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I Will Cross the World to Save You!

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"I can't believe your fifteen and have just NOW gotten a passport." Judgement said as Joseph and Rin stepped out of the passport registration office.

Rin couldn't help but look annoyed at his companion. "Well, being cooped up in a monastery your whole life means that you don't get to travel a lot, in japan. Let alone outside of the country." Judgement gave a simple shrug as he opened the car door for Joseph and Rin.

"By the way, I put that sword of yours in your suitcase. Don't want you getting caught by security." The albino man said as he started to drive the car to the airport. The drive was mostly quiet except for a conversation between Judgement and Magician. Rin remembers them saying the word Ginger Ale a lot. But then something started to rack Rin's brain, so he decided to ask Joseph about it.

"Hey boss, I have a question. How did you choose me and Nemu-" Rin paused to correct himself "Oh sorry, Moon, as members of Tarot?" Joseph looked at Rin in surprise.

"That's a good question, Fool. And your answer lies in this case." Joseph put the case on his lap with the dial side facing up and then turned the dial to the number zero tick mark, then pressed down on the top of the dial. This caused the briefcase to open up revealing a single syringe with a white liquid inside of it.

"This is, what I call, an arcana serum. It's a brain amplification liquid that improves the injector's cleverness and ability to make quick decision. But also grants them a special power that is unique to their card. Only one person in the world is allowed to take the serum without having deadly side effects. i.e. If anyone but the chosen user injects it, they die." Joseph stated. "Now to answer your question, watch." He then flipped over the briefcase and placed the syringe on the bottom side of it. Making sure that it was pointing towards the front of the car. And then slowly, the needle end turned towards Rin.

"I'm not sure how, but these syringes point in the direction of the one who the serum has chosen, almost if they have consciousness." Rin nodded in understanding, but then his eyes shot open in surprise of what he said.

"Wait, you don't know? But didn't you create them?" Rin asked, making Magician look back at the three in the back. Rin's recent question gripped the edge of the briefcase tightly.

"I didn't make them, my college professor did. But then the Illuminati killed him and took one of the serums. I then took the rest of the serums and set out to find the chosen of these serums, and defeat the Illuminati." Joseph inserted the syringe back into the briefcase and then put it away.

Rin was just about to ask him which serum they stole, but then Judgement interrupted them. "Hey Fool, you're gonna want to put that cat in some sort of crate once we get to the airport." Rin's eyes shot wide open.

"Wait, you can see Kuro!?" Judgement gave Rin a confused look. Not understanding what he meant.

"Shouldn't I?" Magician looked back at Rin quite confused. "Why shouldn't we see it?" Rin then preceded to explain about temptaints and what they cause. "Never got one." Judgement replied calmly with Magician agreeing with him. Rin was flabbergasted.

"Interesting." Joseph said "So the serums can allow the injector to see demons. Well, you learn something new everyday.

"Well, I guess we don't have to worry about the cat unless one of the other passengers has a temptaint." Judgement said as he pulled up to the airport and got out their bags. Though they were about a few blocks away from the front door.

"Why did you have to park over here, Judgement?" Magician complained as Judgement took a puff from his cigarette.

"Quit whining, the airport's already crowded. Let's just go." Everyone picked up their bags and headed off towards the airport.


The members of the Grigori flipped through the profiles of the Tarot members. Studying each one carefully.

"Are you sure that these people can be trusted with Rin Okumura?" One member asked. "This group just happened to surface just when Lucifer declared the war between the Illuminati and us. I find that questionable, at least. What do you say about this Mephisto?"

The demon took a bow in front of his superiors. "Have you ever heard of the phrase 'Killing two birds with one stone?' I'm just applying it to our current debacle." The Grigori stared at Mephisto curiously. "With us agreeing to hand Rin over to Tarot to fight the Illuminati; we can not only not have to worry about the Illuminati as we try and recover, but you also don't have to worry about Rin anymore."

"But these are just twenty-one ordinary people. You expect them to go against Lucif-" Mephisto cut off one of the other members.

