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Kirishima had never been the tidiest person even when he lived at home, so it made sense that that would carry over to the new dorms. His old habit of leaving his jacket by the door became leaving it over the arm of the downstairs couch as he came inside. Oftentimes he would only remember it when he was halfway out the door or when he had cracked a window to let in some air.


Sometimes Kaminari would just come into his room and borrow a game or a notebook and Kirishima would only find out later when he returned it. He didn’t mind, not really, he was an open friendly guy if he did say so himself. If his friends needed to borrow something when he wasn't around, he was totally okay with them coming in to get it. Besides, most of the time he got them back in decent shape.


The notable exception was when Mina borrowed his desk chair and returned it with a large hole in the seat from when she had fallen asleep studying and had been startled awake. She looked really upset about it and Kirishima could help but forgive her, it's not like he hadn’t damaged something before with his quirk.


The chair still was in his room unreplaced because Kirishima felt that it had character now, it had taken a beating and was still standing. That and he didn’t want to rat out Mina to the teachers.


It wasn’t like Bakugo hadn’t burnt through half of Kirishima’s workout shirts either during sparring, he was rather liberal with the fire as his quirk suggested. Kirishima just stopped wearing one entirely to save on cost and to this day he can’t tell if that decision enraged his friend or subdued him. Either was definitely possible given the way Bakugo grinned whenever Kirishima’s clothes turned to ash around him and didn't change when the shirt was fully gone.


If he wanted him without a shirt on all he had to do was ask and Kirishima would gladly oblige. It really wasn’t that hard to figure out but Bakugo never asked, and Kirishima indulged him anyway.


However, that seemed to be the only way he would actually be able to dress soon because as their second week in the dorms came around, Kirishima had a full blown crisis on his hands.


He was losing things left and right, clothes that he knew he had just worn but never ended up back in his room somehow. His uniform luckily had been spared the theft so he didn’t actually have to bring it up to the teachers. Kirishima didn’t want anyone in trouble, he just wanted his stuff back.


It was getting ridiculous to the point he was bringing his clothes with him into the public showers of the dorm on a hanger because he wouldn’t be surprised if they disappeared while he was gone for a few minutes.


He had been worrying about it for days, feeling like he was losing his mind. The time to recruit his friends was now because he was finally sure that he was sure he wasn’t imagining it when he went to find his tie and realized it had been removed from the hook it was supposed to rest on. Kirishima couldn’t even find it on the desk (where he usually threw it after class), under the bed (where it had ended up a lot when he lived at home) and it wasn’t in the laundry (although he did find Midoriya’s which adorably had his name written on the inside).


“Maybe one of the girls is doing it?” Kaminari offered up once Kirishima brought it up at lunch.


“Why would they do that?” Kirishima asked shocked. The girls? None of them seemed like the thieving type.


Kaminari tapped his temple with his chopsticks with a knowing grin. “You know, for nesting,” he said cheekily.


Kirishima felt a wave of embarrassment rush over him. “N-n-nestin-ng? With-h my stuff?” he spluttered.


None of the others looked remotely surprised by Kaminari’s guess. Sero was just nodding sagely while Bakugo resolutely continued to eat his meal.


Bakugo had been suspiciously quiet for a few days, jumpy, and easier to rile up if he was talking at all. If someone talked to him, he would respond with his usual litany of growled out threats but even those were toned down. He was just complacent in a way. It was all very odd, but if something was wrong, Kirishima knew he’d figure it out, he always did.


“Dude, you are one of the best examples of a good alpha there is, let alone in our class. You’re quite the catch, this really shouldn’t surprise you,” Sero said frankly.


“No, no I’m not,” Kirishima protested, before getting back to the topic at hand. “Besides, why would the girls do that? Not all of them are omegas and you know it.”


“Listen,” Kaminari said, giving him a pointed look. “We’ve got our own mini-pack thing developing so I’d be surprised if half the class, non-omegas included, have been taking each other's shit. I know for a fact there have been some mutual swapping before we were already in the dorms. Our school year so far hasn’t been…. easy.” He paused, eyes flickering to Bakugo who was ignoring him, and over a few tables over where Midoriya was sitting with his own group. “So you can’t really blame anyone really.”


He knows that some of his classmates had scented each other's things but he didn’t even consider it as a pack mentality. The only people he really scented was his own family too, but just hadn’t made the connection over to his classmates.


Their year had been rough, the splitting of friends groups late into the evening and on weekends really cemented them together. The dorm was now a bustling hive of that, it wasn’t uncommon to find people in the common room late at night, talking softly in the low lighting.


It had become common courtesy to turn the other eye to such private matters even if some resolutely ignored that fact. Momo had made is at habit to keep an eye on the room and make tea for any upset classmates, and Koda had proven himself as an excellent listener and excellent cuddle partner for those in need.


The idea of a class-pack really should have occurred to him sooner.


“I didn’t think about that,” Kirishima said thoughtfully. Kaminari nodded sagely like he had just answered every problem Kirishima had. Except he hadn’t. “But if everyone was taking each others stuff, why is so much of mine missing? Are the others having this problem too?"


The others shrugged again.


“Who’d want your shit?” Bakugo grumbled, and Kirishima elbowed him lightly.


“Me, I want my shit.”


“My stuff is all accounted for,” Sero said easily. “The good thing about being a beta is not worrying about people wanting me for my scent.” When Kirishima and Kaminari gave him two different stares of incredulous disbelief, he just grinned. “What? It’s true though, don’t be jealous.”


Kaminari continued to glare at him. “Don’t act like you don’t have your own comfort scent you tea-scented asshole.”


Unimpressed, Sero took a drink of his appropriately green tea. “Of course I do, but I’m not the one who’s stealing other people’s stuff.” His eyes lingered on Kaminari who bristled at the unspoken accusation.


“Wait, did you take something of mine then?” Kirishima asked suddenly, looking over at Kaminari, who offered a nervous smile in return.


“I mean, I don’t have anything from you yet, I’m sitting pretty good on what I’ve got right now.”




“Hey, you can’t deny you’re a very safe person to be around! I cannot emphasize this enough that you are like, prime safe-feeling alpha material,” Kaminari insisted. “It’s like animal magnetism, but not for the sex! Even people not interested in you for… that sort of thing, are drawn to you!”


Sero laughed. “He’s not a piece of meat.”


“Technically he is, we are all made of meat,” Kaminari shot back.


The beta rolled his eyes. “Thank you for that lovely image.” He then stopped thoughtfully. “Have you asked anyone else if they’ve seen your stuff?” he asked Kirishima.


Kirishima shook his head. “No, I just thought I was misplacing stuff like normal. Think I should?”


Instead of answering him, Sero just rolled up a napkin and tossed it over to where some of the girls were sitting. The clump landed in the middle of Mina’s bowl and she jumped. “Hey! Sero, come on that’s so rude!” she shouted at him, waving a fist in the air.


“Sorry, sorry,” Sero apologized with a large grin that said otherwise. “We just need to ask you a question."


“We?” she asked, eyes narrowed as she looked at the boys. Tsuyu, Uraraka, Momo, Jirou, and Koda all peered over from the other group to look over at their table. “What do you want?”


