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Mistakes Of Our Past

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A badge of villains were located; and they were hid out in the warehouses in Yokohama next to the docks.


Now, the issue was that nobody knew if All-For-One was in that same warehouse; or even in Japan at all - and with Kurogiri, the man might not even be in this world.


There were too many unknowns, especially with this newly discovered dimension of Kurogiri’s quirk which they originally thought was a simple warpgate: like; what does he need to do to trigger the dimension portal? Did it take a lot of energy?


The time gap between Kurogiri’s stunt on their students and the League of Villain’s prison break, was around a week; and if Kurogiri needed a week to recover, the Hero Alliance still has a few days left to strike.


That was assuming Kurogiri used another dimension portal. Under regular quirk usage; Kurogiri could open warpgates easily.


Simply put; the dimension portal was Kurogiri’s special move.


Currently, there was no way to track down All-For-One, that was the biggest issue.


Yagi Toshinori sighed in his desk.


If they attacked this group; All-For-One would be on alert, but if they didn’t, that was another group of villains to worry about later.


… so, to attack, or not…?


Perhaps it was time to consult his old teacher - Sora Hiko - or; Gran Torino for his opinion on how to proceed.


They were sleeping together for the night. Again. It was as if the universe (this one, at least) wanted them to be together at all costs.


They told their ‘parents’ that they were not theirs, and instead of throwing them out like they expected; they made them room together for the night as it was too late at night for the Midoriyas to go back home, or for the two Yuuei students to take the train back to campus.


(… and a little because Mitsuki wanted these two idiots to get together so she insisted. Just a little .)


So, they were now currently in the bedroom of Bakugou Katsuki; submitting to their fate, with no other surface of comfortable sleep other than the single bed covered by white sheets and a black blanket, and two pillows.



“Fucking old hag…” mumbled Katsuki as he recalled his bed back in his world only having one pillow, not two - Mitsuki must have placed it there as there are no reasons to have two pillows for the blond.


Meanwhile, Izuku guessed that they were going to sleep on the same bed again.


For the second day in a row.




“Go to fucking sleep, Deku.”


So, their conversation had gone exactly the same as the day before when they slept together in the same bed - awkward and unsure and unfinished.


The blond-haired teen had laid down on the bed first as he owned it, but didn’t use the blanket as he simply laid on top of it on his back.


“Shitty Deku.” he said with a familiar scowl as he looked at him while lying down. “Are you gonna sleep or what?”


“Y… yeah, Kacchan.” he replied as he began to move towards the bed, and sat down on the edge first before slowing moving into the lying down position.


Oh dear, sleeping next to Kacchan was bad for his poor heart - as everything - everything - was so intense to him: smell, heat, sight and sound.


He slowly laid down on the bed right next to the boy he grew up with until this very day, and still doing so at age 18.


But now, the silence was so awkward as Kacchan had turned off the bedside lamp; leaving removing sight out of the picture, replacing fluorescent-lit Kacchan with a moonlit Kacchan.


Midoriya Izuku disliked silence when he was with Kacchan - because they didn’t do silence - so he moved into a fetal position as he felt more comfortable that way.


“We’re supposed to be…” he hesitated and stopped speaking as a surge of anxiety rushed through his body eating his words.


“Be fucking what?” grumbled the other teen. “Boyfriends?”


“... yeah,” a nervous laugh. “... that.”


“I wonder why the fuck so.” stated the blond after exhaling.


“Because… we like each other…?”


A loud scoff came from Bakugou Katsuki.


“I mean-!” a panicking Midoriya Izuku. “I mean, this world’s us; they like each other!”


“I don’t like you.” came the statement, and the green-haired boy felt his own heart die a little inside him.


Not even a little bit…?


He needed something; anything to keep a hold onto the other boy as he turned onto his side to face the blond - and he remembered their hug a few days back - filled with emotions, and truth poured out into the daylight for them both to see.


“But… you told me to not leave you, Kacchan.”


“Tch!” Katsuki flipped onto his side to glare at Izuki. “I fucking know.”


“What if I liked you?” came the question as they now faced each other.





“Then you’re a fucking idiot for liking me.” came the response seconds later, as Bakugou Katsuki sat up on the bed to look over the boy. “Shitty Deku.”


The blond-haired teen’s face of pure perfection - like it belonged on the cover of a magazine - came closer to the green-haired teen’s freckled face when Katsuki leaned over him; revealing hurt hidden within red irises that Izuku saw easily.


“Cause... why the fuck would you like me after everything I done to you…?” it came out like a whisper - like a plea. “After all I did…?”


Izuku swallowed thickly; but it did nothing to ease the heavy tension lingering in the bedroom.




“Do you actually fucking like me...?” the blond’s gaze softened a few degrees.


Izuku could only hear his blood pumping through his veins being hammered louding in his ears, and he couldn’t look at those intense red eyes any longer; so he averted his gaze from them, but;


He nodded.


He heard a sigh.


“... shitty Deku…”


And almost immediately after, he felt the left side of his face - his freckled cheeks - being touched - or caressed, even; with a gentle rub with the thumb, and the softest pinch and tug - it comforted him to know that the other cared; but his heart was still racing with anxiety.


Then Kacchan kissed him.


The crush of his life - no; love - the one who Midoriya Izuku fell in love with for as long as he could remember in his 18 years of life, was kissing him, lips on lips.


Kacchan . Was . Kissing . Him.




He was too shocked to react.


His breath hitched - no; actually, he had stopped breathing altogether after the blond had pressed his lips against his own unexpectedly.


His heart palpitated.


And then it ended. It was just a short peck - and he had no words in his vocabulary that he could use to describe it. After the shock had subsided a little bit, he couldn’t help but feel slight disappointment as the other pulled away and got back into his side of the bed.


“Go to sleep.” grumbled Katsuki as he fell back down onto the bed and pulled the blanket up to his collarbones.


“... wait-!”




The room fell silent again and nobody dared to break it as they both tried to get as comfortable as they could in the single bed.


Yes, he would go to sleep; if not for his heart beating like it was a cylinder in a sports car at max speed.



He can’t sleep now; not after that - the feeling of the other’s lips on his own still lingered on; like a floating phantom touch.


“... I really like you, Kacchan.” he whispered with his eyes closed as he tried to calm his racing heart as he waited for a response.


There came no response.