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Hold Me Too Tightly, Kiss Me And Bite Me

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If Rin had ever presumed to imagine what it would be like to wear clothes, which he hadn't, he certainly wouldn't have guessed that they chafed.

Not always, and never as bad as the burns and abrasions ropes and chains left, but enough to cause occasional discomfort. And really, occasional discomfort was a small price to pay for the right to serve Princess Kaguya, and the itch of a shirt collar was the least of what he willingly endured for her sake.

Still, he assumed that was just the way clothes were for everyone.

Until he was wearing Kaguya's.

It was part of a plan, disguising Rin as Kaguya to serve as a distraction. From a distance (and from behind) Rin thought it might work, briefly. They were around the same height, and if he ran, it wouldn't be as clear that his legs were hardly as shapely as hers.

But her skirt is soft against his skin, her stockings tight but not itchy. Her blouse is made of different material, thin and delicate, and not unpleasant at all.

Kaguya laughs when she sees. "You make a very cute princess, Rin."

Rin's cheeks heat. "Is… is it all right? I thought it might be a little too loose around my chest…"

"That's understandable, since you don't have my breasts." She smiles, a little too widely for comfort. "Come here, Rin."

He does.

It feels strange, modeling her own clothes for her. In a way Rin feels more exposed than he ever did naked.

"I must arrange something for your hair… Otherwise, it will do." Kaguya's eyes scan the whole of his form, up and down, taking thorough inventory. "How do you feel?"

"I…" Rin fumbles for a reply that won't draw out her pity. He hadn't expected such a question. "Fine!" He hesitates. "Kaguya-sama's clothes are very comfortable…"

Kaguya raises her eyebrows. "It doesn't bother you, dressing as a woman?"

"If it's for Kaguya-sama, I'd do anything." He means it.

Something changes in her face. She never likes it when he's too earnest, speaking his mind in praise of her. But, Rin thinks, the princess deserves to be praised. Even if his is the only voice she hears, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if he were silent.

He's startled by the slap of her hand against his thigh, where her stockings meet her boots on his leg.

"And this?" Kaguya's smile twists into a sneer. "Do you enjoy my boots?"

"Ah…" Her mood is changing, but Rin isn't sure what she expects to hear from him. "They're cramped and difficult to walk in," he admits. "But I obey Kaguya-sama's commands."

She laughs, confusing him further. "You don't enjoy it, being taller than me for once? High heels don't please you?"

"I hadn't thought of it that way…"

Kaguya leans back on her hands on the bed, looking him up and down again. It's embarrassing, but…

"Sit by me."

He does, gingerly.

Her scent is changing again, still spiced with aggression, but her expression is not hard when she leans in, one hand running down Rin's side.

"If we're going to dress you up in my clothes," Kaguya murmurs, soft fingers idly stroking Rin's thigh, "it's only reasonable to make you smell like me, too."

It's hard to think straight when she's curling around him like this, spoiling him with gentle touches as the scent of honey grows stronger, heady and rich. "Ah… yes…"

Kaguya's hand slides further up, underneath the skirt, and Rin shivers, leaning into her body. Maybe it's wrong to be so easily excited, so willing to let her use him as she pleases.

If it is, he doesn't care.

Kaguya's lips brush against his neck and he feels her laugh. "You want my scent on your body, don't you, Rin?"

"O-of course..." Rin's cheeks burn, his blood thundering in his veins. She doesn't know that he touches the bruises and cuts she leaves him with when she's not there. That it helps him endure the pain of the magan in his eye, remembering she put it there.

Her love is the only thing he's ever dared to want for himself.

"That's good." Kaguya licks Rin's cheek, and the heat spreads through his body. "Won't you put your arms around me?"

Her soft skin is hot to the touch, her body fleshy where his is bony. Again, Rin wonders why she chose him to be by her side, but then Kaguya wraps her arms around his neck and draws him into a kiss, and all he can feel is profound gratitude that she did.

No one else has ever kissed Rin like this, like a cherished thing. He's been an object of desire before, the sort of toy that's used and thrown away afterwards. He's used to tongues and other things being forced into his mouth, having his head pulled back by the hair so his face can be thoroughly scrutinized for fear or defiance.

But Kaguya kisses slowly, with relish, and he knows she desires him but it's more than that, it's… more than he deserves, but he clings to her greedily anyway, hyperaware of every little sound she makes, every swipe of her sweet tongue.

And he is aware too of her warm hand, dipping between his legs.

Her hand, stroking and squeezing...

Rin moans into her mouth, intoxicated and hopelessly aroused. The scent of honey grows thicker and Kaguya pushes him onto his back.

