was interested in Midoriya ; of all people.




And he definitely didn’t miss the details :


The fact that Midoriya Izuku’s scars were all gone .


The fact that Bakugou Katsuki looked like he’s been in hundreds of real, all-out fights.




… It was illogical, but these two teenagers right in front of him...

These two teenagers were not his students.




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Diary… diary… diary...


Midoriya Izuku kept diaries.


If his counterpart of this world was anything - anything - like him at all; he would have also kept diaries - with entries that began ever since he learnt how to write at the age of four, about how the day went, how he felt, who he talked with, who he wanted to be.


It was the single most reliable, and accurate source of information for Midoriya Izuku; because he was the kind to write about all sorts of things.


So here he was, spending the night in the unfamiliar room to dig out stories.


The moment he entered the room (after convincing the dorm manager that he had lost his keys); he noticed the significant lack of over-the-top fanboy-owned merchandise of All Might, instead replaced by a poster or two of the number one hero, and other heroes thrown into the mix.


It was weird, certainly; as Izuku cannot imagine himself not being the #1 fan of the #1 hero.


It didn’t seem like his room at all - as there were perhaps almost nothing in this room that indicated that it might have been his - until he noticed the framed picture sitting on the desk where a single laptop sat with its screen flipped open next to the object of interest: A selfie - of him and Kacchan - taken in a park near their home neighbourhood.


They looked… happy .


He had a bright smile on his face, while Kacchan had a soft, unnoticeable, lopsided smile that was only seen by someone who knew him his entire life.


Izuku had stared at the picture for longer than he meant to.


He wanted that to be them.


Pulling out a cardboard box under the bed, Midoriya Izuku contemplated his choices as he stared at the 10 books stored neatly inside; with the oldest book yellowed with age, and the newest book fresh out of a store.


Diaries were personal; although the name Midoriya Izuku were all written in all forms of his handwritings on the cover pages of the book, they felt like someone else’s.


They weren’t his .


If he read them, he was breaching the private life of the Midoriya Izuku of this world - the one that might have had an entirely different experience with his life as compared to him.


Hovering his hand over the oldest book, he hesitated. The framed picture of him and Kacchan stared at him; as if daring him to open up the book.


He… needed to do this…



Closing his eyes and muttering an apology, he quickly flipped open the book to the first page; as the guilt began to eat him up from inside.


He swallowed his heart back down and began to read.


… the first entry was strangely familiar…


… this was…


“What are you doing, Deku?” asked a young Bakugou Katsuki as he walked up to the tiny boy scribbling in a thick book. He pointed at it. “What’s this?”


“It’s a diary, Kacchan!” exclaimed the boy excitedly, as he stopped writing to talk to his best friend. “I’m writing about things that happened today!”


“That’s boring, Deku.” responded Katsuki - causing Izuku to pout - as he sat down beside the green-haired child and peered into the book. “... are you writing about me?”


“Yes!” the pout was instantly gone, and he giggled and smiled at the other boy. “Because Kacchan is always with me, I have to write about Kacchan!”


“Then,” the blond child smirked as the other continued to write with his messy handwriting. “I guess it’s not so boring then, ‘cause I’m in it.”



Izuku felt an indescribable sadness, and a sense of foreboding nostalgia.


Of course Kacchan would be in his diaries - the other boy had never left his side after all - especially now that Aizawa-sensei revealed to him that they were dating in this world.


He wondered…


When did they stopped being friends…? When did him and Katsuki grow apart from one another...?


He could still remember the days where they were practically inseparable. The days where Katsuki was his best friend - his only friend. The days where Katsuki worried over him. The days where Katsuki would tease him with that childish nickname.


The next thing he knew, the teasing became something else. He became someone who deterred him from his dreams. Someone who tried to make him tip over. Someone who tried to break his resolve.


He wondered…


… what was the difference in this world… that caused them to be able to… become…


… more than friends…?


After a day in the class of 2-F, Midoriya Izuku decided that he could maybe deal with the curriculum for a while longer before he would go crazy with the insane amounts of Mathematics and Science dealt to the students. He knew support students needed more knowledge in these subjects in order to even begin a career; but this ...!?


The worse thing was; he had zero idea who his classmates were when they talked to him, and it took the best award-winning actor out of him to not come across as suspicious.


His phone vibrated several times right as the teacher - Ishikawa-sensei - as written in the diaries, wrapped up the lessons; summarising the day and reminding her class on what to work on for the next class.


Without much thought, he reached for his phone.


> Kacchan: hey - 14:31

> fucking deku - 14:32

> we still need to work on our plans - 14:32


Oh. Right. Their phones still worked in this world.


… Good.


> You:  ive found something that can help us - 14:37


> Kacchan: im in my room - 14:37

> same room - 14:37


> You: okay, ill be there in 10 mins - 14:38


Dumping his bag on the desk chair in his room and picking up the notebook that he used to note down important details of anything he found in his room the night before - diaries, quirk analysis notebooks - he left for the dorms of class 2-A, all the way at the edge of Height’s Alliance.


“Hey, Midoriya!” came the enthusiastic voice of Kaminari Denki as Izuku ran towards the pathway that led to 2-A dorm building. The yellow-haired boy had a teasing smile on his face. “So eager to see Bakugou today?”


“Uh…! N-nothing like that!” Izuku won’t lie - he did feel a flare of heat on his face as he was pretty sure he knew what the other was implying . In a panic, he just raised up the notebook he carried; allowing the other to see what he brought. “We’re just, uh; studying!”


“Sure, suure …” grinned Denki deviously as he crossed his arms while pointing a finger at the green-haired boy. “Eiji totally didn’t hear you two moan down the dorm, like; three days ago. You and Katsuki tend to do that a lot while ‘studying’, huh?”




Oh boy…


Nononono nono ...


He wasn’t ready to deal with this yet!


It seemed the universe had no mercy for him.


He entered the room quickly after Katsuki opened up the door upon his super-urgent knocking. The other boy wore his usual black tank top, and a pair of sweatpants.


It was a sweet, sweet escape from the teasing looks the familiar faces of 2-A sent his way as he made his way to the blond teen’s room.


When he entered, Katsuki raised an eyebrow at his suspicious, redder-than-usual appearance, as he took a few deep breaths to try to calm himself down.


The first thing he noticed after calming his poor heart (abused from teasing looks) was that there were two picture frames in the room; and both of them were faced down, as if to hide what they held away from the world.


He wondered what was held inside the photo frames - was it their couple photos...?


“So?” the fiery teen broke the silence. They haven’t talked since last night when they parted. “What did you find?”


The blond sat down on the edge of his bed.


Right. The plans.


“Do you remember that I kept diaries?” began Izuku as he held out the notebook he prepared for Katsuki. “This world’s me did, too. I read them all last night.”


Katsuki grabbed the notebook and flipped it open to read the contents.


“The biggest thing that caught my attention was…” Izuku as he sat down on the floor, looking up towards Katsuki. “Seven years ago, All Might never won the fight against All-For-One.”


A page flip and a frown.


“Kacchan, in our world; that fight almost killed All Might, but he defeated All-For-One, and pulled strings to stop any news coverage on the fight. But in this world, because he was defeated, the news story was published for public safety and awareness of the situation - but weeks later, All-For-One’s forces began to make their move to completely take over the country-”


“Shut up, Deku.” interrupted Katsuki as his eyes focused on the pages. “I can fucking read.”




Another flip of the page.



He closed the notebook shut and placed it on his bed.



Kacchan had sighed through his nose.


“... this world’s you didn’t admire All Might like you did.” stated the blond teen as he looked at the other in a daze. “... after that fight…”


Midoriya Izuku was very aware of the other’s ruby eyes upon himself. He was pretty sure he didn’t include any personal details in his notes; but he forgotten that Katsuki also knew him his whole life, and the other was a genius .


And this genius was good at piecing information together.


“... he never got to meet All Might…” he continued to stare blankly towards the other boy. “... never got a quirk…”


‘He lost his hope’ - Katsuki wanted to say.


The green-haired boy had always heard from the other teen when he was younger, that he could hear him think . Here, in this moment, he knew what Kacchan meant.


Because Midoriya Izuku could hear the other think.


It was deafening .


“... he only had you, Kacchan.” came the soft whisper.  “... I… I think… it was enough for him.”




Katsuki’s fists clenched.


“... what about you…?” he growled out, feeling familiar anger spread through his body. “Was I never good enough for you, you fuck…?”




He had no idea what to say. So he shut his mouth tight; just in case. Just in case he said anything that he shouldn’t, or doesn’t mean, or something Kacchan might take the wrong way.




“Of course not.” Katsuki stood up and moved towards the door, opening it without looking back. “I was the one who told you to fucking kill yourself-”


Izuku felt a sudden burst of heat, of anger, spread through his body and he stood up faster than Katsuki could blink.


“NO.” the green-haired teen screamed, causing the other boy to stop - perhaps in shock, perhaps in anger; he didn’t know. “Don’t bring that up, Kacchan!”


He clenched his fists tight as he stared at the back of the other teen; a sight that was familiar to him.


“... because you , of all people…” his voice slowly became louder as he spoke, “know better than anyone that I didn’t listen to a single word you said to me during those times…!”


“... exactly.” agreed Katsuki, never once moved in his spot. “You never listened to a single fucking thing that tried stopping you from trying to become a hero, so I had to keep pushing and pushing…


… even until now. My opinions never fucking mattered to you.”


The door slammed after the blond, and Izuku was left standing alone in the room.




He didn’t realise he was holding his breath until his lungs screamed at him to breathe.


And so, he stood there in the empty room, staring at the door.


Chapter Text





All Might.




All Might. Kacchan. All Might.


All Might.


Why was it when Midoriya Izuku’s life was put down onto paper, the two aforementioned people almost always played the most important, pivotal roles in it? Bakugou Katsuki and Yagi Toshinori - not his mother who loves him dearly, nor his dad that he never knew or seen - these two shaped his life, his aspirations, his dreams; his very being .


Even now.


… or so, Izuku thought.


… Kacchan...


It never came to his mind that he himself was the one pushing Kacchan away, pushing him and his remarks and actions that tried to keep him from becoming the hero that he wanted to be, to keep Izuku changing from being the Deku of Kacchan, into being the Deku of the world.


… the diaries said it all to him:


The Izuku of this world did - initially - have aspirations of becoming a hero. However, after seeing and knowing the fact that even the number one hero All Might that he admired was not infallible had forced him to do a reality check: If the strongest hero in the entire world - armed with the strongest quirk and power - was not undefeatable ; what was a weak, quirkless , scrawny boy like him going to do in the face of evil?


He would be disintegrated in a matter of seconds; that’s what.


If he hadn’t met All Might… his life would have been different - he knew it.


If All Might hadn’t found him again that fateful day as he walked home after the entire slug villain incident; he knew what he’d have done - he would have signed up to be a support hero in Yuuei instead, for a more realistic future suited for someone quirkless .


And so, the Deku of this world remained the Deku of Bakugou Katsuki. He remained by Katsuki’s side and allowed the other to protect him, instead of pushing him away to learn how to protect others even though he couldn’t even protect himself.


… and it was true. Even until now, even the hero-in-training, he - Midoriya Izuku - still hadn’t learnt to protect himself .


He had indeed been pushing Kacchan away; the Kacchan that didn’t want him to become a hero, the Kacchan who bullied him for it, the Kacchan that wanted him to realise that he couldn’t do anything without a quirk, that it was way too dangerous .


Deep down, he knew. He knew it was true. He knew; that even if by some miracle that he gotten into Yuuei without any superpowers, he wouldn’t last long against in a fight - against a real villain.


… He had been so busy chasing after All Might, chasing after someone that would have never known him or even noticed him without luck… that he had forgotten about his friend.


