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I Will Cross the World to Save You!

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While Shima was squaring off against Judgment and Magician. Izumo was headed straight for Joseph to supposedly kill him. Rin quickly moved in front of Joseph to block an oncoming attack. Whatever the Illuminati did to Izumo turned her fingernails into something resembling claws that could cut through metal with enough force given to them.

He then pushed her back causing her to backflip and land on the ground 2 – 3 meters away from him. Rin slowly walked towards her as Nemu moved behind Izumo catching her in a pincer attack.

"Izumo? Can you hear me?" Rin tried to call out to her, but it was futile. She spun around with a pair of ceremonial fans open in each of her hands. Once she did a full spin, a single spike of ice appeared in front of her, facing towards Rin. Izumo then moved her hand a bit and caused the spike to be telekinetically hurled towards him.

Rin unsheathed the Kurikara and sliced through the icicle, causing it to split open and shatter behind him. "W-what the hell was that?" Rin just stared in awe at Izumo as she closed up the fans. Though the thought was racking Rin's brain he needed to push those thoughts out of his mind or else he will be caught dead.

He began to charge at Izumo and swung the Kurikara at her. She dodged the attack gracefully like she was performing a dance of some kind while fighting. After a few swings, Izumo blocked an overhead swing with one of her closed fans and then punched him in the face at an incredible speed.

Rin was knocked back a couple of feet. Though he wasn't knocked unconscious, he was hurt enough that Izumo began to ignore him and then dashed towards Nemu. Once Rin saw this, he had to act fast. He looked down to see Izumo's mysteriously grown fox-tails. Acting on instinct he grabbed one of the tails which caught Izumo off guard and made her trip and fall on the ground. Rin gave a simple smirk in response.

Izumo began to struggle as Rin wrapped his arms around almost all of the tails to make sure that Izumo wouldn't escape. "Moon! Try to see if you can take the mask off now!" Rin shouted; it seemed like Rin didn't even have to tell him, as he was already crouched in front of her and was about to put his hand on the mask.

However, once Nemu's fingers touched Izumo's mask and electric shock filled his body. Izumo then punched Nemu causing him to fly backward. She then waved her tails in a motion like a whip to throw Rin off her. Once she stood up, she opened her fans and faced towards Rin. She then made a hemisphere motion with both of her hands to create a cross of fire on the ground and caused it to move towards Rin. He then quickly jumped over it because he did not want to see what the cross when someone stood on it.

'Not only does she have control over ice, but control over fire as well?' Rin thought to himself. 'What's happened to her?'

Once Rin and Nemu got back in a pincer formation. Izumo looked at the two of them then raised her two fans at chest level. Izumo then began to perform a dance, one that someone would see a traditional shrine maiden use. The two noticed that every movement of her arms caused some cherry blossom petals to form from the movement. Though they didn't fall to the ground. They simply just stayed in the air.

As more and more cherry blossoms began to form, both Rin and Nemu prepared themselves for a supposed attack. Rin got into a defensive stance and Nemu summoned a life-sized knight doll with an extremely large shield, which wasted no time in using the said shield to protect Nemu. After about 1 minute of Izumo performing her dance. She crossed her arms, raised them and swung them down.

That was when hell began.

The cherry blossoms zoomed towards them at an incredible speed. While Nemu was protected from the knight's shield, Rin was not so Lucky. The cherry blossoms were razor-sharp causing them to leave little cuts in his clothing and graze past his arms and legs.

After the volley directed at Rin ceased, he fell back on his butt in exhaustion. It was like Izumo was aiming for him and wasn't at the same time. It completely confused Rin. When he looked back at Izumo he saw that Shima was standing by her side.

"What do you think? That's sort of like her special move." He told Rin. "Thanks to that serum we gave her. Now she has all of these badass abilities."

Rin just stared at the two. He and the other Tarot members had their suspicions before, but now it was confirmed. Izumo Kamiki is the host for The Lovers Arcana Serum.

Tarot: The Lovers

Ability: Elementumkinesis evoked through Dance

Rin began to stand up. He began to stagger due to the wounds from Izumo's "petal attack" Shima then dashed towards him and prepared to stab Rin with his k'rik which had a spear-like tip but then his hand was blasted with a purple laser causing him to drop the weapon.

Both Rin and Shima looked in the direction of the laser, Judgment was pointing a finger gun at Shima as the energy from his fingertips begun to disperse. "Hey! We aren't done with you, get back here!" Judgment began to chase Shima, closely followed by Magician.

Izumo began to wave the fans to create two powerful windstorms to try to push Rin backward. To counteract this attack, Rin used the blue flames to propel himself faster than the winds could push him back. Rin was now directly in front of Izumo and wanted to try to pull Izumo's mask off, not learning from the attempt that Nemu made on the mask. Suddenly, a yellow spark was emitted when Rin laid one of his fingers on the mask causing Izumo to fly behind Nemu and crashing into the stone brick tower leaving an impact.

Rin was astonished, all he could do was just stare at his hand. What kind of power was that? It was indescribable. Rin then looked towards Izumo, seeing that she wasn't currently moving. His eyes went wide wondering if he had killed her by accident. Thankfully, Izumo began to stand up giving Rin a small bit of relief.

Rin and Nemu had backed Izumo into a corner until she made a spin and surrounded herself with light particles and suddenly vanished. Rin had begun to look around in a panic.

While Magician was distracting Shima, Judgment strafed behind him and shot a multitude of lasers which had a spread of a shotgun. Suddenly, a bright light appeared right behind Shima blinding Judgment and making him accidentally redirect his shot into the air. "Augh! This is just like the flashbang all over again!" Judgment shouted as he covered his eyes. Once the light faded Izumo was standing back to back with Shima. She then roundhouse kicked Judgment in the face and knocked him off the side of the Great Wall!

"Judgment!" Rin and Magician shouted out in a panic. As the only thing Rin could do was stare over the edge in shock, Magician acted as quick as he could. He used his Ferrokinesis to turn his brace into a piece of metal string, he then tossed it over the edge and wrapped it around Judgment's arm to catch him. The metal string then wrapped itself around Magician's arm to turn it back to the brace from before as it was reeling Judgment back up.

"That is the second time I've almost died today." Judgment said climbing back onto the top of the brick wall "Good lord, I just cannot get a break with this fight." He was currently gasping for air as the three ran over to check on him. However, Shima and Izumo both got into a combat stance. Just fighting against one was tough enough, now they have to fight them both at the same time!? The four just hoped that this battle would end soon.