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I Will Cross the World to Save You!

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Rin stood on the runway in between Magician and Judgement, a few meters away from their opponent.

"So, what's your deal being here?" Magician asked the opponent. The gas masked man just starred at the three, not giving them an answer. As Magician kept asking him questions and receiving no answer. Rin noticed that Judgement began to emit blue electricity. Rin thought that he was charging for an attack. That was until he was pulled to the ground by his leg. Shocking all three combatants.

"What the hell?" Judgement shouted in anger. They then noticed a foggy tendril wrapped around his ankle. Rin then, without thinking, summoned a blue flame to burn away the tendril. Judgement was about to ask Rin about the sudden blue flame but realized that now wasn't the time and got up from the ground.

"I guess this guy can emit fog and control it." Magician hypothesized, watching the fog recoil and flail in pain.

"Doesn't matter to me." Judgement said as he began to charge up power again. Three foggy tendrils shot out attempting to stab him. As Rin was about to try and push him out of the way, A thick metal sheet surrounded Judgement stopping the enemies attack.

"What was that?" Rin asked, he then looked at Magician who had his hand extended.

Tarot Name: Magician

Ability: Ferrokinesis

Rin was stunned at the ability Magician had just used. Was that the power of and arcana serum? These people were super human! And was this going to happen to him? Rin was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when Judgement spoke.

"Thanks for the save there." The metal protecting Judgement bended showing that his eyes and mouth had a light purple glow, and the blue sparks from before had become more wild. He then took a stance and then shouted

"DYNE CANNON!" A giant purple beam was emitted from his mouth and pierced through the enemy's chest.

Tarot Name: Judgement

Ability: Ergokinesis

Rin just stared at awe at the new power he just saw. Then Magician then started to clap at the performance that Judgement had just displayed. "Too easy." He said as he pulled out a cigarette. But then, the hole in the enemy's chests started to fill with fog and returned to normal. This caused Judgement to drop his cigarette in surprise.

"Did he just heal himself with the fog?" Rin asked. But just then, the holes of the gas mask opened up and started to emit a weird colored fog. It smelled horrible.

"Gah… This smells weird." Magician said holding his breath. Not only did the fog smell bad, but it also kind of seemed a bit fluffy, like clouds. Then something hit Rin.

"This isn't some fog, it's gas! We're surrounded by some sort of gas!" Rin shouted. "Everyone get to higher ground!" Magician and Judgement followed Rin onto the top of the plane to get out of the gas. They didn't know whether it was toxic or not, but they wanted to be cautious.

"So I guess those tendrils from before were gas as well." Judgement assumed as the emitted gas started to cross the cement ground. "Now we need to find a new way of attack."

The three of them began to ponder what to do. That was until two gas tendrils wrapped themselves around the necks of Magician and Judgement, and pulled them towards the main body. Rin noticed that they started to squeeze their necks, suffocating them.

This made Rin panic and tried to find a solution to the problem. That's when it hit him, he could use his blue flame to set the gas on fire and attack the main body where he was located at. "I really hope the metal on the plane can protect the people from the flames." Rin prayed that his plan would work as he snapped his fingers and ignited the gas in a blue inferno.

Rin then heard a low-toned screech of pain, followed by the sight of Judgement and Magician dropping to the ground. Each of them giving out a loud grunt.

"That was so lucky." Judgement said as he ran to Rin's side. Once the flames dispersed they saw their opponent still standing. "Dammit. I thought that would be the killing blow."

"If only we could physically hit him." Rin pondered.

The three just stood there, wondering what they could do. That's when Judgement started to speak. "Wait a minute, there might be a way to revert his gas body into a solid form." Magician and Rin looked at their ally in confusion. "When water reaches 100 degrees Celsius, it starts to evaporate and becomes a gas, right? And when it reaches below 0 degrees Celsius, it starts to freeze and becomes a solid." The two instantly picked up on what Judgement was talking about.

"So if we can get him to come into contact with cold temperatures, then he would revert back to his original form. Allowing us to hit him!" Rin slammed his fist into his palm in sudden realization. Judgement nodded back in agreement.

