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Floods in a Flame

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How did you find yourself in such an unfortunate predicament?
It wasn’t the first time you’d question yourself in such a way. You had an affinity for winding up in precarious situations.
However, it was the first time you’d ever found yourself trapped under a sheet of ice as absolute freezing waters caused your body to tremble.
‘Fuck it’s cold,’ You complain to yourself, unsure how you would get out of this. With trembling fingers, you banged on the underside of the ice, hoping to be able to find a weak spot to break through.
If you didn’t find a way out of this situation, there was no doubt that you would die. While you could hold your breath for a long time, it wasn’t a feat to hold indefinitely. You needed to break the ice and get a gulp of the air that was just outside.
You were beginning to panic, feeling tears prick at your eyes as your lung began to burn. It wasn’t long until you ran out of oxygen.
You were going to die he-
Before you could even finish that thought, there was a bright light above the ice. You backed away, noticing that the layer was beginning to weaken and melt away.
It was fire.
Someone was melting the ice for you.
Relief like you never felt before enveloped your entire being when you were finally able to pop your head out of the hole and gulp in oh-so-precious oxygen.
“What the fuck, man?” A sudden voice snapped you out of the bliss you had gotten lost in. Opening your eyes, you were more than shocked to see an ordinary man standing before you.
The only thing abnormal him was the fact that he wasn’t wearing anything remotely appropriate for the cold weather. Weren’t humans supposed to bundle up and wear those cute oversized clothes?
This human was wearing a pair jean - ripped jeans at that and just a simple black t-shirt. His hands were shoved into the pockets of his jeans and the long bangs of his black hair hung in his eyes. Another thing you noticed is, while you had snow sticking to your skin where it fell from the sky, not even this man’s shirt had a speck of white on it.
How peculiar.
“How the hell did you get trapped under there?” He asked, stepping closer to the hole you were peeking out of. Snow was sticking to your eyelashes, making you look adorable.
“I was following the river,” You answered simply, happy that the two of you were able to understand each other.
In these lands, most humans spoke the same. The only time you had a problem was when you ran into the odd band of non-humans that tended to live away from human civilization.
The last time you met someone who you couldn’t understand was when you accidentally stumbled upon a group of goblins who were collecting water last summer as you swam through their river.
So this man understanding you must mean he’s a human. But you couldn’t shake the strange feeling he gave off with the fact that snow seemed to melt around him.
“You shouldn’t be around here during the winter,” He scolded, crouching beside you with a sigh. “If I hadn’t come along, you would have died,”
“I know but,” You looked up at him, getting a good view of his wide doe-eyes as you looked down at you. “I was so curious, I haven’t been down this way before and I just had too because I knew that I would never find it again if I waited for Spring!”
“You’re a curious little mermaid, aren’t you?” He smirked, his tone almost condescending. You squinted, thinking of a retort but before you could even open your mouth, he was speaking again. “What if I told you that I could give you the opportunity to truly explore?”
“I would ask you what you meant by that,” You replied, resting your arms on the ice to support your chin as you gazed at him.
“I mean,” He reached into his shirt, pulling out a necklace that held a vial half full of a reddish-purple liquid inside. “I can help you explore beyond the waters that trap you. You can have the chance to see the land and everything it holds.”
Your eyes widened as you sat up at his words. You’d met many people and monsters in your lifetime but never once had you been offered the chance to explore the outside world.
“H-How can you do that? Are you a witch?” You prodded.
Witches were not an abundant type of human you stumbled upon. In fact, you’d only ever met one face-to-face. You’d seen covens in passing but they very rarely engage in creatures other than their own kind or those they trust.
They were humans who, somewhere down their lineage, possessed powers; whether they were magical creatures whose bloodline got watered down as they mated with humans or by other circumstances.
“No, I’m not a witch,” He answered, pulling the vile off the string it was attached to. “I’m a dragon,”
“A dragon?!” You cried, nearly flinging yourself completely out of the water in excitement.