“Why do you assume we always want something?” Kaminari groaned. “Don’t make us sound so needy.”


“Because you are needy,” Jirou said bluntly, and Kaminari winced.


Bakugo gave a dry cough to disguise the laughter that everyone ignored so they wouldn’t get a fiery hand to the face. Kirishima’s skin itched in anticipation because he really wanted to hear Bakugo laugh without having to cover it up.


Kirishima leaned around Bakugo to come closer into the girl’s view, shifting his leg to rest on the bench between them. If their thighs touched it was nobody's business anyway but theirs. “I’m sorry, it’s my fault,” he said.


He was the only one close enough to hear Bakugo mutter, “No it’s not, stop apologizing for everything.”


At his words though, Mina brightened back up. “Oh okay, anything for you Kiri!” Faces falling, Sero and Kaminari tried not to look insulted at the words. They failed spectacularly.


“Well, I was wondering if you guys had seen any lost items around the dorms?”


Tsuyu put her finger to her chin, tilting her head on confusion. “Lost? What kind of lost items?”


“Uh…..” Kirishima wracked his brain. Okay, socks, that was a big one, he only had two pairs left and the one he was wearing right now had a huge hole on the right big toe. What else was there? “I’m missing random things, clothes mainly. A bunch of socks, some shirts, towels, and my pajama pants, you know the ones, the manly ones.”


“But aren’t all your pajama pants manly?” Tsuyu asked.


Ah, finally someone understood him, Kirishima sniffed with pride. “Yes, yes they are.”


“You mean the ones with the emojis right?” Uraraka asked. “I haven’t seen you in those in a while.”


“No I uh, I still have those,” Kirishima laughed, and looked down at Bakugo by his side, and draped his arm around his shoulders charmingly. “A certain someone threatened to burn them if I wore them outside my room again."


Bakugo didn’t push off his arm, but he did give him a glare that would peel most fruits and possibly crack a window. Kirishima was pretty sure the only way he wasn’t affected by it now was either his quirk, or repeated exposure somehow made him immune. “They’re hideous and an affront to nature,” he said bluntly.


“They’re beautiful,” Kirishima corrected. “Nature is just jealous.”


“You literally poke holes in the ozone layer every time you put them on. Trees shrivel to dust and animals weep,” Bakugo countered. He stabbed his fork into his lunch so viciously that it scraped against the plate in the worst screeching sound only sharp objects could do. The others winced, but Kirishima only smiled at him, maybe he was just immune to all the grating aspects of Bakugo after all?


“They aren’t that bad,” Uraraka interrupted, leaning forward over her food to look at Bakugo. “He wears them rather well I think. It suits him."


With his patented ‘Are You Fucking Kidding Me?’ glare, Bakugo growled out. “They're awful and I will burn them."


“You’ve burned enough shirts, please don’t start on my pants too,” Kirishima said softly, bending his head down so only Bakugo could hear, his lips brushing the spikes of Bakugo’s hair. Bakugo fought against a grin and didn’t reply as Sero gave them a curious side eye.


Aaaaaaaaanyway ,” Kaminari drawled, bringing the attention back to himself. He folded his fingers together to look important. “The point is his stuff is missing and he wants to know who took it.”


Denki!” Kirishima hissed, embarrassed at the bluntness. No wonder they sounded needy.


Kaminari shrugged it off and continued to look at the girls who had started to display various uncomfortable expressions, and Koda, who turned a delicate shade of pink.


“Well…” Uraraka said. “We might know where some of it is.”


That was excellent news, the best thing that had happened all day. Okay, that was a lie, they had BBQ today for lunch and that was hands down the best thing that had happened today. Lunch Rush was Kirishima’s personal hero right now, even if he was still a little hungry.


“Oh?” Kirishima said curiously.


“Here it comes,” Kaminari muttered under his breath.


No one could quite look him in the eye.


Uraraka and Jirou were both sporting something akin to guilt, Momo and Koda were pink as could be, and Mina wouldn’t look at him, fiddling with her chopsticks. It was unlike her, and Kirishima got the sudden sinking worry that something bad had happened to his clothes. If Mina had managed to burn a large hole in his pants or socks, no wonder he never got them back.


In the end, it was Tsuyu who spoke first. “We have some of them.”


Kirishima felt his jaw drop while Sero and Kaminari fist bumped. “Told you bro,” Kaminari said.


“W-why?” he asked, voice higher than he was pleased to hear, but no one else seemed to see anything wrong with what was happening. He knew he was blushing, the thought that Tsuyu of all people had stolen his clothes?? His ??


“You’re safe,” she said bluntly. Kaminari sniggered again across the table, but she continued. “As one of the most supportive and strong alphas, your scent is very comforting in these times of stress and change. We probably should have said something about it but I thought you knew.”


“We?” he asked feebly. “Who’s we?”


To his shock, the entire table raised their hands.


Momo spoke up for the first time, her face alight with shame. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you! If you don’t want us to we can give them back, I can make you some new socks if you’d like to make up for it! I can—“


“No, its… its fine,” Kirishima interrupted dazedly. “Just… how many… people?”


“Most of the class,” Jirou said, her face still tinted pink even if her expression was flat like she didn’t care. “A sock of two really helps honestly, just the small amounts help in the type of pack support we need. The larger stuff is more… of a personal thing I guess?” She shrugged, as an alpha like himself, she didn’t have the intense need for comfort from the entire pack they had formed. As the most “confident” nature, alphas were the ones who were sought after, not the ones being comforted.


It was weird, but Kirishima understood in theory, he just hadn’t even thought about grabbing peoples stuff for a peace of mind.


“Larger stuff is more personal eh?” Uraraka had recovered enough to grin knowingly at Jirou. Mina snorted and covered her own grin that only grew when Jirou’s own mouth trembled.


“Not a word,” she threatened, earjacks hovering ominously towards the two girls. They muffled their laughter and nodded frantically.


Koda still looked mortified and his gaze was darting back and forth between the entire group. Kirishima felt a little bad for upsetting them so much, he just wanted to know where his clothes were? Now he had found his socks, that was fine, he could go buy a new pack this weekend.


“That’s fine, keep the socks, I’m glad I can do anything to help.” He grinned brightly, and it wasn’t even a show, the idea he was helping was really great. “Whoever has the rest of my clothes should let me know though, I still want some of that back? Do you know who has those?”


They all looked at him with similar ranges of amusement. “Kirishima,” Momo said with a soft smile. “Not that we don’t care for you, because we do, but uh, whoever had your other clothes probably has…. a higher level of affection for you.” Jirou nodded.


“Yeah, if they stole your pajama bottoms they definitely want in your pants,” Mina said cheerfully.


Koda made a muted sound of panic while Kaminari burst out laughing. “Oh yeah they do!” he said when he could breathe again.


Someone had mentioned that earlier but Kirishima hadn’t really taken it into account. Momo saying it added another level of credibility.


Against all odds, Kirishima didn’t feel nervous, he just outright laughed. “Okay guys, very funny. The joke of me being this great alpha is good and I’m glad I’m helping, but don’t you think it’s a little far now?” The idea was so preposterous, Kirishima could feel actual tears gathering in his eyes.