Someone who constantly pulled him out of the dream world he built for himself to realise a harsh reality. Someone he looked up to who was closer to him than All Might ever was or could ever be.



… Kacchan…


“You two don’t belong here.”


That was what he began with after Aizawa Shouta brought them into the meeting room, which at the large office table, sat All Might and Nezu.


He was already suspicious when the two acted as if they were dating - for a long time. And even more suspicious when he had seen Bakugou bring Midoriya to his room , and the green-haired boy never left the room afterwards.


But, what incited him to bring them here was because of a very specific event that happened this morning; the fact that Midoriya tried to leave the class after walking into the classroom with Bakugou:


“Where are you doing, Midoriya?” phrased Eraserhead as he approached the classroom door, just as he saw the boy leaving.


“I-I’m going to attend my classes, sensei.” replied the boy nervously; looking as if he had been caught doing something guilty.


He struck gold - and Shouta realised that the sleepover last night provided the opportunity for Midoriya to slip up as the boy didn’t know about his schedule the next day.


He immediately asked Midoriya to forget about his ‘class’ and brought them both in for a meeting with the Principal and All Might.


Eraserhead watched as the two shifted uncomfortably across them in their seats, looking at each other as though they were talking, reassuring, and looking for approval from the other.


He noticed the resolve in their eyes and posture soon afterwards.


“No, we don’t.” came the response from the familiar voice of Bakugou Katsuki, but Shouta reminded himself that this wasn’t the boy he knew.


“Then, explain.” stated Shouta as he sat forward in his seat. “How did you get here?”


He had two missing students, and he was going to find his boys.


“We are here to help you.” added Yagi in his usual warm, comforting tone of voice. “We have our own young Midoriya and Bakugou to search for, so any information you can provide us would really help.”


“Well, let’s begin with you, Midoriya!” said a cheerful Nezu, causing the green-haired boy to stop staring at his feet to look towards him. Nezu had no reason to be antagonistic towards the two teenagers. “Can you tell us what you remember?”


“Uh…!” he swallowed before beginning his recollection. “I was… working on providing intelligence against a villain fight, and… The next thing I remembered was a sudden pain, as if… I was being split apart. I think… I had passed out after that, because the next thing I remember is waking up in the clinic.”


Nodding, Nezu seemed happy with the answer he provided and gestured to Katsuki. “What about you, Bakugou?”


“Pretty much the same, ‘cept I was in the fight.” came the monotonous reply, which both Shouta and Yagi had noticed.


They knew the look on the blond teen’s; they had seen it many times - It was the face of someone who thought they had finally died in a battle, but miraculously survived. Someone who was forced to leave everything behind without saying goodbye.


Bakugou Katsuki thought he had died .


Aizawa Shouta also noted something else that made more sense to him than anyone else in the room. If his Midoriya and Bakugou were both taken away by Kurogiri’s portal, it can only mean one thing: Kurogiri was the key .

And finding the key meant taking on the League of Villains.


He certainly had not expected any phone calls that day.


Especially not from Kacchan.


Especially not after today .


So imagine, his mixed, jumbled up, hurricane of emotions of fear, confusion, happiness, relief, anger, and sadness and everything that hit him all at once when he saw the name displayed on his vibrating phone.


‘Kacchan’ - it said.


And the hurt, the disappointment, but immense relief he felt when he instead, heard the voice of the blond’s best friend.


“Hey, uh, Midoriya.” Eijirou spoke with some uncertainty and hesitation clear in his voice. “We need you to analyse some quirks while we head to Tokyo to fight some villains.”


“Uh,” Oh. Right. He was supposed to be a quirk analyser. He tried to muster up all his willpower to make his voice sound as if usual. “Yeah, okay, I got it. Is that all?”


“Uh…” he heard a small sigh. “Did you two fight? Katsuki’s pretty mad right now he didn’t even wanna call you.”


No, he wanted to say. But it never came up.


“Listen, don’t worry about it, okay?” came the encouragement. “He really loves you, you know, although he might not really show it.”


Izuku suddenly felt warm, like a fire set alight in his body.


“... yeah…”


“He’s just being a bit of an ass right now,” continued the redhead. “but I know everything’s gonna be fine after you two calm down and properly talk about it. You’ve been with each other your whole lives after all.”


They’ve never been good at talking.


The only times where they even began to open up to the other was in serious, all-out fights that eventually lead to them screaming out their bottled up feelings while dishing out punches and kicks just as intensely. Their heart-to-hearts always came with the possibility of painful fights .


“Midoriya? Are you still there?”




“Hey, let’s talk after this, okay? I have to go now, we’re almost there.”




And the line cut.


Talking to Kirishima might be just what he needed right now - the other always listened without judgement after all, and was the best friend anyone could have wished for. He hoped it was the same case in this world.


He booted up his laptop and got to work.


He stared at the application that immediately booted up along with the computer, and after several clicks on the interface, revealed tons of security camera footage throughout the region of Tokyo.


… if he was quirkless , this was what he would have become…


Helping out heroes from the backlines…


… Helping out Kacchan, backing him up…


But not alongside.


Chapter Text

When you spend your days growing up being told you were going to be amazing, that you were going to be great and that nothing could better you; you tend to think - as a growing child - that your life is set out right in front of you like a red carpet.


“You’re great, Bakugou!”


“Damn, you’ve got an amazing quirk!”


“You’re a natural!”


If being amazing and undefeatable is what people thought he was; imagine the shame ; the humiliation he would face if he didn’t keep up with the expectations of becoming a top hero.


He had lost sight of what made him human - he became obsessed with winning. With becoming the best hero that anyone would have ever seen; no, not just that; he had to be perfect . The perfect hero.






Win .


Everything had to be perfect. Anything short of perfection was a failure .


Nothing else mattered. Nobody should stand in his way if they knew what was good for them.


Katsuki wished he realised earlier that that was not life was all about - he wished he realised it before he turned into the bane of Midoriya Izuku.


He hadn’t realised it when he was a child of age 4 - during the time where everything he thought that was of value to a person were their quirks.


He became annoyed with the neighbour’s kid - the one who called him Kacchan - the one who he called Deku , the one who followed him anywhere he went, and did anything he did. The one who he always saw almost daily because their mothers were best friends.


“Kacchan is amazing!”


“Kacchan is my best friend!”


“It’s Kacchan after all!”


It became a game for Bakugou Katsuki - a long, long game of chase; where Deku constantly ran after the back image of Bakugou Katsuki because the other was quirkless , because the other was worthless, because the other couldn’t catch up.


No quirk; no worth .


Then suddenly the game stopped without Bakugou Katsuki ordering him to stop. The other boy began chasing after something else - All Might - the number one hero.


It annoyed him to no end. It pissed him off.


He wanted that same look Deku gave All Might to be given to him; because he was Bakugou Katsuki - because he was worth it, because he was the best , the number one of everything.


So when this green-haired boy first stopped him from decimating another child in the playground for insulting his worth, he realised something: If he could stop Deku from becoming a hero; then Deku wouldn’t chase after All Might anymore.


Then, that pair of eyes could be focused solely on him - Bakugou Katsuki.


And if he wanted anything; he would get it his way - because he was Bakugou Katsuki.


“You’re trying to play hero… even though you don’t have a quirk, Deku?”


Bakugou Katsuki proceeded to beat up - blow up - the boy that Deku was trying to protect. And he gotten in his way. The stupid boy actually jumped in his way to save the other - the one who insulted his worth and his very being - and gotten blown up himself.


That day, he huffed and left.


And so began the game of changing the life goal of Deku, crushing him dreams, and crushing any hope he had for the profession.


Then, he would become the number one hero, to prove that he was always right all along - to prove that Bakugou Katsuki cannot be wrong.


“Please, Kacchan… I don’t understand… what did I do wrong…?”


“Why are you treating me like this?”


“Is it because I’m quirkless?”


Then the questions stopped, and Bakugou Katsuki was no longer the friend of Deku. Instead, the green-haired nerd became more and more obsessed with All Might, as months passed, the more he saw All Might merchandise owned by the boy.


It pissed him off to no end.


Deku was supposed to notice him . Not ignore him - not treat him like he didn’t exist; like he was irrelevant in this world.


And so another game began of getting Deku to notice him with any means necessary ; just to get him to look at him - going into the same school he went to, hurting him verbally, blowing up his notebooks.


“You stupid brat! I didn’t teach you to bully Inko’s son!”


“You better apologize to him the next time we meet, you hear?”


“I want you to stop bullying Izuku.”


Bakugou Katsuki didn’t stop.


That was the day the sludge villain attacked.


And he realised - that Bakugou Katsuki was wrong .


“Because you looked like you were asking for help…!”




Everything in this world was so familiar . But at the same time, it was not - Katsuki knew.


Kirishima Eijirou - He looked the same, but he was not his friend. He knew and felt the differences - this version was more mature, had more combat instinct, and stronger.


The red-haired boy was first one in Yuuei that became his friend regardless of how much hard he tried to make it for him, the one who still tried to be his friend even though how much of an asshole he was at the time.


Because Bakugou Katsuki was still recovering, being rebuilt from having his belief - that he was infallible - shattered by a stupid villain that got the better of him. He didn’t need to know anyone. He didn’t need anyone’s help.


He became better now. He realised that he had matured through the single year he spent at Yuuei that helped him out more than he knew.


Katsuki clenched his fists.


He knew he was wrong, to Deku, to himself


… So why couldn’t he own up to it…?


After a little over quarter of an hour of meticulously reviewing security camera footages and noting down every single quirk he analysed that belonged to the League of Villains; Izuku sent the neatly organised document bursting with quirk information to the Pro Hero Network - which his codename was Deku; he noted.


He needed to talk to Kacchan…


And his eyes caught the picture of the Kacchan and Deku next to each other again; smiling so happily - like they belonged to each other - taunting him about how happy they could have been.


… How would it feel like, to be hugged by Kacchan in such a way…?


He shut down his laptop.


No. He won’t just talk to Kacchan; they needed to talk to each other. They need to actually communicate.


He will make sure it happens.


With his newfound resolve, Izuku flipped open the next chapter of the diary; studying the way this world’s Kacchan and Deku interacted.


He needed to learn how to make Kacchan stay by his side.


Because Deku isn’t Deku without Kacchan.


Chapter Text

A few hours later, Izuku heard knocking on his dorm room door. Opening it, the red-haired hero Red Riot was revealed to be the guest looking for him.


“Hey, Midoriya.” he flashed a smile. Kirishima-kun always looked so friendly and approachable.


He invited him into the room, closing the door after the boy walked in.


“Actually; there’s also something I needed to talk to you about.” Kirishima stated as he sat down on the bed. “About that thing a week ago.”


Izuku stiffened. He couldn’t be talking about…


“What exactly were you doing out there…?” asked the red-haired boy, curiosity evident in his voice. “And how did you get your hands on a hero costume?”


Think, Izuku. Think


The green-haired boy slowly moved to the desk chair, pulled it out and sat down - okay, so he was a support student… what did support students do…? Make things? Right.


Make things.


“It was a prototype costume…?” Izuku responded. “I… figured it would be good if I could test it out…”


“Out there in a real fight!? You don’t have a quirk, right?” Deku saw suspicion arise in the other’s demeanour and eyes. “What does the costume do?”


“It… it was a support item!” he tried again. “It… has gadgets designed into it so it would work for quirkless people, too…”


“Okay, gig’s up.”


His eyes widened as he recognised a new voice that he wasn’t expecting - a girl’s. He was delivered a rough hit that sent him to the ground, and now he felt a weight pinning him down; keeping him in place with his head pressed into the floor.


“Now, talk. And don’t lie.” came the voice of Hagakure Toru - the Invisible Girl. “Are you a spy? All-For-One sent you?”


“... What!?”


“Answer the question, Midoriya.” ordered Red Riot. “Because you’re not getting out of this one unless you’re in the clear with us.”