Dragons were one of the rarest types of magical creatures you could stumbleupon. They tended to live isolated lives, meaning there was only one dragon per territory which made it incredibly difficult to meet them.
“I can tell you more once you answer me,” The man bargained, noticing the way you practically vibrated in excitement.
“Yes! Yes I’ll do it!” You cried, splashing the water on him. “I can reverse it, right?”
“Yes, of course,” He answered smoothly, pulling the cork out of the small vile. “I’m not a faerie, trying to trick you, silly girl,” You grinned at his teasing.
“What do you have to do?” You asked eagerly, almost completely willing to do whatever it took for the sake of adventure.
“This vile contains my blood,” He explained, allowing you to hold the fragile bottle as he reached into his pocket to pull out a small switchblade. “All I need is a touch of your blood to mix in,”
Without hesitation, you held your hand out to him. In the back of your mind, you realized how naive you were. This Dragon could very easily cut you severely and let you bleed out in the freezing cold water.
However, rather than that, he applied a tiny bit of pressure to your fingertip until blood oozed from the wound.
As the blood dripped down the digit, you held the vile beneath, allowing your blood to mix inside. To your surprise, the mix of purple-red and blue-red swirled together frantically inside the second yours was added. You watched in fascination, the dragon man watching with a smirk at your wide, curious eyes.
“Now,” He spoke, drawing your eyes away from the vile to look at him. “Drink it,”
You hesitated for a moment; drink blood? But as you looked up into his urging doe-like eyes, you found yourself tipping the vile back to let the warm mixture fall into your mouth.
There was a tang of iron from his blood with mixed almost pleasantly with the sweet taste of your own blood. Once the vile was empty, tingles erupted upon your body.
Mermaid to human transformation
As you pulled yourself from the water, you were shocked to see a pair of human legs, stained with green scales along the calves had replaced your once beautiful fin. The snow was absolutely freezing on your legs, making you shiver violently. You hadn’t realized it but the water had felt much warmer compared to the ice.
“Let’s go,” The man sighed, reaching down to lift you into his arms. Immediately, you were enveloped in the absolutely comforting warmth of the Dragon’s body. His temperature ran much higher than you even thought as your shivers subsided.
“What’s your name?” You asked suddenly, able to find your voice after the cold wore off.
“Jungkook,” He replied smoothly, not even sparing you a glance as he continued the trek through the snowy forest that surrounded the lake you had been trapped in. “What’s yours?”
“_____,” You answered, almost before he even finished the question. You had been expecting the question. As you looked up at him, you could see the faintest smile on his lips.
The rest of the walk back to his home, you assume was the destination, was spent in a comfortable silence. You looked around, taking in the scarce number of animals that lived in this cold wilderness and the snow covered trees that dotted the landscape.
“We’re here,” Jungkook said, his voice sounding much louder than you had anticipated, making you jump. Looking around, you found yourself being carried into a quaint little log cabin. You could see a warm glow coming from the windows, an indication that lights were on inside.
As soon as you found yourself safely in the entryway of the home, Jungkook placed your feet on the floor, helping you to steady yourself as you weren’t used to standing on human legs.
“Let me go get some clothes for you to wear,” Jungkook said, turning his back before he walked down a little hallway and into what you assumed to be his bedroom.
You stood by yourself in the quiet home, practicing taking a couple steps while holding onto the wall for balance. Though it was challenging, you had a grin on your face.
You were learning something new!
This is how humans and bipedal creatures unlike yourself lived; two legs used to propel yourself forward or backwards.
When Jungkook returned, he carried an armful of clothes. He grinned, showing an absolutely adorable bunny smile. He took your wrist, pulling you away from the wall and allowing you to use him for support as he led you to the living room.
You took a seat on the soft couch, looking around the room. A few lamps were lit, illuminating the room in a warm glow. Aside from the couch you were sitting on, he had a rocking chair in the corner beside the window that overlooked the snowy world outside. There was also a beautiful wooden table in the middle of the room that looked to be hand carved with beautiful symbols and patterns carved into the wood.
