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And the [Prop-Tony] Tropes Just Keep On Coming

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This is a revisit. I find it funny how in post-Civil War fandom prop-Tony folks were saying Steve should have signed because Tony said they could "iron out the details later" and change the Accords.
Well, Infinity War proved just how much of a liar Tony was.
What if he lied to more than just Steve?


Rhodey frowned as he watched Tony work on an upgraded set of leg braces. After a moment he cleared his throat and asked, "So, Tony, what are the lawyers saying? How's it look?"

Tony froze, then grabbed a greasy rag to polish the joint in his hands. He said, "Uh, yeah, um, about that..."

"Tony, what aren't you telling me?" Rhodey asked as he shifted forward on his current braces. He tried to look at Tony's face as Rhodey asked, "You ARE getting the Accords amended, right?"

He shook his head and continued, "You said that after the signing that you'd file paperwork, try to get things straightened out. You said it was no big deal--"

"I know what I said!" Tony yelled as he flung the machinery onto the workbench. He crossed his arms and said, "It's not that simple, Rhodes. You know politics."

Rhodey stared at Tony and said, "I also thought I knew you. I trusted you..."

As he turned away to shuffle out the door, Rhodey thought he heard Tony say, "Well that was your first mistake."