Midoriya Izuku froze completely and stopped struggling.


Had he been that obvious?


“Bring him in.” Kirishima spoke into a wrist communicator he hadn’t noticed before.


The door opened up, and in came…: Bakugou Katsuki, hands tied, mouth taped; being pushed in by Todoroki Shouto. The blond was struggling, shouting curses that were muffled by the tape.


“I thought it was strange when Katsuki didn’t have you on speed-dial, Midoriya.” stated Kirishima as he brought up a familiar black phone that belonged to the one and only Bakugou Katsuki. “And I thought it was strange when he gotten all weak all of a sudden-” a loud noise of protest. “and fought like a damn amateur.


So, what are you? A new kind of Noumu? A clone?”


Kirishima Eijirou was scary. Very, very scary - the green-haired boy concluded - as he walked closer to him, and crouched so he could look at him face to face.


“Start talking.”


Not a hint of friendliness was on his face.


This was another plan of the League of Villains; he knew it - he should have saw it coming.


Aizawa Shouta sighed.


It was such a simple plan; now that he realised what it was. The League of Villains simply sent a team of nobodies against them in a fight - as a distraction - so they could take someone out of the picture.


The question now was; was it Bakugou or Midoriya they were after? And if they were after them, why, exactly?


… it couldn’t be Bakugou. The kid had already been kidnapped by the League before; and it their plan didn’t work then - so it had to be Midoriya they were after; the boy who All Might personally mentored, cared for and trained.


It must be that…


Whatever brought All Might and Midoriya together must be the reason that the League of Villains targeted the green-haired boy - enough of a reason to separate him away from All Might.


Speaking of which… he always thought the boy was… abnormal - there was no better way to phrase it; developing his quirk at the age of 14? That was something that happened with a 1% chance; most late bloomers had manifested their quirks by the age of 7 - and the only time he ever heard of something like that happening was All-For-One; transferring quirks to the quirkless to get them to work for them…


… it couldn’t be.


He looked at the file of Midoriya Izuku once-through - especially at the part that stated that his quirk registered officially was ‘Super Power’ - ‘he can increase the power of part of his body or his whole body and increase his physical abilities’.


The more Aizawa Shouta read, the more his eyes squinted to slits.


The boy lied.


Midoriya Izuku’s quirk wasn’t Super Power - he had seen the boy produce stuff out from his body that had nothing to do with strength.


Whatever the truth was… it had to do with All Might - he was sure.


He just needed to get it out of the former #1.


“I can explain, Kirishima-kun!” pleaded Izuku with wide eyes. “Please let us explain!”


“You better start.”


He looked at Kacchan - the other looked defeated; as if telling him that confessing the truth was the only way out of this predicament.


“... you have to promise me that other than you three, no one else can know about this unless absolutely necessary, okay…?”


Red Riot raised an eyebrow at the request.


“That’ll be up to us to decide.” spoke Todoroki Shouto from the corner of the room, unamused. “Now talk.”


He saw no other choice.


“We’re… not from this world.” answered Izuku, earning confused looks from their three captors. “We got stuck here after getting sucked in by a portal that sent us here.”


“You expect us to believe that?” Red Riot was the most intimidating person in the world right now. “Unless you can explain how that happened; we’ll send you over to the Yuuei High Staff for being spies - and we have all the evidence we need.”



“It was a quirk. Do you know about Kurogiri?”


“He’s a high-ranking operative in the League of Villain. We know all about his quirk.”


“Kurogiri’s quirk had something deeper to it; I don’t really know how it works, but it had to tear holes in space-time and perhaps even dimensions to work - which is why we’re here!” Izuku had to get the other to trust them. “Please, you have to believe me.”


Kirishima blinked, backed off, stood up and sat down back onto his bed.


“Let’s say whatever you just said was true .” stated the red-haired boy. “How can you prove yourselves?”



“The hero costume was mine.” stated the boy still trapped between the floor and Invisible Girl. “I’m a hero student in my world.”


“A hero without a quirk ?”


“I have a quirk.”



“Show it.”


He felt the weight on his back ease up, and he could finally breathe properly. He stood up slowly, and watched Kirishima as he did.


“Are you sure you want me to?” he questioned.


“Do it.”


And so he activated One-For-All, feeling the familiar rush of energy pass through his entire body as he amplified the power up to 10%. Green flickers of light flew out from his body as the energy was barely contained within his body.




And he did.


With his usage of quirk - but not aggressively - telling them that he wasn’t going to be hostile or a threat to them while they were being held; began the long questioning process about his world that felt like it took hours.


It was tiring. But they asked every single question they could think of; and he answered all of them truthfully and swiftly - as requested by Red Riot.


So, if he could answer all their questions that well; it meant that either he got his story down to a T, or he somehow - really came from another world - and the green-haired boy hadn’t lied at all; he had been watching his facial movements and his eyes .


The boy wasn’t trained to lie.


“You grew up with Katsuki in your world?” came the unexpected question.


He nodded.


“Final question for you.” Red Riot sat forward. “What do you call Katsuki?”


He almost answered it all too quickly - the one familiar word he had used all his life; that came out from his mouth naturally ; like how the sun rose from the east and set in the west every single day without fail.




Chapter Text

“The deed is done, sensei... One-For-All is finally out of the picture…” mumbled the peculiar boy as he scratched absentmindedly at his neck. “Without One-For-All; the heroes cannot do anything against us when everything is ready… Right, Kurogiri...?”


“Certainly.” replied the warpgate creator - Kurogiri. “The plan has already been set into motion.”


“I see…” he felt excitement bubble within him. “Excellent…”


“This is it.”


He had no idea where he was. Deku just woke him up all of a sudden and told Katsuki to follow him, and led him through what felt like hours of walking around places that looked ridiculously similar, as if a giant maze right in the middle of Musutafu City, and led him in front of this very door.


With how urgent the other seemed when he was rudely awaken, he hadn’t had the time to ask about their journey; and he had too much on his mind to even ask:


Did their conversation a few days ago mean anything to Deku…?


Did he… hurt Deku again…?


The thoughts kept going through his - over and over and over and over, as he stared at the back of the other boy dressed in a simple T-shirt and shorts; and before he knew it, they had already arrived.


They were surrounded by countless old orangey brick buildings that looked old; so ancient they seem to have the probability of falling apart right this instant - the cement that held them together certainly looked the part.


“This is the place that he told me about.” said Deku, as he opened up the door - revealing a grimy, dimly-lit metal stairwell - and walked in. “This is where we have to be.”


“What the fuck, Deku.” Katsuki was getting impatient and annoyed. “Who told you what?”


“You’ll know soon enough, Kacchan.”


That’s it - he was patient when they made their way here, and he had enough of this asshole withholding information from him. With a swift motion, he had the green-haired boy pinned to the brick wall, with his face pressed against the cold surface.


“Where the fuck are we, Deku?” he growled as his hands produced threatening crackles near his freckled face. “I’m not gonna ask again - the fuck are you smiling about?!”


He was felt his rage flare, and he was about to punch the other right in the face when felt the atmosphere turn cold, and he felt a very strong and very familiar pulling force - Kurogiri’s portal!?

“I’m finally letting you go, Kacchan.”




“I won’t chase after you anymore. I’m sorry for being around you. Goodbye, Kacchan.”


He watched as the other’s face slowly disappeared as he was the only one pulled into the portal as it slowly shut.




Katsuki woke up, drenched in cold sweat. He was in his room and saw what he could in the dark, nothing had been moved or touched; the photo frames were still faced down, his clothes were still hung neatly on the closet door, and it was the break of dawn outside.


He forced himself to breathe slowly and deeply - it was a dream, it was a dream - he reminded himself as he ran a hand over his head.


He gradually was able to hear the familiar sounds of crickets chirping in the night outside after his heart stopped pounding so deafeningly loudly in his ears.




… Deku just… left him…




Katsuki wasn’t sure what he was doing when he got up from his bed, moved over to his desk where his phone was plugged into a charger - and picked up the device.



He stared at his own reflection on the black screen that he could barely make out with the moonlight that came through the window for who-knows how long, before he hesitantly pulled up the messenger application and found Deku’s name.


> You: deku - 04:41


He just stared at his phone after sending out that text - his mind was completely blank.


>deku: yes, Kacchan? - 04:43


… the nerd was up… Katsuki let out a sigh that he didn’t even realise he had been holding in.


>You: meet me at the entrance of HA - 04:44


“All Might.”


Eraserhead had found the former number one hero sitting in the couch of the Yuuei office.


“Hello, Aizawa.” he acknowledged, and felt a chill when he saw the look of determination in the other’s eyes.


Eraserhead’s eyes narrowed more.


“Tell me what’s going on between you and Midoriya.” he spoke out clearly; making it very obvious to the other that he was being serious.


Yagi Toshinori froze.


“For whatever reason, the League of Villains needed Midoriya out of the picture, and Bakugou was caught up in it.” continued Shouta. “So tell me truthfully - All Might - because I know they’re up to something, and whatever it is… it's not good.”




“What is his quirk?” came another question. “His real quirk.”


“You…” Toshinori sighed as he sunk back down into the couch. “You really have to know…?”


Shouta nodded.


Midoriya Izuku - who had just gotten out of the shower and dressed himself in a simple light turquoise T-shirt and dark shorts - just stared at his phone and wondered why exactly Kacchan wanted to see him this early in the morning.


He was up early, because, one - he had gotten used to it ever since All Might gave him the 10 month training plan - and two - because the thing with Kirishima, Hagakure and Todoroki yesterday had really gotten to him.


It had been a rude awakening that these people - although they looked to similar; weren’t the people he knew - they were all ready to fight, observant of their surroundings, and were aggressive when needed.


It was a reminder that he was the alien in this world - him and Kacchan.


It had been a shock, but after the interrogation; Kirishima had convinced the rest of the three to trust in them, and the other looked quite pleased with the answers he got - which relieved Midoriya greatly.


Kacchan had left silently together with Kirishima, Hagakure and Todoroki afterwards.


Taking one last look at the conversation history with his childhood friend on his phone, he turned off the display and put his phone away in his pocket.


Pushing away the nagging feeling of worry and nervousness that settled in his gut, Izuku tried to rationalise with himself - whatever Kacchan had wanted to meet him for had to be important, as Kacchan wasn’t one to waste time doing unnecessary things.


He quickly put on his red shoes and began making his way down the 2-F block, to the Heights Alliance entrance where Kacchan had told him to be.



The blond teen was dressed in his dark blue V-neck, and black sweatpants.


“Kacchan.” he greeted the other boy as he approached from his side - the other was looking at the sun that was beginning to rise with his hands in his pockets, and had gave a grunt in acknowledgement. “... what did you call me out for?”


With the question put out there, Katsuki had let out a sigh from his nose, his tensed up shoulders relaxed as he did. He turned his head to look at the green-haired boy he grew up with.


“You…” he growled out with a frown while he stared into the eyes of the other. “You piss me off, you know…?”


Izuku had saw it best to keep quiet and let the other speak. He had seen this version - this face - of Kacchan before. He thought he’d never see it again; but it was clear on the other’s face.


He knew that look.


“... why do you have to be so important in my life…?!”


Midoriya Izuku had simply stared at the other boy, when he suddenly turned fully in his direction and began walking towards him - all the while staring at him straight into the eyes.


He could only stare as he felt his heart beat faster in anticipation, as the other became closer and closer.


… and he breathed in a gasp of shock as the blond teen wrapped his arms around him; pulling him into a hug, and he smelled something he hasn’t smelled in such close proximity for many, many years - the smell of burnt sugar; nitroglycerin


It was so familiar , so welcoming … it was something he didn’t even realised that he missed so, so much


And so, he wrapped his arms around the other, pulling him in closer, and the other welcomed it.