“Okay, I’ve got some clothes that will probably be a little big on you,” He said, handing you some insanely soft pants and a sweater. “Please get dressed before someone realizes there’s a naked lady sitting on my couch,”
His teasing made you laugh while you began to put the clothes on. He was right about it being a little big, the sweatpants he gave you would have fallen off when you stood had there not been a tie for you to tighten. And the sweater was baggy, covering your hands in cute sweater-paws. The clothing made you feel so small and delicate and you couldn’t help but smile at him.
“Now,” Jungkook said, smiling back at you as he took a seat beside you. “If at any point, you want to leave all this,” He gestured to your newly transformed body dramatically. “All you have to do is drink this vile,”
He handed you a little necklace, a thick black cord with a small cylindrical pendant filled with red-purple liquid and closed with a cork. His blood. You slipped the cord over your neck, letting it fall inside the shirt similar to how he wore it when he gave you that first vile.
“However,” His voice was suddenly much more serious, making your spine straighten in alarm. “This can only be done once, ever. Once you turn back, I can never redo the spell and give you legs again.”
His words gave you a lot to think about. There weren’t many creatures that had the power to be able to turn a mermaid into a “human”. Perhaps it would be another 650 years before you found another dragon who could give you this freedom again.
“I understand,” You replied quickly, subconsciously reaching up and touching the pendant hidden in your shirt.
“It’s late,” He said, standing up with a grunt of effort. “You’re probably feeling a little tired from the transformation. You can sleep in my bed, alright?”
At the mention of your being worn out, you realized how right he was. Your eyes felt unfocused and your eyelids felt heavy. Standing up, you let him lead you the right away down the hallway until you reached a bedroom.
Inside, a lamp was lit on a wooden night table — the wood matching the bed which was covered in what you could only assume was a handmade blanket.
“Where will you sleep?” You asked, taking a seat on the bed.
Boy, it was soft. The blanket made out of some incredibly soft material that had you petting it with a soft smile on your face. It would feel so great to lay beneath it and snuggle up to sleep. Life as a bipedal creature was much more comfortable than living beneath the water.
“I’ll take the couch,” Jungkook shrugged, shoving his hands in his pocket. “I crash there sometimes anyway.”
“Okay,” You agreed, pleased to see he didn’t seem overly bothered by you taking his bed.
“Goodnight, ______,” He smiled, ducking his head before he stepped out of the room, closing the door with a final click behind him.
Once alone, you took it upon yourself to click off the light and pile beneath the oh-so-soft blanket. The second it was wrapped around you, you were overwhelmed by a crisp, sweet smoky scent that you knew was Jungkook’s. It was calming, lulling you into comfort as you closed your eyes with your face buried in his pillow.
When the sun was high in the sky, that’s when you were woken by a gentle shake of your shoulder. Opening your eyes, you were greeted with the brilliant face of Jungkook -- dressed in new clothes.
“You wanted to see life, right?” He asked, sounding like he had just woken up himself, though it was probably because it was the first time he’d used his voice so far. When you nodded your agreement, a bright smile lit up his face, the bunny smile he possessed that wrinkled the corners of his eyes.”Then get up, we’re going to the market,”
His words had you launching yourself onto your feet, wobbling a little as you attempted to gain your balance. He carefully reached out to hold your elbow to help steady you before he pulled you to follow him, leading you to the front door.
Before you could go out, however, he ever-so-gently wrapped a cloak around you before opening the door.
“Get on my back,” He ordered, crouching down in front of you with his back to you.
“Why? I can walk,” You argued, squinting when he heaved out an almost dramatic sigh in response.
“You may be able to walk, but that snow is ice cold and the last thing you need is to have your brand new feet frozen off,” He grumbled, growing uncomfortable in his squat-like stance.
“Fine, you don’t have to be rude about it,” You mumble, finally climbing onto his back and allowing him to carry you off into the snow.
The walk through the forest was slow, but you were comfortable tucked against Jungkook’s impossibly warm back. You rested your head on his shoulder, yawning with the remains of sleep that lingered in your system. The dragon seemed to be able to navigate very well, which led you to breaking the silence.
