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The Unknown

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They kiss tenderly at first softly not wanting to escalate things to quickly but then Penelope bites Josie’s lip and Josie lets out a moan making Penelope lose control and push Josie back onto the blanket leaning over her never breaking their kiss.

After a few moment lying in this position still kissing Penelope Josie becomes frustrated. She wants to feel more. She want to be able to touch more of Penelope and can’t because she’s lying underneath her. She groans into their kiss and turns them both around in one smooth motion surprising both herself and Penelope.

“I’ve got to say I really like this side of you,” Penelope mumbles in between kisses enjoying being the one underneath Josie while Josie runs her hands all over her body. Josie doesn’t respond. She just kisses Penelope deeper making the other girl groan.

A few minutes into the heavy make-out session Penelope notices the fire has grown exponentially.

“Uhh Jo Jo?” She asks confused in-between the kisses she’s bestowing on Penelope’s neck.

“Mmm?” Josie hums into their kiss.

“Are you still manipulating the fire?” Penelope asks breaking Josie out of her trance and making her stop kissing Penelope’s neck. Josie sits up abruptly and looks at the fire which is now double the size it had been when they started kissing.

“God! I must be,” Josie says panicking a little trying to regain control of herself and her heavy breathing to get the fire back down.

“It really is beautiful,” Penelope says watching the fire slowly shrink as Josie regains control of herself. Penelope regrets that they lost the moment they were having but at the same time she’s glad that they had to slow down. She wants to get things right with Josie this time and doesn’t want to go too fast. As the fire shrinks down to the size it had been before the kissing Penelope gets the urge to touch it.

Josie stops her with a hand on her wrist and says: “What do you think you’re doing? It’s fire Penelope. It’s dangerous.”

“I know it can be,” Penelope agrees. “But I’m getting the strange feeling that it’s not right now,” she adds still looking at the fire.

“It’s hot! You’ll get burned.”

“If I’m right I don’t think it will. Please let me try Josie. Trust me to try,” Penelope pleads unsure of why she’s feeling this way but she can somehow sense that she could touch the fire and not get hurt by it and if that’s the case then maybe Josie can feel a little better about her powers. Josie releases Penelope’s wrist with a reluctant sigh knowing the other girl is going to get burned by her fire but also knowing that the other girl is too stubborn to not try it.

She watches Penelope reach out to the fire and gently touch the ends of it with the tips of her fingers but instead of the pained hiss she’s expecting Penelope’s smile grows as she suddenly reaches into the fire completely without any signs of pain.

“How are you doing that?” Josie asks confused.

“I’m not,” Penelope says shaking her head with a little laugh. “You are. You’re still in control of the fire and you don’t want to hurt me so it doesn’t. To me it just feels warm.”

“It does?” Josie asks looking at the fire in wonder. She had been so sure that she was going to hurt someone with this new power but now it seemed that she could control it. That she could choose not to hurt someone but just warm someone.

“It does,” Penelope confirms taking her hand out of the fire again. “Now you don’t have to worry so much Jo Jo. Your fire does what you want it to do.”

Josie smiles at Penelope and leans in to give her a quick kiss.

“Thank you,” she says as they break apart again.

“I should be saying that to you for this date,” Penelope remarks smiling at the other girl.

“You liked it?”Josie asks needing the confirmation.

“I loved it Josie. Thank you,” Penelope says hugging Josie and placing a small kiss on the other girls neck smiling when Josie shivers in response.

“We should be getting back though,” Josie says the regret obvious in her voice.

“We should,” Penelope agrees folding the blanket while Josie puts out the fire.

“You know I’m going to have a hard time topping this for our next date,” Penelope remarks as they walk back towards the school.

“Our next date huh?” Josie asks unable to keep the grin off of her face. “You haven’t asked me if I wanted another date,” she adds teasingly.

“You’re right,” Penelope says and she puts the blanket down on the stairs of the school building watching Josie put down the basket and then taking her hands and leaning in closely.

“Josie would you do me the honor of going out on another date with me?” She asks softly smiling teasingly stealing a quick kiss from Josie’s lips.

“I would love to,” Josie confirms with a beautiful smile before surprising Penelope by leaning in and kissing her soundly.

They lose track of time again and stand there kissing for a few minutes before they’re interrupted by a soft cough.

They break apart quickly and are both in shock when they see who has caught them.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Caroline says sounding amused looking at her daughter and Penelope. “This is a surprise,” she adds raising her eyebrow at her daughter making Josie blush.

“First date,” Josie mumbles before breaking out of her shock and launching herself into her mother’s arms.

“I see,” Caroline says hugging Josie closely to her glad to be back. “Like I said it’s a surprise,” she repeats as she releases Josie and looks at Penelope who can’t seem to take her eyes of her daughter. Caroline softens at this and adds: “It’s not a bad surprise however.”

Penelope seems to start at that and looks at Caroline with surprise.

“You still look at my daughter like she hung the moon and the stars. I can’t object to that,” Caroline says with a shrug looking at a reddening Penelope with a grin.

“Mom!” Josie groans embarrassed. “You’re not allowed to come back and embarrass me in front of my girlfriend,” she says making Penelope shoot her a surprised but pleased look.

Penelope hadn’t expected Josie to call her ‘her girlfriend’ but she can’t deny that she likes the sound of it and would like nothing more but to be Josie’s girlfriend again.

