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Prologue To "Friends To...Lovers"

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They've known eachother for years. Have fought along side together, have gone through everything from fighting side-winders and outlaws to simply trying to get eachother out of trouble(through that usually ends with both of them in a pickle).

However, this is something they never wondered about, never thought it could happen or that it would happen when they least expected it to.'s the only thing they think about.

Slim looked down at his younger partner, who he was currently holding, snuggle closer to him and looked up at him with his eyes.

His beautiful eyes, Slim thought as he leaned in to plant a kiss to Jess' forehead. Instead the youngest met him halfway and the kiss went directly to the other's lips.

It was a quick but soft kiss. The couple smiled at eachother, their love shiny through their eyes ,before kissing again, though this time it was longer. Slowing, it became more intense and passionate.

One thing eventually leads to another.

They made love under the beautiful night sky.