“What’s the market?”
“Well,” He sniffled before shifting you higher on his back. “It’s a central area for citizens to gather and purchase things they need such as clothes and food — all imported from the city.”
“Why don’t you just travel to the city to buy things instead of having them brought here?” You prodded, wanting to learn the specifics of the markets purpose.
“Because a lot of us can’t go into the city,” He explained, stepping over a fallen branch. “Non-human entities are banned from entering the cities. You think we live out in the middle of nowhere by choice?”
“I didn’t know…” You felt sad by this news, knowing they were discriminated in such a way. “I’ve never been in a city either, my parents always told me to avoid them because people would try and capture me,”
“That’s true,” Jungkook agreed. “City people even come out here onto the land they banished us to, to hunt us,” By his time of voice, you felt that this was a sore topic for him to discuss so you let it go before you could ruin the mood.
The two of you fell into silence and you went back to resting your head on his shoulder. Every once in a while, you could hear him grunt out of annoyance as he had to step over a large rock or a branch that was in his way.
“It’s just up here,” He said suddenly, his announcement shocking you into sitting upright on his back.
Thought the thinning tree line, you could make out the bustle of people and little tents and stalls that were set up in a clearing of the forest. People walked from place to place, some holding items and others browsing.
You had never seen so many people gathered in one place before!
Jungkook must have felt your excitement because he chuckled to himself as he approached the market.
“First, let’s get you some shoes,”
“Shoes?” You repeated, making him laugh again. You knew what shoes were but you were thrilled with the idea of having your own pair.
He carried you to a stall, ignoring the stares you both received in response to your strange appearance and position. The stall he brought you to was wooden with big wheels attached, an elderly woman with horns growing from her forehead was manning it -- a kind smile on her face.
“Have you got some shoes in?” Jungkook asked, adjusting you on his back as the lady waved her hand for you to follow her. She led the both of you to another stall a few down, where there was a table of just shoes, making your eyes widen at the seat. Sure, shoes had wound up in the ocean before, whether from being lost or thrown away.
However, as you looked at all the options, one pair caught your eye; they appeared to be made a leather with soft fur inside and held a little tassel decorated with pretty beads.
“You see something you like?” Jungkook asked, feeling the way you squeezed him in excitement.
"Those ones," You pointed to the shoes that caught your eye, making Jungkook smile to himself. Holding you up with one arm, he reached and grabbed them.
"How much do I owe you?" He asked the lady, who was watching the two of you with a curious look in her eyes.
"300 Crowns," She spoke for the first time, having a deep husky voice. You almost wanted to ask her what she was but it felt too rude to just ask someone who type of creature they were. If she knew you were a mermaid it'd be different -- most creatures were used to you being naive. But since you were here on land and taking the form of a human, you had to hold you tongue.
Jungkook reached into his pocket and pulled out a small leather baggie with a clip on it that kept it closed. When he opened it and reached inside, you noticed he had gold coins inside. This was the currency of this land.
That was another thing, you rarely got to learn about money in each place you visited, this was the first time you were ever able to see payment in use. In the water, you merely made trades to get what you wanted -- there was always something someone wanted and they were always willing to trade to get it.
Before Jungkook could close the pouch, you reached in and stole a coin to get a look at it. It felt heavy and cold in your fingers. The front held a crown emblem and the back was a flower of some kind. It was a rather pretty design and you carefully handed it back to Jungkook, who was smiling as you examined the coin.
He hadn't thought about the fact you'd be curious about mundane things like money but you continued to surprise him. He wondered what else he could show you to watch the lovely smile spread across your face and make your eyes light up.
Finally, he handed the money to the lady who had been waiting patiently with her hand out for Jungkook to deposit the Crowns in. Once she had them, she nodded for Jungkook to take the shoes.
"Here, put these on so I can stop carrying you," His words could have sounded harsh had it not been for the very obvious tease that they held. He slid them onto your feet before letting you down onto the ground. You wobbled slightly, holding his arm to held your balance.
