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Things were good, great even. They were finally in an established relationship, Geonwoo knew more about Yuan's past than before, they went on regular outings and their sex life was amazing. Yuan was a sex shop owner, so no wonder he introduced him to countless riys and kinks; at this point, at least half of his kinks were alone Yuan's influence. It wasn't something he was necessarily proud of, but it felt amazing to have a boyfriend that showed how desireable he found Geonwoo on a daily basis; he liked having a sexual life for once, even if it often ended up with him being dead tired to do anything and left his body strained.

There were still plenty of things he wanted to get off his bucket list, though. Back a few months he didn't even have one and if he did, what stood in it was simply to have sex. Nowadays, the list was getting longer and longer despite him constantly crossing things off of it; not strange when all it too for him was to visit his lover at work and he would be greeted with plenty of new toys he could try.

Of course, some where meant to be used on females, exclusively, but he found that experimentation was the key - some of them worked rather excellently on him.

He knew, because Yuan always lent him a helping hand, often even taking pictures of their naked sessions. Polaroids of course. He was too jealous of a man to ever risk someone breaking into his phone and the nudes leaking.

The only thing was that Geonwoo really hated orgasm play/orgasm denial. Damn it he just wanted to come! And of course, Yuan being the kinky shit he was, of course it would end up with toys involved just to ensure he wouldn't do so on his own. Damn Yuan!

He should have just refused his offer, bit he looked so cute and innocent while he proposed the idea.... and now Geonwoo also knew why he did that.