Him? Some omega wanted him? His mind corrected itself to ‘ No, it could be a beta or another alpha as well’ , before too long though. He was open minded after all, their nature didn’t matter, even if their taste in alphas was humorous at best.


To his surprise, it was Bakugo who spoke up at that. He was shoved violently off of Bakugo’s shoulders, unaware he had been so draped over the other boy before Bakugo’s finger was shoved so close to Kirishima’s nose he went cross eyed looking at it.


“Are you fucking kidding me? Get your head out of your ass and look in a mirror or something,” barked Bakugo. “How many people have to tell you that you’re a fine alpha before you believe it yourself? It shouldn’t be that surprising someone wants you in their nest, they’d be goddamn lucky if you ask me!”


“Lucky?” He was just … him? Not to sell himself short but there were plenty of other alphas even in their class who were much more of a catch than he was.


Bakugo must have read his mind because he jammed the finger down and into Kirishima’s chest, denting into his pec as Bakugo leaned in closer, inches from his face. “Lucky,” he said again, and poked Kirishima even harder. “Maybe one day you’ll pull your head out of your ass and find them and maybe your stuff won’t be stolen, you’ll be the one giving it to them.”


Kirishima’s brain started to scramble automatically from the proximity, and the intense look in Bakugo’s eyes. “Them? How do I find them?” he asked dazedly.


A dissatisfied growl ripped through Bakugo’s throat and he pulled away. “Just open your fucking eyes you idiot,” he spat. He snatched his bag from the seat and stormed away before Kirishima could even really process what happened. “You’re going to run out of pillows at this rate.”


“Oh my god,” Mina said after a moment of stunned silence.


“He finally snapped,” Uraraka mused, looking after Bakugo’s dramatic exit from the cafeteria. He stormed his way through the doors that slammed into the wall with a banging echo.


Kirishima stared after him too. Okay, he hadn’t done anything wrong right? What had he said that set Bakugo off like that? Did Bakugo feel insulted for whoever liked him, that wasn’t like him at all. Kirishima felt even more ashamed, Bakugo the master of avoiding people’s feelings and anything to do with second natures was the one scolding him.


Was it that he didn’t think highly enough of himself? Bakugo also knew that, he snapped at him enough about the subject whenever Kirishima accidentally spoke ill of himself, but he’d never had such a reaction as this. He’d never had such a public one either.


“Did…. you learn anything?” Sero asked slowly.


Everyone’s eyes turned back to Kirishima. He felt dazed under their scrutiny. Had he learned anything? Every time he thought he understood what was happening at UA, things like this seemed determined to set him back again. “That people think I’m great?” he offered weakly.


That was apparently the wrong answer because everyone sighing defeatedly. He didn’t have the chance to press further when the bell rang. He looked down at his unfinished food sadly, at least the BBQ he had managed to eat was good.


As they walked down the hallway back to class, Kaminari was suspiciously silent until they got to the door. He pulled Kirishima aside, the others trailing in, chatting loudly. “Hey, listen. I really shouldn’t be the one to say this, but you should talk to Bakugo.”


“Oh no I really did mess up didn’t I?” groaned Kirishima, he rubbed at his forehead in frustration.


“What? No, where did you get that idea from?” Kaminari asked baffled. He shook his head lightly. “No, look, just go talk to him after class, corner him if you have to.”


Kirishima bit his lip worriedly. “That bad huh….”


“No, I just…” Kaminari looked like he was on the edge of his patience, which wasn’t saying much. “Just do it okay? For me?” He did look particularly frustrated.


Kirishima would do anything for his friends, especially Bakugo, and it wasn’t that out of the ordinary for him to appear and provide distractions. His comforting skills weren’t as good as the others, so he left more distressing matters to them. If the problem could be solved by just sitting around and being present, or an unhealthy snack break, he was good at that. Maybe this is why people saw him as a dependable alpha? He wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary though, that was a normal thing to do for friends? Strange.


He nodded, and Kaminari looked pleased enough to let him pass into the classroom. Bakugo glared at them the second they rounded the corner and didn’t verbally acknowledge Kirishima as he took his seat. Kirishima was suddenly understanding why it was Kaminari was so urgently saying they had to talk, there was something here that was wrong and he had no idea what. Was this mysterious reason why Bakugo had been so on edge lately?


Bakugo was not on the same page however and dashed out of the classroom and back to the dorms as soon as they were dismissed. His dramatic entrance wasn’t uncommon, only a few people really noticed and they were mostly from the lunch group. They looked at Kirishima pityingly and he felt even more confused than before.


He had no idea what was going on.


But apparently everyone else did?



Once he made it back to the dorm, he sat for a while. Everyone gave him a wide berth except for a few concerned people like their class’s ‘Golden Trio’ of Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka. Tsuyu intercepted them before they could get to close, and Kirishima felt a surge of gratitude for the girl.


The room emptied before too long, and Kirishima looked down at his knees. He needed to think this out.


What did he know so far?


His clothes were missing. Somehow without him noticing, the entire class has been taking his things because they felt he was secure. That was flattering, and now that he knew, Kirishima felt a little proud. A little weirded out none of them said anything, but proud.


There was also his mysterious suitor apparently leading that crusade against Kirishima’s entire closet. When asked, a large number of classmates already seemed to know who it was, and were frustrated he didn’t know. The joke was on them, he was frustrated as well.


Bakugo was mad at him because he looks down on himself. That shouldn’t be anything really new but it was still weird.


Kaminari hadn’t interjected into his and Bakugo’s friendship since the beginning of school when Kirishima’s infatuation with the violent blond had him concerned for Kirishima’s mental state. It had taken a bit more time before Kaminari saw what he did, that Bakugo wasn’t a huge asshole, just a normal asshole, and given the chance made a good friend. The formation of the so-called ‘Baku Squad’ only cemented Bakugo’s place, by his side, and the other’s had glued themselves along as well.


All things considered, it was going pretty well, which made Kaminari’s concern all the more frustrating.


The more he thought, the more flattered Kirishima was that someone was hoarding his stuff in an assumed attempt to get him into their nest. That was the hardest to swallow of all the problems he was faced with.


Someone actually liked him enough to take multiple objects from him because they smelled like him to make a nest with? The idea was laughable but the alpha part of him was preening, delighted by the attention. He had fought his alpha nature over similar things before, but this time he was open to the idea the more he thought about it. It was extremely flattering that someone would like him that much.

That kind of dedicated nest could only be an omega though right? Their instincts by far lead them to make larger, more constant nests than the other two natures which were just for times of stress. Unless someone else was just really really stressed out?


Their class was definitely stressed out, hero school was always hard and the villian attacks left them on edge all the time. Kirishima himself was still recovering from summer camp, Kamino, and the resulting losses. He knew the others suffered as well, Bakugo’s light was almost always on during the night hours even if the room was near silent, Kirishima knew the other wasn’t asleep. He’d seen him some nights on the balcony, staring out across the city for hours on end.


But that was that, and this was this.

Kirishima was sure this was more than stress, or maybe he was just hoping it was. There were only a few omegas in the entire class, and he wasn’t sure of any of them.


Who was it?