"My Rin." Her smile makes his heart beat faster, and knowing she's smiling at him, only for him…

Rin reaches for her, but she catches his wrist and pushes his arm down over his head, dragging up the other one beside it.

"Shall we play a game?" She laughs, and Rin is entranced. "I can touch you, but you have to ask for permission to touch me."

He nods almost without thinking. He wants her permission, craves it.

And he never wants to be responsible for doing something against her will again.

She kisses his neck, a flick of her tongue the only warning before she bites, making him cry out in pain, in pleasure. Truthfully, he's started to find it hard to tell the difference, especially with her warm body pressed up against his.

"Please," Rin gasps, "hold me, please, Kaguya-sama…"

He feels her smile against his neck, shivers as she presses another kiss where she bit him, and another, just behind his ear.

"I know what you want," Kaguya says sweetly, with something darker in her eyes.

"Yes, Kaguya-sama," he breathes.

She hikes up his skirt again, pushing his thighs apart with her knee, sliding down to kiss him just above where her stockings end.

"You're soft here." Her hands trace patterns, and Rin shudders as they slide closer to where he aches. "But here…"

He moans as she takes him into her mouth, mortified and thrilled all at once. Her soft lips are so tight around him, and she takes him deeper and deeper, and oh, she looks so dirty like this, and he's even dirtier for wanting it, needing it, relishing every second as she bobs her head and takes him into… into her throat, oh!

"Kaguya… sama…"

And she lifts her head, letting him drop out of her sweet, perfect mouth as she licks her lips obscenely, with such relish that it makes his cock twitch.

"You have no idea how filthy you sound when you moan my name, do you?"

She straddles him and Rin moans again, thrilled by the mere promise of it, desperately hoping she feels even a tenth of what he feels, wanting to please her, to make her feel good, to be good enough to be held in her arms and kissed tenderly again.

Kaguya laughs, and his stomach turns over.

He closes his eyes, and feels her fingers tracing the shape of his mouth as her weight shifts on him.

"I want you to make more of those pretty little sounds. Beg for me, Rin."


When he opens his eyes, she's naked and glorious, unbuttoning her jacket to reveal his chest.

"Do I have to repeat myself?"

She pinches his nipple, hard and Rin cries out.

"Kaguya-sama! Oh, please, Kaguya-sama!"

He loves it when she looks at him like this, like he's the most splendidly desirable male. Like she's proud of him.

And he loves her, oh, how desperately he loves her!

She's kissing his neck now, sucking and biting, one hand stroking his chest almost tenderly through her clothes. It confused him, the first time she switched from vicious to gentle and back again, but he's grown to like it, if not entirely to understand it.


Kaguya kisses him, slipping her tongue into his mouth as her hips slide down and he feels her hot and wet against his cock and Rin sobs with want as he kisses her back, his hands clenching and unclenching above his head.

To mate with her… it's more than he deserves, but...

“Rin,” she breathes, sinking onto him, and oh.

Rin can’t stop himself from arching up in bliss, not that he can arch very high with her straddling him and grinding down so sweetly as she clenches hard around him, the heady scent of honey washing over him until it’s all he can think about, how good she smells, how good she feels, how badly he wants more, more, please, more!

And then Kaguya moans, sending another lightning thrill racing through Rin’s veins, and she drags her nails down his chest and Rin writhes in ecstatic agony, tears burning in the corners of his eyes.


Feeling her thighs tighten around his hips, seeing her breath grow more ragged, hearing her sigh as she tips her head back in obvious pleasure… it’s intoxicating, addicting.

“Kaguya… sama…” Rin whimpers, wanting to reach for her, wanting to feel her soft, sweet-smelling skin under his hands as she rides him hard, but afraid it will anger her, afraid it will change things, afraid he’ll blink and discover he’s done something irrevocably terrible.

But as her eyes flutter shut he sees, just for a moment, her smile.

He’s made her smile. He surely didn’t imagine it, she… she smiled because of him.

For that smile… for what that smile means… there’s nothing Rin wouldn’t do.

No one he wouldn’t kill.

Rin sobs, arching up as much (as little) as he can, drowning a sudden stab of pain in his eye with another burst of pleasure and Kaguya’s eyes open, her hands spreading across his chest as she looks down on him, flushed queen to adoring vassal.

That’s all the warning he gets before she pinches his nipples hard, making him yelp.

She laughs. “You liked that, didn’t you?”

Rin flushes. “I… oh,” he chokes out, his thoughts scattering as she rolls her hips again.

