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love by any other name

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You know you really don’t have clearance for the barracks, right.


Don’t I? Weird. I mean, they ARE named after my grandfather.


Stop being so smug and rich.


Never. ETA 1 hour, by the way.


Do you not have anything else to do with your life?


Well, technically, I do have a banquet to attend right about in, oh yes, one hour.


Using me to avoid eligible bachelorettes again? I’m more than just your marital shield, Hyeon.

More to the point, I’m on call and there’s not exactly a shortage in predicted breaches for tonight.


It’s fine, I can entertain myself while you’re out.


Again, you don’t have clearance.


Again, have you washed your sheets yet.


I’ve literally spent the last 8 nights on call?

So, that's a no


It's not a yes.


Fine, you big bully, I’ll do them.



They’re gross.


You’re gross.


Love you, too. 



Seriously? For the first time? Over text?


…it just slipped out??


See you soon?




Sooooo… don’t get mad?


What have you done now.



I mean.

I guess one could argue that I saved your life. That is a thing I’ve done, rather, um. Publically.

For which you need not thank me, obviously, but I am just saying

that’s the action that’s relevant here, vis a vis “what I’ve done now.”

And since said action was in fact preceeded to and provoked by your saving MY life,

at considerable danger to yourself,

really this is all entirely your fault.

I consider us canceled out and all blame null and void.


You’re being more opaque than usual for someone

who I, at great personal, risk just took joyriding in my VPX.

Again, I am just pointing out, that another thing YOU did

and thus this situation we are in is not entirely my fault.

Even though okay yes I did beg you for a ride.

And it was amazing. You were amazing. Would ride again, 10/10 stars.



Gods, Hyeon, do you ever even see the things you’re typing


Of course I do. I regret nothing.

Do you like it?


ANYWAY, I’m kind of busy bullshitting about why it was okay to take the S3 scion

on a tour of the barracks without revealing that he’s also, oh yeah, my boyfriend,

so that I don’t get even the barest dream I ever once had for time off next month


so can you just explain the situation, and I’ll decide whether or not I’m mad?


Interestingly, that is all… Sort of relevant.

The point is, Five, the point is: we both did this to ourselves.

So you can’t be mad. At me. Or not just at me.


Hyeon. Why in the hell did Chung Sol just fall out of his fox while pointing at me and laughing.

Why is he calling me princess.



The situation is that, I must, in fact, belatedly ask your hand in marriage

for which I apologize, but. Most news companies are already reporting us as secretly wed

so I’m playing catch-up here.

But Ji Hae is surprisingly delighted by this whole thing?

So that’s good, and also terrifying. Anyway I’m mostly joking, sorry.

Your silence is more terrifying than her delight.

Please say something.

Are you there?

Has your CO disbarred you?


Why is Ji Hae delighted?


That’s your first question?


I've met your sister.

So yes.

I know how to do triage.


Right. Well. Apparently it’s a good reason for my rebuffing all marriage offers,

if I’ve been having a torrid scandalous affair with the fox pilot who saved my life.

Actually I think she might be working on some offers for script copyrights?


I... really hope you’re joking.


No. Well. I am about the scripts, she really does seem happy for me. Us.

At least I hope so. I—look, if you're not going to ask,

apparently that interview I gave last night about pilots’ rights,

combined with our apparently less than covert escapade this morning,

has spawned a pretty well-supported internet rumor that we’re. Well. Madly in love.


Well, it was a good interview.

Last night’s, I mean.

Not whatever this guy is doing right now on tv with your high school girlfriends.

And wow, you weren’t joking about the support.

I didn’t even realize they had cameras in the hospital that night.

Or in District 11. Hey, this isn’t a bad shot.

New phone background?

<image shared<>


Okay. Why aren’t you freaking out?

It's freaking me out.


Hyeon. You stole a platoon of paramedics and rescued my barely-breathing body,

sat vigil at my bedside, and festooned my room with the remains of your mother’s

rose garden. My nine have been giving me shit about you for months now.

And I really don’t care what the media think.

I mean, not unless it’s causing problems for you.


Oh. I feel like I should have - known that. I should have realized to ask.

And it's not causing problems for me.

As I said, it may have solved a few problems.

Is it… causing problems for you? With your co-pilots.

Comrades. COs.

Et cetera.


For the record, Hyeon-jin of the House of the Seven Sparrows Sleeping,

this has been a pretty shitty proposal, as far as they go.


Hey. You’ve been typing for a while. Look, we can sort this out, you don’t have to—I mean.

For the record, I would say yes to your shitty proposal, if it actually was a shitty proposal.

I thought that would have been pretty clear from… well, our entire relationship so far.

Don’t I always answer your terrible texts? What more would you want from a husband.

Besides a decent dowry and some kind of noble heritage and well, a lot of things that

have prevented my bringing any of this up before now, because fighting a legion of voracious

undead is preferable to confronting my own insecurities? But apparently I’ve found my balls,

because I would like to verbally, concretely confirm that the way you always smell like ink

and coconut shampoo is maddening. And that I saved the roses you left me in defiance of all common

sense between the pages of my VPX user's will and testament, and that I want you to one day feel like signing

your name in black ink again and even if it kind of a publicity stunt I wouldn’t mind being your


I would more than not mind it.

Also, that cannot possibly be you knocking on my door right now.


Can’t it?




Okay, so I’m never going to forgive you for the fact I just had to pilot a fox and

seal a breach while mostly naked.


First of all, I'm glad you’re safe.

Second: that's pretty hot.



You’re still here?


In your bunk. Still with unwashed sheets. And tea.

It may or may not be canned.


Confirmed I’m not allowed to just walk the VPX into the barracks

and jump out into your arms

so I’ll be there back as I’ve got boots on the ground.


Hopefully soon. Twenty minutes or so.

You didn’t have to wait.


Hey, I still gotta finish my proposal.

This time it’ll be perfect. No breaches allowed.

I’ve contacted underworld. We’re all agreed.


You know I already said yes, right?


Yeah, but last time, I’ve didn’t have roses.



ETA 5 minutes.

Love you.


That's the first time you've


Well now we have to get married.





Door's open.