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3/7 (one, eight, twelve)

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"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god..." 

"Ready, Somi?"

"Call her! Unnie, call her!" 

"One... two... three..."



"Oh my god, you guys... you two... seriously..."

"Stop crying, Chaeyeon unnie!"

"You cried!"

"So did you, Jiwon unnie, we all did!"

"So don't make fun of Chaeyeonnie for crying, Somi-yah..." 


"Are you guys both at Jiwon unnie's dorm?"

"Yep! Gyuri unnie says hello, by the way. And congratulations again." 

"Gyuri and I both say to tell Yuri hello! And congratulations! I'm sad I couldn't be there."

"I'll tell her."

"We're excited to welcome you to the club, Chaeyeon-ah!"

"Daehwi says JYP is quaking in his boots. He shouldn't have let us go!"

"Somi, you left on purpose..."

"From Sixteen, I mean from Sixteen." 

"Chaeyoung unnie called me earlier."

"Nayeon unnie Facetimed me when I debuted."

"None of them called me, what the heck? Not even Dahyun!"

"Unnie, you can't see me, but I just stuck my tongue out at you."


"But really. Thank you so much for calling me. It... it means a lot."

"Of course, unnie!"

"We'll call everyone else too. Natty, Minyoung, Eunsuh, and your sister."

"We have to stick together."

"Unnie... I hope I get to see you soon. It's been ages."

"We'll find a way to visit. Gyuri wants to see everyone too. And we all want to see Yuri. I think Jiheonnie knows the girls from Woollim from when she trained there too. Maybe IZONE and Fromis_9 and the Twice unnies will all perform on a show together someday."

"The unnies were happy to see me when IOI was on shows with them."

"And of course we'll wait for you to debut again, Somi-yah."

"Oh - I should go. I think Oh My Girl sunbaenims are going to come talk to me."

"That's exciting."

"Oh, if you have time, tell them that Nakyungie likes them. She'd like that."

"I'll tell them, unnie."

"Congratulations on debuting, Chaeyeon-ah. We're really proud of you."

"Thank you so much, unnie. And Somi."

"Goodnight, unnie!"