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Kouseis monologue

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As I look into the abyss
it looks right back at me
and lightheartedly it asks:
"Don't you like what you see?"

"You know you are no Chopin
nor Beethovens own son
yet you try and struggle
to walk with their shoes on."

"Alive your mother left you
with hurting cheeks and heart,
and now in death she tears you
just even more apart."

"Tears you spilled went unseen,
sweat and blood, the same,
but child, oh let me tell you
it was not in vain."

"Gambling with your demons
gave you the possibility
to encounter friendships
and set your mind free."

"Though your laughter's woven in
with way too many tears,
you now may find your peace with
what haunted you for years."

"So tell me, would you change,
your heart's mourning song
against those precious memories
that you have made along."

"I know you hurt so bad right now,
but come out of your shell
The beauty of the dying snow,
in the lights of a festival."

"Even if you now feel like
just "Love's Sorrow"s toy
my child, for sure, just as much
it is in you; "Love's Joy"."