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Ten Seconds

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His fingers curl around her neck, pressing, closing.


She screams, it hurts worse than his palms pressing against her throat.


Lungs burning as hands continue to squeeze tighter and tighter. Blue eyes burning with emptiness and anger as she struggles.


Kicking, scratching, screaming- pieces of him catch and stick under her nails. Her head spins and pressure builds, dark spots blink in her periphery.


The pressure builds against her carotid arteries; more pain, worse than anything else, as they begin to tear- blood spilling into arterial walls. She continues to scream one side of her body going numb.


He lifts her into the air, one hand still clawing for release the other hanging limply by her side. Everything hurts, he's too strong. He slams her against the control panel earning him a sickening crunch she can't hear. The new pain blurs together with the old the same way her vision does, she can see only him now. She's still screaming.





He releases her and she falls to the ground with a thud her blood pooling around her. There is no more struggling, no more pain, no more anything. He stares down at her and she stares back at him unseeing. She isn't screaming anymore so he falls to his knees and screams for her.