“I am if I catch you making out in front of the school,” Caroline counters with a grin. “Now how about we go inside and I’ll go find your father while you and Penelope can end your date in peace.”

Josie nods taking Penelope’s hand and follows her mother into the building.

“So that was unexpected,” Josie says once they’re inside and her mother has walked off towards her father’s office. Josie can feel the nerves running through her. She can’t believe she just called Penelope her girlfriend in a conversation with her mother without having a conversation with Penelope first.

“Your girlfriend huh?” Penelope asks with a teasing grin having been unable to think of anything else since Josie uttered those words.

“I…” Josie hesitates not wanting to take the words back even though they hadn’t talked about it. “Yes. My girlfriend. If you want to be,” she adds hesitantly.

“I would love to be,” Penelope confirms squeezing Josie’s hand in reassurance. “I would love to kiss you again too but I think I’ll lose track of time again and your mother is just going to catch us for a second time and I have a feeling that would make her insufferable,” Penelope adds.

Josie nods but steps closer to Penelope anyway. She kisses Penelope softly just once before taking a step back and saying: “Goodnight Pen. Thank you for coming with me tonight I loved it.”

“Goodnight Jo Jo,” Penelope says smiling softly at the other girl. “Sweet dreams,” she adds teasingly as she walks away towards her room.


“Caroline!” Alaric exclaims surprised as the blonde walks confidently into his office.

“Alaric,” Caroline replies with a grin accepting the hug Alaric bestows upon her.

“I wasn’t expecting you. I mean I was expecting you. But sooner actually. I thought you would have come back the moment we had confirmation that Josie gaining new powers would cancel out the Merge.”

“I wanted to come back sooner but Josie getting those powers and becoming an Unknown sounded ominous. It raised a lot of questions and I wanted to gain some more information before returning.”

“Did you?” Alaric asks hopeful given that his search had been less than satisfactory.

“I did but it wasn’t easy. I met an immortal that may be of some help to us. He apparently met this queen of the Unknown a few decades ago. He was willing to tell me more about her and her powers.”

“Did you tell him about Josie?” Alaric asks hesitantly unsure if they should trust an outsider with that kind of secret.

“Of course not,” Caroline replies rolling her eyes. “I did invite him to stop by the school though. I wanted him to meet you as well. We can hear him out and then decide if he can be trusted with Josie’s secret.”

“Do you know what kind of gift he has?” Alaric asks.

“No, that’s also why I wanted you to meet him first.”

“I don’t like knowing so little about someone before inviting them into our school,” Alaric sighs. “But I don’t think we have a choice. My research has yielded little in terms of usable information and given that we had an intruder last night this is urgent.”

“An intruder?” Caroline asks her eyes narrowing.

Alaric sighs not looking forward to telling the blonde that there had been an unknown man inside the room of their daughters.

“Mom!” Lizzie calls out interrupting the conversation and running towards her mother to give her a hug. Josie walks into her father’s office as well opting to hang back to give Lizzie a moment with her mother. “Are you back?” Lizzie asks excited.

“I am sweetheart,” Caroline murmurs into Lizzie’s hair before motioning towards Josie to join their hug. Josie doesn’t hesitate and joins her mother and sister in a group hug.

“And you’re going to stay?” Lizzie asks hesitantly as if expecting Caroline to disappear in front of her eyes.

“I am,” Caroline says nodding. “I kind of have to. Your sister seems to have gotten herself into some trouble,” she adds looking at Josie with a grin letting her daughter know she’s teasing her.

Josie rolls her eyes and says: “It’s not like I went looking for it. Besides I figured something out tonight. Well actually Penelope figured it out.”

“Are you sure we’re going to want to hear this?” Lizzie asks as if expecting Josie to share intimate details about her relationship with Penelope and not looking forward to it.

“Lizzie!” Josie groans embarrassed at the implication. “It’s about my powers.”

“What about your powers?” Alaric asks.

“Apparently I can control this fire thing a little better than I expected. Penelope had a feeling that she could touch the fire I created and well you know how she is. Once she’s convinced about something there’s no stopping her so she tested her theory. She touched the fire and it didn’t burn her. She said it just felt warm,” Josie replies.

“Warm? How is that possible when you killed that guy with it?” Lizzie asks bluntly making Josie wince at the memory of it.

“Penelope seems to think it was because I didn’t want to hurt her. She thinks I have control over what the fire does,” Josie replies.

“Fascinating,” Alaric breathes out. “She might be right. We’ll have to test it in our next practicing session,” he adds excitedly making Caroline roll her eyes again.

“Right girls. It’s getting kind of late so maybe you two should be going to your room. Tomorrow we’ll probably have a visitor and I want him to meet the two of you. Besides your dad and I have some catching up to do,” Caroline says narrowing her eyes at Alaric making him remember that she hadn’t forgotten that he still needed to tell her about the intruder.

“Alright mom,” Lizzie sighs a little disappointed that they weren’t allowed to stay a little longer.

“Don’t worry sweethearts. I’ll still be here tomorrow,” Caroline says reassuringly kissing both Josie and Lizzie on the top of their head.

“Goodnight girls,” Alaric murmurs as he hugs both of his daughters before they walk out of his office.

“Tell me about this intruder that Josie apparently needed to kill,” Caroline demands looking pissed off and making Alaric gulp before launching into the story.