Midoriya was pretty obviously spoken for… or was he? He was sure there were many interested parties, but Midoriya didn’t seem like the type to lead them on. He’d been quiet lately, more focused since school has resumed. Kamino had hit him hard, but he had an iron tight support system. It couldn’t be him.

Kaminari seemed out, Kirishima knew he was holding a candle pretty strong for Jirou, he wasn’t interested in any other sort of alpha.


Even Koda he knew from today even wasn’t interested, but even before that, they weren’t close? He couldn’t see why the other would like him to this sort of extreme The idea of Koda sneaking into his room to steal his clothes was laughable, Koda wasn’t the thieving type.


That only left the unknowns then.


It wasn't uncommon for a student to completely disguise their second nature to not be distracted by it, scent patches being the best option for a hero in training due to all the sweating they did, the pills just didn't work as well. Kirishima had never seen a point in using them, but had noticed several of his classmates did use them.


It was only natural, all the professional heroes used them too.


Both Todoroki and Bakugo did, each for their own reasons he was sure, but that only left those two and Tooru. The girl he knew for sure wasn’t interested, he had picked up enough gossip and seen her exiting Ojirou’s room on numerous occasions to clue that one in.

He was pretty sure-- wait no, scratch that, he had no idea what or who Todoroki was into. The other boy was an enigma. He didn’t seem like the type to steal and cuddle Kirishima’s dirty clothes.

But then again, neither did Bakugo. As much as Kirishima wished, there was just no way the other boy felt the same as he did. Nothing Bakugo ever did suggested he was interested, plus Kirishima couldn’t really think he seemed like the type to cuddle anything, let alone him. The idea of Bakugo being an omega at all was such a jarring thought per his personality, but it sent a shiver down Kirishima’s spine.


Being invited to Bakugo’s nest if he indeed had one, would probably make Kirishima cry. Lots of manly tears of course, nothing as manly as being in love with your best bro right? Peak manliness there.


His nest would probably be perfect, a shining example of what an omega’s nest should be, and Bakugo would show it to him with pride. He’d probably end up shoving Kirishima in, and climbing all over him, eager for praise of--




That wasn’t Bakugo, that was…. some weird alpha fantasy and Kirishima had to force himself to forget the image of Bakugo straddling him and nuzzling his cheek into his with--


Kirishima fell backward onto the couch, covering his face in embarrassment. He’d never conceived the idea of his crush as an omega, and now that he had, his whole body was restless with the desire to push himself into Bakugo’s room and see for sure if it was true. He frantically tried to remind himself that even if there was a nest there, it didn’t mean anything about his second nature and that Bakugo would never make a nest for him regardless.


The idea was laughable and laugh he did, the noise sounding strained and tapered off into a whine as Kirishima pressed his face into the couch. As he quieted, mind racing, he heard footsteps approach.


Kirishima rolled back over startled, and looked up to see Aizawa looking over the edge of the couch. “What’s wrong?” he asked flatly.


“Wrong? Nothing’s wrong, why would anything be wrong?” Kirishima said immediately, his voice cracking and he cursed his fluctuating hormones.


Aizawa just stared at him, unblinkingly. Kirishima started to feel nervous. Did he hear about his missing clothes and was coming to chastise him? Had someone told Aizawa something was wrong with him and Bakugo? He would not put it past his mischievous classmates.


“Anyone could smell your panic from down the hall,” he said. “Keep it down or go to your room, this is a public area.”


Kirishima sat up, frowning. He wanted the space to think but what he didn’t think about the effect he might have on everyone else. “I’m sorry, I’ll go think somewhere else.”


He got to his feet and Aizawa grunted in agreement, “Good.”


His teacher turned and hadn’t taken more than four steps before the words leapt out of Kirishima’s mouth against his will. “Can I ask your advice?”


Aizawa stopped. “About?”


This was the hard part, where did he even start? “About….. boys?” Kirishima offered weakly. That sounded so dumb oh great, now his teacher was going to think all he did was sit around and think about stupid things like that. It was unfair, he sat around and thought about plenty of other stupid things too.


“What makes you think you should come to me for advice?” Aizawa asked. He sounded tired, and Kirishima knew that was most of the time for his teacher, so he wasn’t insulted.


If there was anyone to ask, it would definitely be Aizawa. As their homeroom teacher, he was the closest thing to ‘leader’ they had, and despite his denial, he’d become a pillar of support for everyone. They knew he cared even if he made them run extra laps for saying so during class.


“No one else will tell me who but a possible omega is taking my stuff and nesting with it and I’m running out of clothes and I want to figure out who it is but I have no idea and maybe you could give me some advice on what to do?” Kirishima asked in a rush, he had to pour enthusiasm through every pore of his body to get his point across, he really needed his help. “Please?!”


“Why would I know anything about that?” Aizawa answered.


“Well uh, I don’t know. You’re an adult and our teacher, aren’t we supposed to come to you for help?” Kirishima asked.


He was starting to regret saying anything when Aizawa just sighed and crooked his finger forward. “Come on,” he said shortly. Without waiting for an answer, he walked off towards his own room. Kirishima bounced up and followed him eagerly.


Not to his surprise, his teacher room was bigger than the student ones and just as sparse. It was plain, ordinary, a few blankets that were thrown over the sofa looked extremely soft. Aizawa’s scent, usually hidden, was draped over the entire room. He had only smelled it only a few times before, he would never forget the spike of fear his teacher let escape during the battle at USJ. The memory sent a chill down his spine and he focused on looking at literally anything else to avoid that memory.


The shelves he passed as he took off his slippers held titles such as ‘The Care and Keeping of Cats’, ‘The Supernatural Cats of Japan’, as well as a few magazines. The pages looked creased and well worn, and there was a small yellow statue of a yawning cat on one end.


“Stop being nosy,” Aizawa said curtly from across the room.


Kirishima scrambled away from the shelf and perched himself on the edge of the couch, back ramrod straight. Aizawa was not someone to mess around with. “Yes sir!”


The response only made Aizawa look more tired. “So what’s the problem again? Something about nesting and boys?”


“Ah, yes that's… that’s it pretty much,” Kirishima said shyly. “I’ve been losing stuff since we moved in and today people told me it’s because someone is nesting with it. I don’t know who though.”


“They told you it was happening but not who it was?” When Kirishima nodded, Aizawa looked almost relieved. “Good.”


“What? No, I want to know who it is!” Kirishima said passionately, his hand slamming to his knee.


“Well, what do you think?” Aizawa asked.


Kirishima blinked rapidly. “What I think?”


Aizawa looked at him impassively. “Everything you’ve said has been about what other people have said. What do you think about it?”


“They should tell me,” Kirishima insisted. “I want to know them!”




Kirishima looked bashful. “And get my stuff back.” He paused. Aizawa was an alpha too. “Do you ever take peoples stuff for comfort?” he asked and very suddenly.


Aizawa didn’t look amused. “I’ve never stolen stuff and people never steal my stuff,” he replied.


Well, that was odd. “But doesn’t Present Mic have your pen? Does that mean you gave it to him?” he asked curiously.