“You piss me off so much…” gritted out Katsuki as he tightened his hold on the other boy. “... when I see Shinsou instead of you when I turn around in class… when I look at the others and they’re so fucking different…”


“... Kacchan…” it was barely a whisper.


“This place fucking sucks , Deku…” he rested his forehead on the shorter boy’s shoulders. “... you’re the only one I know here…”


Izuku had no idea how long they stayed there, in that position, just holding each other and taking each other in; because they were the only thing that was familiar to each other, because they were the only ones who they knew.


His heart pounded hard, as he felt nervous about being so close with someone who he thought he had lost; his friend - his childhood friend. His friend that he had known his whole life and never truly understood.


“Deku… I’m…”


The other boy’s voice was soft, and hoarse - but he could make out what the other was saying because he was whispering right into his ear. The other was nervous; too, and he could hear, feel his heart beating with their chests pressed together, as erratic as his own.


“... I’m sorry…”


Midoriya Izuku’s mind went blank - with happiness; with relief, with every single emotion and more he never thought of; all rushing into his body and swishing around like a hurricane trapped inside him; threatening to rip him apart from the inside.


“... don’t leave me, Deku...”


He started to cry into the other’s warm, comfortable chest.


“... Kacchan… I won’t…”


Chapter Text

Before they knew how much time had passed, the sun had rose completely and Izuku’s alarm set for his classes rang and told him to get to class, breaking them out of their stance, and pulled Izuku’s head out from the comfort of the other’s warm, muscular chest.


This was something new. This was another new season of their relationship that just began. They were the same people they knew all their lives, but they’re now different people to each other.


Something had changed.


And so they broke their hug, and awkwardly left each other to prepare for class with an uncertainty hung heavily in the air, while also realising that they had stayed like that for nearly an hour - and neither really made the move to pull away.


Something had changed.


They still wanted to better each other. They still wanted to challenge each other. They still wanted to fight the other for the number one spot.


A new chapter. A new unknown. A new beginning.


What were they to each other now?


Yuuei Staff Lounge.


The former number one hero had brought his colleague into the one room in school he always used when talking about One-For-All; to young Midoriya, to young Bakugou, to Nezu, to Recovery Girl…


And now, Aizawa Shouta - Eraserhead.


He sat the other down on the coach as he began his habit of making green tea while he thought of how to approach the topic. The other took his offer of tea and stared at him; waiting for him to start talking.


With a cup of steaming green tea, he took a sip and set the cup back down onto the coffee table. Then, All Might sighed.


“Young Midoriya…” the retired hero began, returning the other’s eye contact. “He… inherited my quirk.”


Aizawa Shouta’s eyes widened slightly - Toshinori would have missed it if not for the fact that they were making eye contact.


The older of the two blinked and looked away to his right, staring at the yellow sky caused by the setting sun.


“My quirk is called One-For-All.” he continued. “It is a quirk created by All-For-One, and passed down by its original owner for many generations to be refined in order to defeat All-For-One…”


Aizawa silently listened - the initial shock had already dissipated from his system.


“I was the first successor to be able to actually match All-For-One in power and was finally able to defeat him.” All Might said with a sense of justice. “Young Midoriya had caught my eye -  He had proven himself worthy of this power, and had taken on the responsibility as the next successor of One-For-All.”


“... so that’s how you lost your power…” Aizawa drawled boredly as he sipped on his tea, connecting the dots in his head. “With One-For-All gone, the League of Villains have one less thing to deal with.”


All Might looked back at Eraserhead with grim.


“That’s right.”


Katsuki couldn’t focus as their English teacher - Present Mic - going on and on about grammar and text structure; not that he had to listen as he practically already studied English way ahead of time back in middle school.


He couldn’t focus because he was thinking of earlier, and the kind of reaction and thoughts that went through his mind when he hugged - embraced - the person he knew as long as he could remember - the strange sense of warmth, nervousness, relief and comfort brought by the other’s closeness.


Not to mention the feeling of being the other’s protector - the other’s hero - when the boy actually began crying in his chest and hugged him tighter just to feel more comfort .


It felt right.


He felt needed .


He had missed it: He can remember when he was the age of 5, when Deku had came over to his house unannounced, that they also hugged because Deku lost his favourite All-Might toy and the green-haired boy felt so distressed that he practically threw himself onto him and held on like he was the last thing in the world.


That day, the boy cried his entire shirt wet.


“So uh… Bakugou!” Present Mic called out in English, causing Katsuki to turn his attention on him as the teacher gestured to a sentence on the board. “What should be the correct word to put here?”


“Nevertheless.” answered Katsuki with perfect intonation, along with a tone that was certainly bored.


He glanced to his side - Eijirou had been looking at him from time to time ever since the incident - as if checking him for any suspicious movements.


He breathed in, in annoyance; rolling his eyes as he turned his head to stare out the window.


Whatever, now that him and Deku were… whatever the fuck they were now and hopefully not fighting - they had to actually form that stupid goddamn plan to get them out of this rotten hell.


He saw the heterochromatic eyes belonging to half-and-half glance at him in the subtle reflection provided by the window.


… yeah, they definitely need to get out as soon as they can.


He had thought about it for almost a week now; their escape plan, and in his head; it went something like this: Find All Might, tell him the secret, locate All-For-One, get the two One-For-All holders to take down All-For-One with their combined power, then find Kurogiri when the League of Villain falls apart and get him to open up a portal to take them back.


Or, at least, in theory; that’s how it goes - it was the most direct plan of action he could think of, but he knew getting it to work would take a fucking miracle .


But then, he had realised that he always had a walking miracle by his side - Deku.


Thinking back; that Midoriya always managed to bend reality into his favour, change the impossible and the improbable into a possibility and a certainty , and turned from quirkless to the wielder of the most powerful quirk in the world - it was ironic as hell, and his 13-year-old self would have had an aneurysm if he knew the events that were destined to happen.


The Katsuki now found it inspiring - honestly.


However, to begin, there was another problem: he found out that All Might wasn’t a teacher in Yuuei. He was instead in the frontlines of resistance against the strongest of villains, and led the forces that fought to reclaim territory from All-For-One.


“Class dismissed! Don’t forget to turn in your homework after the weekend!”


Fucking. Finally .


He caught the eyes of the red-haired boy again and felt familiar annoyance bubble up inside him as he glared at the other.


“Stop staring at me, shitty-hair.”


“Listen, Katsuki.” The other grinned in amusement as he placed a hand atop Katsuki’s desk. “I wanna help you.”


He simply raised an eyebrow in response.


“I want my friends back, too.”


Bakugou Katsuki smirked.


Even better.


Chapter Text

Kirishima and Todoroki had told them to meet them in a specific storage room in Yuuei - the one that was located in the corridor of where the classroom of 2-A was.


Izuku had received the text after waking up the next morning telling him meet them at the specified location at 10 in the morning - it was already 09:34, and he had nothing better to do, so he decided to go early and wait for the rest to arrive.


“... Kacchan…” he hadn’t been expecting the blond teen to be that early - it was only 09:38. “... good morning.”


The other teen made a noise of acknowledgement, and just looked as he closed the door, and walked into the room.


Kacchan sat on a wooden crate, and he made his way to sit close; right next to him.


It felt surreal; being able to sit so close to Kacchan again. It felt like a dream, it felt like something that he might just lose if he blinked - that it might all just disappear if he was not careful.


“What am I to you, Deku?” came a sudden, unexpected question. He noticed that the other was looking at him with a side glance.


Honestly; Izuku wasn’t sure.




Because Kacchan had taken on so many forms and faces that Midoriya Izuku had frankly, lost track of it all as they all blended into a singularity.


The many faces of Kacchan.


The one who was his playmate. The one who was his friend. The one who was his protector. The one who was his bully. The one who was his hero. The one who was his-


… his crush.


But this one was one he still doesn’t know.


“I don’t know, Kacchan.” he answered with the uncertainty between them still hung heavily in his words, and he met the gaze of the other, feeling familiar anxiousness pool in his gut. “I just… hope you don’t hate me anymore.”


He wasn’t sure when it happened, or how it happened.


Sure; Bakugou Katsuki was very, very handsome, and very very well built - but Izuku wasn’t someone who would develop feelings just because of looks. It was more of… the entire thing: how long he knew the other, how well he knew the other, how the other’s attitude never ceased to amaze him, and how the other always gave their all in everything .


How he knew the other cared for him in his own ways.


It was all very… Kacchan.


“I never hated you.”


Izuku breathed - in surprise, and relief. That was something the green-haired boy needed to hear; needed to have the confirmation from the other, and it removed a great, big, invisible weight from his shoulders.


“You just… piss me off with how you tried to be a hero.” stated Katsuki as he darted familiar glares at the other. “Without a quirk, it was too dangerous; stupid Deku.”


Kacchan’s glare lacked their usual heat, and instead was something familiar to him that helped him to relax instead - something he knew, and understood; the look was Kacchan telling him that he understood, that he no longer blamed him.


“... I know, Kacchan.” he broke eye contact to stare at his red shoes. “I… never hated you either.”


He heard the soft sound of air being puffed out of the blond’s nose in relief.




Suddenly, he felt something he didn’t see coming in a million years. A warm hand ran into his dark green head of hair and grasped on gently, and tugged it around lightly.


Izuku couldn’t help but turn his head to stare in shock at the other, who just simply looked at him with his ruby red eyes as he continued moving his hand around in his hair, grabbing, pulling, feeling - all with incredible gentleness so unlike the usual Kacchan.


“We did this when we were kids.” he simply stated, as if it was the most obvious explanation in the world - and to Deku, it was . “Your hair’s still a fucking mess…”


“Ka… cchan…”


He could feel himself leaning in helplessly , lost to touch of the other.


Midoriya Izuku was not blushing. Definitely not.


The door handle turned swiftly without warning, and Katsuki let go of the other’s hair as the two expected individuals - Kirishima and Todoroki - walked in.


Izuku couldn’t help but feel mild disappointment when the other stopped touching his hair.


“You’re trying to find Kurogiri, right?” questioned Eijirou as he sat down across the two. “The problem is, you can’t really find him since he’s one of the kingpins of the League.”


They figured as much.


Todoroki Shouto looked at them with his heterochromatic eyes. And for the first time, they realised why his face looked so plain compared to the one they knew - this one didn’t have a burn scar.


“I can get you to be able to fight up close against Kurogiri’s ranks.” said the boy. “If you can get an internship at my father’s agency.”


“There’s no way for us to go straight to All Might?” questioned Katsuki.


“Unless you’re willing to wait months for him to even take a look at your applications,” answered Eijirou, “You’re better off with working with Endeavor.”


Katsuki looked over at his side to see Izuku looking at him. The freckled boy nodded.


“Fine.” grumbled the blond, frowning as he darted his eyes towards Shouto. “What’s the fucking catch?”


“You’ll both need to be impressive enough to convince my father to take in a bunch of second years.” stated the boy impassively, looking at Katsuki first, then Izuku.


“Wait a minute…” Izuku interrupted. “Aren’t I a support student? How can I get an internship at Endeavor’s hero agency?”


“You’re a quirk analyser, aren’t you?” Shouto responded. “From what I seen of the data you are able to collect, you’re just as good as our own Midoriya. If you didn’t know; quirk analysers are highly valued; you’ll get in without issue.”


“And from what I’ve seen of Katsuki,” smiled Red Riot, earning a deeper frown from the blond. “you two probably hadn’t had as much experience as us in real fights against villains; so you’ll need to work on that.”


The blond’s eyes narrowed to slits in indignance.


“... I’ll fucking kick your ass so hard you don’t know what hit you, shitty-hair…”


All-For-One had escaped confinement.


The most dangerous and powerful villain had managed to stage a prison break out of Tartarus - with 10 reported Noumus - maybe more - breaking into the prison through a warpgate quirk, and wreaking the entire facility.