Unlike the deep snow that covered the forest floor around the lake and Jungkook's cabin, this snow seemed to have been moved away and left dead, hard ground to stand on.
"What now?" You asked, looking up at him as he began to walk away from the shoe lady.
"I was thinking we get some more clothes for you to wear so you don't have to keep wearing that outfit," He looked you up and down, reminding you that beneath the cloak he had put on you, you were wearing his clothes for the second day in a row.
"Fair enough," You agreed, and began to follow him as you walked through the maze of people. Sometime through it, he had taken your hand to keep you from getting lost.
His hand was so warm. It made you feel cozy and warm despite the cold weather.
He stopped, standing in front of a tent that had two flaps as an entrance. Waving his hand, he allowed you to walk in before him.
Inside, your nose was battered with the smoky scent of incense, making you smile. You felt a hand on the small of your back, Jungkook’s subtle way of ushering you into the correct direction. As you passed shelves and racks of clothes, you were pleased to see a variety of articles -- some modern clothes like jeans and t-shirts and even some older more handmade clothes.
“Pick a couple things,” He ordered, having stopped in front of the women’s section of clothes. He watched you, letting you browse and sift through the shirts and pants. Every once in a while, you would hold something up and ask his opinion -- it was cute.
You finally decided on 3 shirts and 3 pants. The material of all the items were all incredibly soft and you couldn’t wait to feel them against your skin.
“500 Crowns,” The clerk this time was an elderly man who had one eye pure black with no sclera and a regular human brown eye. All these new people were so interesting to you, and you grinned at him before turning to Jungkook.
As you had expected, he was taking out 5 golden coins. Before he could hand them off, you took them from his hands and gave them to the clerk, who offered you a bow and a kind smile. However, Jungkook took hold of the bag with your clothes and smiled at you, nodding his head towards the entrance of the tent for you to leave.
With him behind you, the two of you left and entered the snowy outdoors again.
You hadn’t noticed how to time had flown by -- from the traveling from the cabin to spending a good while shopping, by now the sun was beginning to sink from where it once held high in the sky. You wrapped the cloak tighter around you and followed close behind Jungkook, who remained perfectly fine in the snow. You could feel the cold flakes hit your skin, unlike what you’d experienced attached to the dragon while he carried you. This was the first time since being trapped under the ice that you were wracked with cold.
“Winter will be coming to an end soon,” Jungkook spoke as the two of you left the market behind you. “Spring will start and it won’t be as cold, I think the temperature will begin to lower soon enough,”
The time where winter was coming to an end was positively lovely. Spending your whole life in the water, you only ever really noticed when the water temperature changed. You would come up to the surface and notice that the once white wasteland was now rich with green foliage. However, after you left home and began to travel, you moved so often from place to place that you didn’t get any more chances to witness the seasons change on the land.
But now, you sat outside every day when the temperature allowed, just watching nature. You noticed more birds chirping in the air and more animals starting to lurk about the forest floor. The snow had all but melted and the ground was beginning to turn from its dead brown color to a healthy green.
Nights were getting still a bit chilly, the temperature not quite evening out as it was still transitioning from winter to spring.
However, as you laid there one night, you felt the humidity in the air long before the rumble of thunder came followed closely by the pitter-patter of rain. You sat up in bed, pulling the curtain aside to see a flash of lightning light up the landscape.
Grinning, you hopped out of bed and escaped your room. Jungkook was laying on his back on the couch, mouth open slightly as he slept peacefully. You opened the front door carefully as to make sure it didn’t creak and risk waking him up.
Once outside, you wasted no time in running out into the rain. Twirling about, your hair and clothes quickly became soaked. Puddles were already forming from the rain falling faster than the ground could absorb.
You were so lost in the feeling of the cool rain on your sticky skin, you completely missed the front door opening to a drowsy Jungkook.
“What are you doing?” He asked, causing you to stop your spinning and splashing.
“It’s raining!” You replied, thought not really a correct response to the question posed.
“I can see that,” Jungkook sighed, staying sheltered beneath the porch. “But why are you outside in the rain?”
