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I Will Cross the World to Save You!

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Kuro had finally opened up the door from Rin's hotel room to the hallway. He was scared that someone might have taken him, so he decided to set out and search for him. Though he didn't know where to go. He began to walk down the light yellow painted hallway trying to look for any evidence of where his master could've gone.

Just a few doors down from where he was, a door to his right opened up and Kuro froze. The dark skinned man who Rin was traveling with the one named Magician walked out with a smile on his face and then suddenly looked at Kuro. "Hey, there little guy. You're that demon cat that Fool brought with him." Kuro didn't like how they called Rin Fool. He always felt that even though it was his codename, they were secretly insulting them. "I think he's downstairs eating breakfast. Let's go together!"

Kuro decided to jump onto Magician's arm to travel with him. "But first, I should probably wake up Moon." Magician walked over to a door across from his room and knocked on it. "Yo! You gonna eat some food?" He asked from behind the door. Nemu opened the door to stare Magician right in the face.

Nemu began to open and close the mouth of the puppet he was holding. "I'll eat when I feel like it. So leave me alone…" Magician could hear the sound of the TV in his room and became curious about what he was watching. So he barged in pushing Nemu out of the way.

Magician looked at the TV screen as it showed what seemed like a news report that showed a video filmed from a helicopter of the Great Wall of China. Even though he couldn't understand what they were saying, Magician leaned in closer to the TV as he thought that something was suspicious. Kuro was looking at him in a curious way.

"Oh my god…" He said with his eyes bulging.


As Marcus was standing still in utter shock. Judgment was stretching out his limbs "Hey Fool, let's make a bet. If I beat this guy in under a minute, you need have to tell me about those blue flames yesterday."

Rin was confused as to why he would make a bet after almost dying. "Um… I guess we-" just before Rin could finish his sentence, Judgement had taken out a timer, clicked it, and threw it in the air.

He then began to dash towards Marcus, who then tried to regain his composure and open his stomach and began to fire his chain gun again. Judgment began to bob and weave past the hail of bullets. A blade of energy began to surround his arm as he jumped in front of Marcus and with a single slice cut off the chain gun seamlessly.

Judgment jumped back a meter or two and charged up two spheres of energy on his fingertips. "DYNE MACHINE GUN!" He shouted as two beams were fired from his fingertips. Piercing Marcus so fast that it was like he was being shot by a machine gun.

Marcus then collapsed on the floor, dead. Judgment reached his hand into the air and grabbed the timer he threw up and clicked it again, stopping it. "Twenty-three seconds huh? I even impress myself sometimes."

Rin just stared at his ally. He'd never seen a fight as impressive as what he just saw, not even in any manga he's read.

"Hey," Judgment said to Rin, snapping him out of his trance. "You alright?"

Rin nodded simply as the two sat down on a cushioned bench. "So, do you still play video games?" Rin asked him.

"Of course, you idiot. What did you think I gave up video games?" Rin nodded slowly unsure if he should have answered the question. "I'd never give up a passion, especially if it's something I've dedicated my entire life to. Gaming has defined my childhood and getting rid of that would be like getting rid of my childhood, and oh my god WILL YOU JUST STAY DEAD ALREADY!" Judgment shouted as Marcus stood up clutching his nearly fatal wounds.

"D-damn you Jol." he sputtered out with blood drooling from his lips "That installment cost me thousands! And you're gonna pay with your-" Suddenly right as Marcus pointed at Judgment and just stopped right in his tracks.

Rin was wondering what had just happened but Judgment wasn't fazed by Marcus' sudden freeze and was suddenly picked up by a group of men in shades and taken away. Rin and Judgment were then face to face with Joseph and Empress. "It's about time you got here. I was standing in the Lobby for a few hours. I even got in trouble with the hotel staff for sleeping on one of the benches." Joseph gave a simple shrug in response.

All Rin could do was to just stare at the now frozen Marcus as he was carried away. "W-what just happened to him?" he asked the rest.

"That, my little Fool, is my ability," Empress said to him. "I am The Empress, and my power is control over an individuals flow of time." She then bowed to the newest Tarot member.

Tarot: The Empress

Ability: Selective Chronoprohiberis

"You can stop time?" Rin asked his superior.

"Only for individuals and objects. I can't freeze time for the entire world." Rin nodded, understanding this limit of her powers.

Joseph clapped his hands. "Now, once we get to the palace, we have a lot to discuss about our situ-" Just before Joseph could finish the four could hear Magician's voice shouting for their boss.

"Boss! I've got some bad new- what the hell happened here!?" He stopped to look at the damage from Judgment and Marcus' battle with Nemu walking behind him and Kuro on his shoulder.

"No time. You said you have bad news. Spill it." Judgment said to Magician.

"Oh right. it's about Tower, he's being held hostage at the Great Wall of China!" A collective gasp from most of the Tarot members filled the room.