He had been so sure it was his scent he had smelled on Mic that day, the teacher using a grey cat pen instead of the usual fountain pen shaped like a microphone. Even now, he was sure he could smell Mic’s scent in the room too. Had he been visiting earlier? School had just gotten out, maybe he dropped off some forms? Maybe he had been returning the pen?


Aizawa’s hair shot up and Kirishima wasn’t even using his quirk but he felt his spine lock up in sheer terror. “Whatever you think you smelled is wrong,” he said darkly.


“I know, that’s my problem,” Kirishima said sadly. “I can’t smell what’s wrong, I can’t tell.”


Hair deflating, Aizawa looked him over. “You can’t tell what?” he asked.


“Well I mean, apparently someone likes me and I can’t tell,” Kirishima explained. Saying it felt a little weird, and Kirishima didn’t feel as enthusiastic anymore now that he had to keep saying it over again.


“Kaminari says if they have a lot of my stuff, it means they like me and Mina says that if they took my pants it means they wanted to get in my pants and Momo says that that person is obvious and that they have a ‘higher affection for me’, then even Bakugo yelled and me for not appreciating the attention and to open my eyes to find them and I just--”


The defeated sigh that came from his teacher had Kirishima stopping his rant, hands twisting together. “Sorry.”


“No, it’s fine,” Aizawa said, his face now set in a mask of perpetual frustration. “I’m used to him being trouble at this point.”


“Him?” Kirishima asked curiously. So it was a him that was after Kirishima?


“You already said this was about boys,” he corrected shortly. “Who do you think it is?”


“I don’t know that’s the problem!” Kirishima said bitterly, picking at his fingernails. “The only options are confusing and I just don’t see it happening. I have someone I hope it is but I don’t think it’ll end up being him.”


Aizawa looked him over in silence for a while and it felt heavy under his gaze. Being so unconfident around his teacher felt bad but he knew Aizawa didn’t care, he was just helping in his own way. “Have you talked to that person yet?” he asked.


Brief visions of Bakugo storming out of the cafeteria and fleeing the classroom came to mind and Kirishima winced. “No, he keeps running.”


“Then corner him and ask.”


“Shouldn’t I not corner omegas? I know that’s like, really rude and I don’t want to be that kind of alpha ,” Kirishima said worriedly.


“I don’t think this one will mind,” Aizawa said, the confidence in his answer only slightly reassuring.


Kirishima worried the inside of his cheek between his teeth. It hurt, but it was a good distraction. He didn’t think Bakugo was even an omega, stereotypes aside he just… didn’t seem like one. Ugh, this was all so confusing. “I don’t want him to yell at me,” he said softly.


Aizawa sighed again and shifted to lean forward in his seat. “Kirishima, look at me.” He raised his head and looked into his teacher's very tired eyes. There was something akin to concern floating in there was well, and Kirishima couldn’t tell if that was good or bad. “In order to be a good hero, you need to learn when to take initiative. The outcome may be good or bad, but someone has to make the first move, understand?”


Kirishima nodded even though he didn’t really get it.


“Whatever person you need to talk to might never approach you about it, and that means you need to take the initiative before you lose all of your stuff apparently.”


Kirishima nodded solemnly. “Between him and the rest of the class I’m almost out of socks.”


Aizawa snorted a laugh, and leaned back, still keeping eye contact. “That’s my advice. Take it or don’t.”


Kirishima still didn’t feel quite as reassured as he wanted to be. “I want to but it’s hard. What if I’m wrong? What if I love the friendship with him that I already have and don’t want to mess it up?”


That had Aizawa’s eyes flickering across the room to the far wall and at something Kirishima couldn't see. “Do you think it really is the same person?”


Kirishima nodded, then shook his head. “I hope so?” he offered feebly.


“Then tell him. There’s no point in living with that regret of never bringing up on your shoulders.”


There was a distant look in his eyes that told Kirishima that his teacher was speaking from experience, not out of some self-help guidebook. The question of why he knew that in specific danced at the tip of Kirishima’s tongue before he swallowed it. He’d already bothered his teacher enough as it was, prying into his personal business was the last thing he wanted to keep doing.


“Thanks a lot,” Kirishima said, getting to his feet. “I’m going to go do it. Gotta be a man about it! Direct! Straight to the point!” Aizawa has firmed his expression back up to looks less wistful and he stood as well.


“Good luck, I think you might need it,” Aizawa said as he let Kirishima out and back into the hall. Before Kirishima could get very far, he added. “Please don’t ask me about this again.”


“Yes sir!”


Kirishima wasn’t quite sure what he was doing still, but if he had to take initiative, it was time to go corner Bakugo at the very least, then he could deal with his mysterious suitor. He ignored the quiet whisper in his head that hoped they were the same person.



By the time he had gotten back to his room, one of his drawers was empty, and the fitted sheet from his mattress was missing. Upon closer investigation, his pillows were missing as well, leaving only his comforter and a foam topper for his mattress.


Turns out Bakugo was right, his paramour had taken all of his pillows and pillowcases eventually. It would make sleeping difficult tonight, he guessed he would have to borrow one unless someone mysteriously returned them. He wasn’t holding his breath on that though.


With trepidation, Kirishima exited his own room and was about to knock on Bakugo’s door when he realized that despite the fact his first instinct was to ask Bakugo if he would borrow a pillow, he had managed to forget all of today’s worries until his hand was already in motion.


His hand was so used to just pounding on Bakugo’s door until he answered, but the sudden rush of nerves freezing throughout his entire body had him instead making a lame attempt at knocking that ended up being more of a ‘tap’ against the wood.


Well shit.


He just needed a pillow but also needed to have a soul searching conversation with his best friend about how he really felt and how Bakugo was such an enigma who could tell the future and possibly find out his secondary nature without being too rude about it. Oh what a day. He really should have gone to ask someone else for a pillow.


Unaware of what he should do, Kirishima just knocked again, the sound small in the quiet hallway.


For a moment, nothing happened, then Bakugo could be heard stomping towards the door to the sound of Kirishima’s frantic heartbeat. As he approached, he started shouting, the words getting louder as he drew closer to the door. “I swear to god you useless tapeworm if you ask me for one more piece of--” Bakugo opened the door in a whoosh that left Kirishima absolutely spellbound.


Bakugo’s room smelled like the spun sugar of his quirk and something headier, something warm. Kirishima inhaled deeply without noticing Bakugo’s eyes turn the size of dinner plates when he realized who was at the door.


He did notice when Bakugo tried to slam the door shut however, and blocked it with a hardened limb easily. Bakugo struggled to shut the door but Kirishima just kept sniffing the air. “What is that? Do you have some sort of candy in there?” he asked curiously. “Are you going to share?”


Bakugo froze. “Candy?”


Kirishima nodded eagerly. “Yeah it smells amazing like,” he sniffed again, still not noticing the way Bakugo’s eyes were watching him with something as close to terror as Bakugo’s face could get. “It smells like molasses and,” he sniffed. “Caramel. What are you making?”


He finally looked at Bakugo and the other boy just sighed, opening the door. “Just get in here,” he said defeatedly.


Kirishima went in and immediately started searching for the source of the smell. It was like an itch under his skin that he couldn’t quite scratch, so close and yet he couldn’t tell what it was. What had he even come in here for again? His brain felt more like the molasses he was smelling. “How are you baking something? Do have a mini oven?”


