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Masterchef Jr.

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Beca POV

Beca hated being at school, her only escape besides music was to watch Master Chef Jr alone in her room with a tub of ice cream. If she was being honest with herself, she watched it because she couldn’t cook, but she could bake. She figured that if she watched the show enough, she would pick up some cooking skills at least. Her neighbor was the very bright and very bubbly Chloe Beale. She was beyond beautiful with her sunkissed auburn hair and bright blue eyes, Beca had a crush. But there was no way she would be telling Chloe about that, not even on her death bed would she reveal her most prized secret.

After a particularly annoying day at school, Beca came home and started watching the show on her laptop when a request to pair her laptop with another came through. Someone must have heard her watching the show and wanted to watch with her. This was her show, she wasn’t going to share it with some rando, so she denied the request and went back to watching the show and eating her pretzels. Five minutes later she gets another request on her computer, annoyed, she hits cancel and continues with the show. Soon after she cancels the request someone is pounding on her door.

“Beca Mitchell if that is you watching Master Chef Jr and you keep denying my request so help you god!” Came a very angry sounding Chloe through the door.

“Uh hang on a sec Chlo, I’ll be right there!” Beca answered nervously.

Beca makes sure to pause the show before she opens the door because by the sounds of it, she did not want to be watching Master Chef Jr. When she opens the door, a very annoyed Chloe lets herself into her room. She walks over to the bed where Beca’s laptop is and gives Beca the coldest glare she’s ever seen. That glare quickly turns into excitement and Chloe is at Beca’s side in seconds.

“How come I didn’t know you were obsessed with this show?! You should’ve told me!” A very enthusiastic Chloe said as she hit Beca’s arm in her excitement.

“Dude! Stop hitting me! I never told you because you never asked!” Beca said as she rubbed her now very red arm.

“Well, how was I to know that I should ask if you never brought it up before Becs?” Chloe said with a tilt of her head.

“I guess you weren’t? Is that a trick question Chlo? You never brought it up either!” Defended Beca.

“Okay, I’ll give you that one. Who’s your favorite contestant then??” Asked Chloe as she inched closer to Beca’s face.
“Dude, ever hear of personal space? It’s Beni, she’s really cute and relatable.” Said Beca as she backed away from Chloe.

“No! Why her?? Avery is the one to watch! She’s the youngest and she’s made it this far! Come on Becs, that’s gotta mean something to you!” Said Chloe as she hit Beca’s arm again.

“Dude you have got to calm down! If you keep hitting me, I will kick you out of my room right now. Try me Beale. I chose her because she’s trans, and I’m a supporter of the LGBTQ community. Are you not?” Beca said with a raise of her eyebrow.

“Becs, you know I am. I just don’t pick my favorites based on their inclusion in the community. So now that I know that you watch the show, can we watch together?” Chloe asked with her bright blue eyes burning into Beca’s.

“Sure dude. I’ll even start the episode over for you.” Beca said as she sat on the bed.

“You’re the best.” Chloe said as she sat down next to Beca, accidentally brushing against her.