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Masterchef Jr.

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Beca POV

Shit, I’m actually going to win! I’m finally going to win one of these stupid bets! Take that Chloe! That’s what you get for being all smug and sure of yourself! But a date with Chloe wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

“I’m sorry Chloe….” Started Fat Amy, “But it looks like Beca is going to be taking you out on a date because that pizza is the best thing I’ve ever tasted! Long live Bhloe!” Said Fat Amy as she left the dorm.

Beca’s mouth fell open. I lost? But she was about to say that I won? How did I lose? Shit, now I do have to take Chloe on a date. It was a nice thought of, “darn I wish I had lost so I could take her on a date”, but now that it was real, it was scary! Where would they go, what would they do?!

“Uh Becs? Your mouth is a little uh, open right now. If you’re trying to catch some flies, by all means, proceed, but if not, I suggest closing it.” Chloe said softly.

“I-I-I lost.” Beca stated.

“I’m sorry Beca, you don’t actually have to take me on a date if you don’t want to. It was a stupid bet anyways right?” Chloe said sadly.

“No, I mean, yes. I lost the bet, so yes I do have to take you on a date Chlo. It’ll be fun, right?” Beca asked.

“Totes, we can plan it together so it’s not all on you if you want?” Suggested Chloe.

“No thanks, Chlo. I’ll plan it. It’ll be the best date you’ve ever been on.” Answered Beca.

“I have no doubts about that.” Chloe said with a smile.

Beca nearly choked on her own spit when she saw Chloe smile at her. She decided to try some of this amazing pizza that was the best Amy had ever tasted. She bit into it and had to hold back a moan of pleasure, this pizza was amazing, she couldn’t lie. It probably was the best thing she’d ever tasted. The crust was stuffed! How many cheeses did Chloe put in this crust?! Beca couldn’t tell, she just knew it was amazing and now she had no problem admitting that Chloe had won.

“So? Is it worthy of me winning this competition?” Chloe asked, a timid look on her face.

“So good.” Beca said with a mouth full of her second piece.
“Really? You like it?” Chloe said, her face starting to lighten up.

“It’s amazing Chlo, I’m going to literally eat this whole pizza. I swear. How many different cheeses did you put in this crust? It is heaven.” Beca said as she savored the crust.

“There’s like three in there. Becs, can I try your spaghetti?” Chloe asked.

“Yeah, go for it. But I promise that this pizza is way better than my spaghetti!” Answered Beca.

Chloe went over to the pot of spaghetti that Beca had made, she trusted that Beca was actually a good cook, so she put a good amount of spaghetti on her plate. When Beca saw how much spaghetti Chloe took, her eyes went wide.

“Uh, Chlo? Isn’t that a little bit of an over commitment?” Beca asked, nerves beginning to rise.

“Nope, I trust you Becs.” Chloe said with another dazzling smile.

Beca watched as Chloe took a bite of her spaghetti with her heart rate rising. Chloe began to smile, smiling was a good sign for sure. Beca began to relax as Chloe made noises of pleasure as she continued to put more in her mouth.

“Becs! I don’t know how you didn’t win! This is so good! I would’ve picked you all day, every day!” Chloe practically yelled.

“Probably because Amy knew what the terms of the bet were.” Beca mumbled.

Amy had tried to tell Beca that her and Chloe had some unspoken sexual chemistry and that the tension between them could be cut with a knife. This obviously freaked Beca out, she wasn’t sure what she wanted with Chloe, or what was happening between them, but that was a lot to take in.

“Why would that matter Becs?” Chloe asked cautiously.

“She kind of ‘ships’ us I guess.” Beca said with an eye roll.

“She ‘ships’ us? Like she wants us to be together?” Chloe tried to clarify.

“Yup. She’s ‘Team Bhloe’ all the way.” Beca said, cringing inwardly.

“Okay, uh so this doesn’t seem like this contest was totally fair, so I have a suggestion, if you’re up for it?” Chloe offered.

What kind of suggestion? If she offers to void the whole competition, this could get awkward. Beca had just convinced herself that a date with Chloe wouldn’t be the end of the world. It probably wouldn’t be too hard for her to suppress those feelings again. She’d just have to deal with Amy when she kept asking what they were going to do on their date.

“What kind of suggestion?” Beca asked, hoping that she wasn’t going to offer to void this bet.

“So, we both think each other should win. What if we call it a draw? You still have to take me on a date, but it can be a platonic date, that’s okay. But I’ll also feed your fish for a week. How’s that sound?” Chloe asked.

“Chlo, that sounds, that’s good. I think it sounds perfect.” Beca admitted.

The smile that came on Chloe’s face was heart stopping. She was so beautiful. Beca then remembered that the two of them were due to watch the next episode of Master Chef Jr

“Hey Chlo, wanna watch the next episode?” Beca offered with a smile.

“Oh yeah! I totally forgot about it! Of course I do!” She said as she went to get more spaghetti.

Beca got the show ready and sat down on her bed. As usual, Chloe climbed on the bed next to Beca and got comfortable. Beca’s mind was racing, she wasn’t sure how she felt about Chloe, other than she loved being around her. Even worse than not knowing how she felt, she didn’t know how Chloe felt about her. She was just going to ask her, after all these bets, maybe she did like her. It could happen, right?

“Hey Chlo, I have a question. It might be dumb, but like, I keep thinking about it so I need to ask.” Beca said, her nervousness evident in her voice.

“What is it? You can ask me anything Becs.” Chloe assured her.

Here it goes Beca, you can do this, you can ask her this, just sack up. Just blurt it right out and hope for the best, right? This is going to work out, you can do it, just do it!