“No because I’m not baking.”


“Then how does it smell so good in here? Like cookies and…” He sniffed long and deep again. “It kind of smells like ginger?”


Bakugo was looking at him with a sort of pinched expression. “It smells like cookies?” he asked softly. His tone and expression out of character for the volatile boy.


“Y-yeah?” Kirishima said tentatively before clearing his throat. “Yes, yes it does,” he restated firmly.


To his confusion and utter delight, Bakugo blushed.


“That’s not what most people say they smell,” he said, eyes still wary.


Kirishima couldn’t see why anyone would ever think that. Whatever it was, he never wanted to stop smelling it. It was thick on his tongue, washing down his throat and into his lungs in heady breaths that had his chest warming. Oh god, whatever it was probably tasted divine, but Bakugo said he wasn’t cooking anything. Was it a candle or something? Why would people not like the smell of it, holy shit Kirishima wanted to smell it for days.


“Their loss,” Kirishima said simply, and smiled at Bakugo. “Are you going to tell me though for real? I want some.”


Bakugo’s lip wobbled and Kirishima wondered if he had said the wrong thing. Maybe the source of the smell was something important to him that he didn’t want to share and Kirishima had just barged in anyway? His enthusiasm dwindled, but only just enough so that he could focus better, blinking his eyes against the cloud in his brain that just wanted a taste and then maybe take a nap or something.


In front of him, Bakugo had clenched his fists and was determinedly looking at Kirishima’s shoulder instead of his face. He mumbled something under his breath.


“What?” Kirishima asked, stepping closer, ignoring the strong scent that followed.


He mumbled again.


“Bakugo, I can’t hear you.” Even a foot away Kirishima couldn’t understand the jumble of words that Bakugo was saying rapidly. He frowned. “Hey, it’s fine I really won’t eat it if it’s that important to you, I’m really just curious. Something that smells that good should--”


“It’s me,” blurted Bakugo.


“Yeah I know it’s yours that why I’m saying--”


He growled and shoved Kirishima in the chest, sending him stumbling back. “No, it IS ME ! Is that what you wanted to hear? God, sometimes you’re so fucking dumb!”


Okay, this made no sense.


Kirishima chuckled. “Bakugo, you aren’t a baked good why would you smell like--”


All at once everything clicked into place; The missing clothes, Bakugo’s odd behavior, his outburst at lunch, his classmates and even teacher refusing to tell him who was taking them, the mystery of how his pillows so suddenly went missing. He took a step back and finally took a look around.


Bakugo’s room really didn’t look any different, it was ordinary as bedrooms go, a poster here and there, a pile of books, a cardboard box that didn’t look like it it was fully unpacked lay in the corner. Oh, and the massive nest spilling over the sides of the bed, that was new, and looked very familiar.


Even from here, Kirishima could tell what had happened to his stuff now. He could see the corner of his recently pilfered bedsheet across the bottom edge, which wrapped around to secure over a massive pile of mixed linens from which he would see no less than two of his Crimson Riot t-shirts, and one of his missing pillows. Kirishima really wanted to get closer but knew it was absolutely not his nest to touch, even if he could see one leg of his pajama pants hanging over it, his scent mixing with the sweet smell of the air around him.


How had he not noticed this when he walked in?


He realized he had massively underestimated the whole situation, and turned to face Bakugo in awe. The other boy was watching him nervously, which looked unsettling on him.


“So you’re the one who took my pillows?” he asked quietly.


Bakugo nodded shortly.


“And my towel? Plus all of my sleeping shirts?”


Another nod joined the first and Kirishima exhaled nervously, running a hand through his hair. “Oh wow, I uh, I had no idea? Holy shit. And th...that smell, it’s… you’re an omega?” he asked, voice rising higher at the end.


Looking visibly more nervous, Bakugo nodded. He was biting his lip and Kirishima fixated on that perhaps a moment too long. “I wear blockers so people don’t give me shit,” Bakugo explained. He seemed torn between looking anywhere but Kirishima, or staring at his face to judge his reaction. The scent in the room was rapidly swinging towards the sharp ginger smell from earlier. “My scent is…. strong.”


“Well that fits, what about you isn’t?” Kirishima said truthfully.


Bakugo made a whimpering sound that he smothered into a cough, blushing furiously. “Shit you can’t just say things like that,” he said.


“Why not? It’s true?” Kirishima smiled reassuringly at him, and looked at the nest, breathing in deeply. He would have never guessed this is what missing socks would lead him to and he was suddenly glad his other classmates had no sense of confrontation about the matter. “Also dude, you really could have just asked, I’d have given you anything you wanted for a nest.”


There was a long silence. “Anything?”


Kirishima turned to look at him. “Yeah man, I didn’t know you felt this way, I’d do just about anything for you,” he said earnestly.


Bakugo covered his face with both his hands, bending over at the waist. “ Holy fuck you can’t just say things like that! ” he shouted but the effect was ruined by the fact he was smothering his face with his hands.


Oh no, was he still misreading this? Fuck, Kirishima really was bad at this. He moved back over to where Bakugo was and placed a hand on his shoulder comfortingly. “I’m sorry? I didn’t mean to say anything wrong I just--”


“You said anything right?” asked Bakugo, sounding winded.


Kirishima nodded before realizing Bakugo definitely could not see him. “Yeah, of course.”


Bakugo fell back to sit on the edge of his bed. He looked up at Kirishima, eyes set with fierce determination that lost a little of its effect with the trembling of his hands on his legs. “Then I want you for my nest.”


Kirishima felt like he had been hit in the chest by All Might himself, all of his air suddenly vanishing and being replaced with the crystal clear certainty of what was happening. Kirishima ran his hand through his hair and nodded, and kept nodding as he felt his smile grow on his face until his cheeks stung with the stretch.


He suddenly understood the phrase, ‘ when you know, you know’ and the warmth in his chest that had been growing started to burn like an ember.


“Can I… I sit?” he asked nervously.


Bakugo nodded robotically, and scooted back into the mounds of material on his bed. He pushed some of it aside and drew some other parts closer. It was increasingly obvious he had already made sufficient place for Kirishima before he had even arrived and Kirishima felt light headed at the realization.


This was actually happening.


Once he had deemed it okay, Bakugo nodded, and Kirishima crawled in beside him, careful to toe off his slippers beforehand. Bakugo still didn’t say anything, just watching him carefully as Kirishima made himself comfortable. Or, at least he tried to. Kirishima wasn’t sure where to sit, how to sit, was it okay to lean on this or was that too much? This was a lot to deal with in a short amount of time and all he wanted to do was make the right impression, what kind of alpha would he be if he messed up now?


He eventually just perched on one end and looked over at Bakugo, who looked equally uncomfortable. “Your-r,” he cleared his throat. “Your nest is...nice.” Shit that was so awkward. He really wanted to be closer holy shit, Bakugo was smelling even sweeter, how was that even possible?


Somehow it worked, and Bakugo relaxed a little. “Of course it is, it’s mine.”


Kirishima couldn’t help the fond smile that stretched his face. “I never doubted you,” he said.