It was so sudden and so well executed, it was over within 5 minutes - with All-For-One out of prison, along with: Every. Single. Big-time, S-ranked villains still alive, and more than enough notorious villains you haven’t even heard about because they were locked up for so long.


Only three heroes had been close enough to make it to the scene; and by then, the villains were long gone, and left staring at the blown up building painted red with blood with bodies scattered all over.


And the news was received by all Pro Heroes nationwide just four minutes ago during the sunset.




This was what the plan was. They were going to stage a full-frontal attack now that the successor of One-For-All - the only one with enough power to take down All-For-One - was gone.


And to think this all began because they overlooked - assumed - how a simple quirk worked, and classified Kurogiri as a B-Class villain - as a medium threat.


Bet they certainly didn’t think that when Kurogiri escaped prison months ago with absolute ease .


Aizawa Shouta’s fists clenched in anger.


Quirk classification was bullshit - it was what caused all these mess in the first place - placing value on people based on their quirks…


He thought back to all those years ago, when he took the Yuuei entrance exam as a young teenager - his quirk wasn’t one that could help him score points easily.


He only took down one single robot - if he recalled correctly - that earned him 2 points.


But he remembered very clearly; erasing Hizashi’s - Present Mic’s - quirk because his screams were causing a building to nearly topple over from structural instability caused by a zero-pointer robot.


He saw as the sheer amplitude of his voice caused the building to vibrate and shake - and that people were trapped by the zero-pointer that parked just in front of the mentioned building.


He didn’t know at the time, having went home assuming that he failed the exam and planned to turn onto the path of vigilantism - that that had earned him 45 rescue points - from saving whoever that was about to get killed by a nearly-collapsing building.


Hizashi and him became friends after that - but he still remembered how much injustice he felt because the entrance exams were designed for people with outright offensive quirks.


Even now, years later - Yuuei still hadn’t found an alternative to the entrance exam.


Shinsou Hitoshi reminded Aizawa Shouta of himself; which is why he wanted to help the boy when he saw the determination he showed, unwavering even when Yuuei’s Hero Course turned him down; still sought another way to become the hero he wanted to be; with the quirk he was given .




With All-For-One out of prison; things are surely going to be messier from now on - All Might had predicted as much. And now, it was a matter of which side made the first move.


His phone vibrated.


‘ALERT - All Pro Heroes to log on to Pro Hero Network for a conference call immediately.’.


Just like in chess, the first player will have an advantage.


Chapter Text

A loud explosion reverberated in the large interior space of Gym Gamma, as Katsuki blasted a sudden spurt of energy to propel himself forward in an attempt to catch Izuku by surprise to land a hit right on him.


The green-haired boy was almost unbelievably fast after he learnt how to use his quirk up to nearly 30% of its power without straining his body; so it made up for his lacking reaction time as he narrowly dodged the incoming Katsuki-missile - sidestepping a distance of a bus.


But Katsuki was having none of it! He was going to kill Deku - the blond teen had also made improvements of his own, it wasn’t just Izuku who had improved!


His nitroglycerin output and control had became significantly higher than whatever it was during first year, allowing him to create way powerful explosions that rivalled the power of One-For-All at 30%.


Creating a burst on his right hand and pushing it away from his body, he avoided the kick Izuku tried to spring on him as the lunged towards him.


“So, what do you think?” Eijirou asked Shouto - who stood next to him - as they watched the couple - or at least, they assumed they were - spar.


They stood at the side of the gym; observing as the two fought. To the untrained eye; it might seem as if the two were good, but if you lived your days fighting an average of nearly a dozen murderous villains a day - you’d know the differences.


“Not too bad, but still could do with more work.” answered the dual-wielder. “Midoriya’s reaction time needs more improvement, and Bakugou needs to think more.”


“I see what you mean…” he watched as Deku barely moved in time to avoid a Katsuki flying towards him at full speed. “This Katsuki is more similar to the old one we knew back in first year, isn’t it? He fights more with his guts than his head.”


“Midoriya, on the other hand…” continued Shouto after Eijirou spoke as the named teen jumped up high into the air with his quirk, causing Katsuki to look upwards. “He makes good decisions, but he spends too much time thinking and doesn’t trust his instincts much.”


“... that’s something I’ve noticed.” agreed Eijirou. “Midoriya seems too careful. With the way he moves; I think that he might be… controlling the output of his quirk.”


“Perhaps his quirk is too powerful for his body?” asked Shouto rhetorically.


Katsuki pinned Izuku down, but the other thrashed and kicked at him violently and caused the other to lose grip, allowing him to dash a distance away from the blond.


“You think we seen enough?” Red Riot looked at the teen next to him.


Shouto nodded after a couple of seconds more observation.


“Alright, that’s enough!” shouted Eijirou, causing the two currently sparring to stop and look at him. “Midoriya - you’re against Todoroki; Katsuki - you against me.”


Time for a good old fashioned beatdown.


For education, of course.


Back in canon-land, things were pretty upbeat as usual with class 2-A.


Katsuki’s usual group of friends (or extras that always gravitate to him, as he dubbed them) - Denki, Eijirou, Hanta and Mina - had decided to eat out for dinner at a local food court - because none of them owned a cafe shop that attracted Pro Heroes to visit and fall in love with the hardworking cutie that worked there.


They had went without Katsuki - because he insisted to stay with Izuku; again, and partly because they knew the alternate Katsuki wouldn’t want to hang out with them anyway; but they still asked - just as a formality.


“Y’know.” Mina suddenly spoke up after taking a bite of her ramen. “I think the alternate Midoriya and Katsuki are definitely dating.”


Dude !” Denki exclaimed with a mouthful of hamburger. “I thought I was crazy ! You noticed it too?”


Eijirou chewed his steak and swallowed it before speaking, “I thought it was super obvious.” and continued on his food.


“You can read him best out of all of us, Eiji.” stated Hanta, grinning. “You think our Katsuki likes Midoriya?”


The mischievous question caused the other two to also grin in naughty playfulness, as they gazed at the hardening hero expectantly, excited for an answer.


“Dunno,” he replied as he began cutting another slice of meat. “He talks about Midoriya sometimes, but mostly about stuff that annoyed him or pissed him off, but now that I think about it; he talks about him quite a lot ...”


“That’s something, at least.” commented the pink girl.


“Hey!” grinned Denki, who finally spoke without his mouth full. “I’m at least sure that; Katsuki isn’t - y’know - into girls.”


Really ?” came a maybe-a-little-too-excited squeal from Mina.


“Yeah, he’s right.” confirmed the red-haired boy. “Or actually; at anything at all. He’s never spoken a word about attraction to anything other than; blowing stuff up and being number one hero.”


Maybe he’s Dekusexual.” joked Hanta.


Their table became noisy with laughter.


Deku had been worried.


But it was fine - he said - as long as he was here; as long as he could watch over his boyfriend, as long as he still stayed by his side; in his room, in his bed, in his care.


“Do you think we’ll ever go back, Kacchan?” was what the green-haired boy had asked when they tried to sleep in Katsuki’s dorm room.


His Deku was allowed to attend classes in the Support Department as he had been proven to be not of his world; and Yuuei staff had been informed of the temporary change; including their classes involved - 2-A and 2-F.


The class 2-A - and from what little of 2-F he’d seen - of this world treated Deku nicely, was polite and friendly and the boy couldn’t be happier that he was not alienated just because he was revealed to be from another dimension - Katsuki was happy for him.


This world was also… way less hostile than the one back home - Katsuki was actually able to make it through a week of class without needing to be asked to report to fight every other day.


It was almost like a vacation.


“Don’t think about it, Deku.” was what he replied. And it was true; he didn’t want the other boy to fret over things they couldn’t control. If the time was right for them to return, they will. “... you wanna go out…?”


“Go… out?”


Katsuki hugged the other boy closer as he inhaled deeply ; taking in the smell of the other that was the most familiar thing he knew.


Softly running his fingers through the other’s hair - petting him - he spoke again.


“This place is obviously less shitty than home.” Katsuki grumbled. “I can finally take you out without worrying about villains and needing to protect you - think of it as a… holiday.”


“... Kacchan…”


Deku suddenly leaned forward to kiss him with his soft lips - which was his way of saying ‘yes’ - and he gladly, naturally, kissed back - but Katsuki wasn’t one to just be satisfied with lips-on-lips. He wanted more ; he wanted all of Deku.


He shifted himself so that they could face each other more, before sticking out his tongue to lick at the other’s lips; and the green-haired boy willingly parted his lips; welcoming in his warm, wet tongue.


Deku was shy, only moving his tongue in tiny motions; but Katsuki understood and took control like he always does - and the other gladly let him have control.


They continued kissing for a few more seconds before Katsuki decided that if they continued; he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from fucking Deku into the bed; so he decided to stop and gave one last kiss to the boy he loves.


“Go to sleep, Deku. We’ll go out tomorrow.”


He felt his heart squeeze as Deku snuggled him closer and laid his head on his chest in response.


He could get used to this.


Chapter Text

Tired and sore was a huge understatement to what Midoriya Izuku felt - he felt like going into hibernation and never waking up until about a year later when he finally recovered his strength because he had just had the most intense training session he ever experienced.


He persisted, of course - as this was what Pro Heroes will eventually have to be trained for; even back in his own world, where there was not a civil war in Japan of good versus evil. Training was training and it was definitely going to be tiring no matter how many times he does it - he understands that.


Happily, though; he managed to push out thirty-something percent of One-For-All and further expanded his limits - he was getting better at controlling his power.


Their two ‘trainers’ - Kirishima and Todoroki - had left a while ago with nothing more than a few cuts and bruises, leaving Izuku and Katsuki alone in the gym to catch their breath after the extreme workout.


… to be brutally honest; their sparring was more one-sided than they imagined; and it was an eye-opening experience - a glimpse - of what kind of situation they will need to be prepared for in this world.


In their own world, the two should be around the standard - or even better - of a nearly-graduating third year class - if their experience with the Big Three taught them anything about the skill differences between seniors and juniors.


If mere second years in this world are that skilled; Izuku was pretty sure that villains are just as strong; or more - his encounter with Muscular; although then he had no choice but to fight; he decided that he will run away from a dangerous situation next time.


They gotten to fight two-on-two as well, although they have kind of, maybe, reconciled; it had done absolutely nothing for their partnership as a duo - although they could read each other well enough, they are unsure of what the other wanted or needed and often hesitated in their movements.


It turns out Hardening worked pretty well together with Fire and Ice - and this Todoroki-kun’s fire-wielding ability was stronger than the one they knew.


They’ve around two to three weeks before the Endeavour Hero Agency will open for internship applications - after the current interns’ contracts run out - for them (mostly Katsuki) to train up and get accepted in the entrance interview.


Izuku watched - from his laid down position - as Kacchan stood up.


“M’ leaving.” stated Katsuki as he took his water bottle along with his towel and began walking away.


“Wait, Kacchan!” Izuku frantically gathered all his belongings and chased after the other to walk alongside the blond.


“Why’d you follow me?” asked Katsuki before taking a drink from his bottle, stepping out of Gym Gamma into the dark night path illuminated by street lamps. “We’re gonna head to different dorms after a few steps.”


He knew that, but… he just wanted to be close to the other now; now they’re finally not at each other’s throats and could be next to each other with some understanding.


Especially since… Kacchan pet his hair this morning - and he really liked it.


“I… just wanted to walk with you.”


So they did - silently, awkwardly; as if the concrete path they walked on were eggshells - with their footsteps and creatures that lurked in the night (the classic crickets) being the only things they could hear.


Izuku continued walking regardless, and realised suddenly that Kacchan was no longer next to him walking, and had instead stopped on a spot while staring at him with an unamused look.


“That’s your dorm,” stated Kacchan as he nodded towards the building they were in front of, “shitty nerd.”




So it was.


