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Legion of Doom

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After some time, while talking about how the things have been for Kara and Lena since their big reveal fight, the dishes started coming, the first one to arrive was Lena’s salad, then Alex’s filet mignon, and after some more minutes, a waitress came pushing a large cart with Sam’s gigantic steak on it plus the additional sides.

Before leaving, the waitress said to Sam: “You are not legally obligated to eat the whole steak, and you will only be charged for the amount that you ate after a determinate threshold, also, there is an ambulance outside ready to take to the hospital in case of any emergency”.

“Thank you”, Sam replied with a soft smile.

Unlike everyone else in the restaurant, Alex and Lena were used to Kryptonian hunger and were unfazed by the fact that Sam ate the 96-oz steak in the same amount of time that it took Lena to finish her salad.

After Alex and Lena finished eating and Sam moved to the sides plates, they ordered a second round of beer in the same big glasses and continued talking about what happened after the fight, Lena’s decision to do all of these over-elaborate plans, how Kara has taken it, how Sam found out that her Worldkiller powers had been reactivated.

Once the second round of beer was emptied, and after picking up her jacket from Alex’s seat, Sam asked for the check to the bafflement of restaurant’s staff who was still surprised that after drinking the equivalent of eight beer bottles and eating so much food, Sam didn’t seem to be worse for the wear than anyone who only orders a side of bread and a glass of water.

Due to Lena and Alex being somewhat tipsy, Sam had to carry her intoxicated friends back to the car, but thanks to her super-strength it wasn’t that obvious, and to anyone looking, they were just three affectionate friends walking down the street in a silly way.

After getting to her SUV, Sam dropped her drunk friends in the backseat, then accommodated and secured them with the seatbelts.

While Sam checked her mirrors and adjusted her seatbelt before driving back home, she heard Lena saying: “Seriously, why Kara never trust me enough to tell me about being Supergirl?”

“Don’t ask me, I have no idea”, Alex replied, “She even told Nia about it, and she didn’t know her for very long”.

Alex may be drunk enough to not being able to stop herself from saying that, but she was sober enough to know that she shouldn’t have said that as a growl coming out of Lena confirmed it.

“Of course she did, everyone knew but me”, Lena said, “Why Kara told anyone and everyone about being Supergirl except me?”.

“That’s a question that only Kara can answer you”, Alex said.

“Yeah, I guess that I will have to do that eventually”, Lena said, “Once I stop having the urge to punch her in her stupid, beautiful and perfect face”.

After some time driving, Sam finally parked her SUV in front of the garage door of her house and carried the drunk bodies of her friends inside the house.

After dropping them off on the sofa of the living room, Alex and Lena started to talk again and asking Sam for a tequila bottle because today it would be tequila night.


Several Hours Later.


It was night by now, and Sam was amused by how touchy-feely Alex and Lena had gotten to each other now that they were approaching the wasted level, after drinking the whole bottle mostly between the two of them with Sam drinking the occasional shot.

This was the only time that Sam would curse her Kryptonian physiology, but she had already resignedly accepted that the Worldkiller powerset would have some kind of drawback, even if it was something mundane and rather insignificant like not being able to get drunk ever again.

Once the playfulness between Alex and Lena had escalated to quick kisses followed by giggling, Sam decided that it was time to leave alone and give them some space.

After Sam went upstairs, Alex and Lena started to make out more passionately while still drunkenly giggling, but pausing once in a while to continue with the drinking.

A few minutes later, Alex pulled away from a kiss that caused Lena to mutter a soft why, so she could stand up from the sofa and take off her DEO suit.

Given that there was currently more alcohol than blood circulating her body, the highly intoxicated Alex thought that it was a good idea to give Lena an improvised show; so she started to move her hips slowly from side to side as she pulled down the zipper of the suit, only a little bit each time that her hips moved, teasingly showing a little more of skin to Lena each time.

Encouraged by Alex’s dancing, Lena quickly took off her clothes as well stripping down to her olive bra and black panties as Alex had by now fully unzipped her suit, letting parts of her underwear underneath be seen by Lena.

Then Lena cheered as Alex slowly took off her suit, starting with her right arm, taking out of the sleeve, next proceeding with the other arm, and after that, pulling the suit down until it was left hanging around her hips, leaving the top part of Alex’s body in full display only covered by her grey sports bra.

After Alex sat down on the sofa again and undid the laces of her boots so she could take them off, later with the help of Lena, Alex was able to remove the suit from the lower part of her body, leaving her with her grey boy shorts.

Afterwards, Alex and Lena laid down on the sofa and started to make out again, along with the occasional groping each other’s boobs over their underwear; meanwhile, Sam was in her bedroom cursing the other disadvantage of her powers, the inability to turn them off, in the case, the inability to disable her superhearing.

If Sam wasn’t aware of how drunk Lena and Alex were, she definitely would think that they are being intentionally loud with the sole purpose of messing with her, the worst of all was that it was working pretty well at making her pretty horny.