“Why not?” You posed, walking closer to him, squinting as drops of rain fell into your eyes.
“Because you’ll get sick,” He held his hand out, nodding for you to take it. When you did, he helped you up the steps and out of the rain.
Once inside, you made a beeline to the bedroom, to change your clothes and dry off. Being inside, you were suddenly aware that you were becoming cold. The humid air didn’t really do much and you sighed.
“Hey Jungkook?” You muttered, peeking around the corner to where Jungkook was sitting on the couch he now claimed as a bed.
“What’s up?” He responded immediately, making you smile.
“I’m cold,”
“Yeah,” He, once again, answered instantly. “Because you were playing in the rain,”
You pouted, knowing he was right but also feeling absolutely no regrets in doing it.
“Come sleep with me,” You begged, feeling a shiver roll through your body after you spoke.
“Why would I do that?” He finally looked over at you, leaning back against the couch with a blank expression.
“Because you’re like a furnace!” You groaned, almost stomping over to him to grab his arm. He began to laugh but allowed you to pull him off the couch and drag him down the hallway.
It was oddly comfortable to have him in your bed, he was soft and warm and smelled good. His heart beat feat though he was at rest -- perhaps that was a dragon trait. The two of you were lulled into an incredibly comfortable silence with just the sound of rain, thunder, and wind as background noise.
You were taken from your thoughts by the feeling of warm fingertips; Jungkook’s fingertips to be exact. Your eyes met and he smiled, making his nose crinkle cutely which only served to make you smile as well.
“You know,” His voice was hushed, not wanting to break the peaceful atmosphere by speaking too loud. “You’re...really pretty,”
“Really?” Your eyes widened, your smile dissipating in your shock of hearing those words.
You’d catch Jungkook looking at you and even going out of his way to hold your hand even when the situation didn’t really call for it but you didn’t really expect him to compliment you. He was a little rough and tough kind of guy, walking around with his head held high and hands calloused from whatever work he did in the past. To use such a soft, gentle compliment was absolutely adorable and before you could help yourself, you leaned up and kissed his cheek.
“Thank you, Jungkook,”
There was a beat of silence between the two of you. You could feel the tension your little kiss had left and as his eyes drifted down to your lips, tongue poking out as he licked his own.
Did he want to...kiss you?
The thought had little butterflies erupting in your stomach and your heartbeat increasing.
Your lips began to inch closer together and soon enough, you were kissing. His lips were incredibly soft and not to mention warm, just like the rest of him.
You were so caught up in the way his body heat seemed to infect you, that you didn’t notice him positioning himself until he was havering above you with his elbows on either side of your head maintaining his body weight. When you opened your eyes after seperating the kiss for air, you were staring straight into his eyes. They were wide, sparking as he stared down at you with a small smile on his lips.
Before you knew it, his lips were pressed against your neck. You whimpered, the feeling causing shivers to travel down your spine to your toes. One of his hands became busy, gently caressing your body and lightly pushing your shirt up to expose your belly to his touch. Your skin felt sensitive, goosebumps rising in the wake of his touch.
He abandoned his work on your neck to pull you into another kiss, this one much more passionate. His tongue came in, groaning as he fully tasted you.
“Jungkook,” You whined against his lips, making him pull back a little bit, both of you panting for air.
“What is it, baby?” He cooed, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.
“Can you...touch me?” You asked, wide eyes staring up at him. He seemed taken aback, as if surprised you were being so bold.
You’d kissed before, naturally, however, you had human female anatomy now. As you understood, humans were sexually driven creatures who experiences pleasure unlike what you could as a mermaid.
Jungkook seemed to understand what you wanted and without a moment of hesitation, he was sliding his hand into the pants you were wearing. The minute his fingers met your core and realized you were wet, he groaned and dropped his head onto your shoulder to kiss you neck again.
The feeling of his rough fingers and soft lips on your skin had you squirming in seconds.
His fingers dipped into your entrance to gather the slick juices that gathered there, bringing his now wet digits to circle your clit -- hard and swollen and waiting for stimulation.