“No you wouldn’t have,” scoffed Bakugo, looking him over critically. “You look like you’re about to shit your pants, calm down.”


“Bakugo man, I don’t know if I can. This is the first time someone has made a nest with me in mind and my first time in a nest in general and I’ve wanted to be with you for months and oh man you smell so good it’s--” He cut his own words off in embarrassment. Ranting like this wouldn’t convince Bakugo of anything it just made him sound like a lunatic.


Lightly kicking his leg Bakugo repeated, “Just calm down.” Then he added softer, “Do I really smell good?”


“I literally don’t have the words,” Kirishima said bluntly. Bakugo blinked at him owlishly and Kirishima backtracked. “I mean, I do, I can speak I just have no idea how to say it other than ‘sweet, warm, and kind of tangy’ but that just sounds really dumb.”


“Not many people like my scent, think its too strong, too much, and sour,” Bakugo explained. He hadn’t pulled his leg back and Kirishima impulsively ran his hand along his ankle to try and soothe him. “So I was nervous about what you’d think, and then suddenly you were my next door neighbor and way too close. Taking your stuff was,” he paused to smirk, “way too easy. But then you pissed me off so much today by being so dumb I was rash and took too much and you found out too soon--”


“Actually I was only coming over here because I had no pillows and wanted to borrow some of yours till I found them,” Kirishima admitted. “I was still building up my courage to even talk to you but kind of… forgot in the spur of the moment.”


“Omg you’re so dumb,” Bakugo said in amazement. “How you ever figured this out at all is a true wonder.”


“Hey! In my defense, this dorm has great scent containment! If I had smelled this, I’d have been over here AGES ago!” he protested, pulling at Bakugo’s leg.


He blushed. “We’ve only been here two weeks at most.”


“Then I would have been in here two weeks ago. Holy shit, Bakugo you just smell so good,” Kirishima emphasized, leaning forward higher up Bakugo’s leg, his hand trailing up with it.


Stop saying that! ” Bakugo hissed, and Kirishima found a burst of bravery.


“Hey Bakugo, I like you.”


Bakugo’s face was bright red, his ears glowing in his hair.


“You smell like Christmas morning, warm like a fire, and sweet like those frosting cookies with the sprinkles on top.”


“Oh my god.”


Kirishima kept going, moving closer and closer to Bakugo, who was looking like he was about to vibrate right out of bed. But he didn’t look away, and he didn’t push him away as Kirishima’s hand settled on his waist.


“You’re the strongest person I know and I want to eat you like a creampuff.”


As if he could hide from his words, Bakugo leaned back away, and further down onto the bed. “ Oh my god ,” he repeated in that winded tone of disbelief. Grinning, Kirishima followed him down, sliding beside Bakugo’s presented back.

He started to wrap his arms around the omega, humming in contentment as Bakugo’s skin burned under his touch, and nuzzled between his shoulder blades. “This okay?” he asked. When Bakugo nodded, he slid his arms fully around him.


This was it, Kirishima was never leaving this bed again. He knew part of the raging contentment inside of him was from his biological processes, but the other 80% was from knowing it wasn’t just some omega, it was Bakugo here in his arms.


Nothing could have prepared him for this moment. If someone had told him this morning, a few days ago, a few weeks ago, that he would be curled around Bakugo in a nest made of his their mixed clothes, Kirishima would have laughed outright at them. He still kind of felt like doing that now, but forced the bubbling in his lungs back down, he still wasn’t sure he was awake and didn’t want to ruin the dream now.


“Bakugo?” he asked quietly.




“I really like you,” Kirishima whispered. His lips moved against his back, Bakugo stiffening at the feeling and probably his words too. “I really really like you.”


He was back to vibrating again, and Kirishima smoothed a hand across his stomach trying to soothe him. Bakugo grabbed the wandering hand, forcing it to a stop. “I know,” he eventually replied.


Bakugo was never going to make it easy for him was he? Trying and failing to restrain his grin, Kirishima pressed his face even closer. “I was wondering if you liked me?” he asked.


Bakugo’s hand shook over his, clenching tighter. He was so nervous it was almost funny but Kirishima really didn’t like seeing him nervous. Okay maybe he did a little, knowing that he had such an effect on him was…. nice.


“What do you think idiot?” he said sharply. Kirishima’s hand was turned over, Bakugo lacing their fingers together, playing with the tips of their intertwined fingers with his other hand.


Kirishima was pretty sure his heart was going to burst it felt so full right now.


“I think I want to hear you say it,” he said.


Fuck off,” Bakugo said weakly.


Bakugo flicked his fingertip and Kirishima chuckled. “I can’t, I’m part of the nest now remember? You can’t get rid of me now.”


“I’ve changed my mind, get out, you’re too dumb.”


Bakugo squirmed in his arms, pulling his hand away and Kirishima whined. “ Nooooo don’t leave meeeeee . I just got here you can’t leave me now!”


Instead of getting up, Bakugo rolled over in the bed to face him, face red, his tousled hair spreading over the pillow to mix with Kirishima’s own. This open, vulnerable Bakugo still retained his sharpness, cutting through him with his gaze and Kirishima held his breath.


“You think I’d leave that easily?” Bakugo whispered, voice rough in the silence.


“I don’t know,” he whispered back, his eyes wide.


“You’re mine now,” Bakugo said fiercely. “You’d better drill that into your thick skull.”


Kirishima heart raced and he was pretty sure it was about to come in first place it was going so fast. He hoped Bakugo’s own was going to be a close second right behind him.


“You’ll never be able to get rid of me now,” Kirishima said with a laugh, he re-affixed his hands onto Bakugo, running a thumb over the swell of his arm muscles. He’s wanted to touch him like this for ages, and now that he could, he was right; Bakugo’s skin really was just as soft as he thought it would be.


“I don’t want to,” Bakugo admitted and Kirishima’s smile felt like it was about to fly off of his face. Bakugo’s answering grin wasn’t as big, but it filled in something inside of Kirishima he didn’t know he was missing.


The overwhelming choking feeling rise in his chest. He was so warm, he needed to be closer, needed to make sure Bakugo knew. Kirishima knew that he knew, but he couldn’t breathe and he really needed to make absolutely sure.


“Why didn’t you tell me?”


Bakugo’s smile settled into something more contemplative rather than the victorious grin he had before. “I’m not good with words,” he said simply. He tilted his face away from Kirishima’s to press more into the pillow. “I can’t just explode all over your face to let you know. If I could, you bet your ass that’s how I’d do it.”


“I like my face the way it is thank you.”


Bakugo mumbled a, “Me too,” into the pillow before Kirishima dropped his head into Bakugo’s neck. He couldn’t hold it back anymore, and as Bakugo shivered at the touch, Kirishima dragged his face over Bakugo’s skin. “Stop,” Bakugo said weakly, but contrary to his words, his hands came to grip the front of Kirishima’s shirt. If Kirishima drew back now, he’d have a hard time of it.


He smiled, his teeth grazing Bakugo’s neck resulting in a full out body tremor. “Are you su--”


“Oh my god please just scent me already,” Bakugo snapped.