Izuku stared dumbly at the dorm building of 2-F.


“Don’t you wanna go inside?” asked Katsuki as he gazed - with a relaxed face- at Izuku.


“I… I miss home, Kacchan.” admitted Izuku. “I miss 2-A. Our 2-A.”




Katsuki began walking slowly towards Izuku, then roughly pushed his shoulder so that he was facing the direction he walked - away from dorm 2-F - and shoved him along the path towards 2-A dormitory.




“Shut up, nerd. You’re coming to my room tonight.”


Izuku’s eyes widened in absolute shock.




“Sleepover. Not like we haven’t done it before.” grumbled the blond. “Besides, we need to keep up appearances, stupid nerd.”






Yagi Toshinori had never seen so many heroes gathered in a single place before.


Although they were not present in physical form, it was a little overwhelming to see all the heroes on the projected screen on the wall in the Yuuei meeting room - familiar faces, old friends, new professionals - they were all here.


Currently, all the Hero staff of Yuuei were sat in this very meeting room for the conference call, listening to the same old man on the biggest screen - looking near his 70s - speak - Japan’s Minister of Defense:


Mamoru Senbiki.


“I’m pretty sure all of you know by now about the incident this evening - a maximum-security prison break was executed with ease by the League of Villains, and we must take action.


All-For-One has escaped; the man responsible for the chaos of Japan many, many years ago, as some of you heard of, or may even remember - written in our history books.”


That was a long, long time ago - even before Toshinori’s time - when All-For-One’s forces were out and about, when his reign was at its most powerful; where his power ruled over Japan and people lived in fear and confusion of quirks; and turned to the man who could take and give quirks away in a heartbeat.


Only the helpless, and the desperate , went searching for All-For-One and offered themselves.


“Seven years ago, our great hero - All Might - had managed to be able to completely take down this influence of evil and dictatorship; and allowed Japan the chance to live in an era of peace again. However, now; peace is no longer a certainty - as we saw last year in Yokohama, Kamino; that All-For-One had recovered and is now back in action.


With All Might retired, we - the governing powers of Japan - would like every single of you Pro Heroes present to join the efforts in locating, and staging a full-frontal attack to the League of Villains before they can proceed with the next plan of action.


We are sure, that the League of Villains have been planning this for several months, as reported attacks of this particular group has been little since the final quarter of last year, but they are now going to return in full force - maybe even stronger than we’ve ever seen.


We would like to ask all of you Pro Heroes; especially those with your own agencies, to come together as one to form the Hero Alliance, and rest assured that it will not affect political, sponsorship and business ties.”


Toshinori was tensed up. He felt completely useless in this situation - now, as a mere quirkless human being - way past his prime.


Without One-For-All, he was all but a shell of his former self - and speaking of One-For-All; it no longer existed in this world.


“All Might.” his attention was redirected as Minister Mamoru called for him. “We would like your guidance in our plan of action. Your previous experiences with All-For-One will certainly come in useful for the fate of Japan.”


The minister stood up from his seat; his old knees shaky but still supporting, and bowed down with his head low towards his camera.


“I humbly ask you - to please, accept the position of General; in the Hero Alliance that we are about to form.”




Yagi Toshinori thought about it: as much as he hated conflict; if the heroes didn’t act first, the villains will certainly get the ball rolling for them.


All Might was the only hero here - retired or not - to have fought All-For-One in close quarters and survive the battle and even emerge victorious.


And with the long history of knowledge, along with One-For-All, passed down to him by Shimura Nana, he understood more about All-For-One than any other living hero.


This was a choice that wasn’t a question.


“I accept, Mamoru-san.”


“Thank you, All Might.” the old man expressed his gratitude, stood back up straight, and sat back down.


As much as he - Yagi Toshinori - All Might: The Symbol of Peace - hated it…


This was the beginning of a war.


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He didn’t understand anything that was going on right now.


Kacchan had taken him back into his dorm and suggested that they sleep together (yes, together, in the same bed) for the night.


His mind had gone into overdrive ever since he stepped foot into the 2-A dorm and managed to avoid detection from Aizawa-sensei and getting told off (though not avoiding any prying, teasing looks from the class as Kacchan claimed they had to ‘keep up appearances’), and took the lift up to level three where the blond’s room was.


And so, right now; Izuku was sleeping in the same bed as Bakugou Katsuki with their backs facing each other.


He… he was so close to Kacchan right now… he could hear him breathing through his nose… he could feel his body heat…


Izuku could smell him, too… the same, comforting smell from two days ago that now felt like it acquired an unknown edge - a hint of… excitement...? Spice...? - to it that attacked at his nose.


His heart was pounding so hard with nervousness - he couldn’t control it.


Midoriya Izuku had insisted earlier to sleep somewhere else - on the floor; or maybe in that sleeping bag he saw packed in a box - but Kacchan just threw him onto the bed and screamed at him to either “sleep or die, shitty nerd!”.


He had somehow came to a conclusion that whatever Kacchan was doing on was… well, Kacchan missing and re-enacting the things they done during childhood and this - an impromptu sleepover - was perhaps ; Kacchan’s way of… making up for lost time.


This Kacchan was… unfamiliar - to him; anyway.


Honestly, he was just so confused about the other’s behaviour and actions and this whole situation; that it was bad for his own heart and his rapidly growing crush (which suddenly came back with Kacchan’s closeness to him) - which apparently he didn’t get over although he thought he did years ago, especially since bully-Kacchan.


What exactly was Kacchan doing? Or feeling ?


He wished knowing Kacchan was as easy as reading through a textbook… even balancing equations was easier than this.


According to Other Midoriya Izuku’s diaries (sorry for reading them!) - his Kacchan just suddenly ; one day, declared a need to protect the ‘shitty nerd’, and kissed him all of a sudden after a minor villain attack that Other Izuku was caught up in.


He later found out that Other Kacchan had loved Other Deku - or well; discovered his feelings - since they hit puberty at around 14 years old.


His heart pounded in his ears as he wondered if Kacchan - his Kacchan - had similar thoughts as Other Kacchan


The Other Kacchan was different from his; being forcibly brought up by the need and the culture to be a protector instead of a ‘winner’ - since All Might’s fall when they were just 10 years old - allowing Other Kacchan to skip his bully phase.


It turns out quirks were valued on their applications in this world rather than sheer power due to the rise of quirk analysing specialists (which weren’t a thing in their world, therefore making him a pioneer in their world?) - he was quite surprised when Shinsou Hitoshi’s quirk were listed as one of the more useful ones - a highly applicable quirk for territory control as he could just force villains to retreat by simple holding a conversation-


“... stop mumbling; shitty nerd…” he heard Kacchan growl close to one of his ear and he felt a shiver from the sound right next to his ear. “You better fucking sleep before I knock you out myself…”


Ah. He hadn’t realised he started mumbling.


“Mm, Kacchan.” he made a noise of acknowledgement and agreement.


He hadn't realised, but he had been staring at the wardrobe right in his sight. Kacchan had always been better at catching his mumbling habits compared to any other person he knew.


Doing as the other told him to; he shut his eyelids over his eyes and tried to fall asleep.


Maybe he should just sleep and forget this all ever happened.




Kacchan said he didn’t want to lose him - the day before. The phrase ‘Don’t leave me, Deku.’ kept replaying over and over in his head - with the same amount of desperation in them as he heard the first time.


Izuku felt the same - he couldn’t even imagine Kacchan not being in his life.


Kacchan is important to him; after all.


“... Kacchan…?” he whispered tentatively.


“... fuck is it, Deku?” an annoyed groan after a sigh.


“What am I…” his heart took a dive off a metaphorical roof as he asked the same question the blond asked a day ago. “... to you?”



Izuku could only hear breathing, the shuffling of bedsheets right beside him - and the sound of his own heartbeat.


His body felt cold with adrenaline as his heart pumped his own drug-filled blood through him like a pressure-washer.


“... fucking Deku…” came a barely audible whisper that would have been unheard in any other place than this quiet atmosphere. “You. You’re fucking Deku, and you’ll always be.”




… made sense…?


… kind of…?


… or maybe not...


And before he knew it, Midoriya Izuku flipped over in his spot on the bed to see the face Bakugou Katsuki.


“You’ve always been Kacchan to me.” said the green-haired boy as he looked at the other’s amazingly handsome face.


“Of course I am.” an unamused look from Katsuki as he reached out a hand to shove the other’s head gently. “You’re not fucking mature enough to call me anything else.”


“... do you dislike it? Do you… want me to call you… Kat...tsu-”


“DON’T CALL MY NAME! Go to sleep already, shitty nerd!” shouted Katsuki as he turned his back towards him, grabbed at the blanket and pulled it over his body up to his neck.


Izuku blinked a few times as he felt a blush heating up his face.


Was… was that…


Was that Kacchan being embarrassed !?


All-For-One’s forces - and probably the man himself - were getting stronger and stronger everyday; but he - All Might - was doing the opposite and getting weaker and weaker. His power had been declining at a slow but steady rate since seven years ago, and he was getting desperate in the fight against All-For-One.


If Yagi Toshinori was unable to stop All-For-One, then who would?


He knows that he should find a successor. He knows that he should pass on the quirk that he turned stronger to someone else to carry it on and make it even stronger. He knows that all - but time was the issue. Precious, precious time; he did not have any time to stray away from defending land; much less trying to plan attacks to reclaim land.


The next target area they identified was the Fukushima prefecture of Touhoku - the area was vast and the villains lost a huge number of units - strong ones, and several Noumus - in their latest attack in the Kanagawa area, and information regarding exactly why was vague.


They all described some strange strobe-light-like phenomenon, and loud sounds of crackling and explosions; and a sudden drop of atmospheric temperature before returning back to normal in an instant - it was all very strange, and the reason for these observations were a mystery to even top-class researchers and scientists directly working for All Might.


The other thing was; they wasn’t sure if the thing that caused it was neutral or friendly towards the heroes - or even if it was an experiment of All-For-One gone wrong that turned the battle in the heroes’ favour.


All Might had hoped dearly that it was friendly; as he had a feeling that whatever that thing was, was most likely a quirk emitted by someone.


He heard three knocks on the open wooden door as he sat on the couch.


“Toshinori, the preparations are ready. We should be able to begin operations in less than two days after we get the final list of heroes joining the fight.”


“Thank you, David.”


“And about the thing I told you about.” began David Shield as he sat down onto the couch opposite All Might. “You sure you don’t want to try it? It’s almost ready.”


“My quirk is powerful, David; even though I’m getting weaker.” responded All Might. “I’m afraid I might be torn apart if I use it.”


“... maybe if I created support items to reinforce your body’s structural stability?”


“It’s a huge risk, David.” sighed All Might, looking out the window of Might Tower. “If I die; that's the end of everything. Everything we worked for, everything we believed in.”


All Might looked into the eyes of David Shield with his own set of shining, determined sapphire blues.


“That’s a risk I cannot take, for the sake of humanity.”


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The League of Villains had gone quiet again after the jailbreak. It had been 2 days, and still no sign of activities from any villains belonging to the League was found.


Yagi Toshinori sat alone in the Yuuei staff lounge early in the morning, with a stack of hero quirk information provided to him by the Hero Alliance - along with his Midoriya Izuku’s very own Hero Analysis series that he gotten a hold of from Other Izuku.


He knew the boy’s analytical attitude would come in useful ever since he saw the notebook he carried during the sludge-villain incident - the boy was meticulous in his analysis and listed down so many applications for countless quirks belonging to almost every single hero; some of the applications of which Toshinori was sure even the owners themselves didn’t know about.


With the combined sources of information, Toshinori was able to formulate drafts for attack and defense plans quite quickly for their first move - the location was still unknown, but the entire Hero Alliance were in working on it.


