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Mistakes Of Our Past

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“An attack in the Kanagawa prefecture - Fuji! We need backup there, now!”


“Dammit.” cursed the class teacher under his breath, as he brought up his left hand and fiddled with the touch-screen communicator. “Class is cancelled; we need to move - now!”


Class 2-A immediately stood up, alert and followed Aizawa Shouta’s quick pace out of the classroom.


Raids for control over territory were getting more and more frequent. With All-For-One’s forces getting more and more powerful every day, the freshly promoted class 2-A of Yuuei seemed to have less and less breaks between fights.


It was not just in Yuuei where students enrolled into hero course had to give professional heroes backup; every single school offering a hero course in the country had their students available to providing backup to pros defending ground as soon as they passed the provisional license examinations.


“Bakugou, contact Midoriya.” ordered Shouta, as the blond teen ran behind the pro. “We need all the information we can get on the villains.”


Nodding, he use the speed dial function on his phone as he boarded the minibus that would take them to Kanagawa.


Hopefully the hero forces situated in Kanagawa can hold off the League of Villains for long enough for them to arrive and provide additional firepower.




“Hello...?” a sleepy voice answered. “...Kacchan?”


Katsuki internally sighed as he realised the other just woke up in the dorm.


“Deku, another fucking attack - in Fuji. Drone footage from the scene should be sent to you soon.”


“Ah!” Katsuki winced as he heard the other on the phone falling over. He could literally imagine the look on Izuku’s freckled face (sleepy, in a daze, and generally wanting to fall back asleep). “I’m fine! I got it, I’ll send you the details as soon as I can figure them out!”


“Take care of yourself, idiot... I’ll call you after.”


Meanwhile, in the familiar land of canon , attacks from the League of Villains on Midoriya Izuku’s class - the fresh Yuuei Class 2-A - were frequent and dangerous; all part of the day of being a beloved main character.


While they were trying to get through the second week of school without any incidents, a familiar, midnight-purple warpgate opened up right in the forest grounds they were in while on a camping trip to Kanagawa - specifically; in the Mount Fuji area.


Some of the class even groaned at the interruption - namely: Mineta Minoru and Kaminari Denki.


With green electricity-like flares flying around his body as he channelled full cowl towards what felt like 23% - trying to push his limits further - Deku used his legs to push himself forward in one swift movement as he accelerated quickly towards the villain he was charging towards - who seemed to have a quirk to amplify the size of his entire body; with how huge his entire body was.




And suddenly, Bakugou Katsuki was also charging for the very same villain; producing an earth-shattering explosion.


Izuku had managed to get a few kicks in, before hearing a familiar gritty, anger-filled voice that screamed at him to “Get your own villain to fuck with, shitty Deku!”, as more explosions ensued as the large villain was quickly taken (read: mowed) down by the combined forces of the Wonder Duo - as All Might dubbed them - collapsing into the ground heavily with a loud thump.


Feeling a sweatdrop, Izuku gave a sheepish grin to the boy while he landed - who shot him a glare (and a slight pout that is only noticeable to the one that knew him since they were practically babies) in response - before he engaged other enemies.


A group of villains walked by as per the command from Shinsou Hitoshi - who was recently transferred to their class - to - quite literally - “fuck off”.


Izuku laughed at the sight as he ran past, as the other boy simply shrugged in response while lazily looking at him in the eye, as if saying: ‘hey, might as well use the quirk since I have it.’.


“Don’t get distracted, Deku!” reprimanded Eraserhead gruffly while he had managed to bound a villain in his capture scarf. He referred to Izuku by his hero name when working as a professional.


With the entirety of Class 2-A instinctively kicking into action with the aid of their experience during previous attacks, internships, and also the help from Eraserhead; the number of villains left standing steadily went down.


This group of villains were easier to deal with than the previous ones they encountered last year.


The entire fight lasted no more than 7 minutes.


“And that’s the last of ‘em!” shouted Eijirou as he delivered his final blow: a fully hardened, right handed punch - straight into the face of the final villain standing; effectively knocking them out with a crunch.


The portal they came in was still open.


The hero course students eyed the warpgate warily.


“Nobody gets close to that portal, understood?” warned their teacher as he grabbed his phone. “I’ll be calling in reinforcements to handle this. All of you will head back to the cabins.”


The class nodded while some hummed in agreement. They knew better than to go against their teacher’s wishes; being caught in similar experiences before.