Your back arched at the eruption of pleasure, a hot moan escaping your parted lips. Jungkook ate the sounds up, groaning to himself as he circled your clit.
The pleasure began to build, you arched your hips into his fingers, desperately wanting to be pushed over the edge you could feel yourself balancing on. Jungkook suddenly pressed his lips against yours and doubled his circling of your bud, which ultimately sent you over.
You clung to Jungkook, arms wrapped around his shoulders as you came. He dutifully worked you through, slowing his touches as you became increasingly more sensitive until you couldn’t take anymore and closed your thighs around his hand, which he then took out.
You laid panting on the bed with Jungkook grinning over you, his cheeks seeming to be a little pink in the white light the moon offered through the window -- which made you realize the rain had stopped and it was now calm outside.
Jungkook laid beside you, pulling you closer to his chest. You could feel him, hard in his pants against your hip but you knew he wasn’t about to let you help out. So, you settled for cuddling into him.
The both of you shared soft words and whispers until you dozed off together with Jungkook’s heat wrapping around you like a cozy blanket.
Things seemed as if they were going well until just suddenly changed.
One day Jungkook was holding your hand and teaching you about using a stove and the next he was going out of his way to avoid physical contact with you. Quite frankly, you were becoming sick of it.
You walked in to see Jungkook standing by the door, sliding his shoes.
“Where are you going?” You asked, standing in front of him.
“Out,” He replied shortly, voice almost breathless.
“Will you be gone long?” You pushed, stepping closer to him. He stood up, having put his shoes on now. He looked down at you, brows furrowed at how close you had gotten to him. He looked out of it and his cheeks were flushed. Without thinking, you reached up and tried to touch his forehead wanting to check if he had a fever.
However, in response, you were almost violently shoved away. You stumbled back, countering your balance to not fall.
“Don’t touch me,” Jungkook snapped before turning his back to you and slamming the door with finality, leaving you standing there confused.
Your eyes stung, tears fighting to make their appearance known. The house suddenly felt a lot colder and empty without him.
Then, you were filled with anger.
You stormed to the bedroom, tears of anger — not sadness — now dripping down your face. Your mind was so clouded with anger that you grabbed the vile -- the one Jungkook gave you that day at the lake. Blinded, you stared at it for a moment, watching the liquid swirl in the glass.
Right now, you didn’t want to spend another aching moment waiting for Jungkook to pull his head out of his ass. You were going to be left alone in this house for who knows how long and that was the last thing you wanted. It would be awkward and tense and besides, you’d had a long time on the land and had learned many things.
By the time you reached the lake, now melted and warm, you were even angrier; almost irrationally so.
How dare he treat you like that?
Perhaps it was immature to react like this, but you downed the vile before you could second guess your decision. Any thought of possible regret was nonexistent in the haze your mind had fallen into.
The reaction was instantaneous -- sparks traveling down your body as your vision blurred. Through your double vision, you watched your human legs transform back to your natural tail, it was different to what it was before in that it burned. You shakily pulled your top off and slid back into the water, much warmer than the last time it had touched your skin. It actually felt nice and you felt your anger begin to subside as you felt it all around you.
“_____!” A voice shrieked, stopping you from sinking down into the water.
Jungkook stormed through the trees, going to call you again before he tripped and landed in the mud by the shore. You had planned to just slip away, quietly and secretly, never letting Jungkook realize you left until you were far away. However, it didn’t seem that fate wanted it that way.
“Jungkook?” You were shocked by his appearance before he let out a broken sob, sounded absolutely defeated.
“Oh, what did you do?!” He stared as you floated in the water, tears in his eyes.
“I-I...You didn’t want me around anymore,” You muttered, sinking lower until your chin was touching the water.
“That’s not true!” Jungkook argued, sitting on his knees, not caring that the mud was ruining the light-wash jeans.
“Then why did you push me away? Why were you so mean?” You watched as he hesitated, a crease forming between his brows as he furrowed them.
