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a heros burden

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Oh I wish
for strenght in my
muscles and
my brain.
Mental thoughness
and a heart
which stays kindly

Oh god knows
how I longed
for a special me
a state of mind
I can accept
a quirk for the world
to see

Miracles happen
so they say
but obviously there are
left for me in
this world
they are all
long gone.

Upon closing
red-rimmed eyes
a voice shakes
my core
"Boy, don't cry;
I heard your prayers,
and what
you are
wishing for"

"I will give you
strenght and options
everything and such
but know,
as great as it may is
its dreadful just as much."

"I can grant
the brightest light
show you where to go
but remember,
not everything thrives
what, with love,
you sow

"Listen, little brave one here
you have the heart
to win
I will help, but in return
you will adopt
my sin"

"Come with me
take my hand,
I'll show you how to shine
but I fear you'll curse my deed
in oh-so little time."

"Forgive me for burdening you with my strenght."