"Twenty-one ordinary people. With extraordinary powers. I bet you that they'd give Lucifer a run for his money when they're all together!" The Grigori looked at each other in concern then the head member sighed.

"Very well then. But we will be keeping an eye on their actions to see if they try to take us down. You are dismissed." Mephisto tipped his hat and disappeared in a puff of smoke.


The group placed their bags on the airports tiled floor. Magician shaking out his hands due to his luggage's weight. "Alright men, we have about 3 hours before our flight starts boarding. But let's get our tickets now so we don't forget later." Joseph said walking up to the front desk.

Rin looked at his companions who each had begun to do their own thing. Magician was blowing air onto his hands to try and remove the burns he got, Judgement had stepped outside to smoke on his last cigarette for a while, and Nemu just talked to his puppet.

Rin then looked at Joseph and noticed something. He didn't know where they were going. He then quickly walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey Boss, I have another question." Rin told him.


"Where exactly are we headed?" Rin asked as the woman at the desk handed him 5 tickets.

"It's actually quite complicated, but were headed to America. That's where the man known as Michael Gedouin relocated from his previous base of operations, the Far East Lab." Joseph turned around to look at Rin as he continued. "Tarot only discovered this recently, thanks to our expert intelligence." He held up a photo of a weird building then pointed to a corner of the photo. Rin stared at intently, and he saw the Statue of Liberty's torch.

'So that's his evidence.' Rin thought.

"Now, I know what you're thinking, we could just take a plane across the Pacific Ocean right? No, we can't." Joseph explained. "There might be the possibility that the Illuminati knows about us, and thinks we'll take the Japan to New York flight and try and crash the plane. Even if it's a minuscule chance, we can't take it."

Rin nodded in understanding.

"That's why were going to take various planes, trains, and boats to get to England. Then well figure out a plan of attack from there." Joseph handed Rin his ticket and passport. Then called the other three over so they can go through baggage check.

"Shouldn't they have a base here?" Rin asked as he put his backpack through the scanner.

"They used to. It was called the Far East Lab. It specialized in Elixir Research. The occupants were then transferred to that area in New York due to the abundance of resources there." Joseph said walking through the metal detector.

"How the hell are you getting all this information?" Rin asked as they left the baggage check.

"That's thanks to the member of Tarot designated as The Hermit. His ability is Omnipresence, but they can only send his information via electronics." Joseph then gave his evidence by using his phone that showed Shima and the brainwashed Izumo inside of a building of some kind. Rin clenched his fist as he saw his two classmates. "I guess this is the girl you were talking about earlier today?" Joseph asked. Rin then nodded in response. Joseph then put away his phone and they headed towards their gate.


The five then strapped themselves in to their plane seats. Rin was in between Joseph and Judgement, but just before the plane could take off, an announcement from the pilot came on from the P.A. System explaining that there is something obstructing their flight path.

"I wonder what the problem could be that's obstructing their view." One of the other passengers asked. There were murmurs among the crowd about what the problem could be, until a few minutes later, Judgement looked out the window and said what any of them would say if they saw what was out that window.

"Oh shit…" Rin and Joseph then looked outside the same window to see something they wished they didn't have to see yet.

A member of the Illuminati walking towards the plane. The man was tall and burly with a gas mask that seemed sowed onto his face. And just a few seconds after they saw the man. The emergency exit for the plane suddenly burst open. Shocking everyone in the plane.

"So they've already found us, huh?" Joseph said, with a bit of snark in his voice. "FoolMagicianJudgement. You three will face the attacker head on, while Moon and I will protect the passengers and calm them down." The three nodded their heads in agreement as they got out of their seats to engage in combat. But just before Rin left, Joseph stopped him.

"Hold on Fool, let me give you your serum." Joseph took out the syringe labeled with the number zero and injected it into Rin's wrist, where the vein was. Rin flinched when it pierced his skin. And once it was in his bloodstream, Joseph then wiped away the loose blood. "Now listen, it might take a while for the serum to take effect, so don't die." Joseph told Rin and then sent Rin on his way to join Magician and Judgement.