“Shit, I should have just told you but I was embarrassed,” He sighed, wiping his cheeks of the tears that had escaped.
“Told me what?”
“I’m going into heat,” He muttered, so quiet you almost missed it.
All non-humans went into a heat -- even mermaids. You weren’t sure why Jungkook would be embarrassed by such a thing. But before you could question him, he was talking again.
“Fuck, this is useless now,” His words brought your attention back to him and he was reaching into his pocket to pull out a stone; not just any stone, however, it was a beautiful polished striped stone.
When you took it in your hands, you realized the brown would almost glow orange or red in the sun and there was splashes of green and blue in the black.
“For dragons,” He began, sniffling. “We use this as...a courting element. In human terms, they’d ask to be a couple,”
“ want that?” You asked, raising yourself more out of the water when he nodded. “But I...I can never be on land again,”
Jungkook nodded sadly, watching you hold the stone in your hands. You both fell silent; this was a lot to process and you didn’t know what to do.
“Oh my god!” Jungkook jumped to his feet, looking around wildly.
“What? What is it?!” You cried, watching as he began to pace back and forth.
“There’s a witch,” He began to explain. “He lives a little ways from my cabin and even further from the market and I’ve only ever met him twice,”
“What will a witch do?” You asked, not quite caught up to his line of thinking.
“Maybe he knows a spell,” You didn’t get a chance to ask any further questions before he was running away again, but this time to get help; leaving you to wait by yourself until his return.
You watched until his back disappeared from view.
Just as Jungkook remembered, there was a lonely little cabin tucked between some trees, not even a path leading to it -- you’d have to either know your way there or stumble upon it by chance.
“What do you want?” The deep voice behind him had Jungkook nearly launching out of his skin.
“Taehyung!” He cried, grabbing the witch’s arm.
“Oh, it’s you Jungkook, what’re you doing here?” He tried to walk inside but Jungkook’s grip on his arm kept him in place.
“I need your help,” Jungkook begged, gaining Taehyung’s interest. “Can you come with me?”
There seemed to be a moment of hesitation on his part, the witch in him automatically being suspicious. But he seemed to trust Jungkook enough to agree.
It felt like you had been alone for hours, just wading through the water and getting used to swimming again. In fact, it had probably been about an hour and half before you saw two figures emerging from the forest.
“Mermaid,” The new guy said, kneeling down to examine you.
“This is Taehyung...he’s the witch I told you about,” Though he hadn’t really told you much about him at all, you nodded anyway.
“What do you need help with?” Taehyung’s voice was incredibly deep, almost a shock to how cute and child-like his face was.
“Do you know a spell to give her legs?” Jungkook blurted, and you noticed then that he was shaking.
You felt bad, your selfish actions had caused him so much pain and anxiety.
Taehyung was silent, looking back and forth between the two of you, trying to judge where this was coming from. Slowly, he opened his mouth and shook his head.
“It’s’s not as easy as you think for me to give a creature legs,” Taehyung explained, looking almost apologetic. “I’m still a human, I just...I know some magic. I can’t physically transform someone like that,”
The three of you fell silent, Taehyung watching with a frown as Jungkook let out a sob. Tears of your own trickled down your cheeks as the regret that was pricking at you nearly became too much.
You felt so stupid. So foolish.
“Okay,” Taehyung walked forward and placed a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. “There is something I can do but...there’s a catch,”
“Tell us!” You cried, slapping your hands on the surface of the water, sending droplets splashing around you.
“I can make you human,” He said, blunt and to the point.
“Isn’t that harder than just giving someone legs?” Jungkook asked, shaking his head in confusion.
“No, because,” He looked at the two of you, biting his lip before speaking again. “It’ll take your powers away,”
“You mean..?”
“Yeah, you’ll both just be...regular humans,” He looked at Jungkook. “You’ll never be able to perform magic again and,” He looked at you. “You’ll never be a mermaid again,”
You fell silent again.
There was a decision to be made;
Sacrifice your magic and ways of life to become human and be together or stay the way you are and move on with your lives?