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The Unknown

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Chapter six

Another week filled with school and training later Josie felt like jumping out of her skin. The anxious feeling burning underneath her skin had been growing steadily every day but Josie was getting used to ignoring that. She had promised her dad that she wouldn’t try and use the blue fire and she was going to keep that promise.

Making things worse Penelope had upped her game and was teasing Josie masterfully and Josie was just about ready to melt in a puddle at her feet. It wasn’t that Penelope was putting pressure on her or anything but when Josie was near Penelope always found a way to brush up against her or whisper a teasing comment in her ear which was driving Josie crazy in the best of ways but was also really distracting.

Something that was proven just a few moment ago when Hope landed her on her ass easily because Josie was too busy thinking about how good Penelope smelled earlier when she brushed against her while leaving the classroom.

“What is with you today Josie?” Hope asks amused as she helps Josie up.

“Nothing,” Josie grumbles.

“Don’t say it’s nothing. It’s obvious you’re distracted.”

“Have a lot on my mind I guess,” Josie sighs.

“Unknown things or Penelope Park things?” Hope asks with a teasing smirk.

“Hope,” Josie groans.

“What you don’t think I noticed you guys are getting closer again?”

“Let’s not talk about that,” Josie pleads making Hope roll her eyes.

“Okay let’s talk about the Unknown thing then. Have you tried testing out any new powers you may have besides testing your physical limits by getting your ass kicked by me?”

“Ugh you’re so annoying!” Josie exclaims throwing a twig in Hope’s direction.

“No I’m not,” Hope says still smirking at Josie before turning serious and adding: “I just know you can do a lot more than this. I can feel it somehow and I can’t deny that I’m really curious.”

“What do you mean you can feel it?” Josie asks confused.

“I don’t know. When I’m near you now I can feel you’re different. I can feel you’re a lot more powerful than before. You also seem more confident in a way,” Hope replies shrugging.

Josie’s eyes widen as she realizes Hope seems to notice a lot.

“My dad asked me not to test any of my new powers yet,” Josie mumbles a little embarrassed and blushing slightly.

“I think that’s a mistake. These powers are a part of you now and it would be good for you to know exactly what you can and can’t do. Besides you’re one of the most capable witches around here I’m pretty sure you can handle it.”

“I am?” Josie asks surprised at the compliment.

“Of course the rest of them are losers so don’t let it get to your head,” Hope adds smirking and winking at Josie making the other girl roll her eyes.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Josie says. “Thanks for the vote of confidence though.”

“Don’t mention it. You’ll figure it out Josie. No worries. Come on let’s go again. I’ll go easy on you this time.”

“Oh I’m getting you for that,” Josie grumbles.


“No training today Jo Jo?” Penelope asks brushing against Josie as she passes her to go sit on the edge of a couch. Josie was standing in a quiet corner of the school’s library looking for something to read and quietly minding her own business.

“Nope,” Josie replies not meaning to be short with Penelope but knowing the other girl was just going to drive her crazy again.

“What are you looking for?” Penelope asks changing the subject while hoping off the sofa and walking towards Josie. “Maybe I can help,” she adds leaning into Josie and whispering the offer to help in her ear.

Josie momentarily closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She tries to ignore Penelope’s closeness. She tries to form a reply but the other girl has been teasing her for way too long now and all those teasing remarks and moments are now at the forefront of Josie’s mind making her lose it.

She abruptly turns around facing a clearly surprised Penelope who opens her mouth to say something but Josie doesn’t give her a chance. She can’t hear one more teasing remark so she takes advantage of Penelope’s half open mouth and kisses her without hesitation.

Penelope lets out a surprised sound that turns into a moan just seconds later. Josie is enjoying having the upper hand for once and pushes it a little further by gripping Penelope by the waist and turning them both around so she can push Penelope back into the bookcase making Penelope groan.

Meanwhile Penelope is lost into the kiss. She isn’t quite sure when she lost control of the situation but to her surprise she doesn’t care in the least. She’s surprised to discover she quite likes this side of Josie and she’s even more surprised to find that she likes being shoved against this bookcase and being kissed senseless.

They don’t know how long they stand there just kissing each other but their moment comes to an end when a group of students comes closer making a lot of noise. They stand there both breathing heavily staring at the other.

“So…” Penelope starts hesitantly. “Should I apologize?”

“Why?” Josie asks smirking finding Penelope’s uncharacteristic hesitation humorous. “I’m pretty sure I’m the one who started that.”

