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Full Belly Graffiti

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Ryou, Kirin and Shiina had just returned from the first day of the opening ceremony. Kirin was living with Ryou now, which she hoped to use to become a better chef. She had an ulterior motive, though. It was so she could be closer to Ryou, and get more of her food more easily. No matter how tough her day was, Ryou’s cooking always made her feel happy. Now that they were living together, Ryou had been cooking for two, and there were often leftovers. Since Shiina was visiting tonight, she was cooking for three.

“What if Yuki decides to come over?” Ryou thought to herself. “I can’t be a bad neighbor. I should make at least one more serving.”

The meal was prepared. All of the dishes Ryou had become skilled in cooking were there, along with some new ones she had tried for this occasion. Ryou had made large portions, planning on serving everyone. However, Yuki had started her job as a teacher, and was busy grading papers. She informed Ryou that she wouldn’t be able to make it, even though a pizza had been ordered specially for her.

“That just means more for me,” said Kirin.

Shiina was the last to arrive. Ryou and Kirin, being surrounded by the still warm food, were starting to get hungry. Shiina was too. When she stepped through the doorway and removed her shoes, her stomach loudly growled. Kirin laughed, knowing that she felt the same way. This party was only going to be the three of them. It was a chance to share stories with friends over the most comforting of comfort food.

“Time to make some room,” said Kirin, unhooking her skirt and letting it drop to the floor. “I’m gonna eat until I’m stuffed. Let’s dig in!”

“So that’s what we’re doing,” said Ryou. She unhooked her skirt as well, revealing her panties to Shiina. Though Shiina was embarrassed, she did the same. The three of them were standing there, their panties clearly visible to the room, and set about towards the table.

“Did you make that pizza yourself?” asked Shiina.

“I made the dough and the sauce from scratch. The cheese for a pizza this big was costly, but it was worth it. I’ll have to save a slice for Uchiki. I think it’s better than any chain pizza,” said Ryou. “I can’t wait for you two to try it.”

The evening went on. During the course of the meal, one name kept coming up. Rubens. Ryou’s class had seen a few of his paintings during a field trip to an art museum, and his women were voluptuous, especially around the belly. That had only encouraged Ryou to indulge in her cooking skills, which had been steadily improving over the course of the year. She was starting to develop a bit of a paunch, which had made her start to be noticed by the other members of her art class.

Part of her arts education involved learning how to draw human bodies, and of all the classmates that could be drawn, she was becoming the most requested. Ryou didn’t think she needed to do that, but she didn’t mind the attention. As long as she was able to prepare a good meal for herself the night before.

The feast came to a close. The table had been cleared of all its dishes, with only a few leftovers to be delivered to Yuki remaining. Kirin’s forethought had been a good move. The elastic band of her panties was stretching out, her belly hanging over the front of her waistline. She had been eating more since she started living with Ryou, and she had never eaten this much. Kirin patted her belly, looking down at how much it had swollen up over the evening. She looked like she was starting a pregnancy.

“That was wonderful,” said Kirin. “I can shake my belly now, look!” Kirin stood up and held her arms behind her head, jiggling her soft, full belly around. The food inside started to become agitated. She quickly sat down, letting it continue to digest inside her. “I’m not as big as you, Ryou.”

Ryou’s stomach was the biggest of the three girls. She had been eating her cooking while preparing for this feast, and still had room left over for the meal itself. Her belly was pushing against the table even when she was sitting down. It looked like her navel had been lost in a soft mountain of flesh, her flabby belly complimenting her ample breasts nicely. Ryou loved the feeling of warmth in her belly when she was done eating, and had been trying to stuff herself more often lately. She wanted the warmth to last for as long as possible. The bigger her appetite, the more she could eat.

“My stomach hurts a bit,” said Ryou. “I don’t usually eat this much.”

“It looks like it’d make a nice pillow,” said Kirin. “Or if you want, you can rest your head on my belly.” Kirin held her hands underneath her stomach, raising it up, hoping that Ryou would take her up on her offer.

“Did you enjoy the meal, Shiina?” asked Ryou.

