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Life is
not sleeping and
silently weeping while
try to function
the same as before.

Life is
getting ignored and
words coming in short and
try to find solace
in virtuality

Life is
getting hit by full force of
an unexpected divorce which
one tries to avoid
to keep their sanity.

Life is
being passionate and
realising not being as great as
one may had thought.
And try to pour your empty heart
into an even emptier story.

Life is
not knowing exactly yet what
has to come, what you will get and
try to run away
from responsibilities

But know this, life is also
finding solutions and
not getting crushed by
your dreams, your fears, yourself

Not losing to the rules that
made other to tools so
better be a fool at heart.

Little canary here is
almost like me, a bit,
while it is caged, I sit
here and feel;
I am content.

Also, Vitamin shots °^°