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Sugar Pine 8

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[[fic to be continued after hiatus]]

when i do come back, i will probably wrap it up at chapter 4 or 5. i was losing the enjoyment of sp7 when I spent so long combing through the seasons just for a fic that wasn't even a good example of my best work.



paraphrased from the full explanation of hiatus on my Chemicals & Code fic (ch7)

this is paused as I started working on my own original projects.
I just have to start seriously thinking about what I want to prioritize, and for me, that is things that further my career and creativity.

I am also not getting anything out of this exchange anymore.

I write because I'm passionate, and I share that writing because I want to share that excitement with other people, but when other people don't seem interested, then it is healthier for me to write for myself, or find somewhere that can actually nurture my growth as a writer.



tl;dr I'm getting serious with my original writing and might be quitting writing fanfiction for a while, not forever though

you all know my socials if you want to catch some snippets of my writing projects.

i will continue with this at a later date. I mark anything i've given up with [[DISCONTINUED]] & i have yet to slap that label on this guy.


me: *slaps roof of fic*

this bad boy is not discontinued