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The nun, the star, the kappa and the fool

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Rain is falling
fluorescent drops of
hopeless dreaming.
Rain is falling
more intensly now
and through our big wide grins
we are

Transparent words
form each other
with the pitter-patter
on the ground
solid rock-bottom
is where a
different hope is found

On this grassy riverside
glossy eyes
remember days
where once we all
thought we knew
everything and were
standing tall

As looming figures
drowing the sun
for our dreams and
the last hope for
a better life
a meaning;
something to thrive

In our own
wonderful restricted world
we barely stand up
we barely feel and
the worst, we
can barely tell what
is real

Here, where the rain
falls and we listen
to the wind for
we don't
have anything other to do
than to
listen to

We learn that
this, exactly
is one of the hardest
things to do
to speak up and
to get through

Through the unbeatable wall
of expectations and
things we once
hailed true
all while we learn
from each other
how to disastrously burn.

How to be born
from the ashes
how to know
we are.
Who we
want to be and
what perspective
of life we
want to see

How to live.