‘Thank you, Young Midoriya.’ he thought. ‘Even if we didn’t meet, you would have become a great asset to the hero world - the hero of the heroes…’


After a minute of panicking and another two calming his heart down after waking up in Kacchan’s bed - with the blond being nowhere in sight - Midoriya Izuku walked to pick up his phone which he was sure that it wasn’t plugged in to charge at the desk yesterday.


Perhaps Kacchan had helped him to plug it in last night without him realising it. Picking up the phone, he woke up the screen; revealing:



> Izuku, are you coming home tomorrow? - yesterday, 23:52

(2 more messages)


And an almost-full battery charge of 98%. Izuku typed in his password - a 4-digit PIN -  to unlock his phone.


It was currently 07:34.


> Auntie Mitsuki wants to invite us over for dinner - yesterday, 23:53

> She sent Katsuki a message. - yesterday, 23:53




So… was he supposed to visit his not-really-mother mother? A part of him didn’t want to, and a part of him wanted to, and another part of him missed his real mother back home in his real world.


And, did their families know about their relationship? What they’re supposed to be - boyfriends that dated for nearly seven years?


He blushed at the thought as he sat down onto the bed.


Kacchan’s phone was also on the desk. He wanted to see the message. With a heavy hand, Izuku lifted his finger and pressed on the button under the screen that would wake up the screen of the phone.


‘shitty hag’

> come back for dinner tmr i invited ur darling over and inko - yesterday, 23:34

(3 more messages)


Kacchan’s phone had no password protection. He swiped his finger across the screen to reveal the full text window.


> u better show up - yesterday, 23:34

> or ill kick your fkn ass - yesterday, 23:34

> give sweetie izuku a kiss for me - yesterday, 23:35

> u cant always show ur love by fucking him yknow - yesterday, 23:35


Blood rushed to his face when he read the last few texts.


So their relationship was out there. At least - to the school and Auntie Mitsuki; as far as he can tell.


“Don’t look at my phone, shitty Deku.”


A familiar set of red eyes glared at him.




Katsuki had just taken a shower - his hair was wet and that caused his blond hair to be droopier than his usual naturally spiky (and fluffy); explodo-styled hair. He had dried up properly and walked in only wearing his black sweatpants with his white towel hung around his neck.


“The fuck were you doing with my phone, you shitty Deku?”


Izuku tried not to stare at the other’s impressive (and sexy) body - the abs , the pecs , the broad shoulders - as he walked over to snatch his phone back to read the same text that Izuku just read.


Izuku felt a blush attack his face.


“Tch.” a squint of his eyes and a furrow of the eyebrows before quickly turning off the screen of the phone to glare at the other boy. “Shitty Deku.”


“... what is it, Kacchan?” answered back the green-haired boy.


“Text your mom.” grumbled the blond-haired teen as he put down his phone back onto the desk and drying his hair with the towel that was hung around his neck. “We’re going.”


“... are you sure, Kacchan?” asked Izuku incredulously. “We’re not in our world, and-”


“You think I’m an idiot, you shitty nerd!?” exploded Katsuki as he shouted back at the boy. “I fucking know what I’m doing! Just do what I tell you!”




“You’re awake now, so get outta here you shitty Deku!”


He didn’t have the chance to argue with Kacchan before the other literally shoved him -  roughly - out the door and slammed it shut as soon as both his legs stepped through it.


Staring at the closed wooden door one last time, he sighed and began to make his way back to dorm 2-F while pulling out his phone to send a text his mom.


Back in the world of canon where things were happier and the general public were unaware of a brewing war; another Deku and his very own Kacchan were out on a date.


But; here’s the thing - they - or, at least Katsuki - kept feeling as if someone was following, stalking and watching their every single move as they walked around in the huge, busy shopping mall of Kiyashi - Wookiees - on a Sunday afternoon.


“Shush, be quiet, Denki…!” whisper-shouted Mina as they walked amongst the crowds of the busy mall, trying to blend in. “We’re lucky that we had Kyouka help us find out the details of this date; stop doing weird things before we get caught!”


“I know, I know…!” responded the yellow-haired boy in the exact same manner as he looked over to the two a distance ahead of them. “I just wanna get a better view!”


“They’re moving!” noticed Eijirou as they saw Katsuki accepting an ice-cream cup and handing it to Izuku. “Let’s go.”


Turns out, three of the Baku-squad and followed what they dubbed the ‘KatsuIzu’ ship around in the mall since this Sunday morning, and watched their every little action - the way the blond’s hand wrapped protectively around the green-haired boy’s slim waist, and how Izuku was huddled close to the other; almost leaning onto him the whole time as they walked.


It was a strange sight for them - being used to the explosive, hot-tempered version of Katsuki instead of this sweet, loving boyfriend of a Midoriya Izuku. A very strange sight, as they usually see the opposite; with Katsuki exploding at the green-haired boy instead.


‘He’s so whipped.’ thought the stalker trio as they began to intentionally lose sight of the duo, moving to another area of the mall on their own.


“Well, I declare this trip a success!” announced the pink-skinned girl as they approached a more secluded corner. “They’re definitely fucking.”


“It’s pretty sweet.” nodded Denki with a smile while crossing his arms with his eyes closed. “Nothing strange at all, they really love each other.”


“Man, I wanna see our Katsuki being like that with our Midoriya.” grinned the red-haired boy with his sharp teeth. “He could use a note or two about how to treat his Deku right ."


With that, the trio from the Baku-squad had decided to catch a movie in the mall before going back home.


Meanwhile, Katsuki suddenly felt a lot more relaxed and smiled at his Deku as he wiped a smudge of vanilla ice-cream off his cheek with his thumb.


Smirking at the nerd, he tried his best to lick the ice-cream off his thumb as sexily as he could, extending out his sharp, long tongue, and swiping it slowly across the pad of his thumb.


… heh.


He absolutely enjoyed the reddening blush of his Deku’s cute, cute face; and he absolutely enjoyed seeing the happy smile on the other’s face as they walked together; just enjoying each other’s company.


This was so, so nice.

He could definitely get used to this.


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A series of rough, loud poundings on a wooden door announced their arrival, along with the shout of “OPEN UP THE DOOR, SHITTY OLD HAG!”.


Katsuki and Izuku were dressed casually for a dinner with their parents, as they waited for the door to open for them to be let inside.


Katsuki was dressed in his usual v-neck with a plaid shirt worn over it, with a pair of black jeans, while Izuku wore a simple white, long-sleeved hoodie (to hide his scars from the world as suggested by Kacchan), and a pair of black jeans.


“DID YOU FORGET YOUR KEYS, YOU DAMN BRAT?!” came a muffled shout from inside the house before the door opened to reveal Katsuki’s mother - Bakugou Mitsuki. “Ah, Izuku, so you actually came! Good; ‘cause we’ve made Katsudon for you!”


“Is mom here already?” Izuku felt weird about using the word ‘mom’, but somehow, he could deal with it - as technically, this Inko was his mom, after all.


“Oh yes, sweetie. She’s preparing the table now.” smiled the blonde woman before scowling at her son. “Bring your boyfriend in already, shitty brat.”


Katsuki responded with small explosions of annoyance from his hands and a roll of his eyes, before shoving Izuku into the house.


“Take off your shoes, shitty nerd.”


Bakugou Masaru, along with Midoriya Inko both set out to help prepare the table for dinner, placing cooked dishes on the table and utensils at the seats.


“Izuku!” came the familiar voice of a happy Midoriya Inko when she saw her son walk into the dining room, and she walked to her son to try and hug him. “Are you hungry yet?”


The two Midoriyas hugged while the Bakugous observed - with the younger Bakugou having a slight scowl plastered on his face as usual.


“Yes, mom.” he smiled down at her, as Inko was a few inches shorter than him.


The older Midoriya seemed to frown a little, and observed her son with a tilted head over his clothed body and lean frame.


“Did you get bigger…?”


“Ah!” Izuku panicked a little as he locked eyes with the blond teen next to him. “Yes, uh, mom. I worked out a little with Kacchan.”


“I see, that’s good!” smiled Inko at both the teenagers in front of her. “I’ve always worried that you weren’t getting enough exercise, but I see that Katsuki’s been good to, and for you.”


“He is, mom.” he replied with a smile (that perhaps came a little too naturally) before they were invited to sit down at the dinner table.


“Here’s your Katsudon, Izuku.” Inko passed the named teen his bowl of pork cutlet rice.


“Thanks, mom.”


The Bakugous and Midoriyas then sat down for a dinner at their seats; all with their own bowl of Katsudon. A single large pot of curry was placed in the centre of the table if they wanted it.


“We’ve got something to say.” announced Katsuki, before looking at Izuku next to him. “You ready?”


He nodded in response.


“You’re finally gonna marry Izuku?” teased Mitsuki, eyeing at him before leaning back into her seat and smirking. “Took you a long time, brat.”


“No, you damn hag,” retorted the younger Bakugou. “This is fucking serious.”


Green and red eyes locked onto each other.


“We’re not your sons.” declared Katsuki; causing a look of utter confusion to appear on their parents’ faces before continuing, “We’re from another world.”


“Katsuki, what are you talking about?” asked the gentle Bakugou - Masaru; and Izuku took this as his cue to roll up the sleeves of his right arm; revealing a series of scarring on his skin.


“This,” he lifted his arm up, and Inko gasped. “is proof. I’m a hero student back in my world, and I have a quirk.”


He felt guilty as he noticed that out of everyone in the room; Midoriya Inko was the one that was most visibly affected by this turn of events. He willed himself to activate his quirk, illuminating his body with sparks of green energy particles flying out from his skin.


Unbeknownst to him, Katsuki had been staring at the other as he began to completely take over the speech.


“We’re trapped here after a villain attack.” stated Izuku as he deactivated One-For-All. “We’re trying to get back as soon as we can, and hopefully return your sons back to you.”


The Bakugou parents had a stunned look on their faces, while the single parent of the Midoriya family began to cry out loudly - causing the green-haired son to panic and move over quickly to hug her, providing her with some comfort.


“I’m sorry, mom.” he said - and this time; he really meant it when he said ‘mom’.


“It’s okay, Izuku…” sobbed the mother. “It’s not your fault…”


Two Bakugous just watched the scene unfolding in front of them while Katsuki had just simply stared at the cooling Katsudon bowl laid out in front of him.


“You… you may not be my Izuku…” stated Inko after she had calmed down a little bit. “But you’re still Izuku; and you’re still Midoriya Inko’s son.”


Izuku stared sadly into her eyes.


“You don’t need to be afraid, because no matter what form you take.” smiled Midoriya Inko. “You’re still Izuku and you’re still my son.”


Izuku began to cry - and in that moment; he was reminded of why exactly he loved his mother so, so much.


Midoriya Inko will always love Midoriya Izuku; unconditionally.


And it’s the same with the Bakugou family - even though Mitsuki and Masaru treated their child differently from how Inko did with hers; when Katsuki looked into the eyes of his parents - he knew, too, that he was loved.


Their parents loved them.


Moments later, they finally ate together like one big family.




“What the fuck do you mean you’re not dating Izuku?” asked Mitsuki incredulously, then she glared at her son. “KATSUKI, you damn brat! The fuck are you doing with your life?!”


“MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS, OLD HAG!” shouted Katsuki before shoving a piece of pork in his mouth and chewing angrily.


“Izuku, sweetie.” cooed Auntie Mitsuki after chewing out her son. “Katsuki here is an idiot; so if you love him, you have to come on strong, okay?”


The green-haired boy blushed.






Midoriya Inko smiled at the exchange at looked at her son who began to eat again.


“Izuku.” spoke the green-haired mother and everyone paid attention to her. “You once told me Katsudon was your favourite food because it had Katsuki’s name in it.”


Izuku choked on his favourite food.


Chapter Text

A badge of villains were located; and they were hid out in the warehouses in Yokohama next to the docks.


