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That Darn Frog!

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"You know if you didn't become part of my shirt,” Hiroshi muses. “My life would've been a lot different."

"You could say that," the frog on his shirt, Pyonkichi, replies.

"I'm still sad you died though,” Gorou sighs. “Especially since you can't keep your promise with Pyonko now..."

The three take a moment and rest.

“Y’know, Pyonkichi,” Hiroshi fiddles with the pair of sunglasses on his head. “This sounds kinda selfish, but I wouldn’t have gotten where I am if it weren’t for you getting stuck on my shirt.”

“Of course it does,” Pyonkichi sighs. “You think of nothing but yourself, don’t you, Hiroshi?”

Unfortunately for Pyonkichi, Hiroshi would be relying on his guts plenty many years later.