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Legion of Doom

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It was a warm night of summer in National City, but inside certain office on the L-corp building, the temperature had drop below zero.

“Lena, how could you have done this to me?” Supergirl said after finding out the experiments that Lena has been conducting on the black kryptonite.

“Excuse me? Since when do I have to report every single of my activities to you?” Lena said angered by being judged for trying to use the possible benefits of the black kryptonite for the betterment of humanity.

“Lena, you lied to me, I thought that we were friends”, Supergirl said.

“Ok, I’m willing to admit that I may have lied about giving back all the black kryptonite”, Lena said, “But do you imagine all the scientific breakthroughs that could be achieved if we use it as a power source”.

There was short silence and then Supergirl said. “And this is not the first time that you have lied to me and broke my trust”.

Lena’s expression on her face slowly changed from the initial annoyance to anger.

“I forgave you for not telling me about that you were making Kryptonite, because I understand that you were trying to save Sam”, Supergirl continued, “but now, I don’t know if I can trust you anymore”.

By now, Lena’s expression had transformed into one of pure rage, even though her voice remained cold and calculated.

“I broke your trust, huh?” Lena let out a sarcastic laugh, “That’s rich, coming from you, Kara Danvers, or should I say, Kara Zor-El”.

Supergirl froze.

“What………What did you call me?” Kara said pushing the words stuck in her throat.

“Kara Zor-El, that’s your real name, isn’t it? That you latter changed to Kara Danvers after arriving to Earth and being adopted by the Danvers family”, Lena said crossing her arms.

“How……..How……..How do you that?” Kara said trying to not simply run away.

“Well, a couple of days ago, I searched into my brothers’ files for every piece of intel and information that he had about you”, Lena said.

There was a much longer and tenser silence before Kara cleared her throat and said: “How long have you know it?”

“Well, I guess that I have always know it, after all, unlike your cousin, you don’t bother to act that much different between identities”, Lena said, “but if I had to say a when, it was the bus incident last week, remember?”

Kara slowly nodded.

“I heard your sister calling you Kara instead Supergirl at some point during a conversation”, Lena continued, “and then there was click in my head and everything became clear”.

Kara cursed herself (and Alex) at being so careless in her head.

“Lena, I can expla-” was all Kara was able to say before being cut by Lena: “Yeah and I can explain the black kryptonite as well, you know”.

Kara opened her mouth again but nothing came out.

“And if you are going to try and excuse your actions, then please don’t use the “I wanted to protect you and didn’t want to paint a target on your back” because I have a .50-cal-rifle aimed at my head once a week already, if you haven’t noticed”, Lena said trying to contain herself and not break her hand by punching Kara.

Kara stayed silent.

“So this is the situation, I lied to you about the kryptonite, the one substance on the planet that can harm you or even kill you”, although Lena’s voice may give off vibes of detachment and coldness, her face expression and especially her eyes told the opposite story, “but you lied to me about your identity, who you were and probably about our whole friendship”.

“Lena, please, it’s not like that”, Kara was finally able to say something.

“Subsequently, I think that it’s for the better that you and I take different paths, after all, a Luthor and a Super will always be at odds with each other”, Lena said trying to not let her voice crack.

“Lena, it’s doesn’t have to be like this, we can talk it out”, Kara said dreading the feeling of being shut out of Lena’s life.

“I broke your trust, remember?” Kara felt as Lena used her own words to cut her deeper than she could have ever been able to with a kryptonite spear.

“Lena, please”, Kara said almost begging.

“Goodbye, Supergirl”, Lena said pointing with her hand at the transparent door to the office’s balcony.

“Lena, listen to me, I can explain”, Kara said as her voice cracked.

“Goodbye, Kara Zor-el”, Lena said using all her determination and force of will to sound as cold and unemotional as possible, then turning her back to Kara.

Kara decided that there was no point of trying to continue and it was better to leave the things to settle down a little.

“Good Night, Lena”, Kara said before leaving the office and flying away.

Lena felt as her eyes got blurry with tears and looked for her phone to talk with the one person that she can trust in a moment like this.

But before doing that, Lena first looked in the office’s cabinets for a drink and found an unopened bottle of tequila.

After open it, Lena started to drink directly from the bottle while she struggled to text Sam.

“Hi”, was Lena’s first message as she wiped the tears that had fallen on the phone’s screen.

“Hey Lena, how is it going?” Sam texted back almost instantly.

“Are you busy?”

“No, I just finished doing the dishes, why?”

“Kara found out theee experimenthos that I was doing with the back kiptonite and I found out that she is supegurld”

 “Lena, are you drunk or the autocorrect has gone crazy?”

“We haddd big fight and im not drunk just drinkink tequila”

“Ok, I’m coming over, where are you?”


A couple of minutes, a sonic boom was heard and a masked feminine figure landed in the balcony outside of the L-corp office.

After entering the office, Sam removed her ski mask and unzipped her jacket; and found Jess trying to wrestle a half-empty tequila bottle out of Lena’s hands.

“Is that the….” Sam said before Jess finished the sentence: “tequila bottle that you send me to buy yesterday? Yes”.

“And how long ago it was the fight with Kara?” Sam asked concerned.

“Maybe 10 minutes, 15 minutes, tops”, Jess answered.

“Lena may not be a kryptonian but she sure does drink like one”, Sam thought to herself.

It hurts Sam to see Lena like this, so sad and broken.

“Lena, it’s me, Sam”, Sam said hugging Lena while Jess quickly took the tequila bottle out of Lena’s hands and then quickly disposed it down the office’s bathroom sink.

As Lena’s continued to hold onto Sam, now both were sitting in the office’s couch, Sam said: “You can go home now, Jess; I will take it from here, don’t worry and you must be tired”.

“Ok, but you can call me if you need me”, Jess said.

“Thank you and I will”, Sam said with a grateful and warm smile.

“See you tomorrow, Ms. Arias; Good Night, Ms. Luthor”, Jess said before leaving the office.

“Bye Jessie”, Lena said with her voice broken, her eyes, red and puffy, and with tears still falling down her face.

“It’s okay, I’m here, I will always be here for you”, Sam said soothingly trying to calm Lena while caressing Lena’s head and playing with her long hair.

A couple of hours later both had fallen sleep in the couch.