Now, the issue was that nobody knew if All-For-One was in that same warehouse; or even in Japan at all - and with Kurogiri, the man might not even be in this world.


There were too many unknowns, especially with this newly discovered dimension of Kurogiri’s quirk which they originally thought was a simple warpgate: like; what does he need to do to trigger the dimension portal? Did it take a lot of energy?


The time gap between Kurogiri’s stunt on their students and the League of Villain’s prison break, was around a week; and if Kurogiri needed a week to recover, the Hero Alliance still has a few days left to strike.


That was assuming Kurogiri used another dimension portal. Under regular quirk usage; Kurogiri could open warpgates easily.


Simply put; the dimension portal was Kurogiri’s special move.


Currently, there was no way to track down All-For-One, that was the biggest issue.


Yagi Toshinori sighed in his desk.


If they attacked this group; All-For-One would be on alert, but if they didn’t, that was another group of villains to worry about later.


… so, to attack, or not…?


Perhaps it was time to consult his old teacher - Sora Hiko - or; Gran Torino.


They were sleeping together for the night. Again. It was as if the universe (this one, at least) wanted them to be together at all costs.


They told their ‘parents’ that they were not theirs, and instead of throwing them out like they expected; they made them room together for the night as it was too late at night for the Midoriyas to go back home, or for the two Yuuei students to take the train back to campus.


(… and a little because Mitsuki wanted these two idiots to get together so she insisted. Just a little .)


So, they were now currently in the bedroom of Bakugou Katsuki; submitting to their fate, with no other surface of comfortable sleep other than the single bed covered by white sheets and a black blanket, and two pillows.



“Fucking old hag…” mumbled Katsuki as he recalled his bed back in his world only having one pillow, not two - Mitsuki must have placed it there as there are no reasons to have two pillows for the blond.


Meanwhile, Izuku guessed that they were going to sleep on the same bed again.


For the second day in a row.




“Go to fucking sleep, Deku.”


So, their conversation had gone exactly the same as the day before when they slept together in the same bed - awkward and unsure and unfinished.


The blond-haired teen had laid down on the bed first, but didn’t use the blanket as he simply laid on top of it.


“Shitty Deku.” he said with a familiar scowl as he looked at him while lying down. “Are you gonna sleep or what?”


“Y… yeah, Kacchan.” he replied as he began to move towards the bed, and sat down on the edge.


Oh dear, sleeping next to Kacchan was bad for his poor heart - as everything - everything - was so intense to him: smell, heat, sight and sound.


He slowly laid down on the bed right next to the boy he grew up with until this very day, and still doing so at age 18.


But now, the silence was so awkward as Kacchan had turned off the bedside lamp; leaving removing sight out of the picture, replacing fluorescent-lit Kacchan with a moonlit Kacchan.


Midoriya Izuku disliked silence when he was with Kacchan - because they didn’t do silence.


“We’re supposed to be…” he hesitated and stopped speaking as a surge of anxiety rushed through his body eating his words.


“Be fucking what?” grumbled the other teen. “Boyfriends?”


“... yeah,” a nervous laugh. “... that.”


“I wonder why the fuck so.” stated the blond after exhaling.


“Because… we like each other…?”


A loud scoff came from Bakugou Katsuki.


“I mean-!” a panicking Midoriya Izuku. “I mean, this world’s us; they like each other!”


“I don’t like you.” came the statement, and the green-haired boy felt his own heart die a little inside him.


He needed something; anything to keep a hold onto the other boy as he turned onto his side to face the blond - and he remembered their hug a few days back.


“But… you told me to not leave you, Kacchan.”


“Tch!” Katsuki flipped onto his side to glare at Izuki. “I fucking know.”


“What if I liked you?” came the question as they now faced each other.





“Then you’re a fucking idiot for liking me.” came the response seconds later, as Bakugou Katsuki sat up on the bed to look over the boy. “Shitty Deku.”


The blond-haired teen’s face of pure perfection - like it belonged on the cover of a magazine - came closer to the green-haired teen’s freckled face when Katsuki leaned over him; revealing hurt hidden within red irises that Izuku saw easily.


“Cause why the fuck would you like me after everything I done to you…?” it came out like a whisper - like a plea.


Izuku swallowed thickly; but it did nothing to ease the heavy tension lingering in the bedroom.




“Do you actually fucking like me...?” the blond’s gaze frowned a few more degrees.


Izuku could only hear his blood pumping through his veins being hammered louding in his ears, and he couldn’t look at those intense red eyes any longer; so he averted his gaze from them, but;


He nodded.


He heard a sigh.


“... shitty Deku…”


And unexpectedly, Midoriya Izuku caught a glimpse of the other’s face right before their lips touched, and began to giggle and laugh before the other could come in close enough with his own face.


In his hysteria, he pushed the blond-haired teen away from him.


“What the fuck, Deku.” glared the blond as he felt like strangling the green-haired teen.


“SORRY, KACCHAN!” the laughter continued. “I- Haha- wait, wait…”


Somewhere further away in the corner of the room, a shout of “Cut! Take five!” can be heard.


“It was my cue to kiss you; bastard.” said the blond, unamused. “You just wasted everyone’s time.”


“I KNOW! But your face! IT WAS TOO FUNNY!”


“I’m gonna kill you.”


“WHO KISSES SOMEONE WITH A FROWNY FACE, KACCHAN!” tears gathered in his eyes. “At least look like you wanna jump me!”


“IT WAS WHAT WAS WRITTEN ON MY SCRIPT, ASSHOLE!” shouted Katsuki as he grabbed his pillow and began trying to suffocate the other boy with it. “DID YOU DO YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK?! OBVIOUSLY FUCKING NOT!”


“Mmmf! MMMMMM!”




Chapter Text

A badge of villains were located; and they were hid out in the warehouses in Yokohama next to the docks.


Now, the issue was that nobody knew if All-For-One was in that same warehouse; or even in Japan at all - and with Kurogiri, the man might not even be in this world.


There were too many unknowns, especially with this newly discovered dimension of Kurogiri’s quirk which they originally thought was a simple warpgate: like; what does he need to do to trigger the dimension portal? Did it take a lot of energy?


The time gap between Kurogiri’s stunt on their students and the League of Villain’s prison break, was around a week; and if Kurogiri needed a week to recover, the Hero Alliance still has a few days left to strike.


That was assuming Kurogiri used another dimension portal. Under regular quirk usage; Kurogiri could open warpgates easily.


Simply put; the dimension portal was Kurogiri’s special move.


Currently, there was no way to track down All-For-One, that was the biggest issue.


Yagi Toshinori sighed in his desk.


If they attacked this group; All-For-One would be on alert, but if they didn’t, that was another group of villains to worry about later.


… so, to attack, or not…?


Perhaps it was time to consult his old teacher - Sora Hiko - or; Gran Torino for his opinion on how to proceed.


They were sleeping together for the night. Again. It was as if the universe (this one, at least) wanted them to be together at all costs.


They told their ‘parents’ that they were not theirs, and instead of throwing them out like they expected; they made them room together for the night as it was too late at night for the Midoriyas to go back home, or for the two Yuuei students to take the train back to campus.


(… and a little because Mitsuki wanted these two idiots to get together so she insisted. Just a little .)


So, they were now currently in the bedroom of Bakugou Katsuki; submitting to their fate, with no other surface of comfortable sleep other than the single bed covered by white sheets and a black blanket, and two pillows.



“Fucking old hag…” mumbled Katsuki as he recalled his bed back in his world only having one pillow, not two - Mitsuki must have placed it there as there are no reasons to have two pillows for the blond.


Meanwhile, Izuku guessed that they were going to sleep on the same bed again.


For the second day in a row.




“Go to fucking sleep, Deku.”


So, their conversation had gone exactly the same as the day before when they slept together in the same bed - awkward and unsure and unfinished.


The blond-haired teen had laid down on the bed first as he owned it, but didn’t use the blanket as he simply laid on top of it on his back.


“Shitty Deku.” he said with a familiar scowl as he looked at him while lying down. “Are you gonna sleep or what?”


“Y… yeah, Kacchan.” he replied as he began to move towards the bed, and sat down on the edge first before slowing moving into the lying down position.


Oh dear, sleeping next to Kacchan was bad for his poor heart - as everything - everything - was so intense to him: smell, heat, sight and sound.


He slowly laid down on the bed right next to the boy he grew up with until this very day, and still doing so at age 18.


But now, the silence was so awkward as Kacchan had turned off the bedside lamp; leaving removing sight out of the picture, replacing fluorescent-lit Kacchan with a moonlit Kacchan.


Midoriya Izuku disliked silence when he was with Kacchan - because they didn’t do silence - so he moved into a fetal position as he felt more comfortable that way.


“We’re supposed to be…” he hesitated and stopped speaking as a surge of anxiety rushed through his body eating his words.


“Be fucking what?” grumbled the other teen. “Boyfriends?”


“... yeah,” a nervous laugh. “... that.”


“I wonder why the fuck so.” stated the blond after exhaling.


“Because… we like each other…?”


A loud scoff came from Bakugou Katsuki.


“I mean-!” a panicking Midoriya Izuku. “I mean, this world’s us; they like each other!”


“I don’t like you.” came the statement, and the green-haired boy felt his own heart die a little inside him.


Not even a little bit…?


He needed something; anything to keep a hold onto the other boy as he turned onto his side to face the blond - and he remembered their hug a few days back - filled with emotions, and truth poured out into the daylight for them both to see.


“But… you told me to not leave you, Kacchan.”


“Tch!” Katsuki flipped onto his side to glare at Izuki. “I fucking know.”


“What if I liked you?” came the question as they now faced each other.





“Then you’re a fucking idiot for liking me.” came the response seconds later, as Bakugou Katsuki sat up on the bed to look over the boy. “Shitty Deku.”


The blond-haired teen’s face of pure perfection - like it belonged on the cover of a magazine - came closer to the green-haired teen’s freckled face when Katsuki leaned over him; revealing hurt hidden within red irises that Izuku saw easily.


“Cause... why the fuck would you like me after everything I done to you…?” it came out like a whisper - like a plea. “After all I did…?”


Izuku swallowed thickly; but it did nothing to ease the heavy tension lingering in the bedroom.




“Do you actually fucking like me...?” the blond’s gaze softened a few degrees.


Izuku could only hear his blood pumping through his veins being hammered louding in his ears, and he couldn’t look at those intense red eyes any longer; so he averted his gaze from them, but;


He nodded.


He heard a sigh.


“... shitty Deku…”


And almost immediately after, he felt the left side of his face - his freckled cheeks - being touched - or caressed, even; with a gentle rub with the thumb, and the softest pinch and tug - it comforted him to know that the other cared; but his heart was still racing with anxiety.


Then Kacchan kissed him.


The crush of his life - no; love - the one who Midoriya Izuku fell in love with for as long as he could remember in his 18 years of life, was kissing him, lips on lips.


Kacchan . Was . Kissing . Him.




He was too shocked to react.


His breath hitched - no; actually, he had stopped breathing altogether after the blond had pressed his lips against his own unexpectedly.


His heart palpitated.


And then it ended. It was just a short peck - and he had no words in his vocabulary that he could use to describe it. After the shock had subsided a little bit, he couldn’t help but feel slight disappointment as the other pulled away and got back into his side of the bed.


“Go to sleep.” grumbled Katsuki as he fell back down onto the bed and pulled the blanket up to his collarbones.


“... wait-!”




The room fell silent again and nobody dared to break it as they both tried to get as comfortable as they could in the single bed.


Yes, he would go to sleep; if not for his heart beating like it was a cylinder in a sports car at max speed.



He can’t sleep now; not after that - the feeling of the other’s lips on his own still lingered on; like a floating phantom touch.


“... I really like you, Kacchan.” he whispered with his eyes closed as he tried to calm his racing heart as he waited for a response.


There came no response.