"I'll get a bunch of frozen water from the airport stores. Magician, you play the annoyer. Then once I splash him, Fool  can go in for the kill!" They broke away, and Judgement started to sprint for the airport. The opponent noticed his escape, and sent a gassy arrow at him, which was stopped by a thick piece of sheet metal.

Judgement then began to gather energy in his hand and tossed it on the ground creating an orb like object, shouting "DYNE GRENADE!" Once he stepped on it, he leaped into the air and once he was a few meters away from the object, he said "Detonate." Causing the orb to explode and the blast launching him through the airport window. Rin had never seen anything like it. It was like he was in a competitive First-Person Shooter player.

"Hey ugly! Bet you can't even remember your name!." Magician's taunts seemed to be getting to their opponent. As he then charged at the Ferrokinesis user with intent to kill. The taunts continued as Magician kept dodging him with fluent usage of his ability. Using a metal plate to bounce into the air, out of the opponent's range.

Rin then noticed an airplane loader, the ones who put their suitcases on their plane, on the ground in fear of the powers they presented. Rin then dashed over to him to try and get his attention. "Excuse me, sir?" He looked at the half-demon in curiosity. "Can you help me get something from this airplane? It's a sword bag." The man hesitantly agreed to help, realizing that Rin was a good guy.

Meanwhile, Judgement had just burst through the airport window and was sprinting to find the right convenience store for their plan. Once he found one that had ice bags for sale he dashed right in and headed to the counter. "Yes sir? Can I help you?" The woman asked.

Judgement placed a quite thick stack of Yen on the counter and said "I need a bunch of ice bags, enough to fill a steel bucket! STAT!" The woman behind the counter followed suit and gave him what Judgement asked for, and he headed off. Grabbing a janitor's cleaning bucket along the way.

Judgement then emptied the bucket and cleaned it of the dirty water. Followed by filling it up with ice and then pouring water into it to make the water cold. "There, this should do it!" He said as he then took a large basket cover to keep the water steady and headed back to the battle field.

Rin was getting into position with the Kurikara in his hands. He was close enough so that he could dash in for an attack, but far enough to be out of range. Rin was being cautious of their opponent, fearing that they might not have seen what other tricks he had, until one of the gassy tentacles stabbed Magician right in his side. He then tumbled to the ground in pain. Rin was shocked, he then ran towards his ally to see if he was alright, ignoring his previous strategy of staying out of the enemy's range.

The gas masked man then turned towards Rin and summoned a tentacle to attack him. But just in the nick of time, Judgement had arrived with the cold water to toss on the opponent. "Maybe you should COOL-OFF!" He shouted, making a one liner. Once the water was splashed all over the opponent, Judgement then made a finger gun and shouted, "DYNE PISTOL!" piercing the gas masked man's left arm. His only response was "Holy shit that worked…"

"Now's your chance Fool!" Rin nodded and dashed towards the opponent and unsheathed the Kurikara and hit him like he was using a baseball bat. there was a split-second delay between when Rin hit him and when he was sent flying into a luggage carrier burned by the blue flames.

Judgement and Magician rendezvoused with Rin in front of the knocked out man, with Magician having a limp from his injury. "Do you think they'll know what to do with this guy" Rin asked his companions. Then Magician took out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote I'm a bad guy. Please arrest me while I'm still knocked out! Judgement got a little chuckle from that as they group headed back to the plane to re-board it.

Once they entered the plane through the emergency exit, they were greeted by applause from the passengers and staff. Rin slightly blushed, he never thought that he'd get this kind of recognition. Especially since he was the son of Satan.

They then took their seats as the plane began to take off.

"So where are we headed off to boss?" Rin asked Joseph.

"Were going to Hong Kong. That's where well rendezvous with another member of Tarot." He responded, then Judgement entered the conversation.

"Our main stops will be places where Tarot has a greater influence than the Illuminati in the area. That way, we won't be ambushed." Rin nodded in understanding.

'Hang in there Izumo, I'm gonna save you.'


Inside the Illuminati's holding cell in Fort Sumter, South Carolina. A woman with bandages covering her head, and short white hair was seen laying on the ground. Despair was the only expression she could present to any one she met.

"Izumo, where are you?" She whispered with faint breath. And then proceeded to cry.