Shiina had eaten just as much as the other two. While her belly wasn’t bulging to the extent theirs were, she had encouraged herself to be stuffed during this meal. Ryou was preparing all of her favorite things, and she wanted to take the chance to have things that she normally wouldn’t at home. To Ryou’s surprise, Shiina was the first to break the fullness of the silence with something that she and Kirin had often done in private, but never this loud.

A rather loud burp came from Shiina. Ryou could smell it next to her. Everything she had prepared came out with a loud, rumbling noise from deep in her gut. It was unladylike for Shiina, but seeing her relax and burp like this helped Ryou and Kirin let their guards down as well. Shortly after Shiina did so, Kirin let out an even louder burp, massaging her belly to try and outdo her.

“Aw yeah. That felt good,” said Kirin.

Ryou raised her butt off her feet. She wanted to hide it, but there was no way to disguise what she was about to do in a space as small as her apartment. A blustery fart came out of her butt, shooting through her panties and echoing off the wall behind her. The smell permeated the room, smelling sharp and spicy. The sound was loud enough that Yuki could hear it down below.

“Ryou, did you just fart?” asked Kirin.

“I couldn’t hold it in,” said Ryou. “It stinks.”

“Yeah, but mine are even worse,” said Kirin. “Prepare yourselves, girls.”

Kirin bent over in front of the table, presenting her panty-clad ass to Ryou and Shiina. She grabbed hold of her ass cheeks. Her panties seemed to accentuate her ass cleavage. A puff of gas, squeaky and brief, exited from Kirin’s behind. The room was filled with a potent, deep smell that had come from the depths of her butt. Ryou and Shiina coughed from the smell.

“How did you get that from eating the same food as us?” asked Shiina.

“We need to open a window for that one,” said Ryou.

“All it means is my butt loved your food,” said Kirin. “Come on, Shiina. Show us what it’s like when you rip one.”

Shiina raised her butt to the table. When it landed, the dishes clanked in response. Shiina asked Ryou to rub her swollen belly, the better to coax it out. Ryou placed her hand on Shiina’s stomach, amazed at the softness of it all. Her finger slipped into Shiina’s navel, and, after only a few rotations of her hand, Shiina’s ass blasted out a foul-smelling wind that looked like it went directly into Kirin’s nose.

“That stinks,” said Kirin. “I thought the girls in the b-ball club could drop some fouls, but your bowels are terrible.”

“Ryou, where’s your bathroom?” asked Shiina.

“Down that way,” said Ryou, pointing towards the end of the hall.

“Thanks, don’t mind me!” said Shiina.

As she ran down the hallway, Shiina pulled down her panties in case something were to slip out. With her underwear around her ankles, Shiina plopped her butt onto the white throne, closing the door behind her. She blasted another fart into the toilet, echoing off the bowl and causing waves to ripple in the water below. Her asshole remained open, and a brown log slipped out of her butt with ease, coiling into the water below with a loud splash. Shiina could tell it was thick, as expected from Ryou’s cooking.

“Ryou’s cooking is easy on the digestion,” said Shiina. “That feels so good.”

A puff of gas escaped her butt, followed by a second lump dropping into the water, as thick as the first one but shorter. Shiina was concentrating on emptying her bowels when she heard Ryou and Kirin knocking at the door. It was their apartment, so while Ryou knew where the spare key was, she didn’t want to interrupt Shiina while she was in the middle of pooping, either.

“Shiina! Hurry up!” said Kirin. “I have to go, too! A big one!”

“I can feel it pressing against me,” said Ryou. “This is bad.”

“Sorry,” said Shiina from the other side of the door. “I still have a lot more in me. Try to hold on. Girls?”

Before she got a response, the sound of Ryou and Kirin’s footsteps let her know they had already left the apartment. None of the other tenants would let them in, and it was late at night. Under the cover of darkness, the two of them had decided on the boldest option available. With their bellies bouncing as they ran, they made their way down the stairs of the apartment and to the tree in the nearby yard.