“Right,” Penelope replies nodding in agreement.

“And I’m not sorry,” Josie says smirking and blushing slightly.. She isn’t the least bit sorry. After all the stress of the last days and the teasing nothing had felt better or more right than kissing Penelope.

“Look Pen… I know I said I needed time and that we should wait but I’m getting the feeling that if we wait until I figure this whole Unknown thing out that we’ll be waiting for forever,” Josie starts making Penelope frown at her in confusion.

“So I guess I’m saying that maybe we should talk instead of waiting?” Josie half says half asks.

“Talk?” Penelope asks hopefully. “Sure we could do that,” she continues smiling softly at Josie.

“But maybe not tonight?” Josie says hesitantly not wanting to disappoint Penelope but feeling as though she really wants some rest before they really talk.

“Okay,” Penelope replies hesitantly feeling as though she’s going to be asked to wait again.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I feel completely drained right now,” Josie says genuinely feeling sorry. “Tomorrow maybe? I don’t have any training this weekend so we could get together around lunchtime?” Josie suggests knowing Penelope likes to sleep in on the weekend.

“Tomorrow?” Penelope repeats surprised that Josie wants to talk so soon. “I can do tomorrow,” she says smiling brightly at Josie.

“Tomorrow it is then,” Josie responds smiling back at Penelope before realizing it’s getting late and she’s feeling really tired.

“Until tomorrow,” Josie says softly leaning into Penelope and kissing her cheek making the other girl inhale sharply and blush a little.

“Sleep well Jo Jo,” Penelope replies softly as Josie walks away from her towards her room.


“Where’s Josie?” Lizzie asks shooting an annoyed look at Penelope who’s still sitting on the sofa near the bookcase where Josie left her.

“Not here,” Penelope replies smirking arrogantly at the blonde knowing that riles her up.

“If I were you I wouldn’t look so smug. You don’t find it a little suspicious that Josie’s newfound interest in you just happens to coincide with her getting new powers. She’s not really acting like herself lately wouldn’t you say?” Lizzie says making Penelope think about Josie’s behavior as of late. It wasn’t really in Josie’s character to be so assertive. She hadn’t been like that with her in the past.

Lizzie smirks knowing she had hit a nerve with the other girl.

“Yeah I’m pretty sure that whatever’s going on with Josie is caused by her getting those powers and it’s probably temporary. So if I were you I wouldn’t get used to the version of her that actually wants you.”

Penelope’s thoughts race. She wants to say something hurtful and mean but can’t seem to form the words.

“I’ll leave you to ponder that,” Lizzie says cheerfully before walking off in the direction of the room she shared with Josie. Penelope watches her leave frowning. Did the blonde have a point? Was Josie’s closeness to her a symptom of getting new powers and being possessed or something?

Penelope sighs not knowing what to think but realizing that the talk Josie suggested might be more crucial than she realized.


Hours later in the middle of the night Lizzie awakens from a bright light coming from Josie’s side of the room.

“Jo. Turn the damned light off,” she grumbles opening her eyes and releasing a loud terrified scream at what she sees.

At the foot of the bed where her twin sister is still asleep there’s a man dressed entirely in black. There’s some sort of light that’s surrounding Josie and it looks like bright strings coming from Josie and floating towards the man. Lizzie notices the man has a pale face and dark eyes which are currently trained on her. Lizzie opens her mouth to scream again when the man lifts his arm towards her making Lizzie fly back against the wall with an oomf. Lizzie lands on the floor having had the breath knocked out of her and bracing herself for another attack when she sees Josie sitting up looking barely awake but her hands are on fire. Blue flames surround Josie’s hands and that’s when Lizzie notices the man standing at the foot of Josie’s bed is on fire! The blue flames are surrounding his torso and he’s screaming as he drops to his knees.

Alaric, Hope and Penelope storm into the room just as the man seems to turn into ash and the room descends into silence except for Josie’s loud and heavy breathing. The only light in the room is coming from Josie’s hands which are still engulfed in blue flames.

“I…” Josie starts wanting to say something to her dad who is looking at her with wide eyes. The flames grow brighter. “I can’t I’m sorry,” Josie says knowing she can’t suppress the uneasy feeling within her anymore and needing to let it out. Josie hops of her bed and walks towards the window. She looks down hesitating only briefly before jumping out the window hearing Alaric and Penelope call out her name but unable to stop.