“Touch me, Rin…” Kaguya sighs, and it’s almost enough to undo him.

His hands fly to her thighs, her hips, and up, up, hesitating for a moment before she lets out a little frustrated noise and drags his hands to her breasts herself, her scent as urgent as her movements.

“Kaguya-sama… oh…” He can’t stop the little gasps and moans from slipping out of his mouth, can’t stop trying to match the movement of her hips with his own, needs this so badly shame creeps down his spine.

Shame which evaporates the moment Kaguya’s eyes meet his again, dark with desire and something else, something deeper than that. Something he doesn’t quite dare to believe could be more than tenderness.

He is, after all, still so very below her. It should be enough for him to be her tool, to receive words of praise for carrying out her orders.

It should be enough, but oh, when they’re like this, all Rin can do is want and want…

“Kaguya-sama, I… I’m close…”

Kaguya moans, her movements increasing, and that, that feels even more intense and he wants to be close to her, to go on touching her, but his arms are getting tired and it’s all he can do to shakily let his hands slide down her sides, finally gripping her thighs, maybe too tightly but-


She tightens unmistakably around him once, twice, three times: the last push Rin needs to lose himself.

He comes with a strangled groan, the bliss of it tempered by his awareness of how pathetic he sounds.

“Ah… Kaguya-sama, I’m sorry, I should have waited for your-“

Her finger against his lips silences him, as does the almost gentle expression on her face. “No more apologies, Rin.”

Rin shivers as Kaguya rises up on her knees, feeling rather than seeing himself slipping out of her. He must have made such a mess…

He’s not sure what he expects, but is still taken by surprise when she rolls over to lie beside him, reaching out with one hand to play with his hair.

She’s so beautiful like this… Kaguya is always beautiful, of course, but still flushed rosy with the remnants of pleasure, a little disheveled and sweaty like she is now…

“Did… did you come too?”

Kaguya smiles, tickling the back of his neck. “Yes.”

He relaxes under her touch, happy to bathe in her mellowing scent and shyly inch his own hand over to her waist. “I’m glad… Kaguya-sama deserves to feel good…”

Rin sees in her eyes that she doesn’t believe him.

“Stay with me a little while,” Kaguya says softly, drawing his willing body closer even as she doesn’t quite look at his face. “If you go out there in my clothes now smelling like this… you might attract some degenerate drones instead of Menou.”

The implication in her words sickens Rin, not for his own sake but for what she must have experienced to make her think of such things.

“I could take care of them,” Rin returns, his fingers digging into her bare hip perhaps too fiercely. “And if they tried to come for you, Kaguya-sama, I’d…!”

She silences him with a rough grab of the back of his head and a kiss so commanding it cools the rage he hadn’t realized was starting to boil in his blood. Her fingers twisting in her hair hurt but in the way he’s started to associate with relief, the pain that keeps the insanity in his eye at bay.

“Did I ask for you to do such a thing?”

“Ah…” Her mouth is a hair’s breadth from his, the dominance in her voice sending heat through his body. What’s wrong with him? “N-no, Princess…”

“Then be calm.” Kaguya smiles, her grip loosening slightly.

“Y-yes, Kaguya-sama…”

Rin shivers as she releases his hair only to trace the shape of his mouth with her finger.

“You’re mine,” she murmurs, and his heart leaps with joy. “Remember it. And obey my orders.”

Something strange crosses her face, something like sorrow.

“I will,” Rin says earnestly, hoping he hasn’t upset her. His… condition can be troublesome, but he’s useful to her this way. He wants to live his life without regret, serving her as best as he can until he dies. “With everything in me, for as long as I am alive… I will follow where you lead me.”

“That’s good, Rin.” Kaguya strokes his cheek, an all too brief smile touching her lips.  “You are…” Her voice breaks for a moment, “…a most excellent vassal.”

He is overcome, so much so that without thinking he throws his arm around her, nuzzling against her soft neck. “Thank you! Kaguya-sama!”

Slowly, he feels her arms slip around him, tightening almost at once and it’s enough to bring tears to his eyes.

To be held like this… as though she never wants to let him go…

“When you go... be careful.” The breath of her barely audible whisper tickles his ear. “You are absolutely not permitted to die.”

"I won't," Rin promises. He doesn't know how long he'll be able to keep his promise, but... he believed he would survive the operation and he did. If he believes, surely he can will himself to stay sane at least until she achieves her goals. To be able to see her as a Queen...

Then I'll know my life was worth something

"You're smiling," Kaguya says softly, stroking his hair again. "Tell me, are you happy?"

He doesn't hesitate. "Yes!"