Ryou and Kirin pulled down their panties, exposing their butts to the cold night air. Kirin looked down at Ryou, and thought to herself just how sexy Ryou was. Her breasts and butt were voluptuous in a motherly way, a sense of proportion that her stuffed to its limit stomach only supported. She had thought back to those times in the bath, when she had casually started licking the sweat off Ryou’s skin before she ended up sucking on her nipples. Ryou had never stopped her. The bath relaxed her, and Kirin sucking on her there only relaxed her more.

“You’re dripping,” said Kirin, looking down between Ryou’s legs.

“So are you,” said Ryou. “Is the idea of being seen turning you on?”

“Everything about this is turning me on,” said Kirin. “Your motherly body, your farts, the idea of pooping outside with you. It feels exhilarating. “

Kirin and Ryou reached across, looking at where the other was squatting down at the base of the tree. They rubbed each others’ bellies, feeling the softness of their fat. Ryou’s love of cooking and Kirin’s love of eating were showing in the way their stomach flab hung down, feeling warm to the touch even in the night air. While looking up at the stars, Ryou let out a loud fart, with Kirin sputtering out another one just behind her. The two of them laughed, breaking the tense silence.

“It’s time,” said Ryou.

“Ready when you are,” said Kirin.

They held each others’ hands, and grunted. Their faces tensed up as they moaned, pushing with all their might in their bowels to get the waiting turds to drop out. Kirin’s was first, a long, ropey one that turned into a little pile at her feet. Ryou’s was thick and clumpy, smelling even worse than Kirin’s. Their assholes puckered, letting gas escape as they waited to release the next clump from inside.

“This feels even better outdoors,” said Kirin.

“Maybe we can go camping next time,” said Ryou. “We can recreate this feeling, cook a meal by the campfire.”

“I like that. It’s a date,” said Kirin.

“I never said it was a date,” said Ryou.

“But you were thinking it,” said Kirin.

They turned their butts towards each other. Ryou’s pump butt cheek brushed against Kirin’s slender bottom. They were going to push out the last of their loads on top of each other, making it easier to clean up for later. They kept holding hands, and once again started grunting and straining. The stuff from deeper in their butts was harder and thicker, taking even more effort to push out.

“Almost there...” said Kirin.

“Keep going,” said Ryou.

Their assholes opened up. A light brown mass squeezed its way out of Ryou, followed by a darker one pushing its way past Kirin’s bottom. Once exposed to the night air, they quickly piled on top of each other, collapsing into a single pile upon the ground. Ryou and Kirin continued squatting for a moment, letting the wind blow past their anuses. It felt refreshing, taking away the slight itch in their buttholes after releasing that much.

They took off their panties, knowing that they hadn’t wiped their butts just yet. If Shiina was done with the toilet, they could take turns using the bidet that Ryou had installed. Kirin looked down, and saw that she and Ryou were starting to lose a bit of the bloat in their stomachs after the huge release they had taken outside. Her stomach was still taut and full, but smaller than before.

“We’re losing our bellies already,” said Kirin. “I hoped we could keep these at least until tomorrow.”

“If you want to fill it up again, I have a cake in the fridge,” said Ryou. She poked Kirin’s stomach, watching it jiggle back and forth in reaction to her touch. “You’re cute when you’re stuffed.”

“And you’re beautiful,” said Kirin.

Ryou replied with a burp. She had never thought that was her charm point, but looking down past her breasts and seeing her stomach sticking out, she could understand why Kirin thought that. When they made it back inside, the toilet was open for them to use. Once their mess had been cleaned up, the cake to congratulate the three of them getting into an arts school made its way to the table.

“Let’s do this again,” said Shiina. “If you two want to squat again, I have a Japanese-style toilet in my house.”

“How much were you watching?” asked Kirin.

“Everyone, calm down,” said Ryou. “The cake’s just about defrosted.”

The three of them would share many more meals in the future. The kind of meals that could become an inspiration for their art works. Along with their bodies after they had eaten. The signs of a chef whose food was so good that people wanted to eat more and more. A meal worth having with friends not only for special occasions, but any time at all.