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A Love Letter

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My Dearest Minfilia,

I am sorry that I never got to tell you how much I love you. Now that you are gone I fear that a part of me is gone as well.
You once told me that I was the one person that you could lean on. The same was true for me. Everything I did was to try and keep you safe. Every time I told someone that we need to act to protect our friends and loved ones yours was the first face in my mind. I have never doubted Hydalyn’s will but this pain I feel in your absence is almost too much. I will however continue to carry as on I know you would want that. I believe in the work we are doing and I hope to make you proud

I place my faith and hope in Hydalyn’s will. I pray to Her daily that once day she will reunite us and when that day comes I will let you know my feelings for you and never take another moment together for granted.

My deepest love,

Your Warrior of Light Kessie Amarra