Kirishima wasted no time after that, pressing their bodies together as he rolled over him. They moved, Kirishima ending up on top, his hands tangling in straps of Bakugo’s top as he finally got the taste he craved. Kirishima rubbed his nose over Bakugo’s scent glands, eliciting a breathy sigh from the other.


The sugary smell got stronger, heavier, and Kirishima opened his mouth without hesitation, dragging his hot tongue over the gland before him. Bakugo made a keening sound that lit Kirishima’s blood on fire. He breathed in deeply, holy shit, he was in so deep. Kirishima tilted his head, to lick a line up Bakugo’s neck and he felt Bakugo cling even tighter to him.


“Oh my god,” he groaned, drawing back as Bakugo tried to pull him back to his neck. Every instinct he had said ‘yes, follow him, your omega needs you’ , but Kirishima fought it to get a good look down at Bakugo.


He was the most beautiful thing Kirishima had ever seen, the prettiest picture now engraved on the back of Kirishima’s eyelids


Bakugo’s face was turned into the pillow, eyes screwed shut, mouth open as he panted against the fabric. Soon enough it would stop smelling like Kirishima at all, and then Kirishima could steal it back so Bakugo’s scent could be in his own bed. The thought of Bakugo in his bed in return made his heart skip a beat.


When he didn’t draw Kirishima back in, Bakugo opened his eyes slowly, blinking up at him. “What’s wrong?” he asked, voice tight.


“Nothing,” Kirishima answered, looking down at him in awe. “Nothing at all.”


Then he leaned down and pressed his lips to Bakugos.


The omega made a murmur of surprise but soon melted against him. His hair was soft too, Kirishima thought distantly, he had already known that, but it felt like silk between his fingers right now. Cradling Bakugo’s head, Kirishima angled his chin up to kiss him better, and Bakugo fought back, grabbing at his head, nails scratching down his scalp that sent jolts down Kirishima’s spine.


He tasted like the sourness that came from forgetting to brush your teeth every day, and Kirishima knew he was the same. Somehow it was the best thing he had ever tasted.


Remembering the way Bakugo’s scent felt across every one of his senses, Kirishima mentally corrected himself, that was definitely the best thing he had ever tasted. He drew back to lap at it again and as it bloomed across his tongue, he sighed in contentment.


Beneath him, Bakugo’s whole body was limp, relaxed from his usual tenseness. “Not that I’m not enjoying this but--” Kirishima nipped his skin and Bakugo jumped in surprise. “Stop that!” he snapped, whapping the back of his head.


“Not sorry,” Kirishima mumbled from his perch, and just pressed his face to his neck, letting his hands do the roaming instead of his mouth. “What is it?”


Bakugo’s hands loosening from their grip to slide down his scalp to rest on Kirishima’s shoulders. “I’m hungry,” he said. “Let’s go get food.”


“Can we not? I don’t want to get up,” Kirishima protested.


“Too bad, I’m hungry,” Bakugo said. His fingers tapped methodically across his shoulders. It felt really good and was not making Kirishima want to get up anymore


A hungry Bakugo was an angry Bakugo, and an angry Bakugo was not a Bakugo Kirishima wanted to be in close quarters with like this. He leaned back up to meet his eyes. He didn’t look angry, but Kirishima knew that was only a hop, skip, and a short time away.


“Can we just go grab food and come back?” he asked, eyes pleading. This was the most comfortable place Kirishima had been possibly ever.


Bakugo scowled at him. “Eat? In my nest?”


Before he could get mad, Kirishima interrupted him. That probably wasn’t the smartest way, but if he was going to please his omega, he’d better start right now. “If I go grab something quickly, and bring it back could we just stay here and cuddle more?” He made sure to punctuate his statement with a hand sliding its way up Bakugo’s side to thumb at his ribs.


It made Bakugo’s eyes flutter and Kirishima preened at the reaction. “Cheater,” Bakugo muttered, then slapped his hand away. “Fine, just get something not very messy.”


“Thanks Bakugo, you’re the best,” chirped Kirishima, and leaned down to peck a kiss onto his lips before he sat up to actually get up.


Bakugo dragged him back down for a longer, more firm kiss before whispering against his lips. “Katsuki.”


Katsuki, ” repeated Kirishima reverently, and leaned his forehead against Bakugo’s own. “I’ll be back Katsuki.”


“Okay Eijirou ,” Bakugo said back, eyes closed, a smile on his lips. Kirishima had to drag himself away, and even that took a great battle of wills. The sight of Bakugo spread out in his nest-- their nest -- looking at him with his shining red eyes with the intoxicating smell of their mixed scents floating towards him in the still air was something that rang true in every fiber of his being.


He inhaled sharply, and Bakugo smirked at him, most likely reading Kirishima like a book. “Don’t look at me like that,” Kirishima said half-heartedly. “It won’t help either of us if I just crawl right back in.”


“Just get the food and then you’ll be back, piece of cake,” Bakugo said lazily, turning his head to face him better. Kirishima’s fingers twitched with the desire to bury them in Bakugo’s hair again.


“The only dessert I want is right there,” Kirishima teased. Bakugo flushed, and it made Kirishima grin. “Oh look, it’s a cherry tart now.”


“You’re the only tart here, get out!” snapped Bakugo. He sat up to glare at Kirishima more convincingly and Kirishima couldn’t help himself at that.


He walked back over and grabbed Bakugo’s head, bending down to soundly kiss him again. His hair was still just as soft, but his lips were softer, and Kirishima could hear no more complaints from the other boy.


Pulling back, Kirishima drank in the relaxed expression Bakugo had, and fled the room before he climbed back into the nest, meals be damned.


As he shut the door, Bakugo shouted something after him, and Kirishima ran through the hall to grab something from the kitchen and get back as soon as he could. It was still early for dinner so there was regrettably a small crowd of classmates downstairs.


Kaminari saw him and he sniffed the air as Kirishima passed by. “Look like it went well,” he shouted, his voice carrying into the kitchen where Kirishima dug through the fridge. “Yes? No?”


Their class had too many leftovers, and no one labeled anything so it was up to him to remember what his own container looked like. He knew for a fact he still had some sort of basic meal left, and Kirishima snagged a container of noodles hoping and praying that it wasn’t Todoroki’s. He didn’t have the heart to see a sad Todoroki the next day. He grabbed two forks, and a handful of napkins, shoving them in his pocket, and fleeing.


As he re-entered the living room on his way back out, Kirishima saw that Kaminari’s comment had drawn the attention of the others in the room, and all eyes were now on him. They could easily see that he was carrying two forks and only one container, and he knew for a fact he reeked of Bakugo’s scent. No one looked remotely surprised at all.


“It’s going great,” he said, grinning brightly. As the room cheered, Kirishima escaped and went back upstairs.


If he neglected to tell Bakugo that a decent chunk of the class knew about them now, it would be no accident on his end.



The next day during hero exercise, Bakugo roared to life as he screamed at one of their classmates for getting in the way of his attack. It just cemented in his mind that the pliant Bakugo of last night was every bit as good as the one right in front of him right now.


He watched Bakugo destroy a robotic enemy, his grin every bit as sharp as a sword and Kirishima felt his heart flutter at the sight


If this was a race, Kirishima was going to be in great shape as his heart ran off full steam ahead of him and straight towards Bakugo.