“Everyone, gather here and we’ll head back to the bus!” Iida was quick to pick up after Shouta’s instructions; eager to get his classmates out of danger as soon as he can.


They began to walk back to the direction where they could find their transport - a minibus - while Eraserhead briefed their chairperson on what to do when they arrive back in Yuuei.


In the back of the line, a short distance away from the main group, was where Izuku and Katsuki were, and the green-haired boy looked at the boy he known since young.


The blond boy seemed to suddenly have trouble moving forward and locked eyes with the other who was previously staring at him.


“... Kacchan...!?” Izuku called out worriedly, noticing the way the other was trying to ground himself with whatever grip he had on his shoes, and the emotions his eyes held.


Those eyes .


He ran towards Katsuki on instinct.


Then, he felt it too:


The pull. The strong, overwhelming pull acting on his body - like another force of gravity amplified five times - towards the warpgate.


“... fuck off, Deku...!” Katsuki struggled to speak as he fought for control, while seemingly trying to push the other boy away when he approached.


Their shoes slipped as whatever little grip they had left was overpowered.




Hearing the Midoriya boy’s scream, Shouta’s brief for Iida was cut short, as his attention was now caught by two of his students clutching on to the thick branches of a forest tree as the portal violently tried to suck them in.




Activating his quirk on instinct, his eyes began to glow red menacingly as he stared directly into the portal.


The rest of class 2-A also began to feel the pull, as it became stronger and stronger. Shouto -  reacting quickly - conjured a wall of ice to prevent the rest of his classmates from getting sucked in without blocking the line of sight their teacher had on the portal.


Izuku’s grip slipped. He was quickly pulled in by the vacuum as his head smashed into Katsuki’s and causing the other to also lose his hold, and they were both flung into the portal like ragdolls.




The portal shrunk, and shrunk, and shrunk.


He watched as his two students flew right into the warpgate, the portal finally closing and disappearing as the dark clouds swallowed them up.


It had been hours.


Kirishima Eijirou have sat by the two hospital beds as soon as they were found and brought in. The two were found lying unconscious on the battlefield - which was the city in Kanagawa.


The other members of Class 2-A have already returned to the campus back in Yuuei, as Eijirou and Shouto both offered to stay behind to keep an eye on the two in case they woke up.


Aizawa-sensei had allowed them to.


A few hours ago, hero forces were putting in all their efforts into suppressing the villains from taking over more grounds, with powerful quirks being used, and property being damaged in the crossfires.


Right when a sudden, bright white flash - infinitely brighter than the sun - blinded everyone in the vicinity, and left everyone disorientated.


The heroes - pros and students - have immediately jumped on the chance to use that moment of shock to their advantage and turned the battle hugely in their favor, fiercely dominating the battle and forcing the villains to retreat with whichever wounded soldier they could rescue.


The forces, along with their backup, had managed to fight back hard enough to maintain control of the prefecture, and the two familiar friends of his were quickly brought to the nearest hospital as soon as they could.


Class 2-A were quite confused when they saw the green-haired boy - Midoriya Izuku - laid down right next to Bakugou Katsuki, both of them unconscious.


Midoriya Izuku had no reason to be there; he was a support student - specifically, majoring in Quirk Intelligence, analysing quirks and their applications; and he was the best student in his major with no close second.


What was a support student doing out in the field - decked out in a hero costume; of all things?


The thing was, nobody even noticed Izuku arriving or being near Kanagawa at all, right until that point in time - Katsuki even complained to him that “the shitty nerd just woke up, I swear I’m gonna put him to bed early tonight!”


… so, how?


So he sat there; thinking, and thinking, and thinking .


The red haired teen had been thinking ever since the two have been admitted safely into the nearest hospital - which luckily, have not been damaged.


Katsuki and Midoriya had both suffered superficial injuries - which were to be expected. However, according to the doctors; the two were knocked out from the exact same reason, at practically the exact same time :




And minor head trauma.


However, not just that; he had noticed the huge scars that ran down Izuku’s arms that he didn’t remember being there before, when they met just two days ago - also, the green-haired boy looked more muscular than he remembered.


This did not make sense at all.


Todoroki Shouto seemed to share the same notions with him as they both glanced at each other, noticing that they both - perhaps - displayed the similar expressions of worry and confusion on their faces.

What really happened out there today…?