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The taste of you

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“Ah!” Izuku cried squirming as best he could, as Aizawa held him in place. Izuku gasped as he felt Aizawa’s tongue run along his hole. He couldn’t help but grind down slightly, wanting his teacher's tongue inside him. “Please…” He whimpered.

Shouta made a noise as the boy ground down on his face. Izuku seemed worried at first, when Shouta asked him to sit on his face, “What if you can’t breath? Or I hurt you or something!?”, but he seemed to have forgotten all about his concerns the moment Shouta’s tongue started to tease his clit.

Shouta lightly lapped at the juices that flowed from the boy above him, Izuku always tasted so good. Said boy kept grinding down lightly, moaning and whining. Finally Shouta took mercy on him, thrusting his tongue inside.

“OH!” Izuku cried. He leaned forward, practically curling up around Shouta’s head. “It...Ah! It feels so good!” He panted out. His relationship with Shouta was still new, everything still felt so overwhelming to him. He felt like his body was on fire, Shouta’s tongue felt amazing against his sensitive insides.

Shouta removed his tongue, moving to lick and suck at Izuku’s clit, causing him to cry out loudly. “Please! I’m close!” Izuku whimpered. Shouta hummed around the boy’s clit, and Izuku screamed out, as he came.

Shouta helped Izuku lay down after he almost collapsed, from the immense pleasure Shouta caused. He looked at Shouta tiredly, the man’s face covered in Izuku’s juices. Shouta licked his lips. “Still my favorite flavor.” He teased with a smirk and Izuku blushed, burying his face in his teacher’s chest. Shouta chuckled petting his lover’s hair, as Izuku fell asleep in his arms. “Such a good boy.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to the other’s forehead.