Given that rolling in the bed wasn’t going to help her fall asleep or anything, Sam went to the bathroom and took a long icy cold shower, and when that didn’t work at all, Sam ended up playing and pleasuring herself until achieving the much-needed release of an orgasm, fortunately by then, the sounds had stopped completely and Sam finally could get some sleep.


The Next Morning


The first thing that Alex felt was that her head was killing her, then panic at not remembering where she was or why her mattress smelled so good or why it was so warm and soft. Eventually, Alex opened her eyes and what she saw made her scream and fall off the sofa and onto the cold floor of the living room.

“Are you ok?”, Lena said as the scream, the sudden movement and the loud thud sound of Alex’s body hitting the floor woke her up.

“Yeah”, Alex said still laying down on her back against the floor trying the process what had happened and trying to remember where she was

That’s when Alex realized several things about her current situation, like that she was completely naked, Lena was on the sofa also completely naked, this was Sam’s house, and what she was suffering from was a nasty hangover.

Ultimately, Alex decided to get up from the floor, but at seeing Lena’s naked body still laying in full display on the sofa, made Alex reflexively cover her breast with her arms, which made Lena start laughing instead.

“You know, I’m pretty sure that Lena already had a good look of those”, Alex heard Sam’s voice as she came down the stairs, to Alex’s dismay, only wearing a very sexy lingerie set, a lacy black bra, and a white thong.

Moving her arms realizing the futility of trying to cover up, Alex asked: “Where are my clothes? And why I’m naked in the first place?”.

This time it was Sam’s turn to laugh, while Lena said in a tone that was a mix of amusement and genuine concern: “You seriously don’t remember, huh?”.

“I remember that after we got back here from the restaurant, we started drinking and then my memory gets foggy…”, Alex said as she slightly blushed, “…The next thing that I remember is waking up naked on top of Lena”.

“Let me give you a hint, you two were enthusiastically agreeing with each other a lot and very loudly”, Sam said teasingly.

“We weren’t that loud, is it?” Lena said feeling a little embarrassed.

“Not actually, but not being able to turn off the superhearing didn’t help at all last night”, Sam confessed.

Meanwhile, Alex’s brain was finally putting all pieces together, and her facial expression changed demonstrating as the realization slowly dawned on her about how she did had drunk sex with Lena.

“We didn’t do it last night, did we?” Alex said partly still in denial, also trying to reassure herself that her current nakedness had a completely innocent explanation that had nothing to do with Lena and how drunk they were yesterday.

“My memories of last night may be foggy and full of blanks, but I do remember making you cry out my name at least once”, Lena said finding the horror expression that by now was plastered all over Alex’s face extremely funny.

“I think that this is yours”, Sam said mockingly adding insult to the injury by picking up Alex’s sports bra from the floor and throwing it at her.

Eventually, while Lena helped Sam make breakfast, Alex found her boy shorts under the sofa along with Lena’s underwear.

After Lena put her bra and panties back on, and once the breakfast was ready, the three lingerie-clad women sat down on the kitchen counter that separated the kitchen from the living room, with Alex in the middle of Sam and Lena.

While they ate their breakfast, Sam noticed that Alex was feeling uneasy and looked somewhat worried.

“Is there something wrong?”, Sam said to Alex who seemed lost in her thoughts.

“No, well… yes”, Alex replied, “I was thinking about what I was going to tell Kara and the others when I go back”.

“Are you going to tell her what we did last night?” Lena said intrigued.

“No, of course not, I’m not telling my sister that I had drunk sex with her best friend and quasi-girlfriend”, Alex said slightly blushing making Lena blush as well.

“So what are you worried about then?” Sam asked.

“Well, the last that they knew of me was that I was going out to get some answers”, Alex explained, “And that was yesterday in the morning”.

“I see the problem, even if your whereabouts could be easily explained with a couple of white lies, the why you didn’t contact Kara in this entire time is much more difficult to justify without sounding suspicious”, Lena said.

“I think that I see a way out of this, but it all depends on if Alex is willing to go ahead with it”, Sam said.

“What new machination has that machiavellian head of your come up now”, Lena said teasingly raising her eyebrow and being rather interested in Sam’s new idea.

“Well, I don’t lose anything by at least hearing what is it”, Alex said letting out a sigh.

“My idea is that if Alex has spent the last 24 hours around what most people consider two supervillains, she may as well been kidnapped”, Sam said with a mischievous smile as Alex's imagination started to fly.

“But that would only create more questions, like why I didn’t scream for help, for starters”, Alex said.

“Maybe because you couldn’t”, Lena explained, “Maybe we gagged you in a very restrictive and heavy way, so not even Kara with her superhearing could hear you”.

“And maybe we removed your clothes until leaving you in your underwear, and then tied you up so you wouldn’t be able to play any trick on us”, Sam said moving her chair closer to Alex.

“So what do you say?”, Lena said as Sam started to slowly rub Alex’s naked right leg.

Alex just gulped.