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Can you feel my tired heart
If not, well, that's okay
for you are my biggest foe
and I'm your chosen prey.

Who am I? I lost myself.
Which is my own desire?
no happy face, no lively eyes;
I'm but a shameless liar.

My fears will get the best of me
I'm sure there's no way out
The promise that I gave myself
now leaves me with a doubt.

Oh heart of mine, why are you torn
please, just grow up fast
I can't love in present days
while you cling to the past.

How much kindness does it need
until a soul can heal?
The limit of my selflessness,
will be the end for real.

Maybe sometimes changing sides
and seeing with a heart
from a dearly beloved stranger
tears our walls apart.

Maybe reliving, experience what
has left our souls to roam
will help to rebuild ourselves,
and finally find home.