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Blue Blossoms of Romance

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The Blue Blossoms of Romance - a blue love story.

Cheif Blue Meanie and Jeremy

 Meanie crying

After the Blue Meanies decide that they really should be kinder - and the magic of the music of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band has touched their hearts and brought love and rainbows into their lives- Jeremy Hilary Boob PhD, alias Nowhere Man, turns to his new friend the Chief Blue Meanie and begins:


“Now I think our work is done.  To Pepperland we brought the sun.  Next I ask - what happens now? I know not where, with whom, or how.”


“I don’t know,  my new mon ami. Perhaps we should wait and see?”


“And so, you see, to this end, I would like to be your friend, I’ve been Nowhere for so long, what I need now is a song.”


“I know what you mean, and that means a lot.  I am a Meanie, am I not?”


Gives a wide yellow toothed grin and takes a bow.


“I see that you have wit and charm, you have a smile that can disarm.”


“Indeed I do, my little friend.  And, on that note, and to that end - let us go and take a walk, so that we are free to talk.”    


“My good friend - here’s the thing.   Instead of talking, shall we sing?”


“Ah, shall we go Somewhere and dance, perhaps it will lead to romance?”


“I thought you would never ask, that would be a happy task. I’ve read about the waltz and jive, but as long as I’ve been alive, I’ve learnt all about the prep, but sadly, never danced a step!”


“Then let me show you, get to know you, then my dove, we’ll learn to love.”


“A Nowhere Man like me, you say?   I never thought I’d see the day!”


“A Hard Day’s Night will fall before I see you walk out of my door!”


“Then let the band strike up a tune!  And we will dance beneath the moon.”


“And we will linger while we can.  And you shall be my Somewhere Man.”